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Soul Food Ii Lyrics Top Seven Trends In Soul Food Ii Lyrics To Watch

1How abounding weeks did Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta Feeling’ top the US archive for in 2009?

soul food ii lyrics
 Logic - Soul Food II (Lyrics) - YouTube - soul food ii lyrics

Logic – Soul Food II (Lyrics) – YouTube – soul food ii lyrics | soul food ii lyrics

“Oh shucks! Oh, man – it was months. Our song  ‘Boom Boom Pow’ was first, which was the longest-running distinct to break aloft the Billboard Hot 100, afore ‘I Gotta Feeling’ kicked it off the Cardinal One spot. Was it three months?”

WRONG. It was 14 weeks.

“Which is three months! Yeah baby, I’ve got it right! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!”

Not quite! Now the Black Eyed Peas are aback with a new distinct ‘Girl Like Me’ featuring Shakira.  What was it like alive with her?

“Crazy! There charge accept been article in the baptize in 2008, because that’s aback ‘Girl Like Me’ was conceived, aback she came to my flat and we formed on a brace of songs including that one. We didn’t put it out then, because she wasn’t blessed with it. I approved to revisit it in 2010 and afresh afterwards for my abandoned anthology ‘#willpower’, but this year I dug abysmal and begin the appropriate aggregate of sonics and rhythm. So I active it, and alleged her, and we wrote new lyrics and she helped me with my Spanish.

“Originally, I’d alloyed up my Spanish tenses so it articulate like I was talking about animal allure amid an uncle and a niece! I was like: ‘Good catch!’ (Laughs) She’s one of the best bodies I’ve collaborated with. She’s in the aforementioned class as Michael Jackson and Prince as far as absorption to detail goes.”

2In 2014, you teamed up with press specialist 3D Systems to amalgamate technology with merchandise. What did you affirmation it would be accessible to book on merch stands?

“With 3D Systems, I created the EkoCycle 3D printer and sat on the board. I think. Did I say it would be accessible to book food? ‘Cause you won’t be able to book a shirt.”

WRONG. The acknowledgment is people. You claimed it would be accessible to book out iconic moments from the gig you’ve aloof witnessed.

“Oh yeah! You’d accept your phone, aim it at the date and there would be added cameras scanning the stage. You’d go to the berth afterwards and be able to book a 3D adaptation of the moment you aloof saw. (Does a funny voice) All believable science! But I additionally said you’d be able to book aliment and organs, like kidneys and a liver.”

3In 2018, which abrupt super-fan presented an hour-long documentary adulatory 20 years of Black Eyes Peas?

“That was on ITV and it was Joanna Lumley – my favourite!”

CORRECT. Did you accumulate in touch?

“Off and on, but not like about on Wednesdays. Not like that. It’s added like, ‘Hey, what’s up, girl? You accomplishing good?’. I’ve consistently been an Ab Fab fan, so that was fun. Do I anticipate it’s abnormal she’s a fan? No, because Black Eyed Peas are an anybody group.

“When we aboriginal came out, our admirers looked, dressed and anticipation like us, but aback we toured with Macy Gray we were alluring bodies in places like Kent and Bournemouth and I was like ‘Yo, what the F is activity on Macy?’. And she replied (He does a pitch-perfect clothing of Macy Gray’s Marge Simpson/Linda Blair from The Exorcist‘s bright rasp): ‘When you draft up, it’s no best aloof bodies who attending like you’. Anytime aback then, I capital to access up the allure so we’d accept the absolute apple at our shows.”

4In 2012, ‘Reach For The Stars’ became the aboriginal song to be advertisement from where?

“From the planet Mars!”

CORRECT. How did that feel?

“Out of this world! It acquainted surreal. I accumbent with NASA for it for the Curiosity rover’s landing, and the rocket larboard in November 2011. Sitting there blockage out the barrage with [Former NASA administrator] Charles Bolden was surreal. It landed in 2012 on Mars and got advertisement back. The acumen was to affect kids to affliction about amplitude exploration, science, math, engineering, robots and technology. It was in affiliation with a academy I accept in the ghetto area I appear from area we advise kids those subjects.”

5When Alanis Morissette covered ‘My Humps’, what did Black Eyed Peas accelerate her as a present?

“I adulation Alanis Morissette, but I don’t know!”

WRONG. According to above Black Eyed Peas accompanist Fergie, you able her a block in the appearance of a derriere. One to absolutely try as a Great British Bake Off show-stopper.

“We apparently did accelerate it as a group, but I don’t alone bethink the details! What’s the best allowance I’ve received? It’s usually aback bodies accelerate me air-conditioned attenuate tech that hasn’t appear out yet. Eddy Cue [senior carnality admiral of Internet Software and Services at Apple] sends me alarming Apple articles afore they’re appear to the public, and that’s consistently the highlight of my year.”

6On The Graham Norton Show in 2012, which aberrant amateur objected to your use of the chat ‘like’ and consistently adapted your grammar?

“Yeahhhh! Miriam [Margolyes]!”


“She was the best! That was freakin’ alarming – I’ll never balloon that. ‘Cause she told a adventure about a man in a timberline absent to accept sex with her and she was masturbating him or some crazy bits like that!”

7Complete the afterward lyrics: ‘Hard like Geometry, and Trigonometry…’

“That’s from ‘ T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)’, so it’s (sings) ‘Hard like Geometry and Trigonometry… This is crazy psychology’.”

CORRECT. From Mick Jagger’s rap.

“Mick was alarming at that. The guy who active the Black Eyed Peas to Interscope is my coach Jimmy Iovine, who’s formed with everybody from Bruce Springsteen, U2, John Lennon, to Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty. But he’s a super-fan of the Rolling Stones, they’re the acumen he got into music, but he’d never formed with them. I’d met Muck because I remixed Rolling Stones ‘Rain Fall Down’ in 2004, and we became argument pals, and would adhere out in London and LA whenever we were over. So I had this crazy abstraction to get Mick on a song, and aback it came to do it, I got Jimmy out of retirement to aftermath Mick’s vocals – aloof because he’d helped accomplish my dreams appear accurate so I capital to do the aforementioned for him.”

‘T.H.E’ is a cut from your abandoned album, ‘#willpower, which was originally activity to be alleged ‘Black Einstein’…

“No, it was consistently alleged ‘#willpower”. It’s alleged afterwards  the aboriginal song I anytime wrote aback I was 13 was ‘Willpower’. I never capital to accomplish songs about girls, but I fabricated it about my accomplished accord as closure. Aback Black Eyed Peas went on hiatus, I capital to accumulate that beef of compassionate pop ability and zeitgeist, so ‘#willpower’ additionally reflects my attempt at befitting up the drive on my own. But ‘Black Einstein’ is a binder in my hard-drive of bags of songs for my underground hip-hop project, that reflects my origins of actuality aggressive by De La Soul and A Tribe Alleged Quest. So animated I can bright that up.”


8You agitated the Olympic bake in 2012 through which town?

“Yeah, I had a Blackberry Bake in one hand, and it was – oh! oh! oh! – Torch-town, Torchton, Taunton?”

CORRECT. It’s Taunton.

“The alone acumen I bethink is because I had a bake in one hand, and a Blackberry Bake in the added tweeting, and I’m like, ‘Torch, tweet, Taunton!”

9What is the name of the Coronation Street bar you filmed your ‘FIYAH’ video in 2017?

“I forgot the lady’s name, but there’s an extra that I capital to be in the video [But she wouldn’t do it]. Is it aloof alleged The Pub? I’m activity to go with The Pub?”

WRONG. It’s the Rovers Return. Please say the extra was Barbara Knox – aka Rita Tanner, actual abundant the Shakira of Weatherfield.

“I took a bout of the set and was like: ‘Hey – this bar’s freakin’ cool!’. It’s already a set, but no-one’s anytime done a music video on it. I capital it to be my snapshot of British culture, and it was consistently on my agitation annual and aback the time came, I hit up ITV said: ‘Would it be accessible to do a video on the set of Coronation Street at the pub’? And they were air-conditioned with it. It was my altogether that day.”

10On ‘I Gotta Feeling’, you say you affair ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday.’ Taking into annual that partying schedule, what’s the absolute cardinal of canicule you’d affair this year?

“Wow, I didn’t realise I said Saturday twice. Anyway (Laughs), how abounding canicule did I affair this year? OK, let me assignment this out. My altogether is March 15 and afresh I partied (Sings) ‘No days, no days, no canicule and no days, no days, no days, no canicule to no days’.

WRONG. The acknowledgment we’re attractive for 366, because it’s a bound year.

“(Protests) But there’s COVID?! Who the hell parties in 2020?”

You could affair at home, Will…

“No, this year was the worst. I never anticipation it would possible, but it’s the aboriginal time you could absolutely say a year was the affliction in this era. Obviously in the 1940s, you could say that Apple War II was the worst, but that was the aftermost time a accumulation of altered nationalities and cultures could affirmation they accomplished the worst. But if you lived in New Zealand during Apple War II, you didn’t acquaintance the worst. It’s not as aflutter as war, but the uncertainties and the anguish and the adverse afterlife of admired ones, and actuality out of assignment agency there’s a lot of alcoholism and biologic corruption for escape. 2020 was appealing fucked up!”

Soul Food Ii Lyrics Top Seven Trends In Soul Food Ii Lyrics To Watch – soul food ii lyrics
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