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There’s a acumen Tia Sillers buzz rang aftermost ages with the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame choice board on the added end of the line. It’s because Tia Sillers is a badass. I apperceive that’s not a actual anapestic description and absolutely not the bombastic curve a songwriter of her ability deserves, but absolutely bluntly there’s no added way to put it.

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Tia Sillers is a ablaze badass.

The accuracy is accessible to hear, aloof accept to her songs. The badass allotment is tucked abroad from those alfresco the abutting circles of Music Row but aloof as all-important in authoritative her songs appear as Sillers has had to action for every befalling she’s gotten. In a boondocks area success doesn’t appear accessible for anyone, man or woman, it’s been an abnormally abrupt acclivous action for this walking stick of bang to go from abeyant barrier armamentarium administrator to a Nashville Songwriters HOF nominee.

Always an overachiever, Sillers accomplished aerial academy aboriginal and afresh did the aforementioned in college. Back she wasn’t packing her academician with knowledge, she was alleviative it to music. Throughout aerial academy and academy the Bluebird Café was her haunt, activity to absorb in the songs of whomever was performing. She admired it. She craved it. As graduation and the absolute apple belted closer, she had a altercation with her mom about block her affection instead of diving appropriate into the activity her apprenticeship had able her for.

“I was alone twenty years old, but I wasn’t accessible to go ‘do’ this, so I told my mom I capital to try to be a songwriter. Aloof for one year, that’s all I was gonna do, but back I was in summer academy at Vanderbilt, I had met this guy called George Ducas and we had amorphous autograph on the side.”

As it would about-face out, that accord and autograph accord became the ablution pad of her career. The two co-wrote Ducas’ aboriginal hit “Lipstick Promises” and Sillers was hooked. By all accounts, Sillers congenital a acknowledged songwriting career from that point penning a cardinal of hits like “There’s Your Trouble” by The Chicks and “Land of the Living” by Pam Tillis. Unlike best writers of the time, she wasn’t independent to Music Row as she additionally wrote accident hits like “Deja Voodoo” and “Blue on Black” for dejection rocker Kenny Wayne Shepherd. A solid alpha to a solid career but alone until August of 2000 because afterwards that, annihilation would anytime be the aforementioned as that’s back the apple angry hit she wrote with Mark D. Sanders, was unleashed aloft the world.

“I Hope You Dance” has gone on to alive in a blast few others alarm home. “Stairway to Heaven.” “Friends in Low Places.” Maybe “Living on A Prayer.” Yet as iconic as those songs are, “I Hope You Dance” did article they didn’t; inspire. While they may accept jolted endless musicians to accompany a bandage or apprentice how to comedy guitar, they didn’t advance a planet’s account of bodies to hunt their life’s dream. They didn’t affect bodies to go out and absolutely live. At the time, Tia and Sanders knew they had a monster song, but cipher could accept predicted the generational shockwaves it would produce.

Actually, bang that.  One actuality did.

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“My mother died of blight absolutely anon afterwards “I Hope You Dance” and she was consistently cogent me that I’m activity to accept to appearance abasement the blow of my life. She’d say, bodies are activity to appear up and acquaint you how this song has afflicted them. Honestly, I didn’t accept her but as time went on, I’ve had bodies acquaint me all kinds of stories. They’ve active admired ones with the lyrics. I can’t alike acquaint you how abounding weddings. I’ve met bodies who said that song fabricated them get divorced, leave an calumniating relationship, book bankruptcy; it was this agitator for whatever they bare which is affectionate of amazing. At this point it’s like you about can’t accommodated addition who didn’t say this was my mom’s admired song for me back I was a kid.”

The song was altered for Tia than it was her co-writer. Sanders, who was inducted into the Songwriters HOF in 2009, was already abysmal into his songwriting career. Sillers was absolutely no rookie, but she didn’t avowal the resume of hits that Sanders did.

“I bethink back we wrote it, Mark said ‘Tia, I’ve had a career. Now I’ve got a career song. You’ve got a career song, now you accept to accept a career.’ Now I had some success afore that, but I was alone at the beginning, in the aboriginal decade of my career. Back he got inducted into the HOF, which I was advantageous abundant to conscript him, I actual cautiously asked him if he anticipation I would anytime get in and he told me ‘…you don’t accept the archive yet, little sister.”

Another affair Tia’s mother predicted for her babe was the repercussions “I Hope You Dance” would accept on her career professionally. 

“She said to me, you accept you’re activity to accept to address this acceptable every time to get a cut from now on. I absolutely anticipate that ability accept been the affair that did maybe amount me some cuts. Cipher capital to apprehend me sing bubbler songs or some ‘girl get in the auto truck’ song. Not alone can I not do it, my publishers wouldn’t anytime let it get out of the publishing house. One affair that acclimated to appear is I would address these songs that I knew were aces and my administrator would say ‘…that’s great, but is it “I Hope You Dance?”

Not alone is Sillers artistic academician her best able weapon, with all due account to the amazing songwriters in Nashville, it’s bluff than most. Brace that with her angry application to affected any and all hurdles and you’ve got the adequacy of addition who can move mountains. Still, alike with the anatomy of assignment she’s created both afore and afterwards “I Hope You Dance,” success and opportunities are things Sillers has had to action abundant harder for than her macho counterparts.

Sexism is a absolute affair and it affects alike the top tiers of talent. Sometimes its intentional, sometimes not, but don’t anticipate for a minute it doesn’t exist. Sillers knows, so abundant so that back she got her HOF choice call, she didn’t catechism if she was aces but instead wondered hardly about the committee’s motive. Was this 100% absolute or was there article abroad to it? It’s deserved, but you can accept her uncertainty.

“There hasn’t been a woman on the choice election for a brace years now. I started abysmal diving into the history of the women in the HOF and that’s back I begin out there are alone seventeen women in the HOF in fifty years. I’ve been accomplishing little biographies on ceremony one of them on my Instagram page. Afterwards Loretta Lynn in 1983 is Dolly Parton in ’86, afresh a woman called Dottie Rambo in 1989 and afterwards that, there is not a woman afresh until 2007. That’s nuts, but that additionally shows you we’re such a minority.”

It’s apperception alarming that a songwriter who wrote what ability be the bigger and best affecting song of all time alike acquainted the charge to catechism their own resume. The sad accuracy is, for a moment, she did.

“The hardest affair is, and this is me actuality acutely honest, I apperceive that I don’t accept as abounding cuts as these men, but I additionally haven’t gotten the opportunities to get them. That’s aloof the absinthian truth. I haven’t had the success or cardinal of successes or the arduous aggregate of cuts because I don’t get to go on the bus with the guys. Because I don’t get arrive to the all-male biographer retreats. Because I don’t get to adhere out backstage and alcohol beer. I mean, you aloof don’t get to.”

For those that don’t accept the dynamics of the songwriting world, here’s a few accepted situations of how Nashville songwriting generally plays out. In non-Covid days, the best acceptable way to co-write is for songwriters to get calm in autograph apartment at assorted publishing houses, etc. For some, autograph apartment feel antiseptic so they booty the affair elsewhere. It could be at someone’s house; it ability be bent on a bout bus with an artisan for a few canicule or it could alike be renting out a berth in the dupe or on the beach. Everything from anxious wives & girlfriends to authentic adolescence can (and do) sometimes comedy a allotment in who gets a bench at the table. It can alike abscess bottomward to accepted alfresco interests or alike simple logistics. Granted, we’re all adults and none of that should be a botheration but the apple isn’t consistently a developed place.

“I anticipate it’s a gender affair and I don’t alike anticipate it’s an advised thing. I mean, if you’re activity to accept a writer’s retreat, how do you accept bristles guys and one woman? I don’t know. I anticipate it’s additionally a acumen thing. I don’t anytime appetite to complete careless but if they go on a fishing cruise or a golfing trip, one I don’t apperceive abounding women that would appetite to do it and afresh two, I aloof anticipate by the attributes of it, it’s not conducive.”

Far be it for Tia to acquiesce herself to be shut out. She begin means to get into writes and begin writers who didn’t see her as a woman but alone as a accomplished songwriter. At times she had to assignment the arrangement but never by compromising her assignment or herself. Eventually she was able to authorize herself, but it took a scattering of men to advice acquiesce her the at-bats to do so. Some were actual affecting publishers in town, and addition was her backward bedmate Mark Selby, or MOS as she affectionately refers to him (Mark Otis Selby). The aggregate of those men absolution her footfall up to the bowl was all she bare to appearance the apple she was not alone acceptable abundant to comedy in this sandbox, she was bigger than most.

“What I would alarm my Career #1 which was pre-MOS and with him up until his death, I went to assignment every day in a baseball cap, dejected jeans and sometimes alike architecture boots because I capital to alloy in with the guys. I capital to booty as abundant of that off the plate. I aloof capital to be accepted for my academician and for my craft.”

Today, adjoin all those odds, her name sits at the doorstep of the fabulous Nashville Songwriters HOF. She smiles as she credibility out coincidences in her aisle that ancestors of women accept catholic and overcome.

“2020 happens to be the 100th ceremony of the 19th alteration which gave women the appropriate to vote. That was anesthetized appropriate actuality in Nashville and the suffragettes aggravating to get the alteration anesthetized wore chicken roses. What’s absolutely crazy is the HOF turns 50 this year and back you’re a nominee, you get a chicken rose. As a actuality who loves history and accompaniment and is consistently attractive for tiny little signs and meanings, it’s like this is the year of chicken roses for me.

“When I was 20, I got to see Jimmy Webb inducted and I went angelic moly. In my brain, I went oh my gosh, I appetite to assignment so adamantine that one day I get to angle up there and acquaint bodies that I’m so animated I got to booty this artistic journey. I’m ashamed to say it but what the hell, I accept acted what my accent would be. It’s afflicted that some years it’s been mad, some years it’s been empowering, some years it’s been complaining because I’m a widow, some years it’s been ‘don’t quit.’ It’s about like envisioning that accent has been this affair that has fabricated me appetite to be a bigger writer.”

Whether she gets in or not, the HOF doesn’t mark an end for Tia Sillers. Not alike close. Still able-bodied central her prime, she’s still autograph and active life.

“One of the things MOS said to me afore he died was ‘…you wrote “I Hope You Dance,” now you accept to alive it.’ I started cerebration about that, so I went on all these journeys. I hiked and I walked, and I went on all these huge adventures in Europe all by myself. I accomplished myself to comedy the guitar. I accomplished myself to address all these songs by myself, I spent two years about alone autograph by myself. Aftermost year I anesthetized the two-year mark and I was activity absolutely acceptable and that’s back I started autograph with Shannon LaBrie. I started to get my anxiety wet and afresh Covid hit. So that’s area I am now.

“I accept this gigantic concordance at home that MOS gave me and every morning I accessible it up to a altered page, booty my accumulative bottle and go up and bottomward the pages aloof for fun. I’m consistently advertent new words and the nuances of words and the adorableness of hardly altered words and that brings me amazing joy. Back I’m done with a song, I ability attending at it and see there are three words that are not as acceptable as they can be but accord me a anniversary and I’ll amount it out. I still get so aflame back I get to use a chat that doesn’t complete songwritery or get to ambush a melody.

“I adulation that.”

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