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In every respect, Silent Hill 2 stands alone: in its awash genre, in its long-dormant series, alike in the average of video amateur in general. Widely advised one of the greatest abhorrence amateur of all time, critics accept championed James Sunderland’s coast into carelessness as one of the high-water marks for video amateur as an artform.

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Armchair enthusiasts and YouTube analysts accept scrutinized every inch of Silent Hill 2’s afflictive beach boondocks for clues and symbols, and consecutive ancestors of abhorrence amateur accept apish (and alike parodied) its twists and tiny touches in according measure. But while the archetypal alternation isn’t accepting abundant in the way of adulation from Konami these days, a aggregation of added than a dozen die-hard Silent Hill admirers accept developed an alternating adaptation of Silent Hill 2 that is one of the best absorbing fan apology projects we’ve yet seen. This actionable application grants the buggy, burst PC anchorage of the bold the aloft sound, control, and beheld furnishings of the aboriginal PS2 adaptation while additionally acceptance the bold to be played at avant-garde resolutions.

“Silent Hill 2 is admired by abounding and advised the archetype of a abhorrence bold done right,” says one of the project’s key contributors, who goes by the online handle Ratiocinator. “For best who comedy it for the aboriginal time, they bound apprehend what makes it so special: The visuals and art direction, the atmosphere, adorable audio, appearance stories, and more. This is what makes the bold so appropriate to me and important to revisit to acquiesce others to acquaintance it on avant-garde displays/hardware.”

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For those new to the series, Silent Hill can be boxy to get into, and I’m not talking about those annoying catchbasin controls. In an era area abounding archetypal amateur are accepting remastered, remade, or at atomic ported to current-day consoles, the Silent Hill alternation is an adverse anomaly. (You can accusation administrator Konami for this one; admirers absolutely do.)

Unless you’re accommodating to lug your old PlayStation 2 or aboriginal Xbox out of the closet, your alone absolute advantage to comedy Silent Hill 2 is the PC anchorage of the game, which isn’t accessible for acknowledged acquirement anywhere–save for buzz copies of the aboriginal concrete release. There’s additionally the Silent Hill HD Accumulating for PS3 and Xbox 360, but admirers accede it burst in a array of ways. Cajoling the aboriginal PC anchorage to run on a avant-garde PC afterwards abetment is a Herculean labor; however, acknowledgment to a aggregation of admirers abaft the absolutely actionable “Enhanced Edition” of Silent Hill 2, arena the bold on PC now is artlessly a amount of overwriting a few files and alteration a argument certificate or two.

As Ratiocinator and activity contributor Andrew Bondarenko attest, alike at the time of its release, the aboriginal PC anchorage of Silent Hill 2 was advised technically inferior–especially in agreement of beheld furnishings and audio bugs–when compared to the animate versions, admitting not egregiously so. Such deficiencies were almost accepted for PC ports of accepted animate titles at the time, and Japanese amateur were some of the affliction offenders.

There are absolutely a few affidavit why the PC anchorage didn’t alive up to its animate counterparts. According to Dean Calver, who formed as the advance programmer at Creature Labs, the tiny UK flat that handled the PC adaptation of Silent Hill 2, the porting accomplishment was atrociously abbreviate on both time and resources.


Though Calver addendum that Konami gave Creature Labs “what [it] needed” in the anatomy of antecedent cipher and art assets, the aggregation struggled to consign abounding of the assets due to abstruse problems, and they concluded up reverse-engineering abundant of the art from the game’s PS2 and Xbox versions. The antecedent cipher came with its own set of complications: admitting the cipher was in English, its comments were in Japanese, acceptation that the flat had to await on archaic apparatus adaptation to explain how assorted aspects of the bold worked. “It was not aberrant to apprehend one of us about bedlam as we apprehend some bizarrely translated comment,” Calver says.

The flat alone had a bare bristles months to absorb on the project, acceptation that some bugs accordingly slipped through the cracks. (Some of these adventitious abstruse shortcomings accept fabricated the PC adaptation the adopted belvedere of speedrunners. For example, loading a quicksave restores James’ stamina, acceptation that you can dart endlessly with little effort.) Because computers of the era had yet to absolutely embrace the DVD drive–unlike the PS2 or Xbox–Creature and Konami absitively to abode the bold on assorted CDs instead, which meant that assertive genitalia of the bold had to be compressed, abnormally the audio. Calver additionally addendum that the anchorage targeted lower-end computers that artlessly couldn’t accomplish aggregate the animate versions of the bold did.

“Our minimum blueprint was apparently two to three times slower than the consoles, and we didn’t accept the low-level tricks that the animate versions could do,” he says. “That’s why the lighting and caliginosity are hardly different.”

The fan-made Enhanced Edition that best up the billy that Calver and co. were affected to put bottomward has arise a continued way aback the project’s birth in 2016. The application comes in at several times beyond than the aboriginal game, which is alone a brace of gigabytes. As the aggregation tells it, the endeavor started aback the project’s producer, Ratiocinator, began to investigate how to comedy Silent Hill 2 on avant-garde machines, accepting begin that aggravating to comedy PS2 or Xbox amateur on a LCD television produces a muddy, bleared angel compared to the advised CRT experience.

What Ratiocinator begin was a afterlife of altered fan-developers alive on aggressive fixes to the game, including one to acclimate the bold for widescreen monitors by two modders activity by the names ThirteenAG and Aero_. Pooling their aggregate ability of the game, Ratiocinator began to abide development tickets on the project’s page, aback it was again accepted as the “Widescreen Fixes Pack.” Over time, as the across of these fixes began to sprawl, added developers who were absorbed in acclimation the PC anchorage begin the activity and began to allotment their fixes to added aspects of the game, such as its aeroembolism sound. At that point, the activity began to resemble a absolute check of the bold from top to bottom, from DirectX affiliation to ambassador support.

In adjustment to accomplish their ambition of abating the PC anchorage of Silent Hill 2 to animate quality, the fan-developer aggregation had to dump added than 1,500 audio files from the “definitive” PS2 adaptation of the bold and transcribe them into the PC version. This appropriate advance developer Elisa Riedlinger to assemble custom accoutrement to catechumen the files into a accordant format, as able-bodied as delving into the game’s cipher to access its anamnesis absorber to acquiesce it to assignment with beyond audio files.

As a abhorrence bold that relies heavily on its atmosphere, the absence PC adaptation of Silent Hill 2 has abounding bugs and beheld shortcomings that can befoul the experience. For example, Riedlinger aloof afresh ample out a way to abolish the annoying bang complete that plays aback the bold ends a complete aftereffect prematurely. This complex installing a new DirectSound adhesive into the bold to ascertain aback an audio book gets cut off, and again banishment it to achromatize out and stop afterwards the apparent click.

Some of the changes appropriate the aggregation to fix issues acquired by the advanced advance of technology. Some avant-garde Nvidia GPUs account atramentous shaders to arise as white at assertive credibility in the game, for instance. That fix appropriate the aggregation to accomplish their own custom atramentous arrangement and implant it into the bold as it runs. Activity contributor “Silent” has focused on advance the port’s ambassador support, acceptance the right-stick to be acclimated for bound camera control, which is a must-have in a bold area skittering horrors are consistently cheating up on James. (Interestingly, Silent says they aren’t alike a Silent Hill fan–they aloof adore the brotherhood of alive on the team.)

Like the aloft arrangement fix, abounding of the tweaks are so attenuate that a first-time amateur ability not alike apprehension them, but calm they add abundant to the atmosphere of the game. In the acclaimed aperture arrangement of the game, which sees James basic himself in a bedimmed bathroom, the attempt that pans from up from a urinal to acknowledge James uses a accurate depth-of-field aftereffect that was advised cutting-edge at the time. Such abashing appropriate furnishings that were absolutely missing from the aboriginal PC anchorage were reverse-engineered and implemented by Ratiocinator, Aero_, and Bondarenko.


Some of the improvements accept accurate to be added ambiguous than others. For example, Ratiocinator alone afresh baldheaded the anamnesis abode that controls Silent Hill 2’s iconic fog, which accustomed him to acclimatize its movement acceleration to a added accustomed breeze evocative of the PS2 version. Activity contributor “FrozenFish24” spearheaded an accomplishment to abate the hard-edged caliginosity of the PC adaptation into article added sophisticated, which eventually resulted in console-accurate adumbration behavior afterwards months of playtesting.

Though the activity has massively added the affection of the anchorage of every level, it’s still not absolutely complete. Ratiocinator is currently investigating how to apparatus able flash effects–also accepted as “specularity”–to some of the game’s scenes and assets. The aggregation is additionally alive on high-resolution versions of all of SH2’s changeless images, including maps, riddles, and memos, which would about accomplish the bold absolutely high-definition.

For the aggregation alive on Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition, it absolutely doesn’t amount what Konami does, abbreviate of sending them a cease-and-desist letter: They’re activity to accumulate advancement it.

While the Enhanced Edition charcoal assuredly the best way to acquaintance Silent Hill 2 today alfresco of the PS2 adaptation on a CRT television, it still comes with a above caveat: Best who comedy it will accept acquired their archetype of the bold beneath accurately arguable circumstances. The latest absolution of Silent Hill 2 came in 2012’s misleadingly called Silent Hill HD Collection, which brought Silent Hill 2 and 3 to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, Konami allegedly bootless to advance the aboriginal antecedent cipher of the games, acceptation that developer Hijinx Studios had to use a beta body of SH2 as the starting point for the new version, which alien a bulk of complications.

“The HD accumulating is incomprehensibly burst in the visual/audio department,” Bondarenko says. “It’s not accessible to affirm any of the theories [of how it concluded up that way], but the Silent Hill 2 in the HD Accumulating can’t alike analyze to the default, boilerplate PC port.”

Though best of the aggregation associates I batten to say they ambition that Silent Hill 2 were easier to access in a acknowledged fashion, they additionally agnosticism that the bearings will change anytime soon. However, it doesn’t affect their admiration to assignment on the project, admitting Ratiocinator says that advanced availability of a accepted adaptation would accomplish it easier for the aggregation to troubleshoot bugs. Ratiocinator addendum that admirers generally appeal that Konami absolution Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4 on the awakening gaming storefront GOG. For his part, Calver says that Konami should authorization the Enhanced Edition from the modding aggregation and re-release the aboriginal anchorage on Steam for some accessible revenue, abnormally because the contempo absorption in the allegorical abhorrence series.


Given the accession of Silent Hill 3’s Heather and Silent Hill 2’s own abundantly allegorical adversary Pyramid Head to the album abhorrence bold Dead By Daylight–and alternate rumors of a new Silent Hill entry, conceivably alike with agents from the aboriginal Aggregation Silent–it’s accessible that Konami ability accomplish it easier for admirers to acquaintance what is arguably the absolute abhorrence video game. But for the aggregation alive on Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition, it absolutely doesn’t amount what the administrator does, abbreviate of sending them a cease-and-desist letter: They’re activity to accumulate advancement it, admitting anniversary accepting their own full-time jobs and responsibilities. They’re currently adamantine at assignment on a new adaptation of the application that will apparatus all of their latest fixes.

“The affair I adore best is the aggregation and how we accept all arise calm over the accomplished brace of years to assignment on this project,” says Riedlinger. “Secondly, alive that I am allowance to bottle one of the old archetypal games. Afterwards assignment like this on earlier games, these amateur would be absent in time.”

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