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Meme Of The Year 10 Common Myths About Meme Of The Year

Welcome to 2000s Week! We’re exploring the pop ability that shaped us at the about-face of the millennium, and analytical what the films, shows, and amateur from the era say about us again and now. It’s a little #tbt to the canicule afore #tbt was a thing. 


The 2000s were the best determinative years for memes as internet accessibility and acceptance surged, and gamers were one the capital torchbearers.

Some of the better memes of all time came from video amateur and players in the 2000s, aided by awful trafficked forums and the addition of YouTube to about-face what would commonly be baby moments in pop ability into basic wildfires.

In anniversary of the aughts, we calm a scattering of our admired and best impactful gaming memes from that decade, demography a cruise bottomward anamnesis to a time aback the internet wasn’t absolutely so bedeviled by the amusing media empires we see today. 

The abominable block from ‘Portal.’

“The block is a lie” takes us aback to 2007 and the barrage of Portal. Inside the game, the “cake” is a always dangling allotment meant to actuate your advanced advance – but it’s a fabrication. There’s no cake, aloof a disingenuously affable AI called GlaDOS that wants to accumulate you jumping through hoops. The absolute byword ancestor up as a array of Easter egg-y admonishing cacographic on a wall.

In broader culture, “The block is a lie” wasn’t so abundant a beheld meme as it was a concept. Block jokes bedeviled the then-young amusing media amplitude of Twitter in 2007 and 2008, at the acme of Portal’s popularity. But the internet bound wore the antic out, to the point that it all but abolished by the time Portal 2 alone in 2011. It had a abrupt adventitious for a improvement in mid-2020 aback the internet aback started analytic our absoluteness and cake’s attendance aural it, but it bound became bright that the moment has anesthetized for analytic the truthiness of a promised cake. – Adam Rosenberg, weekend editor, chief ball reporter

Gabe Newell rose to arresting ability in the 2000s.

Valve had an absurd decade in the 2000s. With Half-Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Larboard 4 Dead, and official Counter-Strike releases, Valve anchored itself as one of the best abounding bold developers of the aughts. Pair that with the company’s absolution of the bold exchange Steam in 2003 and Valve became a titanic entity. At that entity’s arch is Gabe Newell, aka Gaben.

Newell was such a able amount in gaming and his ample attendance was absurd for gamers to ignore. Whether during a Steam sale, a chat about the never-ever-coming-out-in-our-lifetime Half-Life 3, or candidly anything, Gabe’s face could pop up as an apt reaction, his expressions demography several forms that arise raw power. – Kellen Beck, ball reporter

In a presentation of the accessible PlayStation 3 bold Genji: Canicule of the Blade at E3 2006, a Sony agent said, “The stages of the bold will additionally be based on acclaimed battles which absolutely took abode in age-old Japan.” That sounds interesting, and again all of a abrupt during the gameplay demonstration, a behemothic adversary backtalk appears. “So here’s this behemothic adversary crab,” he says.

The bond of these sentiments alternating with a few added gaffes from Sony’s assuming at E3 that year fabricated the circuit with some hilarity-amplifying edits until “giant adversary crab” and the accessible tip of “attack its anemic point for massive damage” became all-over references beyond the internet. They’re reminders that video bold advertising and presentations can be amusing and that the abstraction of “realism” in amateur is abundantly laughable. – KB

As Apple of Warcraft amateur Ben Schulz bellowed out his own character’s name on a acute day in 2005, charging abandoned into a allowance abounding of able enemies, he created a allegorical moment in gaming. The “Leeroy Jenkins” action cry exudes so abundant power. It’s a wanton apathy for any affectionate of planning or strategy. It throws attention to the wind. It shows a akin of self-esteem and assurance in one’s own abilities and brotherhood associates that is rarely paralleled on Earth.

The abominable Leeroy Jenkins blow is fantastic. Almost a minute and a bisected of planning while the Leeroy appearance is sitting with the Away From Keyboard agenda aloft his head, and the strategizing actuality disconnected by an abrupt “Time’s up, let’s do this!” It’s so calmly translatable as a action cry for any bearings area addition is active into crisis that it still stands today as a meme, a verb, and advertence that ancestor up all over the place, alike actuality immortalized in Apple of Warcraft as an accomplishment and a non-player character. – KB

This adieu from Snake gets a lot of breadth alfresco of ‘Metal Gear Solid.’

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater caps off with a affecting arena at Arlington National Cemetery in which Naked Snake pays accolade to his mentor, The Boss, who he himself dead at the game’s climax. The moment is capped off with a close-up of Snake carrying a sad, ardent address (there was alike a bequest moment in MGS4 that referenced it)..

The moment lives on alike today as a accessible GIF for those moments aback a solemn, admiring acknowledgment is required. Accept a acquaintance who took a angle adjoin a baneful boss? Metal Gear salute. Or one who alone their breakfast sandwich in the artery afore demography alike one bite? Additionally Metal Gear salute. How about aback addition you apperceive loses all their save bold abstracts afterwards their animate dies unexpected? You estimated it, Metal Gear salute. – AR

Then-COO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime onstage at The Bold Awards 2015, his anatomy in a abiding accompaniment of readiness.

Image: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

When Nintendo controlling Reggie Fils-Aimé stepped on date at E3 2007 to advice authenticate the Wii Fit, exclaiming, “My body… My anatomy is ready,” he larboard an enduring mark on history.

In that moment a able meme was born. Whether in audio or argument format, “My anatomy is ready” continues to be acclimated as a meme by any who is absorbed to try out some new video bold or partake in actually anything. Aloof got a pizza delivered? Your anatomy is ready. Admired bandage has a new album? Your anatomy is ready. Going on a date? Your anatomy is ready. About to do some ablaze appliance on the Wii Fit board? Your anatomy is ready. – KB

If you spent a lot of hours arena Call of Duty 4: Avant-garde Warfare online again you bethink the Noob Tube. It’s a cheeky advertence to the under-barrel armament launcher you had admission to anon in one of the multiplayer mode’s starting classes. It was alike added baleful in Avant-garde Warfare 2, area a advantage fabricated it accessible to balance spent ammo afterwards accepting to respawn first.

This is addition archetype of accepted gaming colloquial area its origins accept achromatic into the accomplishments over time. Plenty of amateur that affection online multiplayer serve up weapons that could accurately be declared as a noob tube, but carrying it as some affectionate of put-down in 2020 agency you’re aloof allurement for bodies to blaze aback with – to adduce addition accepted meme – a deluge of “how do you do, adolescent kids” responses. – AR

Phoenix Wright communicable defendants lying acutely translates able-bodied to internet discussions.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney takes us all the way aback to 2001, a time aback amusing media platforms on the internet were added underground and pop ability had no absolute acquaintance of what a meme was. But the Capcom-published alternation which casts you as an anime advocate is conceivably best-known for its bouncy band commitment whenever Phoenix lodges an “Objection!” in the courtroom

Since then, the angel of Phoenix shouting “Objection!” and pointing badly has become a go-to meme on the avant-garde internet. Of advance it has. There’s so abundant abhorrent agreeable out there in the world, it’s affectionate of a absolute angel for abounding of the amusing media grievances that bounce up day to day. Plenty of memes age poorly. This is not one of those memes. – AR

Remember the PlayStation Portable, Sony’s aboriginal advance to about-face the PlayStation acquaintance into article you could booty with you out of the house? It had a big moment at E3 2004 aback Sony showed off the accouterments and a agglomeration of barrage titles – including the latest access in the Ridge Racer series.

Maybe it was the airs of suggesting that a semi-well-known antagonism bold fabricated for a hype-worthy PSP barrage title. Maybe it was the bruised band commitment of Ridge Racer’s brand boring addition by above PlayStation bang-up Kaz Hirai. Possibly it was the predictably collapsed acknowledgment from the army to the Ridge Racer news. In the end, it was apparently a mix of them all that accustomed this as an ballsy and around-the-clock moment in cringe-worthy bold hype. (The video description says this happened at E3 2006, but that’s incorrect.) – AR

Wombo Admixture may not be as able-bodied accepted as some of the memes on this list, but it stands out for its passion. In a Super Smash Bros. Melee doubles bout featuring SilentSpectre as Captain Falcon and Tang as Fox adjoin Lucky as Fox and Zhu as Fox, Lucky had aloof been alone abrogation Zhu on his aftermost banal adjoin the Falcon/Fox duo. Zhu bound begin himself in a boxy atom amid the two characters afterwards missing an attack, and that’s area the Wombo Admixture begins.

Zhu was affective by Tang, his fate sealed. Tang and SilentSpectre tossed the Fox aback and forth, ambidextrous 77% accident in a alternation of grabs, throws, and hits catastrophe with a Knee Smash from SilentSpectre to apple-pie up the bold in aloof a few seconds. The admixture itself is impressive, but it’s amplified by the arduous atheism and communicable advertising advancing from the commentators, Mango, HomeMadeWaffles, and Phil, cementing this Smash blow as one of the best memorable and impactful moments in the game’s history. Audio from the Wombo Admixture ancestor up all over the internet and the abominable moment is referenced anytime an adverse moment in gaming (or anything, really) makes the circuit online. – KB

Meme Of The Year 10 Common Myths About Meme Of The Year – meme of the year
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