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If rumors are to be believed, the Harrisburg-area will anon be accepting its first-ever Trader Joe’s, a specialty grocery abundance with a band following.

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Trader Joe’s has been on the ambition lists of axial Pennsylvanians for years. But why?

Michael Roberto is a assistant in administration at Bryant University. He’s accepted for his lectures on Trader Joe’s, accepting announced about the abundance on CNBC and Freakonomics. He cast to accessible his talks on Trader Joe’s the aforementioned way, pointing out all the things Trader Joe’s doesn’t do.

They don’t advertise abounding branded items. They don’t accept sales. They don’t accept coupons. There’s no adherence card. There’s no self-checkout. There aren’t any TV ads, or circulars in the newspapers. There’s not alike a big alternative of appurtenances to purchase.

“It’s the anti-grocery store,” Roberto said.

So how is it so successful? It’s because of what the abundance does offer.

“What they accord you is a absolutely able-bodied curated accumulating of affordable foods. Some of the being is a little quirky, different, altered — not aggregate is unique, but abundant of it is,” he said.

Then there’s the atmosphere. Like Chick-fil-a, Trader Joe’s is accepted for its service. Its advisers are alleged “crew members” and they abrasion floral shirts. They arena accretion rather than use a PA. They’ll acquiescently stop stocking shelves to advice a chump acquisition a artefact or to acknowledgment a question.

They accord the abundance its appropriate vibe, its soul.

It’s a abrupt adverse to added stores, according to Natasha Fischer, a Trader Joe’s enthusiast who runs one of the best accepted amusing media accounts about the store, Trader Joe’s List.

“You don’t feel like you’re in a big grocery abundance that’s apathetic and cold,” Fischer said. “Trader Joe’s is warm. It feels like a association place.”

FILE – In this Feb. 26, 2020, book photo, the aboriginal Trader Joe’s grocery abundance in Pasadena, Calif., is viewed. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File)AP

One of the key break Trader Joe’s could be advancing to the Harrisburg breadth is the advertisement of a 12,500-square-foot specialty grocer aperture up in Cumberland County. That’s a archetypal Trader Joe’s admeasurement and it is appropriately tiny. That’s abate than a CVS or a Rite-Aid, according to retail analyst Bob Gorland, who works at the Harrisburg appointment of chump analysis and absolute acreage action abutting Matthew P. Casey & Associates, Inc. And that’s not alike comparing it to a accepted supermarket, which boilerplate at 42,000 aboveboard anxiety according to the Aliment Industry Association.

While ample supermarkets boilerplate about 40,000 items (and Wegmans boasts amid 50,000 and 70,000 in its stores), Trader Joe’s has aloof a tenth of that. Best are listed beneath some array of Trader Joe’s branding. Abounding are organic, gluten-free and accustomed foods.

Most importantly, Trader Joe’s isn’t a one-and-done arcade experience. It’s a accompaniment to your grocery shopping, not the be-all, end-all.

“Trader Joe’s is not a supermarket,” said Phil Lempert, aliment industry analyst and architect of “Trader Joe’s is a abundance that has lots of abundant food, lots of abundant amount and lots of fun. Pre-COVID and post-COVID, Trader Joe’s goes out of its way to accept added altered products, abnormally in arctic foods, that you can’t get elsewhere.”

The aggregation about has no added than three aliment in an breadth — if that. There are alone 11 Trader Joe’s aliment in Pennsylvania appropriate now, with three in Pittsburgh and two in Philadelphia (there are additionally a brace aliment in southern New Jersey abreast Philly).

Trader Joe’s accession won’t accept Weis, Giant, Walmart or Wegmans, agitation in their boots, though. According to Gorland, it’d be accustomed for a abundance to feel a 2 to 3 percent appulse from a Trader Joe’s opening, but not abundant added than that.

While Trader Joe’s is acclaimed for its bargain wine (such as “Two-Buck Chuck”), it isn’t affairs booze at any of its Pennsylvania aliment yet — so it won’t be dipping into booze sales either.

“It’s not like Trader Joe’s is activity to appear and someone’s activity to close,” Gorland said.

The alone Trader Joe’s aftereffect seems to be in auspicious chains to accession the affection of their abundance brands.

“Trader Joe’s absolutely has led the way for abundance brands,” said Lempert. “Now every added store, from Kroger to ShopRite and so on, has created added curated adventures and added altered flavors.”

A alternative of some of the best accepted articles at Trader Joe’s. Julia Hatmaker | [email protected]

Ask addition why they adulation Trader Joe’s, and you’ll accordingly appear aloft the byword “treasure hunt.” That’s because, clashing added grocery stores, this is one you don’t appetite to accept a annual with you. You appetite to browse.

“You don’t go to Trader Joe’s with a annual of what you need,” according to Fischer. “You go and let Trader Joe’s acquaint you what you need.”

Wandering the aisles is encouraged, and actuation purchases are the modus operandi.

“You’re on a abundance hunt,” Fischer said. “You’re activity to acquisition article altered and air-conditioned that you’re aflame to try and allotment it with your friends.”

It’s geared appear aliment lovers on a annual and those who accept a affection for adjectives. Trader Joe’s packaging is riddled with descriptors. You don’t aloof buy “cheddar cheese,” you buy “Unexpected Cheddar Cheese.” It’s not aloof a “burrito,” it’s a “Super Burrito!”

You’ll acquisition altered combinations too. That “Super Burrito!,” for example, is abounding with “quinoa, candied potato and kale acclimatized with a Peruvian appearance Aji Amarillo booze and captivated in a chili-onion tortilla.”

“If you’re into food, the acquaintance of aliment and acidity and appetite to save some money — you’re a absolute Trader Joe’s customer,” Lempert said.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t action the rows aloft rows of sauces and oils you’re acclimated to accepting at a grocery store. But the limited, curated choices are absolutely a additional for Trader Joe’s shoppers.

Studies accept apparent that there is such a affair as too abundant choice, which can beat consumers. Roberto likened it to the Netflix experience, area you can become so afflicted by choices that you can end up scrolling for 20 annual to acquisition article to watch.

Lempert agreed.

“You go into ShopRite and you’ll see 100 bottles of olive oil,” Lempert said. “Run your duke on the top of the cap and you’ll see dust. We don’t charge that affectionate of choice.”

At Trader Joe’s, articles will appear and go. You may be bedeviled with the “Spicy, Smoky, Peach Salsa,” alone for it to abandon a few months bottomward the line. Not aggregate will aeon out, but abundant artefact is adjustable that it adds an abstraction of scarcity. If you see article interesting, you’ll accept to grab it now or accident never accepting it at all.

Each of Trader Joe’s “crew members” is affable and abreast about abundance articles and accomplished to do aloof about aggregate at the store. The anew congenital Trader Joe’s grocery abundance is amid at 5099 Century Ave. in the [email protected] arcade center, beyond from Costco will banal about 4,000 items.

The actuality that arcade at Trader Joe’s is an chance agency that bodies adulation talking about it. It has a amorous fanbase and they aren’t shy about their adulation of the store. That’s helped actuate Trader Joe’s to the top of Chump Report’s annual of the best supermarkets in 2019 and to the premiere atom in Dunnhumby’s Retailer Preference Index abstraction that aforementioned year.

Its articulate fanbase has additionally meant Trader Joe’s has been able to abstain above business campaigns.

“They’ve done a absolutely nice job of absolution the association allocution for them,” Roberto said. “It’s abundant added 18-carat than a business administration blame things.”

That association is advancing on Instagram.

Jessica Hamke began arcade at Trader Joe’s eight years ago while she was in college. Now a assistant in New York City, she has become a Trader Joe’s advocate through her amusing media annual “Trader Joe’s Addict.” She shares the annual with a co-worker, creating it afterwards they consistently begin themselves absurdly talking about what they had purchased at Trader Joe’s.

They swapped recipes and aggregate tips and eventually, as a joke, started the account. Now it’s developed to 38,600 followers on Instagram.

Fischer has a agnate story. She began the Trader Joe’s Annual annual afterwards growing affronted of accepting her attached eat all the aliment she bought at the store. Back she asked them why they didn’t aloof go out and get their own snacks, they told her they begin Trader Joe’s alarming and weren’t abiding what to get.

So she began chronicling her own purchases. Now, she has added than 1.4 actor followers.

For both Hamke and Fischer, arcade at Trader Joe’s isn’t a chore, it’s enjoyable.

A ample block of the acceptable acquaintance is because of the store’s aggregation members.

“I feel like the bodies they appoint there are absorbed in people,” Hamke said. “They consistently alpha a chat with you at checkout and allocution to you about items. They’re not the archetypal cashier. These are bodies who are absorbed in the abundance and absorbed in the bodies who boutique there.”

Crew associates are out and about, stocking the aliment during prime retail hours. It’s beneath able than stocking shelves at night, like best grocery aliment do, but it does beggarly barter are added acceptable to appear contiguous with a aggregation member.

Crew associates are additionally accustomed abandon to go the added mile, whether that agency allowance earlier barter backpack their advantage to the car, giving a boutonniere of flowers to addition who is accepting a bad day or aloof bottomward whatever they were in the bosom of accomplishing to advice a chump out.

“You’ll apprehend how their training is added about ability and ethics than it is about how to be a acceptable bazaar employee,” Roberto said. “They admit that that allotment affairs and they absorb a lot of time training on that.”

Trader Joe’s in State College. December 20, 2017. Dan Gleiter | [email protected]

Trader Joe’s may accept fans, but there are bodies who will abhor the abundance back it opens abreast them. And they accept accurate points.

Some will abhorrence the actuality they can’t get all their arcade done in one place. They’ll get balked with aggregation associates stocking the aisles as they’re aggravating to acquisition their admired product… which ability not alike be accessible any more. They’ll complaining the subpar aftermath section. They’ll abhor the absence of their admired brand. They’ll get affronted at the parking lot situation.

“There will be haters,” Roberto said. “I cannot accent that enough.”

And Trader Joe’s is accept with that.

It knows that there are a accomplished articulation of bodies who don’t apperception those inconveniences, and that’s who it’s targeting.

“It’s not for everybody, but that’s why they’ve been so successful,” Roberto said. “They apperceive who they are. They’re not aggravating to be all things to all people. That’s the key to their success.”

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