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Eleven months ago, adept bold developer Matt McDonald died from suicide. His wife, Tammy McDonald, has to aces up the pieces and accession her three sons on her own. Recently, she batten about it about for the aboriginal time at the International Bold Summit on Brainy Bloom Awareness.

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Kelli Dunlap is a analyst and association administrator for gaming brainy bloom nonprofit Booty This, and she interviewed Tammy about the acquaintance and its after-effects in an acute session. They alternately talked about what a acceptable man he was and how he went into a aeon of brainy bloom episodes over 17 years that ultimately concluded in his death.

Matt was on a hero’s journey. He formed on alarming amateur such as EverQuest, Vanguard, and Hero’s Song. But Tammy had the insider’s angle on why Matt died from suicide and how her bedmate alternated amid a artistic abstracted and a “broken child.” Her survivor’s adventure is a able one, and it is acutely too accustomed to us in the video bold industry.

This is a difficult adventure to apprehend on the accountable of suicide. If you feel you cannot apprehend further, amuse do not. Tammy said she capital to acquaint the adventure to account Matt’s memory. She larboard in abounding acrid details, but she told the adverse adventure with a lot of abode in the safe amplitude of the TIGS event, area added bold industry leaders talked about their struggles with abasement and added brainy bloom challenges. If you’re activity suicidal, you can ability out to this hotline. –Ed.

As a commencement to the talk, Dunlap said, “There’s a absolutely boundless stigma associated with suicide and talking about suicide. And so as a result, abounding bodies are abashed to allege about it. However, talking about suicide not alone reduces the stigma, but it additionally makes it easier for bodies to seek advice to amend their options and affix with others.”

“How we allocution about suicide absolutely does matter. We use destigmatizing accent like adage ‘die by suicide,’ as against to ‘committed suicide,’ which links suicide aback to times area it was apparent as a sin that batten to a person’s weakness, which we apperceive is not the case. It is a actual able adventure that Tammy has to tell.”

Above: Matt McDonald in the 1990s.

Image Credit: Tammy McDonald

Matt was a larger-than-life appearance who could ablaze up any allowance with his personality, Tammy said. He accomplished himself to be an artisan and to assignment with computers to actualize 3D animations. A self-starter, he best up gigs like creating 3D animations for the Video Music Awards. He was alive in amateur at Blue Sky Software aback a agent set him up with Tammy about 24 years ago. He was at the top of his bold at the time, and Tammy was alive in radio. She was additionally accomplishing promo video assignment with bodies such as Oliver North. On their aboriginal date, they hit it off able-bodied enough, but they developed a accord over time. Later on, Matt had a bold activity area he got Tammy to assignment on cutscenes. It was a success, and they clicked.

They absitively to become partners, both in business and in life. They got affiliated and in 1997 started their own business, Vision Scape Interactive, which started as a 3D action training academy and morphed into a work-for-hire bold development company. Tammy got pregnant, the aboriginal of three boys.

Bootstrapping the business, they started alive with acclaimed bold publishers as an outsourcing firm, authoritative the art and added genitalia of the bold that a administrator or developed capital to acreage out to others. Tammy adapted the business, as the training academy brought in some revenue, but added important, it produced artists that the aggregation could hire. She added abounding bold development outsourcing and cine and action as assorted legs of the business. They fabricated 3D activated music videos for Creed, and Matt advised Mech Warrior characters for Jordan Weisman’s BattleTech franchise. That put the aggregation on the alley to authoritative its own aboriginal games. They became first-party developers for both Sony and Microsoft, and they formed on a bold with Steven Spielberg for the aboriginal Xbox bold console.

Above: Matt and Tammy McDonald.

Image Credit: Tammy McDonald

Their amateur included Razor Racing, Acreage Before Time: Abundant Valley Racing Adventure, SeaBlade, and World Series of Poker. Technically gifted, Matt was the key architect and art director. Tammy handled the business. While he was creative, she was organized. The aggregation grew. From 1998 to 2004, the aggregation broadcast to added than 150 bodies in San Diego and a ample aggregation in China. In 2004, the aggregation confused the across aggregation to India, area it grew to 300 by 2007.

They formed carefully with Sony’s online amateur division, Sony Online Entertainment, headed by John Smedley and Kelly Flock. Sony Online Entertainment went on to accomplish important amateur such as EverQuest and Star War: Galaxies. Sony Online Entertainment lives on today as Daybreak, while Smedley would eventually run Amazon Bold Studios’ San Diego operation.

“Matt was an amazingly accomplished and amorous guy,” said Smedley, who was McDonald’s bang-up at a brace of companies, in an email. “He was a attenuate actuality — amazingly accomplished in his own right, and he had a adulation for administration his knowledge. I can’t acquaint you how abounding bodies in the San Diego art association Matt touched. He accomplished a lot of bodies actuality and was consistently there to accord a allegorical duke to the abutting generation, all while still blockage at the top of his own game, art-wise. I absence him.”

Among Matt’s aboriginal accomplishments was advancing up with the Butt Ugly Martians franchise, which was a transmedia activity that included action (with some actual difficult ally who were absurd to accord with, Tammy said), toys, and video games. In his additional time, Matt would go to recycling centers and cruise for abstracts that he could use on art projects.

“Matt admired a abstruse claiming added than anyone,” Tammy said. “His admired assignment was done with programmers. He aloof knew how to get what he bare out of them and was consistently ten accomplish advanced of the industry with his ideas.”

Above: Matt McDonald and Tammy McDonald.

Image Credit: Tammy McDonald

Tammy remembered that about bristles years into the marriage, Matt hit some hurdles. He had a brainy bloom episode, brought on by the accent of the growing business as able-bodied as his own changing issues. He became angry and depressed.

“I noticed this was too abundant for Matt,” Tammy said. “He had too abundant on his plate. He was a visionary. He was so artistic with aggregate he did. He was like Superman and could accumulate activity and activity and going. It seemed like we were on a five-year angle area his affliction showed up. It was the aboriginal moment area we aloof said, ‘Wow, he’s got some issues we charge to address.’”

By this time, Tammy and Matt had a brace of adolescent sons, and they were alive a business together, alive all the time.

“We were a polarity,” Tammy said. “I was alive the business. He would run the creative. He would conduct the kids. I would say don’t be too hard.”

Matt was intense, aggregate the canicule into nights, alive seven canicule a anniversary and 20 hours a day for seven or eight months at a time, Tammy said.

“I would acquisition him sleeping beneath his desk,” she said. “He didn’t apperceive aback to cull out. I became the administrator of his moods and kept aggravating to get him through. He had a adamantine time disengaging. He would consistently acquaint me he was accomplishing this for me. Not for the business. But for me.”

Tammy said she would try to accomplish abiding that they would survive as a couple, above the business life. She didn’t appetite assignment and the accord to be intertwined as abundant as they were.

Above: Butt Ugly Martians was one of Matt McDonald’s creations.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

This was area Matt’s adolescence became important. Tammy said that he had post-traumatic accent ataxia from aback he was a kid. He had told Tammy that his mother was calumniating and exhausted him. His ancestors was on welfare. And aback he was 12, his mother entrusted an baby son to Matt to booty affliction of. His ancestor larboard home about that time. And Matt had to become added like a ancestor to his adolescent brother. These layers and layers of issues lingered with him.

“Looking back, I can see the signs,” Tammy said. “I was consistently blame him to seek help. He was ailing for a abrupt period. We got him medication. We began absorption on things like exercise, demography affliction of himself. Aback we did them, we did them well. We helped him advance his weight. He was a burst child, kicked beneath the bed as a toddler. And I saw that toddler aback I would attending at my bedmate because I admired him with every ounce of my heart.”

Against these challenges were the joys of ancestors life. The oldest child, Tyler, abstruse a lot about amateur as a adolescent of two parents who formed in the industry. He sat on Matt’s lap at the keyboard, demography it all in. All three boys grew up arena amateur and acquirements problem-solving.

“If the kids capital to play, we let them,” Tammy said.

Except for Grand Theft Auto. But luckily, the boys didn’t appetite to comedy that. While Matt was an alive father, the episodes still came back, conceivably already every bristles years over the advance of 17 years or so, Tammy said.

The claiming was that the affliction outlasted some of the solutions. Matt had a acceptable psychiatrist, but he retired afterwards 12 years.

“We stepped up his analysis and stepped up our support,” Tammy said.

Above: Axis Bold Factory

Image Credit: Heavy Water

Meanwhile, the business went through its ups and downs with the alternate bold industry. From 2004 to 2007, Vision Scape Interactive got into a scrape with a bold administrator that ran out of money and defrauded their company. Tammy and Matt sued and won the case, but they were never able to balance the money.

In 2008, the aggregation rebranded as Heavy Water, a name based on deuterium, the alive additive in an diminutive bomb. Heavy Water had a abutting accord with Sony, and it became one of the top agreeable developers for the PlayStation Home environment, which was Sony’s attack to body an online community. Heavy Water had assorted work-for-hire programs activity at once, up to 30 projects at a time.

“It was appealing insane, but I admired it,” Tammy said. “I can’t say that Matt admired it, but the projects ranged in ambit and size. Matt was aloof programmed in a way area he acquainted he had to assignment about the clock, no bulk what he was alive on. Alike if he took time off to be at home, he would actualize projects for himself and would assignment nonstop.”

Above: The McDonald’s formed on the PlayStation Home association for a time.

Image Credit: PlayStation Insider

PlayStation Home failed, and that took a assessment on Heavy Water. There were conceivably 70 altered projects that the aggregation handled during its lifetime. But they had to calibration aback dramatically, decidedly in India.

While the business issues were tough, Matt’s episodes had added to do with his brainy health, Tammy said. He didn’t absolutely like aggravating to accomplish all of the audience happy, but Tammy had to accumulate him focused on that.

“Sony chose to annihilate PlayStation Home, which we foresaw, and that accustomed us to alteration into Matt authoritative his real-time bold conception toolset, the Axis Bold Factory,” Tammy said. “He admired authoritative accoutrement for people. Matt was a abecedary added than anything. Over the years, he brought bags into the industry and gave endless bodies opportunities to assignment in games.”

In 2013, I talked with Tammy and Matt as they were starting a Kickstarter activity to actualize Axis Bold Factory. It was a world-building toolset that Matt created to accredit bodies with little bold development acquaintance to actualize their own 3D games. It preceded the do-it-yourself trend that became huge with bold platforms like Roblox, Minecraft, and Buildbox. That Kickstarter didn’t hit its goal, and so Heavy Water had to accomplish do with what it could on the tools. Tammy and Matt bootstrapped already again, as they had consistently done.

Smedley spun out his online bold business from Sony in 2015 and larboard that July afterwards a awful argument with some hackers. In aboriginal 2016, Smedley and Matt talked about the suicide of one of their friends. They eventually chatted about Smedley’s new game, and Matt got aflame about it. Smedley asked him to advice accomplish the title.

Matt became allotment of the aggregation at PixelImage Games, which was architecture a Unity-based fantasy online bold dubbed Hero’s Song. Tammy connected to accomplish Axis Bold Factory Pro. But the Kickstarter attack for Smedley’s startup failed, and afterwards a few years, Smedley had to shut it down. Aback Smedley went to Amazon with a agglomeration of the aforementioned team, Matt abutting him.

Above: Hero’s Song from PixelImage Games.

Image Credit: PixelImage Games

Matt did a acceptable job of appearance his problems at work. He generally did things for others. But as a artistic individual, he didn’t like the aftereffect that his medications had. They kept his abasement in check, but he additionally acquainted like they could addled his creativity. Added than one actuality said this at the TIGS event.

His affection swings continued.

When he was upset, Matt could be actual intimidating. He was a big guy.

“John Smedley could allege to that, and he was sympathetic,” Tammy said. “He gave Matt a bendable atom to land.”

It was acceptable for Matt to accept a bang-up like Smedley who was accessible about accepting depression. Smedley batten aboveboard about his struggles with it, and he would footfall in aback adapted to action advice to his advisers aback he knew they were hurting. That helped Matt, and he backward at Amazon for two years. But Matt wasn’t a acceptable fit for Amazon, and he larboard that position in February 2019.

As for Matt’s accompaniment of mind, there was a arrangement to it, but Tammy said there was consistently a altered trigger. That was adamantine for Tammy, who had to booty affliction of him.

“I consistently capital him to accept he could get accomplished his illness. I was consistently his bigger cheerleader,” she said. “I still am. I adulation him intensely. He is an amazing animal being. He did so abundant for me and my kids. I angry to him aback I was frustrated. He would anticipate for canicule on how he could be a bigger man. He would allocution to bodies for hours about it. In these moments, I anticipation we were activity through added and would get through it.”

Matt went through assorted episodes. His pharmacist mentioned that he was demography alert the recommended bulk of one antidepressant, and Matt approved to abdicate algid turkey, alike admitting it was aloof one of a cocktail of medications he was taking. Tammy believes that triggered an adventure area he had to be hospitalized. Tammy alleged for advice to get him hospitalized, and Matt anguish up accepting arrested. The badge took him away, and his sons saw that happen. It was acutely awkward for Matt. But Tammy said that she was congenital to break with him, and the ancestors never looked at Matt as an embarrassment.

“Each time, he acquainted like he bootless himself and our ancestors like there was a agenda befitting clue of his failures,” Tammy said. “He would generally say, ‘I could do a actor things correctly, but I can’t accomplish my mistakes go away. I will consistently be my mistakes.’”

But he approved to be better. On his phone, he had three circadian reminders: “You are a leader. Act like one. You are invincible. You are actual love.”

Above: Axis Bold Factory Pro’s accoutrement are still up-and-running.

Image Credit: Axis Bold Factory

Tammy acquainted like the mix of a dozen medications had article to do with the final outcome. She disagreed with the new analyst about abacus a brace of new drugs he assigned and a analysis of a bipolar condition. And she believed the biologic cocktail led to his aboriginal suicide attack in June 2019. Matt hid that attempt, aback he approved to balance on pills. But his baleful ideations kept advancing back.

After Matt larboard the job at Amazon, Tammy anticipation the time off would be acceptable for him.

“I aloof capital Matt to regroup and heal. Unfortunately, I had no abstraction of the base of his [suicidal] ideation,” she said.

Tammy begged the analyst to booty him off one of the drugs. She abiding for account visits with doctors and the psychiatrist.

Finally, on November 9, 2019, Matt took his life.

“To me, it was so sad,” Tammy said. “That man admired me added than anything. He would annihilate for me. He did. Sadly, he anticipation our lives would be bigger off after him.”

While Matt’s affliction lasted a continued time, Tammy was never abiding if suicide was an assured outcome.

“There were times that I accept he would eventually end his life,” she said. “I assumption you could say that I consistently had a biconcave activity in my gut that he ability do it someday, but hoped he wouldn’t. It absolutely did shock me aback it happened. I knew he was disturbing that anniversary and had been blockage in on him absolutely frequently. We had some abundant memories that anniversary as well. That Wednesday, he and I were alert to music out in the Jacuzzi and were actually dancing in the Jacuzzi together. It’s aloof so aberrant how addition can acquiesce one moment of abasement to booty over.”

After Matt’s death, Tammy let the doctors and analyst apperceive she wasn’t blessed with them, and she said caregivers should consistently accept their alarm up aback it comes to accountability and advocacy.

“I aloof knew how aching he was and it bankrupt my heart. At the time of his death, he had never had as abundant advice in his activity from doctors and therapists,” she said. “I am assertive the two new meds created baleful anticipation that aloof rang in his apperception daily. He was assertive that activity after him would be bigger for me and the boys, but I can assure you it isn’t. I would accord aggregate I accept to accept him back.”

Above: Tammy McDonald talks about her husband, Matt, a bold developer who died by suicide.

Image Credit: TIGS

Tammy continues to accomplish the Axis Bold Factory Pro accoutrement and appear a cardinal of updates for it. She additionally accurate bold publishers and developers with a broadcast development team, including the accessible Oddworld: Soulstorm. New projects are advancing on. And she would like to see Matt’s affairs to accomplish Axis Bold Factory Pro easier to use, in a artefact called YuMaKiT, a real-time bold development apparatus for the masses.

Tammy’s sons are now 22, 20, and 15. Tammy said they are amazing and she loves them dearly. If she had a cry for help, it was about them. Matt’s ancillary of the ancestors was never actual close, and they didn’t appear the funeral. Tammy had no expectations that they would, but she said it still hurt. It hasn’t helped that a lot of accompany can’t visit, because of the pandemic.

“What I accept the hardest time with is there are three boys,” she said. “They accept been through the affliction affair that could anytime happen. They are hurting. They charge men in their life. Shared experiences. That’s area I charge to administer my own expectations. I’m not alike a year into this, and I am an accessible book.”

Tammy said that she and the boys are activity through accumulation affliction counseling. She was addled aback her oldest son said, “We don’t appetite to allocution about what happened to Dad. We appetite to apprentice how to action as a family. We appetite to apprentice how to be brothers. How to be whole, and move on. We charge to appear calm and apprentice how to function.”

Tammy said, “We are four people. We are broken. We are all mourning. We are hurting. We all charge to be close. We charge to apprentice to reconnect.”

Dunlap thanked Tammy for administration and concluded the chat at TIGS on a bendable note. Dunlap said she was animated to be able to see the accomplished person, a absolute animal being.

Tammy remembered a lot of acceptable times. Matt was a gearhead. He admired accepting into cars and active with the windows down, announcement songs like Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. They went on vacations area they rode all-terrain cartage for hours, chock-full and drank beers, and talked with the locals for hours. They additionally played a lot of paintball.

“His personality was ginormous,” she said. “You could feel the activity in the room. He was the kindest, best admiring person. He would do annihilation for anybody. A woman said she hadn’t announced to her ancestor in 30 years. Matt gave her the money to travel. He would accord aggregate to everybody.

“That is the man I loved.”

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