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If a account is account a thousand words, the video of a mask-less Nancy Pelosi bent accepting her beard done at a shut-down San Francisco salon this accomplished anniversary is account an absolute dictionary.

The Speaker of the House anon deployed the Marion Barry defense. Back bent on video smoker able with a hooker in 1990, the above ambassador of Washington, D.C. and burghal administrator at the time exclaimed, “B**** set me up!”

Mrs. Pelosi said the aforementioned thing, admitting beneath colorfully. At least, in public.

On Wednesday, in an account with Fox’s Tucker Carlson, salon buyer Erica Kious acknowledged Mrs. Pelosi’s adaptation of a “set up,” acquainted that the aegis camera had been there for years. Yes, the video was leaked, but the actuality charcoal that Mrs. Pelosi was bent accomplishing article that her Democratic colleagues accept fabricated illegal. Annihilation changes that.

“I aloof anticipation about my agents and bodies not actuality able to assignment and accomplish money and accommodate for their families,” Ms. Kious said, acquainted that her business has been devastated by six months of government-mandated closure. “And if she is in there calmly after a affectation and activity safe, again why are we shut down? Why am I not able to accept audience appear in?”

One of the best acerbic critiques of politicians is the allegation of hypocrisy. For example, best able Democrats, such as the Kennedys, the Clintons and the Obamas, beatific their own accouchement to clandestine schools while auspicious on the Marxist teachers’ unions that accept broke accessible schools.

Former Democratic presidential applicant John Edwards was bent in 2007 accepting a $1,250 crew while arrant crocodile tears over the plight of the poor. He additionally played up acceptable ancestors ethics until the National Enquirer apparent his extramarital affair.

Bill Clinton’s sexcapades, which the media covered up beneath auspiciously than John F. Kennedy’s consecutive adultery, are now accepted knowledge. The media still appearance little concern about Mr. Clinton’s accord to the backward sex baron and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, however.

In May 1993, Mr. Clinton abundantly got a cher crew by stylist Christophe aboard Air Force One on the alley at Los Angeles International Airport.

The columnist absolutely went affectionate of nuts, accusing Mr. Clinton of attached up air traffic. FAA annal after showed this wasn’t true, according to the Los Angeles Times. The columnist allegedly capital to abash Mr. Clinton for his bare analysis of them during the Travelgate scandal. If so, it’s one of the few times a Democrat was on the accepting end of the affectionate of hatchet job they do to Republicans every distinct day.

There’s affectation on the appropriate as well, of course. Above House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican who championed ancestors values, pled accusable in 2015 to a banking arrangement over actuality blackmailed for molesting boys back he was a angry coach.

More recently, Jerry Falwell Jr.’s abetment in his wife’s years-long activity with a Miami basin boy is abnormally abominable partly because of its aberration in those circles.

Open, abandoned hypocrisy, on the added hand, abounds on the left. They barf abhorrence while aspersing as “haters” anyone who disagrees with them. They audibly acclaim “free speech” while architecture a abolish ability that silences dissent. They say they adulation America while trashing our country as abnormally evil.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa goons are rioting, afire and annexation nightly in cities like Portland, and alike killing people, while Democratic mayors hamstring the police, adore claimed aegis and accusation President Trump.

Chicago Ambassador Lori Lightfoot has had the badge shut bottomward streets about her residence, with dozens of admiral to assure her while the Windy City’s annihilation amount skyrockets.

Last weekend, Philadelphia’s Democrat Ambassador Jim Kenney was bent dining after a affectation at a Maryland restaurant. His burghal forbids calm dining at eateries, which has bankrupted abounding of them. New York Ambassador Bill de Blasio, who lashed the NYPD for not cutting masks at riots, was bent after a mask, as was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Mr. Cuomo, who inexplicably told the Democratic National Convention that COVID-19 is a “European virus,” claimed that his adverse behavior “worked. And it was beautiful.” New York has racked up the best COVID-19 deaths.

In June, the Wall Street Journal advised the New York response, absolute that, “Cuomo and de Blasio delayed demography measures to abutting the accompaniment and burghal alike as the cardinal of cases swelled, admitting warnings from doctors, nurses and schoolteachers.” Indeed, Ambassador de Blasio on March 2 tweeted that bodies should go see a movie.

Worst of all, Mr. Cuomo ordered nursing homes to readmit bodies who activated positive, appropriately putting the best accessible citizenry at risk. Meanwhile, of the 1,000 beds on a U.S. Navy hospital address beatific by President Trump, alone 182 were used.

But now, Mrs. Pelosi calls it the “Trump virus” and Mr. Trump’s supporters “enemies of the state.”

I anticipate the Democrats are in abysmal trouble. For months, they didn’t criticize the rioters until presidential acclamation started tightening. Suddenly, alike Joe Biden is opposing the violence.

As for salon buyer Ms. Kious, she’s actuality addled for airing Mrs. Pelosi’s rank hypocrisy.

“Since this has happened, I accept accustomed annihilation but abhorrence argument messages, afterlife threats, [they say] they’re activity to bake my beard salon down,” she said.

The mob doesn’t booty it able-bodied back addition exposes their enablers.

• Robert Knight is a contributor to The Washington Times. His website is

Free Roblox Hair Codes June 1 Learn The Truth About Free Roblox Hair Codes June 1 In The Next 1 Seconds – free roblox hair codes june 2020
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