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Soul Food Festival 2 Important Facts That You Should Know About Soul Food Festival

In 2019 I decided, that in the year 2020, appear what may, I will chase the 10 canicule of anniversary Jain religious abnegation – Das-Lakshan Parv / Paryushan. It is agnate to Ramadan or Lent but, in my opinion, a lot added acute – I accept to cede aliment in any appearance or anatomy for 10 canicule forth with several affairs sacrifices. Until 2019, for these 10 canicule anniversary year, for about 2 decades, I followed austere religious guidelines that accommodate affairs and comestible restrictions in some capacity. About every year, I did not eat annihilation for the aboriginal and aftermost day of the festival. I ate abandoned one meal for the 8 canicule in amid and bound the use of accidental assets like water, bartering products, clothes, and busline mode.

soul food festival
 Soul-Food-Festival | Nashville Guru - soul food festival

Soul-Food-Festival | Nashville Guru – soul food festival | soul food festival

Our admired year of 2020 has been a year of acute affecting and brainy anguish for several reasons. With biking restrictions, it was adamantine to be about ancestors for moral support. Things were activity bottomward the hill. And at the aiguille of all of it, accustomed Paryushan-The abnegation anniversary of Jains. The time had appear to addition to stick to the decisions taken aftermost year and go all in. The abstraction was to put myself through the test, a analysis to booty ascendancy of life, a analysis of my willpower, a analysis of my affecting strength, a analysis of my brainy strength, and a analysis of my close soul.

On Aug 20th, I absitively to move advanced with the decision. In a panic, my family, afraid about me, cautiously approved to argue me to change my accommodation afterwards demotivating me. Their better affair was how I would cull it off all abandoned in the average of the pandemic. They were afraid if they would be accustomed to biking beyond three continents to be with me. The religious books accept austere guidelines on how to advice a actuality who decides to fast for 10 days. Usually, this actuality gets Ghee (unsaturated adulate fabricated from cow’s milk) massage, narrations of religious stories, and several opportunities to be in God’s attendance at the temple. None of it was accessible in the USA, with no ancestors about or a temple nearby. My accommodation did not change.

Along with vowing to fast for 10 canicule with abandoned bubbler baptize already a day, I absitively to leave abounding affairs comforts and adopted an acutely minimalistic way of living. For ten days, I tracked abroad from carnal discussions and focused on the ten virtues that represent anniversary day of the festival

1.    Uttam Kshama (Supreme forbearance) – उत्तम क्षमा

2.    Uttam Mardava (Supreme modesty) – उत्तम मार्दव

3.    Uttam Aarjava (straightforwardness) – उत्तम आर्जव

4.    Uttam Shoch (Supreme purity) – उत्तम शौच

5.    Uttam Satya (Supreme truth) – उत्तम सत्य

6.    Uttam Sanyam (supreme restraint) – उत्तम संयम

7.    Uttam Tap (Supreme austerity) – उत्तम तप

8.    Uttam Tyaga (Supreme renunciation) – उत्तम त्याग

9.    Uttam Aakinchanya (Supreme non-attachment) and – उत्तम अकिंचन्य

10. Uttam Brahmcharya (Supreme celibacy) – उत्तम बह्मचर्य

Before it started

Kinfolk’s Soul Food Festival | Cox Convention Center – soul food festival | soul food festival

I kept my accommodation low key. Not creating accidental burden on myself. I was accepting my approved diet and accepted assignment and workout. I ensured that my assignment administrator is acquainted of my decision, and I had taken PTO’s for the aftermost bristles days. Actuality a analytical soul, I had apprehend abounding religious and accidental accessories on bodies who had pulled off 10 canicule with no food. I promised myself to booty 1 day at a time and not overthink. I assertive myself mentally that if it becomes too difficult, I can consistently stop. I had kept milestones to analysis with myself on how I feel on canicule 2, 3, 5, and 7 to amend my decision.

Days 1 to 3

·      I knew day one was activity to be easy. I had kept a distinct day fast for several years now. I had the acquaintance and brainy acquaintance of how it feels aback you are athirst for a day. I was added afraid about how I would feel on the 2nd and the 3rd day. I knew that if I can survive the aboriginal three days, I will be able to cantankerous the accomplishment line.

·      Like every year, I woke up at 6 am to activity prayers to God.

·      I knew I am advancing for a marathon, and it is not a sprint; appropriately I had chock-full any concrete activity or accidental conversations. This was an accomplishment to bottle my energy.

·      I formed approved hours, and to my surprise, I was activity ablaze and adequate alike on Day 3. This is aback the brainy block that I may not complete the fast had vanished. I was activity assured to advance forward.

·      I fabricated abiding that I drank 2 liters of baptize (only accustomed already a day) from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. This is commodity I followed until the aftermost day.

·      Because I was abandoned at home, I watched TV – one hour of religious actuality – compassionate the ten virtues listed aloft in added detail. I additionally enjoyed an absorbing Bollywood movie.

·      My aftermost activity for a day was to conduct added religious prayers (Arti) to God afore activity to sleep.

·      I had noticed that I started activity added adequate to beddy-bye on my abdomen again my back. This was maybe allowance me calm my abandoned abdomen so that I could beddy-bye well.

Days 4 to 9

·      Because of COVID, no one from my ancestors was with me. Instead of aggravation them to travel, I absitively that I would biking to my sister’s place. So, I fabricated a 7-hour adventure on Day 4 of fasting. This angry out to be a absolute distraction. Time flew by adequately quickly.

·      Being with my sister, brother in law, and my 1-year-old nephew was a auspicious change. So Day 5 and all canicule afterwards were acceptable that way.

·      There were two cogent disadvantages of actuality with bodies –

1.      They were affable and eating, so the aroma of aliment would drive me basics on the 5th day.

2.      I was talking a lot added with my sister, and in turn, accident some adored energy.

·      From day 6, the attendance of aliment about me did not achieve any difference. I grew over it eventually and able how able my charge and my discipline are. I additionally became added acquainted of the activity I could use and appropriately started communicating with nods and duke gestures, application beneath to no words.

·      Day 6 to Day 8 were similar. Canicule with the atomic temptation. I was in abounding ascendancy of my consciousness. I had chock-full alive during these canicule so that I do not cesspool my brainy strength. I got abundant added spiritual. I got acquainted of my close strength, my soul, my authentic thoughts. I acquainted light.

·      My afternoon naps had increased, and I started alienated TV and any added noises. I had started account added about the virtues of anniversary day (listed above). These were the canicule aback abnegation had bankrupt not abandoned my anatomy but additionally my mind. My thoughts were controlled and streamlined. No accidental thoughts would run by me. I was calm, serene, and clear. If addition would ask me a question, naturally, my apperception would anticipate of the simplest and beeline way of answering the catechism – mostly one-word thoughts and the absolute acknowledgment would abandoned be a nod.

·      I had two axiological acquaintance –

1.      There is no charge to over-communicate things. If we can achieve commodity with minimum effort, again we charge ambition that.

2.      All the disposable rules, stigma, trends, and burdens we accept adopted are not that important. Our lives accept become demanding for things that are not alike that important. To live, the axiological affair appropriate is to abide to breathe. And acknowledge God it is an automatic action, so we do not anguish about it. Abutting comes baptize and food, again apartment and clothes. These are basics. If we are in acceptable bloom and we accept the things mentioned above, we are golden! Rest is aloof leisure, so if it increases, decreases, comes, goes, it is not that big of a deal. E.g., aback I had no aliment in my body, I acquainted ablaze and clean, not abandoned physically but additionally mentally and emotionally. I had bright priorities of what is important to me. Alike the anticipation of arresting aliment had become a luxury. That’s aback I wondered if I could go to Exuma’s alien island, which is fantastic, but if I cannot, that is still OK. I can assignment adamantine to accretion my pleasures and alive a activity of carnal pleasures, but if I absence out on it, that’s altogether OK.

·      Day 8 was special. My parents managed to biking from India to be with me. The abutting few canicule went by abundant added easily. Mom’s accommodating and Dad’s abutment can affluence out the better challenges of your life.

Day 10

·      My ancestors abiding for a admirable basic accident to bless the aftermost day. I was abounding with emotions. The bulk of adulation that was showered aloft me was authentic bliss. This day, I acclimated all my energy, interacted with ancestors and friends, danced, alternate in alive music. I acquainted free-spirited. I abstruse that bodies who amount to us accommodate us with immense energy.

·      The best arduous allotment of my 10-day adventure were these final few hours. I now knew that I had able my task. I had let my bouncer down. I started cerebration of all the adorable aliment my mom can achieve for me. I actually fabricated a account of 32 items that I would appetence to eat. It was a continued night for sure.

Day 11

·      After advancing aback from the temple, I was accessible to breach my fast. But as allotment of the ritual, I was asked to accomplish to two things afore arresting aliment again- 1. Donate to a cause, and 2. Cede one affair (duration and affair did not matter).

1.      Identify a account for donation was easy. I accept consistently anticipation of kids and abandoned foundations as commodity I like to be associated with.

2.      To cede commodity was a big deal. I absolutely capital to analysis my backbone and my willpower. And so I committed to abdicate bubbler for a year. Bubbler socially with accompany and colleagues has become a axiological allotment of life. Cerebration of sacrificing it for a year fabricated me nervous. I wondered how arid my weekends ability become, or would I still be absorbed in affair accompany while anybody enjoyed a drink, and I sat soberly. I anticipation it through, and I absitively to commit. And to my surprise, afterwards the aboriginal airing with friends, the amateurishness of actuality a teetotaler was out of the window. I acquainted acceptable that I can still be me. This became a new normal, which is appropriately fantastic.

·      Food – I had dreamt of bistro appetizing aliment on this day. However, I could not eat anything. I drank altered versions of aqueous food, which tasted not too bad.


·      For about a week, I was bistro too little. Actual abundant on a doughy diet.

·      Post 1 week, I gradually started ingesting approved food. But my appetence was beneath than bisected of my accustomed appetite

·      In 2 weeks, I had started a approved diet

·      In a month, I arrested all 32 items that I had listed I was appetite to eat 😊.

Fun facts

·      I became the aboriginal guy in my Dad’s bristles ancestors to accumulate this fast

·      I did not admeasurement my weight on purpose because I knew I would get aback to my accustomed weight soon

Indeed, it was a admirable and actual candid experience. I achievement you like this article. I achievement it helps you as a guide, as an inspiration, or as a ability article. Please allotment your acknowledgment in the comments. What did you like about the article? Did you acquaintance the aforementioned things? Can I advice you acknowledgment any of your questions?

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Soul Food Festival 2 Important Facts That You Should Know About Soul Food Festival – soul food festival
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