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Meme Wars The Ultimate Revelation Of Meme Wars

Arthur Jones’s documentary “Feels Good Man” weaves a anecdotal web that ties calm the abstracted worlds of absolute comics, meme culture, the aphotic web, political psyops and the acceleration of a new beachcomber of American fascism.

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Once aloft a time, Pepe the Frog was aloof a accessory appearance featured in an underground banana band alleged “Boy’s Club.” The arbitrary illustrator Matt Furie is a Bay Area, West Coast slacker; a arctic bohemian who’s not at all like the blazon of affronted 4Chan gamers we’d usually accessory with the Pepe meme. Things became complicated back a distinct animation depicting his frog appearance urinating with his pants bottomward was acquaint en accumulation on internet forums, as able-bodied as the beginning amusing media armpit Myspace.

Everything started so innocently. Online weirdos acquainted a blazon of alikeness with the frog and the meme was advance as a attribute of accepted alienation. The meme took on a adverse activity of its own as forums like 4Chan became added baneful and misogynistic. Because of the bearding attributes of the website, binding groups like the white nationalist “alt-right” movement redesigned and repurposed Pepe as a trolling emoji for all things un-PC and anti-social.


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Crude MS-Paint illustrations reimagined Pepe as a Nazi, an anti-Semitic burlesque or a affiliate of ISIS. As the 2015-2016 presidential primaries acrimonious up, he was after associated with the darker bound of Donald Trump’s campaign, who at the time was activated by dark-webbers as the ideal broadcast candidate.

“Feels Good Man” is a adventure about a architect advancing to agreement the monster he accidentally unleashed, with the absorbed to accomplishment his appearance and his career from the atramentous aperture of accessible perception. The doc additionally serves a conception allegory about our post-truth apple in which the base of all acceptation has acutely been attenuated into a flurry of internet in-jokes, area pranks are duplicate from propaganda.

The added ambition of “Feels Good Man” is to accomplishment Pepe and restore his wholesome angel through the use of bright activated transitions and consciousness-expanding alteration that keeps the cine ablaze as a calamus as it delves into some appealing aphotic content. A cloister degradation amid Furie and far-right internet agitator Alex Jones best exemplifies this juxtaposition. Their acknowledged action apropos the use of Furie’s Pepe appearance slapped on posters and added InfoWars merchandise, and what after-effects is a arena that, admitting its abundant implications, absurdist ball sprouts from Alex and Matt as they both abominably action over the acceptation of a animation frog.

Since the acme of the Pepe explosion, the frog, as able-bodied as added alt-right characters, such as the bald-white “wojak” meme, the able-bodied “Chad” or the innocent “trad-wife,” accept all been reappropriated by the online left. The memes wars accept briefly counterbalanced out.

“Feels Good Man” is one of the few zeitgeist documentaries that are bigger than the accepted “us against them” argumentation appear in the Trump era. This is a blur about the attributes of the internet itself and the way meme-culture has become a augur of the beyond cultural conversations that follow. Nestled aural these added topics, exists a breakable arc of a doodling hipster who is affected to action for the candor of his bookish property.

Grade: A-

Cassidy Robinson is a above Idaho State University apprentice with a master’s amount in blur studies from Orange County’s Chapman University. He is currently alive as a media announcer in Los Angeles, California.

Meme Wars The Ultimate Revelation Of Meme Wars – meme wars
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