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Hooking up? No problem. “Meet cute” at the book shop? Happens all the time. Award the appropriate one, falling in love, and accepting married? What abroad are you gonna do? But accumulation the ultimate annual of the Freshest adventurous comedies of all time? It’s complicated.

soul food valletta
 Soul Food - Valletta Restaurant - HappyCow - soul food valletta

Soul Food – Valletta Restaurant – HappyCow – soul food valletta | soul food valletta

For our annual of the 200 best adventurous comedies of all time, we searched aerial and low throughout cine history for every about-face of (hilarious) courting and adulation captured on camera. We accept the admirable wit of the aboriginal flat arrangement (His Babe Friday, Bringing Up Baby), the astute acrimony of the ’70s (Annie Hall, The Goodbye Girl), and the across-the-board romance in-between (The Apartment, Roman Holiday). There was affluence to acquisition in the John Hughes, teen-driven era (Say Anything…, Ambrosial in Pink), and the aerated ’90s decade that followed (Groundhog Day, Four Weddings and a Funeral, While You Were Sleeping). Again we dabbled in 21st aeon raunch (Knocked Up) and twee ((500) Canicule of Summer), arch into our accustomed era of new choir declaring that they too are advantaged to their own blowzy accord belief (The Big Sick, Crazy Affluent Asians).

And in our best contempo aloft update, we’ve added the latest and greatest, including Charlize Theron’s aboriginal dip into the casting (Long Shot), indie darlings (Plus One), and the agreeable (Isn’t It Romantic). We additionally broadcast our ability in LGBTQ (Edge of Seventeen, Get Real, Activity Partners, Saving Face) and African-American films (Top Five, The Best Man). And apprehend to see added all-embracing rom-coms, with affluence of additions amid Spanish-language (You’re Killing Me Susana, Everybody Loves Somebody) and French cinema (Romantics Anonymous, The Spanish Apartment).

The alone agreement for a rom-com to get a attack at adulation on this annual was accomplishing a minimum of 20 reviews, and again we sorted the condoning titles by Adjusted Tomatometer, which takes into annual factors like the cardinal of reviews movies accustomed and their year of release. And because we appetite you activity red, and not seeing red, we appetite to adapt you for some of the almost low placements for admired abstract like Ambrosial Woman, Adulation Actually, and Sleepless in Seattle. The Tomatometer, aloof like the heart, does not deceive.

Ready to dive into the sea of love? Again abide on with accessible accoutrements into Rotten Tomatoes’ 200 best adventurous comedies of all time!


Adjusted Score: 62.412%

Critics Consensus: It’s anytime talky, but Playing By Amore allowances from agreeable insights into avant-garde relationships and able performances from an admired cast.


Adjusted Score: 63.968%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 62.208%

Critics Consensus: The Broken Hearts Club generally feels like an admixture of 70s sitcoms — admitting a hunky advance and a candied axial activity accommodate bubbling delights.


Adjusted Score: 64.253%

Critics Consensus: Something New tackles austere questions about chase and interracial relationships with 18-carat address and an adorable activity that develops as artlessly as the plot.


Adjusted Score: 65.013%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 64.583%

Critics Consensus: Generally apparent as a Waiting to Exhale with men, The Brothers is amiable. However, it feels apparent and somewhat of a retread.


Adjusted Score: 64.819%

Critics Consensus: A predictable, banal rom-com, but Bettany proves to be an ambrosial lead.


Adjusted Score: 65.001%

Critics Consensus: Looks great, but Zellweger and McGregor accept no allure together, and the self-satisfied, alive accent grates.


Adjusted Score: 65.125%

Critics Consensus: David Duchovny and Minnie Driver accommodate abating activity and ball in this solid acceptance by Administrator Bonnie Hunt.


Adjusted Score: 66.412%

Critics Consensus: Despite the abreast feel of the breach narratives, the cine is watch-able due to the acceptable performances by the cast.


Adjusted Score: 65.875%

Critics Consensus: Chocolat is a affably animated allegory with a admirable achievement by Binoche.


Adjusted Score: 66.005%

Critics Consensus: Admitting unrealistic, Big Eden has all the agreeableness and acidity of a bogie tale.


Adjusted Score: 66.196%

Critics Consensus: Admitting formulaic and superficial, Beneath the Tuscan Sun is adored by Lane’s active performance.


Adjusted Score: 67.673%

Critics Consensus: Ambrosial Woman may be a yuppie fantasy, but the film’s glossy comedy, soundtrack, and casting can affected misgivings.


Adjusted Score: 67.585%

Critics Consensus: With two ambrosial leads afloat in a sitcom-worthy plot, Activity Partners doesn’t do actually abundant to acquire viewers’ commitment.


Adjusted Score: 67.536%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 67.668%

Critics Consensus: Sydney Pollack’s Sabrina doesn’t do annihilation the aboriginal didn’t do better, but assured administration and a casting of acclimatized stars accomplish this a affable abundant diversion.


Adjusted Score: 67.826%

Critics Consensus: Admitting anticipated and possibly too sweet, Brown Sugar is charming, well-acted, and smarter than archetypal rom-com fare.


Adjusted Score: 68.159%

Critics Consensus: A bright and active adjustment of Austen’s classic.


Directed By:


Adjusted Score: 68.422%

Critics Consensus: Music & Lyrics is a ablaze and affable adventurous ball that succeeds because of the abounding agreeableness of its co-stars. The music segments featuring Hugh Grant are account the amount of admission.


Adjusted Score: 68.594%

Critics Consensus: Sleeping with Added Bodies has agreeable leads and flashes of inspiration, but seems abashed or clumsy to beleaguer them with the actually destructive rom-com they deserve.


Adjusted Score: 68.718%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 69.973%

Critics Consensus: Doc Hollywood isn’t actually adroit in its attack to put a ’90s circuit on its Capraesque formula, but a ablaze blow and a arresting casting accomplish its flaws accessible to forgive.


Adjusted Score: 69.108%

Critics Consensus: Laggies may not do as abundant with its account as it could, but it’s buoyed by a adorable achievement from Kiera Knightley, as able-bodied as Lynn Shelton’s compassionate direction.


Adjusted Score: 69.441%

Critics Consensus: While actually overlong, The Five-Year Engagement allowances from the accessible allure of its leads and a funny, adventurous calligraphy with hasty abyss and intelligence.


Adjusted Score: 69.14%

Critics Consensus: Jeffrey offends as readily as it amuses, but an outstanding achievement from Patrick Stewart keeps it from activity actually off the rails.


Adjusted Score: 70.281%

Critics Consensus: Reality Bites may be too glossy to accomplish its affiance as a abstruse account on Generation X, but an ambrosial ensemble and adventurous broil accomplish for an arresting dive into the apathy of youth.


Adjusted Score: 69.908%

Critics Consensus: Although the artifice leaves a lot to be desired, 13 Activity on 30 will tug at your close teenager’s heartstrings acknowledgment in abounding allotment to a admirable achievement from Jennifer Garner.


Adjusted Score: 69.557%

Critics Consensus: 2 Canicule in New York breezes accomplished its shortcomings acknowledgment to an enjoyably brash artifice and the candied allure amid its well-matched stars.


Adjusted Score: 69.722%

Critics Consensus: While actually on the fluffier ancillary of French comedy, Heartbreaker allowances from never demography itself too actively — and from the achievement of the ever-charming Romain Duris.


Adjusted Score: 70.008%

Critics Consensus: Eddie Murphy was in abounding ascendancy at this point, starkly axiomatic in Advancing to America’s John Landis’ benumbed direction.


Adjusted Score: 70.043%

Critics Consensus: Faultless assembly and animated performances affectation the Bard’s aptitude propitiously.


Adjusted Score: 70.409%

Critics Consensus: A bathetic account overstuffed with too abounding stories. Still, the casting charms.


Adjusted Score: 71.992%

Critics Consensus: Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger add able performances to an accidentally able script, adorning 10 Things (slightly) aloft archetypal boyhood fare.


Adjusted Score: 72.12%

Critics Consensus: It’s actually asperous — and decidedly absurd for an aboriginal Adam Sandler ball — but The Bells Singer is additionally sweet, funny, and beguiling.


Adjusted Score: 72.329%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 71.546%

Critics Consensus: While not a home run, Fever Pitch has abundant agreeableness and on-screen allure amid the two leads to accomplish it a solid hit.


Adjusted Score: 72.354%

Critics Consensus: Sharp, shrewd, and funny, Accompany with Kids appearance accomplished performances that advice bland over some of the story’s added accustomed elements.


Adjusted Score: 72.559%

Critics Consensus: Zack and Miri Accomplish a Porno is a bashful success for Kevin Smith, due in abounding allotment to the agreeableness of Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.


Adjusted Score: 73.502%

Critics Consensus: Airy and predictable, Tin Cup is a arresting sports ball that allowances abundantly from Kevin Costner’s affable advance performance.


Adjusted Score: 72.834%

Critics Consensus: Like its antecedent L’Auberge Espagnole, Russian Dolls is affably airy and light.


Adjusted Score: 72.917%

Critics Consensus: A dramedy featuring an abnormal adulation triangle, Keeping the Acceptance is a acute attending at how adoration affects us in accustomed life.


Adjusted Score: 78.733%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 77.522%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 74.73%

Critics Consensus: Abundant allure amid the leads fabricated this a balmy and arresting delight.


Adjusted Score: 75.238%

Critics Consensus: Despite Hitch’s predictability, Will Smith and Kevin James win acclaim for their solid, accommodating performances.


Adjusted Score: 74.154%

Critics Consensus: The Best Man Holiday manages honest action out of abounding humor, and affects acceptable ball from a acutely accustomed plot.


Adjusted Score: 74.881%

Critics Consensus: Beautifully filmed and aboveboard sincere, About Time finds administrator Richard Curtis at his best sentimental.


Adjusted Score: 74.807%

soul food valletta
 Vegan-vegetarian restaurant: Soul Food, Valletta - LITTLEROCK - soul food valletta

Vegan-vegetarian restaurant: Soul Food, Valletta – LITTLEROCK – soul food valletta | soul food valletta

Critics Consensus: While it’s adamantine not to ambition it had a little added bite, Liberal Arts ultimately succeeds as a acquiescent — and decidedly able — attending at the addictive cull of homesickness for our youth.


Adjusted Score: 74.683%

Critics Consensus: The affably bubbling Populaire may abridgement substance, but its beheld address — and administrator Roinsard’s assured abstraction of 1950s filmmaking tropes — advice backpack the day.


Adjusted Score: 73.659%

Critics Consensus: It doesn’t consistently acquisition adequate arena amid abounding ball and agreeable commentary, but active performances — abnormally from Kevin Kline and Joan Cusack — adorn In & Out’s admixture of action and animal tolerance.


Adjusted Score: 74.633%

Critics Consensus: With a able casting and a host of categorical characters, The Best Man is an intelligent, funny adventurous ball that marks an arresting acceptance for writer/director Malcolm D. Lee.


Adjusted Score: 78.177%

Critics Consensus: A time abridged accumulated with bluntness and sensitivity, Edge of Seventeen overcomes active fumbles to abduction a time of activity — and an era.


Adjusted Score: 75.302%

Critics Consensus: With a able calligraphy and arresting leads, Definitely, Maybe is a advantageous access into the adventurous ball genre.


Adjusted Score: 75.298%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 75.936%

Critics Consensus: While it doesn’t capsize the casting as incisively as it thinks it does, Celeste and Jesse Forever is a acute rom-com that allowances from its agreeable casting and trumpets the accession of Rashida Jones as a bona fide big awning talent.


Adjusted Score: 78.097%

Critics Consensus: Babyish Boom struggles to admit its feminist ideals, but Diane Keaton’s adorable arch assignment helps accumulate things agilely entertaining.


Adjusted Score: 76.232%

Critics Consensus: Acknowledgment to a arresting achievement from Julia Roberts and a destructive circuit on the genre, My Best Friend’s Bells is a refreshingly arresting adventurous comedy.


Adjusted Score: 76.732%

Critics Consensus: Admitting it occasionally stumbles into ball territory, Something’s Gotta Give is mostly a smart, funny adventurous comedy, with aciculate performances from Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, and Keanu Reeves.


Adjusted Score: 77.191%

Critics Consensus: It follows as abounding casting conventions as it mocks, but Isn’t It Adventurous is a feel-good rom-com with some abusive chaw — and a brilliant acclimatized for both.


Adjusted Score: 77.189%

Critics Consensus: Administrator Trevor Nunn makes some ambiguous choices, but his arch casting — which includes Helena Bonham-Carter, Ben Kingsley, and Nigel Hawthorne — added than rises to the material.


Adjusted Score: 78.856%

Critics Consensus: Its anecdotal framework may be familiar, but What If transcends its acquired elements with aciculate chat and the airy allure of stars Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan.


Adjusted Score: 78.084%

Critics Consensus: This multicultural ball captures the anarchy and action of actuality young.


Adjusted Score: 78.177%

Critics Consensus: By assuming its adulation chance as annihilation beneath than conventional, Trick avoids casting tropes to actualize a simple, able romance.



Adjusted Score: 79.372%

Critics Consensus: Sleepless in Seattle is a admirable archetypal with a actual ablaze blow and absolute allure amid the two leads — alike aback spending an absolute cine apart.


Adjusted Score: 78.282%

Critics Consensus: Bigger Off Dead is an anarchic mix of atramentous amusement and surreal comedy, anchored by John Cusack’s winsome, arresting performance.


Adjusted Score: 78.522%

Critics Consensus: Yesterday may abatement abbreviate of fab, but the end aftereffect is still a acquiescently arresting fantasy with an arresting — admitting somewhat under-explored — premise.


Adjusted Score: 78.674%

Critics Consensus: Undeniably slight and fluffy, Adulation Is All You Need is adored by its arresting ambience and balmy performances by Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm.


Adjusted Score: 79.751%

Critics Consensus: Mighty Aphrodite may not angle with Woody Allen’s finest work, but it’s brought to active activity by a thoroughly adorable achievement from Mira Sorvino.


Adjusted Score: 79.289%

Critics Consensus: Admitting it sometimes feels like a television sitcom, My Big Fat Greek Bells is good-hearted, lovable, and alluringly eccentric, with a aciculate calligraphy and advance achievement from Nia Vardalos.


Adjusted Score: 80.528%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 80.906%

Critics Consensus: Abundantly amenable and consistently funny, Chinese Puzzle offers a appropriately alluring cessation to Cédric Klapisch’s Trilogy of Xavier.


Adjusted Score: 80.133%

Critics Consensus: Ardent and quirky, admitting at times broad, Muriel’s Bells mixes awkward comedy, camp Australian characters, and a nostalgia-heavy soundtrack.


Adjusted Score: 80.405%

Critics Consensus: An accurate assuming of homosexuality in aerial school, Get Absolute is an agreeable dramedy that doesn’t approach its admirers nor blab its characters.


Adjusted Score: 80.92%

Critics Consensus: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist combines a brace of arresting leads, a archetypal New York backdrop, and a candied soundtrack.


Adjusted Score: 82.238%

Critics Consensus: Bells Crashers is both abominable and sweet, and appearance best banana performances from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.


Adjusted Score: 79.441%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 82.668%

Critics Consensus: A Faithful Man’s abridgement of tonal charge may frustrate, but the end after-effects should still prove arresting for admirers in the affection for a French adventurous farce.


Adjusted Score: 82.348%

Critics Consensus: Acknowledgment to accomplished performances from Lake Bell and Simon Pegg, Man Up abundantly strikes the deceptively difficult antithesis amid activity and comedy.


Adjusted Score: 83.585%

Critics Consensus: While You Were Sleeping is congenital wholly from accustomed ingredients, but accumulated with such accomplishment — and with such a arresting achievement from Sandra Bullock — that it gives adapt a acceptable name.


Adjusted Score: 82.494%

Critics Consensus: Smart, funny, and engagingly scruffy, Singles is a clear-eyed attending at avant-garde activity that doubles as a aboveboard grunge-era time capsule.


Adjusted Score: 82.644%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 84.043%

Critics Consensus: Priceless is a light, agreeable rom-com that appearance aciculate performances from Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh.


Adjusted Score: 86.426%

Critics Consensus: A funny and able about-face of Emma, Clueless offers a bendable banter that pokes as abundant fun at boyhood films as it does at the Beverly Hills glitterati.


Adjusted Score: 79.498%

Critics Consensus: Molly Ringwald gives an outstanding achievement in this sweet, able boyhood ball that takes an age-old apriorism and injects it with acumen and wit.


Adjusted Score: 84.997%

Critics Consensus: With agreeable performances from its two leads, Valley Babe is a cool yet affable blur that both subverts and celebrates the airy childishness of boyhood comedies.


Adjusted Score: 84.694%

Critics Consensus: Algid Comfort Farm sends up baronial abstract with a wit and arresting abstemiousness that rivals its inspirations.


Adjusted Score: 85.985%

Critics Consensus: Bridget Jones’s Babyish ability be backward on arrival, but admirers of the alternation should still acquisition its third affiliate a bouncing arrangement of joy.


Adjusted Score: 85.483%

Critics Consensus: Cleverly accounting and affably acted, Ruby Sparks overcomes its casual lags in clip with an affluence of agreeableness and wit.


Adjusted Score: 85.62%

Critics Consensus: Miranda July’s acceptance affection is a affably offbeat and advertent blur about bodies adorable for love.


Adjusted Score: 86.834%

Critics Consensus: A afloat accumulated Cinderella story, Alive Babe has the appropriate cast, appropriate story, and appropriate administrator to accomplish it all appear together.


Adjusted Score: 85.207%

Critics Consensus: Admitting there was altercation over the best of casting, Zellweger’s Bridget Jones is a sympathetic, likable, funny character, giving this adventurous ball a lot of charm.


Adjusted Score: 85.99%

Critics Consensus: A banal but advantageous and absurd circuit on attributes of love.


Adjusted Score: 86.449%

Critics Consensus: It never lives up to the aboriginal allotment of its title, but Crazy, Stupid, Love’s apparent acidity — and its actually accomplished casting — added than accomplish up for its flaws.


Adjusted Score: 86.253%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 87.502%

Critics Consensus: Emma marks an advantageous acceptance for writer-director Douglas McGrath, authoritative the best of its Jane Austen antecedent actual — and a arresting achievement from Gwyneth Paltrow.


Adjusted Score: 86.785%

Critics Consensus: Don Jon proves to be an affable administering acceptance for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a active advertise for his co-star, Scarlett Johansson.


Adjusted Score: 87.165%

Critics Consensus: Sharp, witty, and charming, The Truth About Cats and Dogs appearance a standout achievement from Janeane Garofalo.


Adjusted Score: 87.026%

Critics Consensus: After-effects moves stubbornly at its own advised pace, but the acceptable casting — and writer-director Andrew Bujalski’s astute observations — action affluent rewards for accommodating viewers.


Adjusted Score: 86.984%

Critics Consensus: Admitting its final aftereffect is predictable, The Abiding Thing is a charming, smartly written, and complete boyhood ball featuring a blemish role for John Cusack.


Adjusted Score: 87.117%

Critics Consensus: A rom-com with the appropriate ingredients, Notting Hill proves there’s annihilation like a adulation chance able-bodied told — abnormally aback Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are your leads.


Adjusted Score: 86.951%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 87.326%

Critics Consensus: Brevity is the body of wit, eh? This adjustment gets to the nitty abrasive of Wilde’s date allotment and plays on abiding animal foibles.


Adjusted Score: 87.408%

Critics Consensus: There’s Something About Mary proves that unrelentingly, aboveboard peurile amusement doesn’t necessarily appear at the amount of a film’s heart.


Adjusted Score: 87.657%

Critics Consensus: Anchored by admirable performances from Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Renée Zellweger, as able-bodied as Cameron Crowe’s breakable direction, Jerry Maguire meshes activity and sports with panache.


Adjusted Score: 86.978%

Critics Consensus: Significantly added complete than the boyhood raunch comedies that accurate the era, Sixteen Candles is attack with benevolence and bright account for its characters and their hang-ups.


Adjusted Score: 88.062%

Critics Consensus: Superbly acted and auspiciously engaging, Your Sister’s Sister subverts rom-com conventions with acute direction, an anarchistic screenplay, and a big heart.


Adjusted Score: 88.35%

Critics Consensus: A arresting account of a adulation activity that overcomes cultural taboos.


Adjusted Score: 88.374%

Critics Consensus: This modest, discreet appearance abstraction astutely captures the affecting states of the 20-something slacker.


Adjusted Score: 88.985%

Critics Consensus: A artful tragicomedy, Vicky Cristina Barcelona charms with admirable angle of the Spanish burghal and a marvelously well-matched cast.


Adjusted Score: 89.655%

Critics Consensus: Hal Ashby’s ball is too aphotic and askance for some, and occasionally oversteps its bounds, but there’s no abstinent the film’s balmy amusement and big heart.


Adjusted Score: 90.353%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 89.728%

Critics Consensus: Wearing its twee amore on its sleeve, Beginners explores the base of modern, multi-generational activity with wit and depth.


Adjusted Score: 89.667%

Critics Consensus: James L. Brooks and Jack Nicholson, accomplishing what they do best, amalgamate acute chat and absolute acting to clasp beginning ball amount out of the romantic-comedy genre.


Adjusted Score: 89.996%

Critics Consensus: Plus One reinvigorates the rom-com with an arresting airing animated by well-matched leads and a chance that embraces and transcends casting clichés.


Adjusted Score: 89.92%

Critics Consensus: With abounding action and aciculate performances, Forgetting Sarah Marshall finds aloof the appropriate mix of adventurous and abominable comedy.


Adjusted Score: 90.057%

Critics Consensus: Dudley Moore brings a boozy agreeableness to Arthur, a advancing of age account for a aberrant millionaire that deploys active casting allure and spiffy amusement to affable effect.


Adjusted Score: 90.315%

Critics Consensus: Unlike abounding adventurous comedies, the arresting Italian for Beginners feels accustomed and actually heart-warming.


Adjusted Score: 91.587%

Critics Consensus: Delpy proves not alone to be an accomplished actress, but makes her mark as a biographer and administrator in this arresting ball that break the adventurous ball mold.


Adjusted Score: 90.672%

Critics Consensus: About as ablaze and bewitched as its namesake, La Fée (The Fairy) casts a airy comedic spell whose candied charms accommodate a abundantly acerb undercurrent.


Adjusted Score: 90.394%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 90.936%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 91.315%

Critics Consensus: Steve Carell’s aboriginal brilliant about-face arrangement big with a breakable analysis of its titular underdog, application abominable but realistically funny ball to affix with developed audiences.


Adjusted Score: 91.098%

Critics Consensus: A naturalistic delineation of boyish life, Appearance Me Adulation has a charming, accurate feel.


Adjusted Score: 90.753%

Critics Consensus: Admitting its acidity borders on sappiness, Roxanne is an aboveboard adventurous ball that charcoal one of Steve Martin’s funniest films.


Adjusted Score: 91.681%

Critics Consensus: An artfully accumulated cast, admirable set design, and administration actually in account of the antecedent actual accomplish The Importance of Actuality Ardent an adjustment that works.


Adjusted Score: 92.098%

Critics Consensus: Although Chasing Amy’s delineation of anomalous changeable is frustratingly clumsy, it handles an arrangement of barbed capacity with a admixture of sensitivity, raw honesty, and writer-director Kevin Smith’s signature abominable humor.


Adjusted Score: 92.57%

Critics Consensus: A clever, offbeat adventurous comedy, 500 Canicule of Summer is refreshingly honest and actually charming.


Adjusted Score: 92.573%

Critics Consensus: Lighthearted to a fault, Abundant Ado About Nothing’s bemused activity and affectionate agreeableness accomplish for an arresting adventurous ball — and a Shakespearean adjustment that’s adamantine to resist.


Adjusted Score: 93.978%

Critics Consensus: A altogether light, acquiescently funny adventurous ball that’s kept afloat by Ron Howard’s humble administration and arresting performances from Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah.


Adjusted Score: 92.146%

Critics Consensus: As smart, funny, and acerbic as writer-director-star Chris Rock’s best standup work, Top Bristles is a career highlight for its architect — and one of the ball standouts of 2014.


Adjusted Score: 94.335%

Critics Consensus: Lighthearted and sweet, The Purple Rose of Cairo stands as one of Woody Allen’s added adroit — and enchantingly agreeable — pictures.


Adjusted Score: 87.877%

Critics Consensus: Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy booty antagonism to a romantic-comic highpoint in this alluringly directed sports ball by George Cukor.


Adjusted Score: 93.436%

Critics Consensus: It contains some animal anachronisms, but Blake Edwards is at his funniest in this iconic classic, and Audrey Hepburn actually lights up the screen.


Adjusted Score: 93.462%

Critics Consensus: Kenneth Branagh’s adulation for the actual is catching in this animated adaptation.


Adjusted Score: 93.744%

Critics Consensus: With a about arresting achievement from Greta Gerwig arch the way, Maggie’s Plan gives rom-com sensibilities a smart, destructive twist.


Adjusted Score: 93.901%

Critics Consensus: A aciculate and deceptively layered ball that’s added fueled by the odd brace allure of its leads, this Long Attack abundantly hits its marks.


Adjusted Score: 94.356%

Critics Consensus: A arresting adventurous ball with political bite, Rob Reiner’s American President appearance able advance performances and some agitating observations of backroom and media in the 1990s.


Adjusted Score: 94.642%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 95.093%

Critics Consensus: The feel-good Amelie is a lively, absurd charmer, showcasing Audrey Tautou as its adorable heroine.


Adjusted Score: 96.265%

Critics Consensus: Barbra Streisand was never added agreeable than in this energetic, generally agreeable screwball absurdity from administrator Peter Bogdanovich.


Adjusted Score: 96.705%

Critics Consensus: Rob Reiner’s touching, funny blur set a new accustomed for adventurous comedies, and he was ably abetted by the aciculate coaction amid Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.


Adjusted Score: 94.651%

Critics Consensus: Sweet, smart, and quirky, Waitress hits the right, apricot addendum through this adventurous ball through its agreeable calligraphy and a superb achievement by Keri Russell.


Adjusted Score: 92.553%

Critics Consensus: In the aboriginal adventurous ball bond of Tracy and Hepburn, the stars’ allure is off to a alive alpha and the film’s sparkling ball smooths out any asperous patches.


Adjusted Score: 95.078%

Critics Consensus: Trainwreck drags charge out of all but the best rom-com-phobic filmgoers with aciculate humor, relatable characters, and agreeable assignment from Amy Schumer.


Adjusted Score: 95.716%

Critics Consensus: As emotionally affluent as it is eye-catching, Strictly Amphitheater uses its communicable activity as the ammunition for a avant-garde ball archetypal with all the appropriate moves.


Adjusted Score: 95.761%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 95.901%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 95.964%

Critics Consensus: With its agreeable calligraphy and its stars’ immense charm, Sabrina charcoal a beating adventurous gem.


Adjusted Score: 96.265%

Critics Consensus: Tackling a acute accountable with maturity, honesty, and wit, Obvious Boyish serves as a acutely able acceptance for writer-director Gillian Robespierre.


Adjusted Score: 96.026%

Critics Consensus: Smart, tender, and funny in according measure, Hannah and Her Sisters is one of Woody Allen’s finest films.


Adjusted Score: 96.148%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 93.183%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 96.876%

Critics Consensus: The able duke of administrator Stephen Frears and able performances by the ensemble casting amalgamate to acquaint an arresting chance with a rock-solid soundtrack.


Adjusted Score: 99.005%

Critics Consensus: Led by active performances from Nicolas Cage and Cher, Moonstruck is an exuberantly funny accolade to adulation and one of the decade’s best ambrosial comedies.


Adjusted Score: 97.55%

Critics Consensus: Ang Lee’s funny and ultimately agitating ball of amenities reveals the filmmaker’s accomplishment beyond genres.


Adjusted Score: 101.689%

Critics Consensus: Marrying screwball activity with political satire, Born Yesterday is a absolute antic with a berserk acute achievement by Judy Holliday as an awkward bombshell.


Adjusted Score: 98.188%

Critics Consensus: Stolen Kisses is a accomplished affection aftereffect to The 400 Blows, transforming Antoine Doinel into a sympathetic, silly, and adventurous amount that carries to the series’ end.


Adjusted Score: 98.217%

Critics Consensus: About a Boy allowances abundantly from Hugh Grant’s layered performance, as able-bodied as a funny, affective chance that tugs at the heartstrings after angry into treacle.


Adjusted Score: 96.5%

Critics Consensus: Warm, funny, and agilely profound, Appropriate Behavior serves as a thoroughly acute calling agenda for writer, director, and brilliant Desiree Akhavan.


Adjusted Score: 98.633%

Critics Consensus: Knocked Up is a hilarious, agitating and advantageous attending at the rigors of courting and child-rearing, with a sometimes raunchy, yet adeptness calligraphy that is ably acted and directed.


Adjusted Score: 99.311%

Critics Consensus: A alliance of 18-carat characters, gross out gags, and pathos, Bridesmaids is a female-driven ball that refuses to be boxed in as Kristen Wiig emerges as a absolute star.


Adjusted Score: 99.339%

Critics Consensus: A acute re-imagining of bogie account tropes that’s abiding to contentment accouchement and adults, Bugged appearance agreeable dialogue, aciculate animation, and a brilliant about-face by Amy Adams.


Adjusted Score: 99.463%

Critics Consensus: Ivan Reitman’s refreshingly ardent political ball allowances from an understated, arresting calligraphy and a airy achievement by Kevin Kline.


Adjusted Score: 98.719%

Critics Consensus: Worthwhile as both a well-acted ensemble allotment and as a smart, balmy account on ancestors values, The Kids Are All Appropriate is remarkable.


Adjusted Score: 99.742%

Critics Consensus: Abundant banana administration by Leo McCarrey and memorable onscreen allure from stars Cary Grant and Irene Dunne accomplish this screwball ball a charmer.


Adjusted Score: 100.077%

Critics Consensus: Endlessly witty, visually rapturous, and acquiescently romantic, Shakespeare in Adulation is a adorable adventurous ball that succeeds on about every level.


Adjusted Score: 100.263%

Critics Consensus: While bubbling to a fault, Four Weddings and a Funeral appearance angrily airy humor, and adorable performances from Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell.


Adjusted Score: 101.818%

Critics Consensus: One of Woody Allen’s aboriginal classics, Manhattan combines modern, apricot amusement and around-the-clock affect with certain grace.


Adjusted Score: 101.295%

Critics Consensus: One of the brightest, funniest comedies of the year, Juno’s acute calligraphy and administration are akin by assured performances in a advancing of age chance with a 21st aeon twist.


Adjusted Score: 101.168%

Critics Consensus: One of the absolute Generation X movies, Say Annihilation is appropriately funny and ardent — and it accustomed John Cusack as an figure for left-of-center types everywhere.


Adjusted Score: 101.785%

Critics Consensus: Silver Linings Playbook walks a catchy contemporary tightrope, but David O. Russell’s acute administration and some aciculate assignment from a accomplished casting gives it accurate balance.


Adjusted Score: 101.099%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 100.71%

Critics Consensus: Love, Simon hits its coming-of-age beats added cautiously than abounding entries in this catholic casting — and represents an overdue, if not absolutely successful, anniversary of inclusion.


Adjusted Score: 101.46%

Critics Consensus: With Greta Garbo proving her ball chops in the afterglow of her career, Ninotchka is a can’t-miss classic.


Adjusted Score: 101.419%

Critics Consensus: Adulation and achievement arise in Cyrano De Bergerac, an badly arresting activity featuring Gerard Depardieu as his peak.


Adjusted Score: 102.22%

Critics Consensus: Administrator Billy Wilder’s accepted acrimony is leavened actuality by breakable humor, romance, and 18-carat pathos.


Adjusted Score: 101.879%

Critics Consensus: Blockbuster author James L. Brooks delivers with Broadcast News, absolutely arresting with deft, abysmal characterization.


Adjusted Score: 102.265%

Critics Consensus: Wryly charming, impeccably acted, and ultimately actually bittersweet, Abundant Said is a developed cine in the best accessible way.


Adjusted Score: 102.186%

Critics Consensus: Kevin Costner at his funniest and best arresting in Bull Durham, a blur that’s as astute about relationships as it is about accessory alliance baseball.


Adjusted Score: 102.463%

Critics Consensus: Some Like It Hot: A spry, quick-witted absurdity that never drags.


Adjusted Score: 102.558%

Critics Consensus: Smart, sweet, and inventive, Groundhog Day highlights Murray’s affecting ability while still abrogation affluence of allowance for laughs.


Adjusted Score: 102.273%

Critics Consensus: Indiscreet spins rom-com gold out of a apriorism aloof athletic abundant to set the date for about adorable assignment from its affably well-matched leads.


Adjusted Score: 102.69%

Critics Consensus: With Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant at their airy best, Bringing Up Babyish is a seamlessly accumulated ball with constant appeal.


Adjusted Score: 102.621%

Critics Consensus: Desk Set reunites one of cinema’s best well-loved pairings for a actually crafted adventurous ball that affably encapsulates their around-the-clock appeal.


Adjusted Score: 103.225%

Critics Consensus: A alluringly postmodern bogie tale, The Angel Bride is a deft, able mix of swashbuckling, romance, and ball that takes an age-old damsel-in-distress chance and makes it fresh.


Adjusted Score: 104.122%

Critics Consensus: A chic banter in a chic of its own, My Man Godfrey’s screwball ball is as aciculate as the agreeable annotation is biting.


Adjusted Score: 99.733%

Critics Consensus: Akin by Garson Kanin’s witty, developed screenplay, George Cukor, Spencer Tracy, and Katherine Hepburn are all in top anatomy in the archetypal ball Adam’s Rib.


Adjusted Score: 104.268%

Critics Consensus: Cautiously directed by Ernst Lubitsch from a smart, funny calligraphy by Samson Raphaelson, The Boutique About the Corner is a adventurous ball in the finest faculty of the term.


Adjusted Score: 105.042%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 105.422%

Critics Consensus: One of the best underdog activity movies ever, with an catastrophe that will ablaze up any heart.


Adjusted Score: 105.385%

Critics Consensus: A crowd-pleasing accolade to the abracadabra of bashful cinema, The Artisan is a clever, blissful blur with adorable performances and beheld appearance to spare.


Adjusted Score: 106.181%

Critics Consensus: Abounding with agitating performances and adverse humor, Annie Hall represents a breakthrough bound for Woody Allen and charcoal an American classic.


Adjusted Score: 106.761%

Critics Consensus: Anchored by arch performances from Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, His Babe Friday is possibly the absolute screwball adventurous comedy.


Adjusted Score: 107.506%

Critics Consensus: A career highlight for Preston Sturges, The Lady Eve allowances from Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda’s sparkling allure — and a calligraphy that aggressive endless battle-of-the-sexes comedies.


Adjusted Score: 106.506%

Critics Consensus: With a agitating casting and a bellyful of beheld razzle dazzle, Crazy Affluent Asians takes a acceptable footfall advanced for awning representation while cautiously cartoon afflatus from the archetypal — and still able — rom-com formula.


Adjusted Score: 105.324%

Critics Consensus: With Audrey Hepburn beaming in her American debut, Roman Holiday is as funny as it is beautiful, and sets the accustomed for the avant-garde adventurous comedy.


Adjusted Score: 108.761%

Critics Consensus: Offering a affably agreeable script, spotless administration from George Cukor, and about accomplished advance performances, The Philadelphia Chance is an amateur classic.


Adjusted Score: 110.799%

Critics Consensus: Funny, heartfelt, and intelligent, The Big Sick uses its ambrosial leads and cross-cultural capacity to prove the accustomed romcom adapt still has some beginning angles larboard to explore.


Adjusted Score: 112.25%

Critics Consensus: Capturing its stars and administrator at their finest, It Happened One Night charcoal incomparable by the endless adventurous comedies it has inspired.

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