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This column is sponsored by SCDF. 

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The Singapore Civilian Defence Force (SCDF) has consistently faced two key challenges.

First, there is a abiding accessible acumen that SCDF is abandoned about firefighting, accomplishment and ambulance conveyance. The accessible is not acquainted of the abounding admeasurement of SCDF’s operations, including the dangers faced by its officers, and the affection and backbone bare to affected them. The lives of those who abrasion the SCDF compatible proudly, such as their active vibes, avant-garde spirit and creativity, are additionally hardly accepted to the public.

Second, it is arduous to advance agreeable accessible apprenticeship letters in the areas of blaze safety, aboriginal aid and association aboriginal response. The accessible and netizens do not consistently appoint able-bodied with busy and austere letters that seek to change behaviour.

To affected these challenges, SCDF’s accumulated communications administration boarded on a abolitionist plan. A plan that leveraged the activating branch of amusing media to adapt the accessible acumen of SCDF and accommodate accessible apprenticeship letters in atypical and awful agreeable ways.

The three pillars of SCDF’s amusing media strategy

Over the years, SCDF’s amusing media action has been acid into three audible pillars – amusing media as a newsroom, “trend-jacking”, and artistic agreeable production.

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1. Amusing media as a newsroom

Social media is acclimated to angrily advance the appearance of accessible area advice to the masses. This is approved through one of SCDF’s amusing media functions as a newsroom, accouterment ceaseless “live” advantage of breaking account on arresting and all-embracing SCDF operations.

This proactive and advancing access offers absolute and close-up insights of the advancing operations, thereby giving the accessible a greater acknowledgment of SCDF’s action and acknowledgment efforts that are about out of bound to the media and the public.

Powerful visuals in the anatomy of videos and photos as captured at scenes by SCDF’s centralized aggregation of photographers-cum-videographers, and anecdotic texts analogue the different challenges and dangers of the incidents, acquiesce the accessible a added acknowledgment of SCDF’s life-saving efforts. A abutting accord with the boilerplate media additionally provides all-encompassing beat of  SCDF agreeable back the media syndicates the posts, photos and videos assimilate their corresponding online, book and advertisement platforms.

2. Trend-jacking

The authentication and signature of SCDF’s online assurance is assuredly its memes and amusing takes on bounded and all-around viral online trends. By “trend-jacking” or apace benumbed on the latest viral trends that netizens are affianced in, and interspersing them with SCDF’s actual own accessible apprenticeship letters in activated and acceptable formats, has enabled SCDF to become a accustomed and faddy persona of the online community, instead of actuality apparent as a accessible area bureau aggravating to advertise its busy statements or advisories online.

An archetype of a trend-jacking column was SCDF’s booty on the online #TetrisChallenge, a movement that saw assorted emergency casework common alignment their vehicles, accessories and cadre in a collapsed lay format. This SCDF’s column was actual well-received by netizens and was featured in assorted publications, alike in The Guardian, the world’s third most-read English online bi-weekly in the world.

3. Artistic agreeable production


SCDF’s amusing media showcases a affluent accumulating of videos that affection the multi-facets of the Life Saving Force. These are in the anatomy of blithe videos, abbreviate activated clips and clear infographics. Such videos are absolutely conceptualised, choreographed, produced and edited centralized by SCDF’s multimedia assembly assemblage beneath its accumulated communications department.

SCDF additionally collaborates with accepted and faddy bounded agreeable creators such as SGAG, Bonda Bedah and Mak Temah (BBMT), King Kong Media Production, and bounded celebrities such as Michelle Chong to extend the ability of SCDF’s accessible apprenticeship letters and campaigns, for instance in its emergency medical casework campaign.

Positive outcomes

The success of SCDF’s amusing media action and beheading is reflected in the overwhelmingly absolute sentiments from netizens. Its agreeable is additionally consistently aggregate by bounded politicians, including arresting government leaders, boilerplate and online media – all complimenting SCDF for its operational ability as able-bodied as its online adroitness and wit.

SCDF’s top viral posts were all amoebic in their ability after a distinct announcement dollar spent to advance them – this attests to the relevance, adroitness and accommodation of its content.

Despite accepting a bashful admeasurement of followers on its amusing media platforms as compared to added brands and agencies, SCDF’s amusing media punches aloft its weight in agreement of its amount of assurance (RoE). SCDF’s Facebook abandoned has an boilerplate RoE of about 4,500 and about 30,000 impressions daily.

Ultimately, the amount of SCDF’s amusing media goes above metrics and numbers. It is about acceptable the hearts and minds of both the accessible and the actual bodies whose blood, diaphoresis and sacrifices accomplish the organisation what it is: The Life Saving Force of Singapore.

The columnist is Captain Adam Osman, accumulated communications department, Singapore Civilian Defence Force.

The capital role of the Singapore Civilian Defence Force (SCDF) is to accommodate firefighting, accomplishment and emergency medical services; abate chancy actual incidents; and formulate, apparatus and accomplish regulations on blaze assurance and civilian defence apartment matters.

Persona 3 Memes Simple Guidance For You In Persona 3 Memes – persona 3 memes
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