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A HIGH cloister adjudicator is set to accompany hundreds of acceptance admission at a York university today.

arthur berndt babyzimmer alina
 Arthur Berndt Babyzimmer Alina - Babyzimmer : House und ..

Arthur Berndt Babyzimmer Alina – Babyzimmer : House und .. | arthur berndt babyzimmer alina

Today is the additional of three canicule of ceremonies actuality captivated in Central Hall at the University of York back ancestors and accompany will accompany graduands accession their degrees.

This year the university will be presenting seven honorary degrees, called as consistently from nominations by associates of the university and they are actual generally accept links with departments or alumni.

On Friday it is the about-face of the Right Hon Lady Black of Derwent, who became alone the additional woman to be appointed as a Justice of The Supreme Cloister in October 2017 and Prof Dame Lesley Regan, who is arch of obstetrics at St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London. Also on Friday Kevin Carey, a above administrator of the RNIB, architect of the Transforming Braille Group and a arch thinker on attainable technologies for the blind, as will Mark Laity who is a chief NATO Communications Director and above BBC journalist.

University of York Graduations 2020

Ceremony Three


Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology

Lee Gregory Broderick , Laura Meghan Dennis , Paul Edward Montgomery , Samantha Louise Presslee , Suraya Sukri , John Kelechi Ugwuanyi.

Doctor of Philosophy in Conservation Studies

Sophie Catherine Norton

Master of Arts in Archaeology of Buildings

Kara Kaye Allison , Alexandra Bailey , Janine Elizabeth Buckley , Kathryn Helen Freeman , Caitlin Elizabeth Wynne Jones , Matthaiou Nikolaos , Claire Medina , George Kenneth Jack Nuth , Elanor Claire Pitt , Hannah Ellen Reynolds , Richard Charles Fernyhough Thompson , Elizabeth Felicity Jackson Vazquez.

Master of Arts in Conservation Studies

Sarah Elizabeth Askham , Alexandra Charlotte Best , Kelsey Louise Blain , Emily Rose Dee , Emma Kathryn Sharpe.

Master of Arts in Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings)

Manasa H A , Markella Akoumianaki , Christopher David Bradley , Joanna Rachel Chandler , Felix Guy Charteris , Prajakta Mukund Deshpande , Gavin Duffy , Joseph Thomas Empsall , Daniela Formosa , Paul Marc Paul Gajos , Thomas Henry Hirst , Alison Hollings , Jenna Manders-Wilde , Matthew John Maries , Shefali Mody , Terence Joseph Moran , Thomas St John Pierce , Abhilasha Sharma , Caroline Vieira Verdes.

Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Management

Rachel Anne Arbury , Ria Leone Bagshaw , Rebecka Leigh Bale , Susanne Maria Böcker , Alys Cox , Joshua De Giorgio , Lucille Joffre , Meagan Richelle McKay , Rebecca Alice Orr , Katie Robertson , Eleanor Harriet Rushton-Crawshaw , Emily Sanderson , Elizabeth Anna Short , Christopher Russell Smallwood , Ruth Jennifer Smart , Grace Catherine Whibley , Raeanna Marie Wood.

Master of Arts in Early Prehistory and Human Origins

Shuk Yi Shita Tam

Master of Arts in Field Archaeology

Caitlin Kingston , Yin Pak Andrew Lau , Emma Charlotte Swift.

Master of Arts in Funerary Archaeology

Rachel Hen Bree , Caylee Nicole Dzurka , Siobhan Elizabeth McCarthy , Terence McCrea , Alisha Jane McKenzie , Elisha Carys Meadows , Kali Elen Milburn , Jordi Ann Naczi , Daniel Shaw , Caitlan Laura Wakefield.

Master of Arts in Historical Archaeology

Kira May Charley , Drury Molloy Graham , Karl Alan Henderson.

Master of Arts in Material Culture and Experimental Archaeology

Jessica Nion Berndt, David Glazzard.

Master of Arts in Medieval Archaeology

Catherine Janet Mary Beale , Federica Benedetti , Stephen Peter Lonsdale , Lydia Ruth Prosser , Alexandra Faye Rickinson.

Master of Arts in Mesolithic Studies

Andrew Joseph Langley, Paul William Tomany.

Master of Arts in Prehistoric Landscape Archaeology

Sally Rebecca Derrett , Jasmin Bridget Folland , Iain Somerled MacDonald , Peter John Moore , Kaitlin Jeanette O’Neill.

Master of Science in Archaeological Information Systems

Kirsty Lesley Ackland , Sophie Boyadjieva , Catherine Caya-Bissonnette , Lesley Elizabeth Collett , Jet Jansen , Alyssa Akemi Loyless , Erica Glyn Moses.

Master of Science in Bioarchaeology

Amy Allan-Jones , Jane Louisa Baston , Sarah Elizabeth Boer , Eleanor Chambers , Kristi Lynn Chervenka , Georgina Elizabeth Daly , Fiona Belinda England , Thomas George Benjamin Fox , Ellen Freya Hallingstad , Rosie-May Evelyn Charity Howard , Gabriel Marín , Patrick O’Brien , Charlotte Nicole Oxborough , Lindsey Marielle Paskulin , Danielle Aimee Ellen Peter , Simona Schifano , Yuka Shichiza , Kelly Lillian Tapager , Kimberley Ann Withers.

Master of Science in Digital Heritage

Emmeline Marie Victoria Teri Batchelor , Charlotte Bishop , Michael Cooling , Hugh Gatt , Julian David Lee , Eleni Matinopoulou , Michaela Mauriello , Kristen O’Connor , Rebecca Rochat , Michaela Vašková.

Master of Science in Early Prehistory and Human Origins

Charlotte Alice Dobson , Annia Caroline Rhodes , Courtney Laura St Clair-Miller.

Master of Science in Funerary Archaeology

Bagkou Zoi , Kimberly Marie Noone.

Master of Science in Material Culture and Experimental Archaeology

Corinne Elizabeth Baltz.

Master of Science in Zooarchaeology

Christine Rose Conlan , Shanice Mary Hannigan , Theo McLeod Kassebaum , Laura Joreen Koski , Megan Elizabeth Leake.

Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings)

Sheila Maria Overton.

Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology

Oliver Sebastian Peters.

Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Heritage

Hermione-Rose Elderton.

Bachelor of Science in Bioarchaeology

Jessica Bates.

English and Related Literature

Doctor of Philosophy in English

Pürnur Altay , Julia Elizabeth Erdosy , Fiona Hobbs Milne , Jonathan McGovern , Daniel South.

Master of Arts (by research) in English

Ruth Startin.

Master of Arts in Culture and Thought After 1945

Chelsea Davey , Chloe Sue Harvey , Alp Kahvecioglu , Eddie Kaziro , Amy Louise Muckersie , Francesca Mary Noton , Alexander William Fox Watson , Kristina Young.

Master of Arts in Eighteenth Century Studies

Katie Elizabeth Crowther , Charlotte Jacinta Goodge , Kathryn Elizabeth Holdsworth , Ellie-Louise Kidger , Holly Louise O’Connell.

Master of Arts in English Literary Studies

Martha Jane Blow , Myles Cameron Dunnett , Michael Hedges , Josef Matschy , Hannah Rebecca Mechler , Rebecca Milburn , Sofia Sarabia Afonso , Jonathan Mark Sinclair.

Master of Arts in Film and Literature

Dominic Beards , Miriam Ruth Santer Bream , Zoe Rebecca Buckton , Jordan David Carey , Henry Qian Li Edward Dyer , Emily Katherine Taylor , Miya Jenea Treadwell , Wenqi Zhao.

Master of Arts in Global Literature and Culture

Colleen Greeff , Laura Kennedy , Hema Trivedi.

Master of Arts in Literature of the Romantic Period 1775-1832

Francesca Scarlett Killoran , John Leslie Temple , Sian Wilkinson.

Master of Arts in Medieval Literatures and Languages

Molly Rae Forman , Kacey Gaylor , Hannah Victoria Johnson , Marilyn Mannino , Kirsten Elizabeth Ogilby , Sarah Jeanne Shepperd Parker , Katherine Ann Riley , Wenzhuo Shi , Sebrina Marie Stickney Morris , Nan Sun , Bard Ruth Swallow.

Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture

Willem John Atton , Hannah Kate Derbyshire , Samantha Hurley , Cheuk Hei Lo , Natasha Lyons , Sophie Lily Sharp , Alex Lee Thompson.

Master of Arts in Poetry and Poetics

Freya Margaret Jackson.

Master of Arts in Renaissance Literature 1500-1700

Laura-Jane Atkin

Master of Arts in Victorian Literature and Culture

Hayley Lauren Braithwaite , Sarah Brittney Ann Drago , Amber Nicole Jurgensen , Helena Florence Marshall , Joseph Michael Otero , Katie Louise Ray.

Bachelor of Arts in English

Samuel Jonathan Henry Baker , Luke Denhart , Claire Rose Fanny Duveau , Ella Rainbird-Earley , Alexandra Ollivier Tyler.

Bachelor of Arts in English and History

Sophie Rowe.


Doctor of Philosophy in History

Rachael Mary Hardstaff , Annamaria Valent , Xuduo Zhao.

Master of Arts (by research) in History

Rosalind Joan Grace Stokeld.

Master of Arts in Contemporary History and International Politics.

Robert Kenneth Hanson , Caylie LaRae Hoffmans , Alexander Henry Kenneth Ives , Katherine Louise Mesher , Thomas Ward.

Master of Arts in Early Modern History

Andrew John Baylis , Adam Brunskill , Amy Louise Coe , Silje Helene Dahle , Sarah Rhiannon Davies , Rory William George Donaldson , Callum Evans , Poppy Rose Freeman-Cuerden , Anna Rose Havelock , Sarah Jean Murray , Henry Charles Prime , Hannah Jane Pringle , Russell Mark Andrew Redhead.

Master of Arts in Medical History and Humanities

Jamie Chatfield , Catherine Louise Peet , Judith Patricia Walker.

Master of Arts in Medieval History

Alexandra Berry , Rebecca Alice Bleaden , Matthew Doughty , Charly Louise Finn , Alice Ruby Gabanski-O’Connor , Patrick Kernan , Oliver John MacDougall , Denis Malzard , Sarah McKeagney , Emma Katherine Smart , Paul Douglas Fred Street , Lois Rosemary Young.

Master of Arts in Modern History

George Thomas Bradley , Yoke Khee Chong , Isobel Clough , Mark Curran , Kristian Dekatris , Bethany Louise Fisher , Henry Peter Fuhrmann , Zoë Helen MacDonald , Connor McGee , Matthew Mercer , Chalida Nula , Francis Overton-Eccles , Matthew Alexander Rudd , Robert Peter Simpson , Sophie Wightman.

Master of Arts in Public History

Catherine Hilary Arnott , Emily Ruth Atkin , Sarah Charlton , Charlotte Rebecca Louise Coyne , David Andrew Gordon , Tegwen Kirsty Bowyer Hammersley , Harriet Jackson , Emma Victoria Kenny , Robert Iain William Kyles , Bethany Rose Leathley , Rachel Natalie McGlone , Chloe Skinner , Anna Elizabeth Sutcliffe.

Bachelor of Arts in History

Violet Emily Louise Daniels , Thomas John Farrell , Maximilan Jeffers.

History of Art

Doctor of Philosophy in History of Art Anna Merrick Bonewitz , Katharine Eve Harrison , Grace Dorothy Linden.

Master of Arts (by research) in History of Art

Rachel Katherine Alban , Peter Guyon Russell Wells.

Master of Arts in History of Art

Verity Louise Anderson , Lucy Matilda Booth , Jiangxue Chang , Pamela Vivienne Chapman , Julie Cross , Lydia Joy Farrer , Ella Rose Alice Flavell , Isabella Jannelise Galdone , Megan Hobson , Alyson Jia Min Lai , Carla Patricia Loyola Cruz , Fernando Rocha Machado , Rosemary Pauling , Aikaterini Perdiki , Adam Hesketh Robinson , Megan Rose Sullivan , Beckett Hendrik Thornber , Leonardo Fidel Vinueza Jaramillo.

Master of Arts in History of Art (Architectural History and Theory) Carter Christopher Jackson.

Master of Arts in History of Art (British Art) Kayla Ann Boland , Alexandra Florence Smyth.

Master of Arts in History of Art (Medieval Art and Medievalisms) Tamarra Atkinson , Lauren Ashley Beck , Joseph Lawrence Burton , Veerle Pietertje Elisabeth Kappen.

Master of Arts in History of Art (Modern and Contemporary Art) Eduardo De Maio , Sijia Huang.

Master of Arts in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management Tiffani Amber Marie Barley , Eleanor Grana , Joanna Catherine Moylett , Matthew Nickels , Emily May Price , Barbara Anne Smith , Margot Steurbaut , Caroline Vogel.

Bachelor of Arts in History of Art

Julia ten Hove.


Doctor of Philosophy in Law

Leigh Estell Roberts.

Master of Laws in Art Law

Verity Orla Gardner , Charlotte Victoria Gir , Rhian Elizabeth Roberts.

Master of Laws in International Corporate Governance and Commercial Law

Rebecca Ellen Carr.

Master of Laws in International Corporate and Commercial Law

Dilys Naadu Addico , Juncheng Bi , Zachary Goodwin Black , Vi Bui , Laura Camilleri , Xiangyang Chen , Xinyu Liu , Sebastián Maya Vélez , Xiaojing Tan , Kendra Seonaid Voogdt.

Master of Laws in International Human Rights Law and Practice

Ama Serwaah Amanfo Mainoo , Manuella Dorcas Ewura-Esi Attoh , Abisola Eniola Ayo , Nadine Isabel Barros Da Silva Pã , Lauren Marie Blommel , Dominic Ehlert , Ankita Goswami , Isabel Rachel Hampson , Evie Humberstone , Peter Hutton , Sutthida Keereepaibool , Sophie Löw , Sarah McCloskey , Hannah Siobhan McKeating , Demi Morrison , Rose Lucy Watson.

Master of Laws in Law

Toma Bennett , Corey Robin Brazell , Yara Khalid Abdu Dahab , Agnieszka Monika Gziut , Tangbowen Jia , Yibing Li , Roman Nasibulin , Lucy Hannah Overton , Yuying Xuan.

Master of Laws in Legal and Political Theory

Anthony Denys Bryan Benson , Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal , Polly Llewellyn Machin , James Milton.

Bachelor of Laws in Law

Hayat Ahmed , Gregory Ball , Alishia Elizabeth Bingham , Adam Nicol , Harry Schofield , Georgina Rose Stocker-Smith , Nicola Jane Wetton , Melissa Williams.

Bachelor of Laws in Law (with a year abroad)

Milly Cheng.

Medieval Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Medieval Studies

Tom Oliver Powles.

Master of Arts in Medieval Studies

William Lawrence Kendall Brooke , Arianna Dalla Costa , Sarah Ayton Dann , Samuel Henry Day , Henry John Geoghegan , Emily Christian Gerren , Karli Rose Grazman , Annabel Laura Hancock , Harriet Mary Heaton , Mary Katherine Hoffman , Stephen Gabriel Huws , George Robert Luff , Thomas George Mann , Georgia Helen Paskell , Molly Elizabeth Proud , Karen Sejer Ravn , Emily Charlotte Spain , David MacKenzie Spiller , Katherine Ella Spreadborough , Poppy Tester , Sophie Rebecca Williams.

Ceremony Four

Computer Science

Doctor of Engineering in Large-Scale Complex IT Systems

Garry Phillip Hollier.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Chris Wai Kiat Leong , Ili Farhana Binti Md Mahtar , Nils Mönning , Leonardo Franco Sandoval Guzman , Savan Pankajkumar Vachhani , Matthew Bernard Windsor.

Master of Science (by research) in Computer Science

Sean Paul White.

Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science

Daniel Bursztynski , Jack Alexander Hitchin , Thomas Matthew Klapwijk , Yudong Lu , Zhijin Sha , Alina Shilina , Huining Xu.

Master of Science in Cyber Security

Dominic Reece Ashton , Alexandru Gabriel Blanaru , Malcolm Cochrane , Thomas Gaskell Darwin , Aidan Fray , Yingbo Fu , Chloe Gee , Thomas David Girdler , Francesca Louise Glancy , Angela Louise Helvin , Robert Stephen Lockwood , Brian Martinez Alvarez , Alexis Emmanuel Poo Montenegro , Eric Garcia Ribera , Tejasvini Sajit , Charisma Samuel , Mark Matthew Torrens , Chunyi Wang , Yuchen Xiao , Ziyi Zhang.

Master of Science in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies

Xiang Chen , Yao Chen , Josefina Colmenero Gómez , Xinwen Cui , Triskal Lea DeHaven , Habiba Farzand , William Gregg Feeney , Madeleine Fiona Gill , Connor Connor Greenwood-Dean , Xiaoxue Jiang , Ran Ma , Simpson , Emma Louise Steward , Ying Tan , Haoyue Xu , Yueru Xu , Ling Yang , Fang Yue , Xiang Zhang.

Master of Science in Safety Critical Systems Engineering

Holly Rhiannon Broxham-Caruso , Mark Lincoln , William Sheridan McCarron , Sarah Tricker , Thomas Edward Charles Turner.

Master of Engineering in Computer Science

Robert Alan Sayles.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

James Broom , Martin Thomas Burrows , Jamie Campbell , Adam Kirkwood , Joseph Lancaster , Marko Marsenic , Alexander Henry Robert Newton.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Callum Deery , Callum Rose.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems

Peter Beckingham , Luca Alfredo Sanchez.

Bachelor of Science

Luke Needham , Frederick Bernard Stevens.

Economics and Related Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

Silvia Edith Aguirre Rodríguez , David Patrick Glynn , Junius Marvis Olivier , Yudistira Hendra Permana , Oluwaseyi Vincent , Yidi Xu.

Master of Science in Developmental Economics and Emerging Markets

Benjamin Richard Dyson , Zi Jin , Jordi Montané , Jack Topliss , Qiuyi Zuo.

Master of Science in Econometrics and Economics

Jin Wai Andrew Lam , Luis Manuel Ledesma Goyzueta.

Master of Science in Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

Annabel Barrett , Amy Joy Isabella Clark , Ana Filipa Fonseca , Kara Marie Gibson , Lucia Gumbo , Irina Kinchin , Joanne Rebecca Morling , Peter Samuel Morten , Tra-Mi Phan , Andrea Polokaova , N Sebastian Thomas , Diogo Viana , Iain Alistair Willits , Qishi Zheng.

Master of Science in Economics

Abdelhaleem Mohamed Abulhamd Abdulrahman , Juergen Attard , Teodora Berintan , Kuveer Kaur Bhathal , Warren Deguara , Yixuan Feng , Yang Liu , Li Wang , Yunru Wang , Shanshan You , Jian Zhang , Yaxuan Zhang.

Master of Science in Economics and Finance

Xueying Chen , He Li , Xin Li , Zhengshangyuan Li , Yuqi Tang , Qian Wang , Yiying Zhang.

Master of Science in Economics and Public Policy

Rosa Alonso Mollà , Diana Beatriz Contreras Arias , George Fitzpatrick-Morgan , Filippos Maraziotis , Xiangwen Song , Emma Jean Whitelaw.

Master of Science in Finance

Minghao Bao , Jiaxin Chen , Xiaoying Chen , Qinxing Dai , Wenyuan Fang , Wenting Gan , Huimin Gao , Xiaoquan Gao , Taiwen Gu , Yining Hu , Justinas Jackus , Qian Kang , Shadi Kheder , Adam Ching Yuet Lai , Jiaxin Li , Qingqing Li , Wenyuan Li , Xingzhu Li , Xuan Li , Hui Lin , Chenhui Liu , Lu Liu , Mengzhu Liu , Xiang Liu , Yuqian Liu , Manxin Lu , Liheng Luo , Shihui Lyu , Fuchan Ma , Jingying Mai , Haotian Pan , Peiyang Pei , Lin Qin , Haoqin Qiu , Xueyao Shi , Jiaze Wang , Jue Wang , Mengmeng Wang , Quanbang Wang , Yanzhe Wang , Wa Xi , Yuxue Xiao , Yueteng Xing , Linyi Xu , Rui Xu , Shuhui Xu , Yeyang Xu , Yu Xu , Hao Yang , Yueqi Yin , Jiaqian Yu , Kemin Zhang , Mengying Zhang , Xiaxiao Zhang , Yan Zhang.

Master of Science in Health Economics

Michael Abbott , Charlotte Ahuoiza Ahmadu , Ayaman Abdallah Ali Al Harrasi , Maïwenn Djifa Naomi Bagot , Tatiana Bessonova , Sneha Bhadti , Nicholas Brighton , Thomas Bromilow , Xiaoqian Chen , Edward Church , Sophie Elizabeth Cole , Laura Elliot , Alex Christopher Evans , Enrico Ferri Grazzi , Athanasios Gkekas , Meena Hafidh , Samuel Peter Harper , Charlotte Anne Heeks , Nadine Henderson , Farhaan Jamadar , Timothy David Jamieson , Charlotte Tamsin Kennedy , Hannah Lawless , Ewan Mathew Laws , Marie Christiane Claire Le Novere , Joseph Michael Lord , Hannan Luo , Vishal Manro , Sarah Felicity Martin , Fares Mesmar , Siwaporn Niyomsri , Priya Patel , Weiran Qi , Christopher Stephen Raspin , Aliah Jemma Sagar , Kanwal Shahzadi Sheikh , Aristeidis Skandamis , Christos Smyrnaios , Owen Swales , Ignacy Jan Szewczenko , Gabriel Fernando Torres Ardila , Angel Ann Varghese , Macarena Hurganda Vera Rivero , Haode Wang , Xingtong Xie.

Master of Science in Project Analysis, Finance and Investment

Ziwei Bai , Siqi Chen , Yiming Chen , Zhaodong Chen , Yadi Chi , Fangzhou Du , Yu Fang , Anqi Huang , Xialei Huang , Xijia Huang , Han Ke , Hoang Phat Le , Jialu Li , Xiaowen Li , Xiao Liang , Lianghao Liu , Xin Long , Dongyu Lyu , Yanyi Ma , Bingqing Song , Qingwei Su , Yanli Su , Yuanfei Su , Meiqi Sun , Jie Tan , Xin Tian , Congying Wang , Dingwen Wang , Huiling Wang , Siyuan Wang , Ting Wang , Ying Wang , Zhao Wang , Banghua Wu , Yefei Wu , Hongyu Xu , Qi Xu , Yang Xu , Guangyi Yao , Yinan You , Dunnan Zhang , Qinglingzi Zhang , Xue Zong , Jingxian Zuo.

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics for Health Care Professionals

Antonella Canalis , Osama Elnawasany , Amr Nagi Elsharkawy , Tanya Hayward , Muhammad Asadullah Khan , Michaela Koulenti , Sharon Ann Mathew , Sara Margarida Oliveira Dias Monge , Rodolfo José Dias Neves , Feargal O’Shea , Christopher George Pelligra , Lorenzo Pezzoli , Evelyne Andree Albertine Priestman , Magdalena Walbaum Garcia.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Suhail Farook , Ahmed Malik Muhseen , Kushal Sunilkumar Patel , Thomas Frank Pulley , Sajenth Theivendran , Max Jay Kenneth Truelove , Alexander Williams.

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance

Mathuzanth Goneswaramoorthy , Eleanor Simonds-Gooding.

Environment and Geography

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management

Xiuxiu Gao.

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science

Udochi Mercy Agusiegbe , Maria Del Prado Domercq , Lucy Jayne Mitchell , Annie Murray.

Master of Science in Corporate Social Responsibility with Environmental Management

Katie Marie Lewis.

Master of Science in Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Management

John Cottrell , Harry Cross , Carmen Isensee , Fatima Mushtaq , Katherine Oliver , Beatrice Pagano , Matthew Sawyer , Jack Stone , Baxter Harry Tailford , Martina Valls López , Laura Victoria Vélez Giraldo.

Master of Science in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management

Michael Robert Howard , James Malone , Flora Mavri , Eleni Stroda.

Master of Science in Environmental Science and Management

Luke Adam Austin , Alejandra Bouzas Monroy , Xiaoyi Cai , María Luisa Cárdenas Bustamante , Claire Gail Cargill , Nina Katherine Cooper , Diego Fernando Costa Costa , Maria Laura Herrera Chaustre , Laura Jackson , Sophie Lear , Ruddy Katherine Leon Hidalgo , Oliver Loveday-Lovell , George William Mennell , Carissa Ashley Pausanos , Robert Reeves , Tsun Shun So , Bethany Joan Walker , Duncan Malachy Wallman , Lu Wu , Chang Yang.

Master of Science in Marine Environmental Management

Alexandra Aspinall , Kathleen Louise Bealby , Abbey Blatchford , James Boon , Nicole Alejandra Chico Ortiz , Jordan David Cohen , Sophie Octavia Cunnington , Georgia Jacqueline De Jong Cleyndert , Sandra Lynn Dorning , Frith Sarah Mary Dunkley , Charlotte Anne Floyd , Gregory Fuchs , Helen June Gunton , Issabella Poppy Hagan , Nathan Oscar Rantoul Harris , Lauren , Bronwyn Jeffers , Kate Lee , Maggie Erin McGilly , Catrin Norris , William Henry Stuart Notley , Lauren Peach , Martin Peverley , Bethany Kaye Pickering , Lucinda Grace Robinson , Hannah Stephanie Rudd , Natasha Scarlett Bianca Simmonds , Andrew Thompson , Sophie Alexandra Wilson , Emily Charlotte Wordley.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography and Environment

Jack Broughton.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geography

Saad Ashraf , Amelia Raffaella Clark , Rebecca Victoria Roberts.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Emma-Louise Manicaro , Olivia Nelson.

Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media

Doctor of Philosophy in Theatre, Film, Television and Interative Media

Jandy Edipson Luik.

Doctor of Philosophy in Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media by Creative Practice

Bridget Jane Cornell Foreman.

Master of Arts in Digital Film and Television Production

Ahmed Khaled Abdelazim Soliman Bakir , Phoebe Clarke , Eleanor Julia Godwin , Thomas Peter Heath , Qiuyang Jin , Bowen Li , Yuanmeng Luo , Zhenkun Mei , April Louise Norfolk , Lee Edward O’Connell , Tegan Parish , Adam Tye , Wenting Wei , Mengying Zhang.

Master of Arts in Postproduction with Sound Design

Phillip Andrew Cullen , Imogen Rosa Starflower Allen Fodor , Mingyue Ma , Zhenzhen Shao , Joseph David Shaw , Edward Franklin Charles Towers.

Master of Arts in Postproduction with Visual Effects

Mijail Luis Intriago Valdivieso , Simran Kaur , Konstantinos Papageorgiou , Nicola Jayne White.

Master of Arts in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance

Jonathan Peter Derrick , Kim Gonsalves , Tabetha Emma Holland , Hayley Faye Holtom , Eleanor Francesca Lee , Scheree Yvette Reed , Ryan Roman.

Master of Science in Postproduction with Sound Design

Marc Robert Girot , Adi Keltsh.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance

Alice Krystal Samantha Bailey , Max Scott.

Bachelor of Science in Film and Television Production

Morgan Charlotte Baker , Barbara Hupfauf.

Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media

Courtney Jade Caldecoat , Holly Victoria Hermance.

Ceremony Five


Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics

Haoruo Zhang.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Abdulmajeed Hussein Mohammed Albahrani , Moustafa Amrate , Amal Fadil , Micky Ross , Fairuz A Dilah Binti Rusdi , Natalie Smith.

Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Tasnima Aktar , Satima Rotjanawongchai , Qingyang Sun.

Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching

Sami Anderson-Talbi , Yujuan Cao , Cheng Chen , Xiaofan Cui , María José González Salazar , Valeria Wan-Yu Huang , Yingfeng Liao , Saranporn Panyaroj , Xin Qiu , Lin Shen , Wei Wang , Jing Wu , Luling Yan , Pei-Lun Yang , Mengjia Zhang , Siyuan Zhou.

Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching

Jueyu Zhou.

Master of Arts in Education

Roxanne Jessica Barnes , Simon Emile Burt , Liuxuan Chen , Sifan Cheng , Qiaomeng Chi , Shu Deng , Hanhui Fang , Jiayi Gu , Mohammed Shahib Hussain , Mengfei Ju , Meixuan Li , Mingxuan Li , Xiang Li , Yan Li , Xiaoting Liang , Anny Hairong Lian-Green , Ge Liu , Huiran Liu , Jiaming Liu , Li Liu , Mengqi Liu , Yujing Liu , Fangyu Lou , Fang Lu , Qiyu Lu , Yulia Onofrey , Stephanie Elaina Ritchie , Ekaterina Rodionova , Ke Shen , Si Shen , Xuezhen Tang , Jiayan Teng , Yu Tian , Artem Tovalovich , Sophie Louise Walsh , Yangting Wang , Sophie Hannah Watts , Xiaoqing Wu , Yeung Yeung , Jun Yin , Quan Yuan , Luxi Zeng , Fangyuan Zhang , Shunran Zhang , Taotao Zhang , Yuanli Zhang , Zhaolei Zhang , Jiahuan Zhao , Yingfan Zhao , Linyu Zhong , Duoduo Zhu , Jiaying Zhu.

Master of Arts in Global and International Citizenship Education

Qiumin Li , Stephen Alfred Olotu , Qifan Wang , Peishan Ye , Xuan Zhou.

Master of Arts in Social Justice and Education

Marieanne Christensen Bond-Webster , Edward John Hill , Kayleigh Tyne Hughes , Lujing Jia , Zhenzhu Li , Jin Wang.

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Sojin Ahn , Youwen Ai , Jing Bai , Yaxiong Cao , Huan Chen , Zhiyuan Chen , Yuhan Cheng , Yan Deng , Yameng Dong , Jing Fang , Lu Ge , Ying Gou , Peixin Guan , Jinjie Gui , Xiaodan Han , Yang He , Mengying Hu , Xinyun Hu , Le Huang , Xiaoxuan Huang , Pariwat Imsa-Ard , Menghuizhi Ji , Zheran Jia , XinLing Jiang , Zhiwen Jiang , Saori Kashiwada , Minji Lee , Yuanyuan Li , Shiqin Liu , Suyue Liu , Yaxing Liu , Ying Liu , Wing Chi Lo , Jingyi Lu , Lu Lu , Binqi Luo , Luhang Luo , Xiawei Ma , Yue Ma , Xiangping Mai , You Mo , Virginia Neher , Jiali Pan , Wanyun Pang , Heesoo Park , Zixuan Qu , Dongnan Ruan , Danling Shao , Anqi Shen , Ying Shen , Xuehao Shi , Yu Shi , Zidi Shi , Yue Sun , Yao Tu , Huyi Wan , Jie Wang , Peili Wang , Ruxin Wang , Sijia Wang , Yuan Zhi Wang , Yuetong Wang , Yuxuan Wang , Aiwen Wu , Haiwen Wu , Mingwei Wu , Yongqi Wu , Han Xia , Tao Xing , Te Xu , Liu Yang , Tian Yang , Yishuang Yang , Yiying Yang , Chong Yao , Zhuoma Yixi , Yunjiao Yu , Dingwen Zhang , Kaikai Zhang , Lyuping Zhang , Yilin Zhang , Yixin Zhang , Yuxin Zhao , Dan Zheng , Xinyu Zhou , Yiyi Zhou , Zhiyao Zhou , Ziyan Zhou , Ziyi Zhou , Huilan Zong.

Master of Science in Psychology in Education

Louise Amanda Ashton , Janani Balasundar , Kerry Ann Charlton , Bethany Lauren Dobie , Niels David Ernst-Williams , Charlotte Emily Fell , Elspeth Harriet Foster-Lill , Megan Alice Green , Aisha Ruth Hackett-Evans , Charlotte Louise Hall , Rachel Mary Hall , Rebecca Emma Harper-Johnson , Stephanie Holmes , Benjamin Matthew Howells , Maureen Ann Kildin , Wai Wa Law , Stephanie Rae Lewis , Yan Li , Wenyi Liang , Phoebe Helen Marquand , Shara-Grace Olivia Mason-Gingell , Andrea Summer Norris , Elisabeth Morrisey Ormerod , Gladys Chidinma Oweisana , Enya Phillips , Francesca Elizabeth Porter , Michael Gaia Ramos , Rebecca Sarah Roscoe , Christiana Rousi , Juliette Schneegans , Jessica Ruth Shelley , Katerina Stoumpou , Jiawen Sun , Isabel Kate Thompson , Isobel Jane Kim Thomson , Yueqi Wang , Yi Wei , Chenchen Zhang.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Biology

Sarah Nicole Marsay-Green.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education in English

Daisy Culley.

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Gabriella Simillidou.

Research Centre for Social Sciences

Master of Arts in Social Research

Renee Aleong , Anna Nicole Bailie , Margherita Belia , Rhiannon Griffiths , Annette Clare Hunter , Xuemeng Liu , Carl Lee Anthony Makin , Gabriela Ivanova Raleva , Rose Elizabeth Martin Rickford , Gaynor Trueman , Pan Wang , Alice Elizabeth Wilson.

Lifelong Learning

Postgraduate Diploma in Astronomy

Robert Barnet Henderson , Laura Jane Martin , Gary Steven Robertshaw.

Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing

Jesseanna Binder , Emma Catherine Halliday , Sacheth , Sheikh Irfan Afzal , Richard Walker.

Postgraduate Diploma in Parish Church Studies: Heritage, History and Fabric

Judith Anderson , Robert Patrick Andrews , Catherine Louise Gray , Jennifer Isabel Hall , Kathryn Hilsden , Jennifer Anne Read.

Postgraduate Diploma in Railway Studies

Stephen Frederick Beer , Ian Robert Charlton , Alan Ross.

Postgraduate Diploma in the Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England

Paul Courtenay Atkinson , Mark Andrew Griffin , William Hinton , Anne Louise Irving , Alexander Southall Mongan-Barker , Paul Robinson , Arthur Richard Speed.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

David Gideon Bowell , Adriano Cordone , Jacob Cameron Phillips , Edoardo Torraca , Katrina Zalcmane.


Doctor of Philosophy in Politics

Sebastian Booth.

Master of Arts in Applied Human Rights

Chloe Amies , Abigail Holly Anderson , Amna Asad , Emma Burke , Tatiana Galbava , Claudia Gabriela Hermida Ramos , Lena Kaltenbrunner , Jared McCann , Victoria Kathryn Roffey , Victoria Taladianou , Hannah Laura Williams , Deanna Mary Wright.

Master of Arts in Conflict, Governance and Development

Fatih Cure , Mary Holyoak , Lucy Adona Kam’Malere , Peter Jonathan Miles , Gerum Taye Mulaw.

Master of Arts in International Political Economy: Critical Theories, Issues and Conflicts

Troy Matthew Carruthers , Tik Hin Chan , Matthew Crowley , Abbas Simsek , Stephen Geoffrey Thomas , Qiaoru Wu.

Master of Arts in International Relations

Ashley Loreen Aldarondo-Martinez , James Bastin , Harriet Anna Ruth Brass , Gabrielle Marie Cervone , Croft , Yiran Gu , Anthony Joseph Harding , Sarah Louise Hutchinson , Adam Thomas Kelly , Matthew Paul Kent , Shraddha Madhavan , Michael Mossman , Umair Nawaz , Stephen Netherwood , Anita Restiana Sutrisno , Poochares Thamrongthipyakhun , Hongfeng Wang , Francesca Alice Wilson , Xiaowei Wu , Zhelin Yang , Qibin Zeng.

Master of Arts in Political Theory

Abigail Jo Alberti , David Daldegan Balduino , Daniella Fagelman , Rowan Gould , Martin Leonard , Ruairi Angus Lewis , Cameron Joseph Daniel Partridge , David Rose , Chi Hang Domingo Siu.

Master of Arts in Post-War Recovery Studies

Shoushan Keshishian , Niall Rushby , Heidi-Ann Stedeford , Maria Paula Suarez Cock.

Masters of Arts in Public Administration and Public Policy

Damilola Olabisi Akinsulire , Josh Connor Foskett , Rory Hannon , Pippa Jane Hepworth , Hao Jiao , Emily Claire Kiddy , Megan Sian McGonagle , Thomas Robert Sarjit Miller , Helen Pilling , Abdul Sattar , Jackline Denis Somi , Qiantong Yang.

Master of Arts in Public Policy: European Public Policy

Giorgi Jangiani.

Master of Arts in Public Policy: Governance and Development

Yashaswini Prasad.

Master of Public Administration – International Development

Gabriel Ayroza Galvão Cardoso , Tshepo Godfrey Moloi , Juan Sebastian Segovia Miño.

Master of Public Administration

Mamoudou Berete , Xiaoxing Chang , Kevin Gabriel , Weiwei Hou , Jennifer Ruth Jones , Jaewhan Jun , Naipaphon Kongphae , Yunkyoung Lee , Emily Louise Yeates , Luyu Zhang.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics

Robert Bright , Kimberley Green.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics with International Relations

Gbowoade Orekoya , Hannah Taylor.


Master of Arts in Criminology and Social Research

Abigail Rhian Bircumshaw , Helen Joanne Doran , Anna Catherine Foster , Haylie-Davina Mason , Alexia-Jane Cecelia Morrison , Bethany Kate Thompson , Thomas Wells.

Master of Arts in Culture, Society and Globalisation

Danlei Chen , Joseph Hockey , Haiyi Huang , Nasriah Binte Jamaludin , Ting Cheung Leung , Connor Charles Penfold , Sivanankai Sivashankar , Kwan Yiu Wai , Qing Wang , Joseph Michael Watters , Lea Martha Eliane Wittbusch.

Master of Arts in Social Media and Social Research

Zainab Hana Mian Maqbool , Lydia Anne McKay , Ruth Helena Morris , Sergio Danilo Reuben Matamoros , Yue Wu.

Master of Science in Social Media and Interactive Technologies

Xinya Gong , Ching-Han Kuo , Enze Xu , Jie Zhang.

Master of Science in Social Media and Management

Letitia Bronte Anne Butcher , Eleanor Katie Cox , Alicia Naomi Angharad Edwards , Sisi Hong , Xinni Li , Siyao Liang , Jiaxin Lin , Ziyu Qi , Meilin Xu , Miao Yu , Shaohua Yuan , Yiheng Zou.

Women’s Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Women’s Studies

Guanlan Hu , Sharon Jagger , Joy Ozofu Aiyetutu Ogbemudia , Li Sheng.

Master of Arts in Women’s Studies

Elizabeth Jane Parsons.

Master of Arts in Women’s Studies (Humanities)

Agnieszka Marta Dolata , Alexandra Fox , Maimie Hume.

Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies

Clara Maria Garcia Garcia , Paola Mendoza Tellez Giron , Guadalupe Lizeth Perez Saucedo.

Master of Arts in Women, Violence and Conflict

Sarah Anna Lydia Wright

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