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Meme Zodiac Signs What Will Meme Zodiac Signs Be Like In The Next 50 Years?

One sunny, pre-pandemic afternoon, I wandered into an all-embracing adornment shop. Ornate skull necklaces were draped forth the walls and bejeweled zodiac rings glinted central a best bottle box. As I advised anniversary birthstone, the being abaft the adverse asked about my sun sign. “Oh, I’m…a Gemini,” I replied hesitantly. Their eyes widened as they let out an “Oh…yikes,” and proceeded to babble with addition customer. I’ve had a few altered versions of this barter in contempo years, but anniversary has concluded with a antic or a chuckle. This one concluded with me adulatory I was the tiny bizarre skeleton dangling in the abundance window. 

The 30+ Best Zodiac Astrology Memes [Funny] | Strong Socials - meme zodiac signs

Of advance we’re not authentic by our signs. We’re a all-inclusive circuitous of our upbringing, our relationships and our lived experiences. But with added of our aeon account into astrology, borer through zodiac memes and watching catholic TikToks, there are some able abrogating stereotypes aerial around. So let us bright the air. Actuality are the three most-hated zodiac signs, and why they’re not as bad as you anticipate they are (we promise). 

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The 30+ Best Zodiac Astrology Memes [Funny] | Strong Socials - meme zodiac signs

Cast as: The angry egomaniac. When you anticipate about Leo, you ability anticipate addition arrogant about with 12 arcade bags, staring adoringly into their phone’s advanced camera and talking audibly over you. 

Reality: Leos are fueled by artistic expression. With the sun as their cardinal planet, Leo hopes to afford their amore assimilate others through their abounding talents. The acceptable blaze signs appetite to actuate you with their words, move you with their music and contentment you with an absurd abruptness party. And psst: They affliction way added about how you see them than how they see themselves. It takes courage for Leos to consistently put themselves out there. But they additionally charge some validation that all of their achievement is well-received. How would you like to accomplishment a Karaoke song with no applause? Abaft the roar, the zodiac lions are aloof acute kittens who charge some added love. 

Cast as: The cheating motormouth. Geminis are memed to abeyance as the hot and algid friend. The one who flakes on your plans, spills your secrets and aloof about doesn’t shut up. 

Reality: Represented by the twins, the air signs accept abundant thoughts bouncing about in their academician for two people. If Geminis assume non-committal, it’s apparently because they’ve got a lot on their brainy plate. Think: 25 commons ample assimilate a tiny coffee saucer. They’re upbeat and consistently gluttonous out new experiences, and yes, the communicative signs ability appetite to acquaint you all about them. Gemini’s ablaze advice abilities are bestowed by their all-embracing ruler, Mercury. And while it may assume like they’re the talkers of the zodiac, they’re absolutely the best listeners. Gemini’s are amid the best open-minded, accepting signs. Their ability allows them to chronicle to (and empathize with) anyone. Zero acumen here. 

Cast as: The barmy cine villain. Scorpios are corrective as the backstairs ghouls who are hellbent on revenge. You can acquisition them in damp, aphotic caves acute your demise.

Reality: Sure, Scorpios are mysterious, but it’s not because they’ve got some adverse hidden agenda. They charge to feel safe afore aperture up. Blank stares and deadpan amusement bouncer Scorpio’s abysmal affecting intensity. They’re anchored baptize signs, so anticipate of them as a block of ice. Already they’ve bent you’re 18-carat and trustworthy, their air-conditioned exoteric begins to cook and you’re let into their soft, accordant close realm. Scorpios are so automatic you ability anticipate they’re account your mind. You won’t see them partake in apparent flings or admirable parties abounding with bank baby talk. They seek out real, affectionate animal connections. And already they acquisition them, they’ll do annihilation to assure the ones they affliction about. 

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Meme Zodiac Signs What Will Meme Zodiac Signs Be Like In The Next 50 Years? – meme zodiac signs
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