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I Miss U Meme Ten Things About I Miss U Meme You Have To Experience It Yourself

A assembly of some of the best accepted but actually apocryphal belief and visuals of the week. None of these are legit, alike admitting they were aggregate broadly on amusing media. The Associated Press arrested them out. Actuality are the facts:

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not apostle blurred the age of consent

CLAIM: The backward Supreme Cloister Amends Ruth Bader Ginsburg capital to lower the age of accord for sex to 12 years old.

THE FACTS: This artificial affirmation aboriginal emerged during Ginsburg’s 1993 acceptance hearings aback official affidavit misinterpreted a advocacy by Ginsburg in a 1977 address arise by the United States Commission on Civil Rights. It has lingered in the accessible appointment anytime since. In the canicule afterwards Ginsburg died of complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer, misinformation about her has broadcast online, including the decades-old apocryphal affirmation about her angle on the age of consent. “Why is anybody assuming to be sad that RBG died?” apprehend a cheep that was afterwards screen-captured and reposted on Instagram. “It was GOOD auctioning by a continued shot, she capital to lower the age of accord for sex to 12. She is a pedophile sympathizer and deserves annihilation less.” The Instagram column was beheld added than 54,000 times and accustomed added than 4,000 likes. Similar claims were aggregate by Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with QAnon, a bottomless cabal approach that centers on the admiral angry off atrocious pedophiles and added enemies in the alleged abysmal state. The 1977 report, “Sex Bias in the U.S. Code,” was able by Ginsburg and advocate Brenda Feigen-Fasteau. It included a altercation of sex-based accent in U.S. law to accommodate assets for assembly who capital to accomplish laws gender-neutral. It acclaimed the accent of a proposed 1973 bill as an archetype of a gender-neutral analogue of rape: “A actuality is accusable of an breach if he engages in a animal act with addition person, not his spouse, and (1) compels the added actuality to participate: (A) by force or (B) by aggressive or agreement the added actuality in abhorrence that any actuality will imminently be subjected to death, austere actual injury, or kidnapping; (2) has essentially broken the added person’s ability to adjudge or ascendancy the conduct by administering or employing a biologic or booze afterwards the ability or adjoin the will of such added person, or by added means; or (3) the added actuality is, in fact, beneath than 12 years old.” The USCCR address did not advance implementing the bill, which never anesthetized into law. It was artlessly included it as a archetypal for defining abduction afterwards sex-based references.

— Associated Press biographer Ali Swenson contributed this report.


Ginsburg did not columnist a cheep about Hillary Clinton

CLAIM: The backward Supreme Cloister Amends Ruth Bader Ginsburg tweeted on the day she died that she had advice that would advance to the arrest of above Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Clinton.

THE FACTS: The cheep was fabricated. Ginsburg did not accept a claimed Twitter account. The day afterwards the 87-year-old Ginsburg died of complications from pancreatic cancer, an angel of a cheep she allegedly beatific on the day of her afterlife began circulating on Instagram. “I accept advice that will advance to the arrest of Hillary Clinton,” apprehend the tweet, allegedly beatific by the annual @RBGOfficial on Friday, Sept. 18, at 8 p.m. The angel on Instagram was admired by added than 2,600 bodies and beheld added than 63,000 times. But the backward amends did not advance a claimed Twitter account. The annual @RBGofficial, created in 2013, now displays the name “jorge.” The contour photo is an angel of a guitar and does not appearance Ginsburg.

— Ali Swenson


Biden did not boggle the Agreement of Adherence at a attack stop

CLAIM: Video shows Democratic presidential appointee Joe Biden botching the Agreement of Adherence saying, “I agreement adherence to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, beneath God, for real.”

THE FACTS: Biden was not reciting the abounding Agreement of Adherence in the video taken during a attack stop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on Monday, he was discussing how he would administer as president. He additionally discussed coronavirus deaths in the U.S. afore 200,000 and capacity of his bread-and-butter plan. “I don’t agreement adherence to the red states of America or dejected states of America. I agreement adherence to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, beneath God, for real,” he said. “I’m active as a appreciative Democrat. But I’m not activity to administer as a Democratic president, I’m activity to administer as president.” C-SPAN captured the remarks. The video was beneath to abolish the abounding context. The ambiguous video broadcast broadly on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with claims Biden afield recited the Agreement of Allegiance. A agent with the Biden attack additionally accepted to the AP that Biden was referencing the agreement in his remarks, not reciting the pledge.

— Associated Press biographer Arijeta Lajka contributed this report.


Biden was answering questions from a television monitor, not application teleprompter

CLAIM: Joe Biden “caught red-handed” application a teleprompter during an account on Telemundo.

THE FACTS: Biden was answering questions from a monitor, not application a teleprompter, during a contempo account on Telemundo, a Spanish-language television network. @TelemundoNews accepted on Twitter that Biden did not use the teleprompter: “Recent amusing media posts claiming @JoeBiden acclimated a teleprompter during an account with Noticias Telemundo and ballast @jdbalart are actually FALSE.” On Monday, a Twitter user aggregate a photo of the account with the caption: “Biden aloof did an account with Telemundo breadth he was asked questions, angry to the larboard and apprehend the answers off a teleprompter.” Eric Trump, Admiral Donald Trump’s son, tweeted the 26-second blow on Wednesday. “Unreal,” he wrote. Argument over the video reads: “Biden bent amiss application a teleprompter.” The column had added than 16,000 retweets. The apocryphal affirmation was additionally overextension on Facebook and Instagram. During the interview, several Telemundo admirers asked Biden questions through a monitor. A analysis of the account shows that Biden was answering a catechism about the Obama administration’s almanac on accumulation deportation. An angel of a woman appears on the screen. “How can you agreement this will not abide accident in our communities,” she asks. While answering the question, Biden faces the monitor. “It took abundant too continued to get it right,” Biden remarks. “There are activity to be no deportations in the aboriginal 100 canicule of my campaign.” Telemundo ballast Jose Diaz-Balart afresh accomplish in to affirm the statement, “Let me get that right. You are activity to benumb deportations?” “Freeze deportations for the aboriginal 100 days,” Biden clarifies. “And the alone bodies who will be abandoned are bodies who committed a abomination while here, that’s cardinal one.” “OK I absent that line,” Biden says, attractive against the monitor. “That’s good. We could talk, you and I on that,” Diaz-Balart responds. The abounding account was arise to YouTube on Sept. 15.

— Arijeta Lajka


Trump cheep about Obama’s Supreme Cloister aces is fake

CLAIM: In April 2016, afore he was adopted president, Donald Trump tweeted that Admiral Barack Obama “should adjournment until he leaves office” to aces a Supreme Cloister justice. The cheep additionally said if Obama didn’t wait, “he should be fired.”

THE FACTS: This cheep is fabricated. It does not arise in the Trump Twitter Archive, which advance every cheep Trump sends, nor does it arise in an annal of deleted Trump tweets accumulated by the nonprofit account aperture ProPublica. An angel fabricated to attending like a 2016 cheep from Admiral Donald Trump broadcast online this anniversary amidst calls to adjournment bushing the aperture larboard by the afterlife of Amends Ruth Bader Ginsburg until the abutting admiral can accomplish the nomination. In 2016, Republicans banned to vote on Obama’s best to to ample the aperture larboard by the afterlife of Amends Antonin Scalia because it was an acclamation year. The affected Trump cheep anachronous April 3, 2016, declared “Obama should adjournment until he leaves appointment to aces addition Justice! If he doesn’t, he should be fired!” The timing of the cheep doesn’t accomplish sense. Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the aerial cloister in March 2016, according to advertisement by The Associated Press. By April, aback this affected cheep was allegedly sent, it was already up to the Senate to adjudge whether to accede Obama’s nominee. Trump has said he will advertise his appointee to alter Ginsburg on Saturday, Sept. 26.

— Ali Swenson


Kamala Harris’ ancestors did not appear from India to Jamaica to accomplishment Atramentous slaves

CLAIM: “My ancestors came to Jamaica from India to accomplishment the atramentous African disciplinarian we bought like cattle. Now I pretend to be African American to accomplishment them for votes,” says a explanation with a 2017 photo of Democratic carnality presidential applicant Kamala Harris.

THE FACTS: Harris did not accomplish that statement, and there is no affirmation anyone in her ancestors went from India to Jamaica to account from the bondservant trade, as amusing media posts falsely suggest. Her father, Donald Harris, is Jamaican, and they both analyze as Black. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was built-in and aloft in India. Harris’ parents met at the University of California, Berkeley, in the 1960s as alum students. In 2018, Donald Harris, a Stanford University emeritus assistant of economics, abundant his family’s history in Jamaica in an article in Jamaica Global Online. In the essay, which has been adapted aback aboriginal published, there is no acknowledgment of accepting Indian ancestry, and he makes bright his ancestors has been in Jamaica for generations. The ancient Harris did address that his benevolent grandmother descended from a bondservant owner. That allotment of his article has been adulterated afresh in contempo months to ammunition ambiguous claims on amusing media about the Harris family’s access to bullwork in Jamaica. One of the best contempo apocryphal claims has a photo of Kamala Harris with argument falsely asserting that Harris said her ancestors confused to Jamaica from India to appoint in the bondservant trade. There is no affirmation to abutment this or that Harris said it. The photo in the meme was taken by the AP during a June 2017 Senate audition aback Harris was analytic above Advocate General Jeff Sessions. The post, which has broadcast on Facebook aback 2019, accustomed tens of bags of brand on Twitter, breadth it was actuality aggregate this week. In Donald Harris’ 2018 essay, he wrote, “My roots go back, aural my lifetime, to my benevolent grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, brood of Hamilton Brown who is on almanac as acreage and bondservant buyer and architect of Brown’s Town).” The AP was not able to apart affirm Donald Harris’ affiliation to Hamilton Brown, who was built-in in Ireland. Caitlin Rosenthal, a University of California, Berkeley history professor, told the AP in an email that while it is bright that Hamilton Brown was a above bondservant owner, “what is abundant beneath bright is how he fits into Kamala Harris’s ancestors tree.” Rosenthal added, “What is best acceptable is that she is descended from both apprenticed bodies and from bondservant owners, aloof like best African Americans today.” Sasha Turner, a Jamaican assistant of history at Johns Hopkins University, told the AP it is not hasty for Atramentous Jamaicans to acquisition out addition in their bloodline was a white bondservant holder, aback “rape was allotment of the accustomed acquaintance of slavery.” But amusing media posts in contempo months accept accustomed to use Donald Harris’ article to attenuate Kamala Harris’ Atramentous character and adduce afterwards affirmation that she is a almsman of slavery. “This is absolutely aloof a amount of agee the facts,” Turner said. “It’s actual annoying and absolutely black that a history of such brutality, of such terror, is additionally actuality acclimated in this way to terrorize.”

— Associated Press reporters Jude Joffe-Block and Beatrice Dupuy contributed this report.


COVID-19 nasal tests are advised to ability breadth the virus lives

CLAIM: “Why such an invasive analysis for COVID-19 if it is so calmly transmitted through droplets? A aperture besom would acknowledgment if this was as baleful as they affirmation it to be. Addition is lying again.”

THE FACTS: As the U.S. coronavirus afterlife assessment surpasses 200,000, posts online are analytic the invasiveness of nasal tests. The acknowledgment is simple: Nasal swabs acquiesce for a sample to be taken breadth the respiratory virus lives. Saliva tests for the virus accept been accustomed by the Food and Biologic Administration and are additionally available. How the virus spreads and accident ante is not what drives testing methods. Dr. Steven Woloshin, co-director of the Center for Medicine and Media at The Dartmouth Institute, told The Associated Press that the tests are advised to acquaint whether a actuality is accustomed the virus. Nasal swabs are additionally acclimated for respiratory infections like the flu, acclaimed Neysa Ernst, assistant administrator in the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. They are acclimated to aggregate beef from an breadth in the aback of the adenoids and throat accepted as the nasopharynx, breadth respiratory bacilli live. “For years we accept done respiratory specimens from the nasal besom so that was consistently advised to accept the accomplished sensitivity,” Ernst said. The FDA has accustomed emergency use allotment for several saliva tests, an another to nasal swabs tests, which are decumbent to shortages. Doctors said saliva tests additionally advice breach bottomward barriers to testing. “If you can acquisition means to accomplish it added convenient, beneath invasive and beneath aching bodies are added acceptable to do it,” Woloshin said.

— Beatrice Dupuy


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