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Facing a accident in the Balloter College, Trump’s allies acquire confused their focus to Jan. 6, back Congress will calculation the balloter votes. USA TODAY

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WASHINGTON – Marking a affecting cessation to a absinthian election, Vice Admiral Mike Pence is set to preside Wednesday over a appropriate collective session of Congress that will adhesive President-elect Joe Biden’s acclamation win – and a accident for Admiral Donald Trump and himself.

The arena sets the date for conceivably the best advancing balloter vote calculation in 144 years afterwards Trump worked two months to annul Biden’s Nov. 3 acclamation victory. 

The usually perfunctory joint sessions acquire had accomplished moments of tension. Vice Admiral Al Gore oversaw his presidential acclamation accident adjoin George W. Bush afterwards a angrily fought blab action in Florida absitively by the Supreme Court.

Audiotape: Trump is heard on recording pressuring Georgia secretary of accompaniment to ‘find’ votes

As Trump encourages protests Wednesday in Washington – and Republicans in Congress oppose acceptance – this year’s session could be the most divisive back the acclamation of 1876.

Further deepening the tensions is an audiotape acquired by The Washington Post in which Trump pressures Georgia Secretary of Accompaniment Brad Raffensperger to “find” abundant votes to about-face his accident to Biden in Georgia.

At Wednesday’s collective affair of Congress, Pence, confined in his accommodation as admiral of the Senate, will be tasked with opening the electoral certificates from anniversary accompaniment alphabetically to calculation the votes. At the session’s conclusion, Pence, like Gore 20 years ago, is declared to advertise the winner.

On Capitol Hill, Carnality Admiral Al Gore, who absent his bid for president, reads the final after-effects of the balloter vote on the attic of the U.S. House of Representatives, during a collective affair of Congress in Washington, Saturday, Jan. 6, 2001.

Biden defeated Trump 306-232 in the Balloter College vote Dec. 14,but procedural fireworks are accepted throughout. A band of House Republicans, led by Mo Brooks, R-Ala., intends to object to balloter votes from some states. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and 10 added senators said they will assurance on to the objections.

More: A dozen Republican senators plan to article to acceptance of Biden’s acclamation win over Trump

The accomplishment lacks the votes in the Democratic-controlled House and the Republican-led Senate. Although it wouldn’t be the aboriginal time a president-elect’s balloter votes were contested by members of the opposing party – it happened in 2001, 2005 and 2017, anniversary led by Democrats – none of these instances had the akin of Republican attrition expected Wednesday.

Here are some of the accomplished affecting and arguable moments in Congress’ counting of Electoral College votes:

The acclamation of 1876, won by Republican Rutherford B. Hayes over Democrat Samuel Tilden, remains the best angrily contested in U.S. history – alike after the 2000 acclamation and aftermost November’s election.

‘It absolutely is over now’: The 24 hours that apparently baffled Trump’s accomplishment to annul the election 

The two parties in Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana and Oregon both claimed victories and submitted balloter votes from battling slates of electors, presenting a built-in crisis afore Congress.

A action additionally ensued over the balloter votes of Vermont, won by Hayes but contested by Tilden.

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Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th admiral of the United States, won the acclamation in 1876 alone afterwards the conception of a appropriate agency to adjudge acknowledged balloter votes. Because of the astriction surrounding his election, Hayes secretly took the adjuration of appointment March 4, 1877, in the Red Room of the White House.

Congress accustomed a bipartisan balloter agency to ability a solution. Through the Compromise of 1877, Hayes emerged the champ afterwards he agreeable Southern Democrats by accordant to cull federal troops out of the South and ushering in the end of Reconstruction. 

‘The moment of truth’: The Balloter College prepares to duke Trump the accident he refuses to accept

Hayes won Vermont, Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana, arch him to a 185-184 balloter win, the narrowest in U.S. history.

“We came within two canicule of accepting accompanying commencement ceremonies, which would acquire been intolerable because you can’t acquire two presidents,” said Ned Foley, administrator of the acclamation law affairs at Ohio Accompaniment University’s Moritz College of Law. “It was a actual capricious situation.” 

Presidential applicant Samuel Tilden contested the after-effects in 1876.

Vice Admiral Richard Nixon, who lost to Democrat John F. Kennedy in the presidential acclamation months before, presided over the collective affair of Congress on Jan. 6, 1961, that declared his battling Kennedy the winner.

Kennedy won the accepted vote by a attenuated 113,000 votes and the Balloter College by a added 303-219. The Republican Party challenged after-effects in 11 states.

The alone accompaniment that had an aftereffect change was Hawaii – from Nixon to Kennedy. The accompaniment initially certified Nixon as the winner, but a post-election blab begin Kennedy won Hawaii by 115 votes.

President John F. Kennedy gives his countdown abode Jan. 20, 1961, at the Capitol in Washington afterwards demography the adjuration of office. In the advanced row, from left, are admission Carnality Admiral Lyndon Johnson; approachable Carnality Admiral Richard Nixon, whom Kennedy defeated in the election; Sen. John Sparkman, D-Ala.; and above Admiral Harry Truman.

It meant votes from rival slates of Hawaii electors – one for Kennedy, the added for Nixon – were presented to Congress. Nixon, as president of the Senate, counted Hawaii’s three balloter votes for Kennedy and accustomed the Massachusetts Democrat as the new president.

Speaking from the House chair, Nixon acclaimed it was the aboriginal time in 100 years that a applicant for admiral was affected to advertise the aftereffect of an acclamation that he lost. He said he could not anticipate of “a more arresting and affecting archetype of the adherence of our built-in system.”

“In our campaigns, no amount how adamantine fought they may be, no amount how abutting the acclamation may about-face out to be, those who lose acquire the verdict and abutment those who win,” Nixon said. “It is in that spirit that I now acknowledge that John F. Kennedy has been adopted Admiral of the United States, and Lyndon B. Johnson carnality admiral of the United States.”

Like Nixon and Gore, Carnality Admiral Hubert Humphrey was in band to preside over the acceptance of his own accident in 1969. Nixon defeated Humphrey in the acclamation in 1968.

But Humphrey, the Democratic carnality admiral of Lyndon B. Johnson, did not appear the collective aldermanic session. It’s the best contempo time in U.S. history that the Senate apostle pro tempore, Sen. Richard Russell, D-Ga., had to ample in for the carnality admiral as Congress counted balloter votes.

‘Democracy prevailed’: Joe Biden passes 270-vote beginning to win Balloter College

Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

Humphrey was in Oslo, Norway, accessory the burial of Trygve Lie, the aboriginal adopted secretary-general of the United Nations. 

If Pence were to absence the collective session, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the apostle pro tempore, would advance the meeting.

The affair on Jan. 6, 1969, had addition distinction: Rep. James O’Hara, D-Mich., filed the aboriginal academic argument to the Balloter College calculation in U.S. history back he adjoin one of North Carolina’s 13 balloter votes that went to segregationist George Wallace. Sen. Edmund Muskie, D-Maine, Humphrey’s running-mate, active on. 

The vote for Wallace came from a “faithless” North Carolina elector who was apprenticed to vote for Nixon. O’Hara’s accomplishment bootless in the Senate and House, and the distinct balloter vote went to Wallace.

As Democrats decried that a conservative Supreme Court beggared their applicant of a win in Florida, Gore presided over the acceptance of his accident adjoin Bush in 2001.

It came beneath than one ages afterwards Gore, who won the accepted vote over Bush by 540,000 votes, absent back the Supreme Court chock-full blab efforts in Florida. Bush won the accompaniment by 537 votes.

Members of the Aldermanic House Black Caucus spent 20 account aghast as they approved to block Florida’s 25 balloter votes. Anniversary time, Gore airtight his gavel to quiet his House allies.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., lower left, altar to Florida’s balloter vote calculation results, which delivered a accident to Carnality Admiral Al Gore, standing, top center, at the U.S. House of Representatives on Jan. 6, 2001. Congress formally all-powerful George W. Bush as the champ in the antecedent year’s achingly abutting and bitterly contested presidential election.

Any objections to votes submitted by a state’s balloter slates crave abutment from one House affiliate and one agent to be considered. No agent active on to their effort.

“The accomplished cardinal of electors appointed to vote for admiral of the United States is 538, of which a majority is 270,” Gore said as he declared his adversary the winner. “George W. Bush, of the accompaniment of Texas, has accustomed for admiral of the United States 271 votes. Al Gore, of the accompaniment of Tennessee, has accustomed 266 votes.”

He added, “May God absolve our new admiral and our new carnality president, and may God absolve the United States of America.”

In the collective affair of Congress to accredit Bush’s win over Democrat John Kerry, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, accustomed a Senate signature to article to the balloter votes from Ohio.

It came from Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. The two Democrats aloft apropos about voting irregularities. Kerry said he did not abutment the effort.

If a agent signs assimilate a House argument of the balloter votes, the two accommodation will accommodated for no added than two hours afore voting on the objections. The aforementioned would appear Wednesday if Hawley, Cruz and added Republican senators object to Biden’s achievement in a state.

“I abhorrence inconveniencing my friends, but I accept it is account a brace of hours to flash some ablaze on these issues,” Boxer said at the collective sessions led by Carnality Admiral Dick Cheney.

Their argument absent handily, accepting aloof one vote in the Senate – Boxer’s – and 31 votes in the House, all from Democrats.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., right, joins Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, to beef the official balloter vote calculation in Ohio on Jan. 6, 2005, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Four years ago, on Jan. 6, 2017, the roles were somewhat antipodal from this week’s dynamics: Biden presided over Trump’s win over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Half a dozen Democratic House associates aloft academic objections to the Balloter College vote count, but they lacked the abetment of any senators. Biden repeatedly airtight the gavel on debate, adage the objections could not be entertained.

Vice Admiral Joe Biden declares that Congress certifies Donald Trump’s presidential achievement during a collective affair of Congress on Jan. 6, 2017.

The objections were based on Russian acclamation interference, allegations of aborigine abolishment or what Democrats advised to be actionable votes casting by Republican associates of the Balloter College. 

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., said, “Mr. President, alike as bodies waited hours in Georgia…”

Biden stopped her: “There is no debate. There is no debate. If there is not one active by a senator, the argument cannot be entertained.”

Jayapal responded: “Mr. President, the argument is active by a affiliate of the House but not yet by a affiliate of the Senate.”

“It is over,” Biden said as Republicans applauded. 

Reach Joey Garrison on Twitter @joeygarrison.


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