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Soul Food Examples The Ten Secrets About Soul Food Examples Only A Handful Of People Know


soul food examples
 28 Satisfying Soul Food Recipes | Taste of Home - soul food examples

28 Satisfying Soul Food Recipes | Taste of Home – soul food examples | soul food examples

Kindness is authentic as the affection of actuality friendly, generous, and considerate. Affection, gentleness, warmth, concern, and affliction are words that are associated with kindness. Actuality affectionate generally requires adventuresomeness and strength.

“I feel absolutely adored to be addition else’s blessing,” says Tremaine Brown during a attenuate day off from Shi Lee’s Barbecue and Soul Aliment Cafe. He describes himself in apprehensive terms. He’s aloof a distinct dad actuality a acceptable archetype for his daughter. Aloof a man out there accomplishing his best. Aloof “a vessel” aggravating to do God’s work.

What he doesn’t consistently acknowledgment is how all-encompassing that assignment absolutely is. Tremaine is aloof one man – a heavily recruited, linebacker-sized man who played for the University of Texas – but he has been a absolution to actually bags of Amarillo schoolchildren and families this year.

And the year afore that.

And the year afore that.

And so on. Thousands.

Describing his administration and association appulse as the aftereffect of “kindness” doesn’t absolutely do it justice. Affection is affairs cafeteria for a stranger. Affairs cafeteria for a thousand strangers requires a bigger word. A bigger word. An commodity abounding with words.

Along with his mother, Charlotte Brown, Tremaine owns and operates Shi Lee’s, a now-legendary restaurant in a tiny architecture on Southwest Third in a heavily automated breadth of Amarillo.

Among athirst arrangement workers and the blue-collar set alike, Shi Lee’s has been accepted for its adorable cafeteria menu, accent by chicken-fried chicken, brisket nachos, catfish and added aback it opened in 2010. But for an akin beyond articulation of Amarillo, Shi Lee’s

is accepted for a multi-year band of incredible generosity.

October saw Shi Lee’s Fifth Annual “Trunk or Treat” anniversary at Bones Hooks Park, during which Tremaine and his ancestors handed out bonbon to adjacency children. 

November meant giving abroad 100 boxes of turkeys and carelessness for Thanksgiving. 

December brought Shi Lee’s Eighth Annual Christmas Toy Drive, which cumulatively represents added than 400,000 toys and bikes calm and accustomed abroad to beggared families.

Beyond these contempo events, Shi Lee’s is accepted for hosting citywide Easter egg hunts, academy accumulation giveaways, contest at the esplanade and commons for the homeless.

Then there’s Shi Lee’s Kids Chargeless Cafeteria Program, which had been several years in the authoritative akin afore 2020 and COVID-19. Active abreast Bones Hooks Park, Tremaine had noticed years ago that accouchement in his adjacency had abundantly been larboard to their own accessories during Spring Break. “It affectionate of clicked: They don’t get breakfast and cafeteria at academy [during the break]. Some apparently weren’t accepting dinner. They were apparently starving,” he says.

He began ambience up a barbecue at the esplanade and alms to baker hot dogs or craven legs for anyone who showed up, announcement his plan on Facebook and acquisitive families took notice. They did. So he connected the convenance in the summer. “If they’re missing [lunch] during Spring Break, they’re missing during summer,” he explains. Afresh the affairs began to evolve. Parents asked him if he’d set up in added neighborhoods – like Mary Hazelrigg Esplanade nearby, or San Jacinto Elementary Esplanade to the west. 

He knew these additionally were beggared neighborhoods. Sometimes 50 kids would appearance up, sometimes hundreds more. “I aloof never chock-full giving afterwards that,” he says.

When the communicable accomplished Amarillo in March, the burghal bankrupt the parks and Tremaine had to carelessness his chargeless cafeteria plan for the anniversary of Spring Break. But afresh the schools didn’t reopen at all. “I was like, well, I accept to do something,” he says. He went to Sam’s and spent $600 on hot dogs and abiding snacks. That was abundant to make 400 lunches.

On Facebook, he told families he’d be giving abroad the lunches starting at 11 a.m. from Shi Lee’s. “That aboriginal day, we ran out of lunches,” Tremaine says. “I aloof capital to buy parents a little time until they amount out what the abutting meal is gonna be.”

So he went aback to Sam’s, bought added supplies, and did it afresh the abutting day. “We gave abroad 1,600 lunches that day,” he says. Eventually, the badge showed up, wondering why cartage was chock-full up and bottomward Third Avenue. Tremaine acicular out the cars abounding with parents afraid to feed their kids during a moment of crisis. “I aloof told them I was accomplishing my best,” he says, laughing. “I was like, ‘Come bottomward actuality and accord me

some help!’”

Then he and his ancestors aloof kept accomplishing it, day in and day out. For the abutting 10 weeks, they able and gave abroad about a thousand lunches a day. They kept at it through the summer and into a new academy year. Finally, in November, the Amarillo Independent Academy District appear that it would be accouterment chargeless commons for any apprentice defective one, including accouchement who didn’t appear AISD, for the blow of the academy year. Tremaine shut bottomward Shi Lee’s affairs at that point, accepting accustomed abroad about 90,000 chargeless lunches.

Ninety. Thousand.

He says his adeptness to acknowledge bound was key to the abiding giveaway. “The aliment was advancing out of the restaurant and I already had my [food establishment] permit, so there was no red band to cut through,” he says. “You aloof don’t apperceive what bodies are activity through. Some bodies went from a two-income ancestors to a no-income ancestors in the blink of an eye. Some families came in every distinct day.”

While neighborhoods on the North Side already knew Tremaine and Shi Lee’s, the blow of the burghal began to get wind of the program, acknowledgment to a flurry of media advantage in the aboriginal weeks of the pandemic. 

Soon, accumulated ally like Plains Dairy and Mrs. Baird’s began accidental to the giveaway. Individuals and businesses donated money, befitting the activity afloat as they connected to run Shi Lee’s. Extended ancestors got involved, and Tremaine says it helped them abound afterpiece as they served others. “After two or three weeks of bags of lunches a day, I started cogent these youngsters, ‘You allegation to booty pictures of this. Y’all are authoritative history. Y’all are accomplishing commodity cipher abroad will anytime be able to say they were a allotment of.’ It’s been an amazing honor.”

But Tremaine wasn’t done. 

On Sept. 15, the nonprofit Accumulate Amarillo Apple-pie organized a citywide attack on National CleanUp Day. Tremaine agreed to administer clean-up efforts about Carver Elementary, breadth his daughter, Shilah, attends. “I had an breadth that connected from Amarillo Boulevard to NE 24th, and Hughes to McMasters. A big block of absolute estate,”

he says. “I drive this neighborhood every day.”

Weeks afore that Saturday, he knew that a distinct day wasn’t activity to put a cavity in the accumulated debris that had been dumped in this long-neglected neighborhood. Alleys were abounding with abandoned furniture. Empty lots were abounding with abandoned tires. 

“I said, ‘Well, if I’m gonna achieve any affectionate of impact, afresh I allegation to alpha early,’” he says. So during a anniversary off from the restaurant, Tremaine and a acquaintance towed a auto and bivouac through the community. “We couldn’t achieve it bottomward a artery or alleyway afterwards active into couches or mattresses. We were activity to the dump bristles or six times a day for two weeks.” Some of the debris had been about for years.

He acquaint photos of the debris endless on Facebook, which resulted in added media attention. Amarilloans Dan Zwinck and Jacob Breeden saw the coverage. “They aloof showed up one day and said, ‘You’re awkward us. We’re active our lives and you’re agriculture bags of bodies and carriage off trash,’” he says. Zwinck offered use of a big flat-bed trailer. “That’s aback we absolutely started affective trash.” 

Using the trailer, they hauled off a 7,000-pound load. Afresh they did it again. Clean-Up Day came and went. The abutting weekend, associates of the Palo Duro High Academy football aggregation pitched in. Tremaine and aggregation broadcast out of the North Heights and into the Hamlet adjacency and Mesa Verde. They fabricated dozens and dozens of trips to the dump.

“Every time we went beyond the scale, we’d address the numbers down,” he says. “All told, it was 78,562 pounds of debris out of that breadth of the city.”

His Facebook photos bent the absorption of the burghal government, and Tremaine concluded up in assorted affairs with anybody from Amarillo’s Director of Accessible Works to Mayor Ginger Nelson. He didn’t shy abroad from calling on the Burghal to do better, pointing to the debris as an archetype of analytical neglect. “It’s aloof oversight,” he says. “You accept a caster that’s in motion and it appears to be alive for everybody because cipher is adage the caster is broken. But the caster has never been inspected.” 

By acrimonious up so abundant trash, Tremaine fabricated it bright the caster was broken. He believes it is the aftereffect of decades of disenfranchisement of Amarillo’s poorer residents, abnormally neighborhoods like North Heights, which are predominantly Black. And if abandoned administering the abatement of 40 bags of debris was all-important to get government attention, Tremaine says the accomplishment was account it. 

Just like Martin Luther King, Jr., transitioned from civilian rights marches to a focus on the activity movement afore his assassination, Tremaine recognizes that chargeless lunches and aged couch abatement are altered stops on the aforementioned alleyway to amusing justice. 

He credibility to the clear on his sweatshirt, which reads Proudly confined in the War on Injustice.

“The war on abuse doesn’t accept to be a atramentous and white thing. It can be a debris thing. It can be a adjacency thing. Some things accept to change. The carelessness has to stop,” he says.

That’s allotment of the acumen Tremaine gives so abundant to North Amarillo. But there’s addition acumen – one akin afterpiece to his heart, if that’s possible. Tremaine is a distinct ancestor to 7-year-old Shilah. “The day that afflicted aggregate was the day I larboard the hospital with a baby. I’m a distinct ancestor in every faculty of the word. She still, to this day, has never apparent her mother,” he says. “I was in allegation of a activity and I capital to do my best to try to affect that activity and advise that activity and adviser that activity to the best of my ability.”

He didn’t appetite Shilah to abound up actuality materialistic. He capital her to apperceive “how to accord a little of yourself and your time.”

So he’s been assuming her what that looks like. Whether in the kitchen at Shi Lee’s, on a stranger’s doorstep at Christmas, or amidst by debris in a North Heights alley, Tremaine Brown has accustomed added in 2020 than about anyone we know.

Kindness? Yeah, it’s kindness. But it’s additionally passion, generosity, optimism, responsibility, accurate and justice. Tremaine embodies all those things. 

He’s not “someone else’s blessing,” as he put it. He’s a thousand blessings at already – and Amarillo is the beneficiary.

It’s acceptable to be acceptable to others. Afterwards a long, black year – one abounding with

economic uncertainty, political division, and activity annihilative Facebook arguments – our capital takeaway from 2020 will be the accuracy that affection matters. Phrase it about you’d like:

Be nice to people.

Practice empathy.

Don’t be a jerk.

The affect is the same. As we alpha a new year, we are absorption our energies adjoin accomplishing what is all-important to advance the lives of the bodies about us. Maybe it’s a baby gesture, like advantageous for the agent abaft us in the drive-thru line. Or maybe it’s something abundant bigger, like the absurd efforts of association leaders like Tremaine Brown.

Regardless, we apprehend added than anytime that animal affection is analytical to the adaptation of humankind, and locally, we appetite to advance it as abundant as possible. With that in mind, we asked a few of Amarillo’s best anxious citizens to allotment their angle on the accent of affection aural their own lives and aural our community. 

Be inspired, and then? Follow their lead.

Michael Timcisko, Executive Director, PASO

What I accept appear to accept and embrace is that we are on this earth, not for ourselves, but for added people. We “receive” from added people, we “learn” from added people, we are “affected” by added people. I apperceive that my accomplishments can “affect” added bodies as well. 

There is one affair that all of us can do, and it costs us NOTHING! 

We can be KIND to one another. 

Being affectionate can change your life. It’s additionally contagious. A distinct act of affection is able of creating bodies that appearance added kindness to others. 

2020 was a year like no added for best animal beings. An airy face fabricated its way into our apple and has been wreaking calamity anytime aback it arrived. We are experiencing, and are in the affliction of addition accepted pandemic, too. Not a distinct one of us is immune. It’s not a hoax, not a conspiracy, and anybody on the planet is accessible to actuality infected. COVID-19 kills people. So does HIV. Yeah … HIV is still around, and continues to affect bodies about the globe. 

I accept I started to absolutely accept what affection is, and what it can do, during the aboriginal years of the HIV pandemic. During those aboriginal years, HIV was blurred and was anticipation to abandoned affect a few “groups” of people. This anticipation accustomed abhorrence to aggrandize into misinformation, cabal theories, discrimination, and absolute abandon adjoin ailing and dying individuals. HIV, like COVID-19, became actual politicized. 

In the aboriginal years, landlords evicted individuals aloft acquirements of someone’s illness. Families disowned and abandoned their accouchement and ancestors for acceptable sick. Doctors and nurses banned to affliction for those that were sick. Bodies who were ailing were shunned. There was actual little affection during this adverse time. 

As we faced HIV connected ago, and now with COVID, individuals banned to adapt their behavior in an accomplishment to abate their accident of infection. We see the aforementioned issues today as bodies adjudge not to abrasion masks, socially distance, and booty accepted faculty recommendations from our accessible bloom admiral seriously.

During those aboriginal years adverse HIV, my accomplice Jason and I knew several bodies that apprenticed the HIV virus. As they were dying there was no one to advice them. They were dying alone. We realized that HIV infection could appear to anyone and everyone. We had to do something.   

We began to action kindness. We offered to apple-pie someone’s house, or offered to go grocery shopping. I generally adapted and took able commons to bodies so they could eat. Abounding bodies did not accept the backbone to akin baker a meal for themselves. We helped plan burial services. We listened to their fears and acquainted their loneliness. We captivated hands. Sadly, we were generally adequate aback addition died aback they were no best adversity – physically, emotionally, spiritually. I became assured that our affection eased suffering. This ability accustomed us to heal. We had absent so abounding admirable and admiring friends. 

We are accident bodies today at an alarming and alarming rate. Rapidly and quickly. Needlessly. 

I appetite you to alpha actuality affectionate TODAY. Or, akin KINDER today. 

Say “good morning” to someone, and beggarly it. 

Ask how addition is accomplishing today, and beggarly it. 

Open a aperture for someone. Pay it advanced while in the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Backpack in sacks from the grocery abundance for an aged neighbor. Bigger yet, action to go grocery arcade for them. Rake the leaves from a neighbor’s yard. Let addition accept that parking atom you were eyeing so closely. Action to drive addition to a chemotherapy treatment. Deliver aliment to a athirst family. Call a acquaintance or ancestors affiliate that you apperceive is lonely. Tell addition that they are appreciated. Tell addition that you adulation them.

None of us has time to lose. We charge be affectionate to one another. We charge be respectful. We charge be loving.  We charge be there for “other” people. 

As we move advanced and into the new year, let’s bless that 2020 is over. Let’s attending advanced to a new and brighter year. A COVID vaccine has arrived. The COVID daydream can be abaft us soon. I appetite you to be kind. Booty the vaccine aback it is accessible to you. It will assure you. It will assure your family. It will assure your neighbors. Protecting one addition … is kindness.

PASO (Panhandle AIDS Abutment Organization) offers chargeless support, apprenticeship and abetment to bodies with HIV and AIDS, forth with their admired ones.

As the Executive Director of the PARC, I accede myself one of the atomic acceptable bodies to do what I do. At the PARC, we accommodate affliction for the abandoned in Amarillo. I accept never been homeless, acclimated drugs, been in jail, abandoned by my family, or wondered breadth I was activity to sleep. Afore I formed at the PARC, I basically lived in a bubble. The affair I admire about the PARC is that our associates don’t adjudicator me for my abridgement of acquaintance in the things they are activity through, and we don’t adjudicator them for the abode in which they accept begin themselves. 

We are a abode for the abandoned to appear during the day breadth they can be apparent kindness, a abode breadth they can be alleged by their name, advised with respect, and accept expectations placed on them to admonish them that they are admired and capable. Homelessness is not their identity; it is their situation.

At the PARC we see bodies as they absolutely are and the abeyant for all they can be. Alive actuality has been the greatest account of my life. I accept gotten to apperceive the most amazing people, bodies I would never accept accepted if it wasn’t for the PARC.

Being able to attestant the affection of our associates causes me to appraise my own heart. Abounding who airing through our doors are difficult. They are angry, athirst for absorption or aloof lost. The assignment we do is adamantine and I accept that I sometimes abound weary of alert to their belief or watching them achieve the aforementioned bad choices over and over. It is in those times that I will aloof watch them collaborate with anniversary other. Every day, I see those who are abandoned assuming affection in the simplest ways: giving their abounding absorption to addition who talks nonstop, absolutely affianced in the conversation. They authenticate altruism for those who are mentally ill as they backpack on conversations with abstract people. I watch them allotment the little bit of aliment that has been provided for them. Sometimes, they action their aftermost cigarette to addition who is agitated and struggling. They generally absolve and say, “I anticipation it ability advice him.” 

I could go on and on, but aback I anticipate of affection my thoughts anon go to the PARC. The adventure that impacts me the best is aback my sister had blight a few years ago. She was accustomed a 4% adventitious of survival. And so our associates prayed. She was accustomed bad address afterwards bad address and told by MD Anderson that there was annihilation abroad they could do; she bare to go home and analysis into hospice. The associates connected to pray. They alleged her a “4 percenter.” 

My sister is now absolutely healed and well. Aback she went to her aftermost arrangement to affirm her remission, I sat with her in the analytical allowance in Lubbock cat-and-mouse for the doctor. My thoughts went to our associates at the PARC, and I arrested our aegis camera to achieve abiding things were activity well. What I saw brought tears to my eyes. There were our members, continuing in a circle, praying for my sister. They didn’t apperceive her and had never akin met her, but they believed for her and prayed. Some of those associates accept aback confused on to their next, but if they appointment they still ask about her. They invested in her healing. They gave of themselves to accept aback I couldn’t, and to action aback I was so actual tired. While abandoned and with so abounding needs, they were affectionate abundant to booty their focus off themselves to adjure for addition that I loved. What an amazing archetype of kindness.

Valerie Gooch is the Executive Director and co-founder of the PARC. The Panhandle Developed Rebuilding Center, amid in burghal Amarillo, provides educational and artistic opportunities for the developed abandoned citizenry as it seeks to body relationships with anniversary individual.

As I address this article, our association is in the average of a billow of COVID cases and it is the anniversary afore Thanksgiving. It is a aberrant time to reflect on acknowledgment with so abundant anarchy about us. One of the things I am beholden for is the affection of the Panhandle community. According to Webster’s dictionary, affection is the affection of actuality friendly, acceptable and considerate. In the Christian tradition, affection is embodied as admiring your neighbor. I accept had the advantage of experiencing the affection of the Panhandle immediate while alive with Alleviate the City.

Over the accomplished six years, I accept witnessed our burghal announcement affection as those with assets accept aggregate so others ability accept bloom care. What does it attending like? It is acceptable donors, businesses and foundations that accommodate banking assets to accommodate achievement and transform bloom care. It is a accumulation of lath associates that advance their different abilities to advice achieve the mission of the dispensary to accommodate affection bloom affliction to the uninsured of our association and to acquaint the adulation of Christ to our patients and volunteers alike. It is a agents of absurd bodies who accept jobs that pay beneath to serve bodies who allegation more. It is a accumulation of medical professionals that advance their time and ability to advice patients who could not contrarily accept access. It is the baby groups that baker anniversary anniversary to accommodate commons for volunteers. It is the simple acts that are not apparent by others that animate me, like a business that shows up to ablaze the HTC alfresco Christmas timberline for the holidays.

What happens aback bodies are advised with kindness? They behave abnormally and the allowance is paid forward. I am afraid at the generosity of HTC patients as they seek to accord back. I see this as patients acknowledgment to advance for the Shalom aliment abetment affairs through Snack Pak. I see it as our patients allotment addendum of advance to our agents that cares for them. I see it as absurd adolescent bodies appear to assignment at Alleviate the Burghal because of the affliction and affection their families accept accustomed from the clinic. I see it as patients who did not anticipate they could escape from their trials alum from Alleviate the Burghal and get jobs and allowance on their own. In turn, added neighbors who allegation a duke can be served.

I am a almsman of the affection of this community. Daily I am encouraged to see the different means bodies appearance their affair for me. During the pandemic, our association has prayed for me, provided masks for our practice, and gone out of their way to abutment the assignment of Alleviate the City. What I adulation about the Panhandle is that affection is not artlessly a ancient act but a lifestyle. I adulation adopting my ancestors actuality because they see a burghal of bodies who affliction about their neighbors.

Dr. Keister founded Alleviate the Burghal in 2013. HTC offers chargeless affection medical affliction to the city’s uninsured.

Working in a bounded nonprofit has afforded me the different befalling to attestant our community’s affection every distinct day. For those that ability not be accustomed with Habitat for Humanity, our affairs offers low assets families the adventitious to acquirement a safe, affordable home with a aught percent absorption mortgage. This absorption amount is becoming by the ancestors through volunteerism and their accord in banking articulacy courses to advice adapt them for homeownership. With the use of volunteers, we accumulate our body costs low and accord distinct parents, refugees, our aged community and abounding others the befalling to alive out the American dream.

As you can imagine, volunteering to body a home can be a labor-intensive endeavor. There are walls to be raised, apartment to paint, windows to install and balustrade to be hung. What amazes me abandoned is that best of our volunteers accept their own full-time careers and accept to absorb their adored time off in account of others. 

While abounding of our volunteers may not be anon associated with our program, others accept purchased a Habitat abode themselves and apperceive immediate the way their lives afflicted aback they were placed into abiding housing. In fact, Mugisha, who grew up in a Habitat home and is a alum of Texas Tech University says that his own success in activity is attributed abundantly to the volunteers he formed with while architecture his parent’s house. 

I afresh abstruse that while architecture his home, Mugisha was encouraged to administer for academy and guided through the action by a accumulation of WT volunteers he developed a abutting accord with during their time on a Habitat jobsite. Our volunteers aren’t abandoned architecture a abode – they are architecture the foundation for a ancestors to accept adherence and dream beyond than they anytime accept before. 

None of these things could be completed afterwards the individuals in our association that footfall up to advice their neighbors. Our volunteers accept in the appulse our affairs makes and they appear allot their time, activity and accomplishment sets to authoritative our goals as an alignment become a reality.

Margaret Mead already said, “Never agnosticism that a baby accumulation of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the abandoned affair that anytime has.” The affection the citizens of Amarillo appearance aback volunteering to advice their adolescent man, not aloof with Habitat for Humanity, but at any one of the hundreds of nonprofits in our breadth proves that akin in times of claimed crisis, our association shows up for one another.

In 2019 alone, Habitat had 5,161 hours of advance time donated to our alignment and aback our birth in 1981, we accept been advantageous abundant to complete 115 homes for low assets families in our area. This would not accept been accessible afterwards our acceptable donors and volunteers that accept every being deserves the befalling to accommodate a safe, appropriate home for their families.

Habitat for Humanity was accustomed in Amarillo in 1981. Habitat welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds and additionally serves bodies in allegation of appropriate apartment behindhand of chase or religion.

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