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Anime Girl Cake Design Is Anime Girl Cake Design The Most Trending Thing Now?

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The adventure centers about Sueharu Maru, an boilerplate 17-year-old aerial academy boy who has never had a girlfriend, and the “heroine battle” amid his admirable aboriginal drove Shirokusa Kachi and his adolescence acquaintance Kuroha Shida.

Osamake: Romcom Area The Adolescence Acquaintance Won’t Lose is based on Shūichi Nimaru’s ablaze atypical alternation and streams on Crunchyroll on Tuesdays.

How was the aboriginal episode?

Richard Eisenbeis


“In which Nice Guy™ meets Nice Girl™.”

It’s one of those accepted experiences: you get a drove on someone, absorb time accepting afterpiece to them, and plan to ask them out—only to ascertain addition exhausted you to it and now they’re taken. It’s abandoned animal to feel aghast and angry, not to acknowledgment heartbroken. This is doubly accurate aback it comes to your aboriginal crush. However, a big allotment of crumbling is activity the hell out of your feelings, accepting them, and again affective on with your life.

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Our protagonist, Sueharu, is so abutting to activity about this the appropriate way. He realizes that he still brand Kachi admitting aggregate abroad and wants her to be happy, alike if he’s not a allotment of her activity the way he wants to be. Unfortunately, his adolescence friend, Kuroha, has a vested absorption in blame him to go abounding Nice Guy™ on his crush. And she knows absolutely what buttons to advance to get him to “seek revenge.”

Of course, Kuroha isn’t accomplishing this for his sake; it’s not like she thinks that accepting animus will somehow accomplish him happy. Rather she’s accomplishing it for her own sake. Kuroha badly wants to be with Suehara, and while he’s not absolutely against to the abstraction of dating her in general, he knows it would be arbitrary to go out with her while his amore is currently focused elsewhere.

While Sueharu initially wants to get his animus on Kachi’s new admirer by advertisement some aphotic abstruse of his to the world, the plan Kuroha promotes is to accomplish Kachi anxious by assuming that she and Sueharu are a couple. Of course, it doesn’t booty a rocket scientist to see that Kuroha has already gone abounding Nice Girl™ and is basically aggravating to ambush Sueharu into a Shrodinger’s accord in the hopes that he’ll apprehend how absolute she is for him and adjudge he loves her afterwards all.

While this may be a comedy, it’s a decidedly sad bearings aback you anticipate about it. We acquire two bodies faced with bounce and clumsy to acquire it. Instead of affective on with their lives in a advantageous way, both acquire instead called to focus alike added on accepting the absorption of their crushes, alike if the absorption they’re activity to get is not the affectionate they absolutely want. Let’s above achievement that this looming SNAFU of an acquaintance helps them to complete a bit by the time the series’ final credits roll.


One of the allowances of Japanese media’s “overly continued and specific ablaze atypical titles” is that they tend to accord you a appropriate abstraction of what you’re in for, and Osamake is no exception. Above like it says on the tin, this does absolutely arise to be a Romcom Area the Adolescence Acquaintance Doesn’t Lose. Or, rather, she at atomic has abundant ability to accord relentlessly advancing a accord with our capital guy the old academy try. If you’re a fan of generically advised ablaze atypical romcom characters accepting into the accepted romcom shenanigans, again Osamake is set to be the appearance that above almost skirts assemblage abundant to be acutely altered from its bags of competitors.

My botheration is, based on the appellation alone, I was acquisitive for a appearance with a bit added appetite than what I saw in Osamake’s premiere. Let’s face it: Anime romcoms acquire never been area you go to acquisition shows that bacchanal in adventurousness and abolition expectations, and I feel like the acceleration of the ablaze atypical adjustment has abandoned affronted the genre’s assurance on shows that consistently agitate out disposable carbon copies of whatever awash the best in the aftermost bristles years. That said, the oversaturation of the bazaar agency that the anime romcom is a brand above cat-and-mouse to be parodied to hell and back. As Osamake’s titular adolescence friend, Koharu is set to accomplish some austere plays for Sueharu, the boy of her dreams, and I was acquisitive that her adventure would acquire a keener eye for ablution on the overplayed tropes of its abounding forebears.

Instead, Osamake feels like a appearance that wants to acquire its block and eat it too; it’s self-aware abundant that Koharu’s aboveboard adulation (and lust) for Haru is played for action throughout the premiere, but the appearance is never all that funny, because it’s still too active arena its cliché escapade almost straight: The battling adulation absorption is an aloof, able supermodel; the best acquaintance is a sex-obsessed basset that takes annihilation seriously; the characters all attending duplicate from the kids you’d accommodated in My Teen Adventurous Ball SNAFU, or Girls Beyond the Wasteland, or what acquire you.

The capital angle of Osamake’s apriorism is that Sueharu’s crush, Kachi, ends up dating a hot amateur guy afore he can alike acknowledge his feelings, and Koharu promises to advice him get his Adventurous animus (while continuing to accompany him the accomplished time). This could potentially advance to some absorbing developments after on, but all throughout this aboriginal adventure I was too absent by apprehensive what in the heck Koharu sees in this guy, anyway? Outside of actuality affectionate of pathetically bedeviled with a babe who already has a boyfriend, there’s annihilation about him that is charming, or interesting, or altered (and no, the last-minute adumbration that he acclimated to be a adolescent amateur doesn’t count).

If Osamake was bluff in its autograph and construction, the arid apriorism and bruised casting would all be absolute marks for some analgesic jokes. Instead, admitting its allegorical title, this is a romcom that feels like added of the same, and little else. It’s not terrible, but this bounce has been absolutely blimp with kickass premieres, and Osamake is activity to acquire to aim a lot college to nab a atom on such a awash watchlist.


Typically for me, the better hurdle to accepting into any harem story, or sometimes credible old shounen rom-com, is the actuality that I usually acquisition the changeable characters insufferable. Possibly this is because they’re so generally presented as absolutely credible and unrealistic, and as a adult myself, I acquisition that annoying. In any event, so far we’ve abandoned absolutely gotten a personality out of one of the two capital girls (a cardinal that looks destined to multiply, anticipation by the affair song), but I already animosity her. Kuroha Shida is the eponymous adolescence acquaintance from the title, and her oh-so-brilliant plan to both serve her interests and advice her drove Sueharu Maru out of his depression, aback he learns that the babe he brand has a boyfriend, is to acquire him pretend to be her boyfriend. In Kuroha’s mind, this appears to be killing two birds with one bean while accompanying acceptance neither she nor Sueharu to absolutely acquire “no” as an answer. Genius!

This, however, may abandoned be the tip of the abstract area the artifice is concerned. There’s an basal adventure area the babe Sueharu likes, Shirokusa Kachi, is a beginning columnist and almsman of a celebrated accolade (while still in aerial school, naturally); the boy she’s dating, Mitsuru Abe, is a beginning actor, and Sueharu is a above actor, a adolescent brilliant who has chock-full acting for some acumen we don’t apperceive yet. (Is Kuroha secretly a beginning dancer? I wouldn’t be surprised.) Back Mitsuru has acutely heard of Sueharu’s work, we could get some agitative adulation geometry, or at atomic acquaintance geometry, if he wants to bang up some affectionate of accord with the affronted Sueharu. So this is absolutely not after potential. Additionally absorbing is the use of altered clover apologue for the two capital girls – Shirokusa wears a white clover bloom in her beard and Kuroha wears four-leaf clovers as beard ornaments. While we all apperceive that four-leaf clovers are a attribute of luck, the clover bloom can acquire a array of meanings based on the blush – and white clovers are best frequently assigned the meanings of “good fortune,” “think of me,” and “a promise,” as declared in the episode. (Purple or red clovers beggarly “industry,” if you’re curious.) But back promises can be broken, they can additionally at times booty on a acceptation of animus – as in, avenging a burst promise. Back Sueharu trailed off aback he was advertisement the meanings of white clovers in the episode, I feel like that aftermost ability be commodity the alternation is alive up to.

Obviously this adventure didn’t grab me. Parts of it absolute affronted me, not the atomic of which was Sueharu’s skeezy acquaintance who has allegedly been seven-timing some girls. (At added schools. Girls at their academy acutely acquire his number.) It additionally isn’t amazing in the art and action department, although I do acknowledge that it doesn’t go out of its way to allow in cool fanservice. But this could still about-face out to be a appropriate adventurous ball already the casting is accumulated and the artifice gets activity in earnest. If this is your genre, I’d absolutely stick it out at atomic one added adventure to see.

Nick Dupree


I’m absolutely not abiding what to accomplish of this one. That’s weird. I mean, the absolute apriorism is appropriate there in the boring title: This is a romcom where, appear hell, aerial water, or dark-haired kuudere, the adolescence acquaintance refuses to be larboard in her admired Potato-kun’s adventurous wake. Yet somehow, admitting watching this absolute aboriginal episode, I still don’t feel like I acquire a acceptable abstraction of what this appearance is absolutely aiming for.

Part of that is the pacing. This is your accepted 22-odd minute premiere, but it accompanying feels bisected and alert as continued as that. The aboriginal scenes of the casting above talking and accepting into addled hijinks in their classroom feel acutely slow, to area I was abashed we were abandoned eight account in aback I looked at the advance bar. But again our hero’s drove reveals she’s dating someone, and aback we’re absence through about three altered bounds all at once. Aboriginal Sueharu and Kuroha are planning to get animus on the babe for uh…not amore him? But again they’re activity to alpha affected dating to accomplish her jealous, somehow! And again it’s appear that Sueharu is absolutely an acting prodigy and the above battling of the guy she’s dating! Dun dun dun! It’s all absolute active and half-baked, and larboard this premiere activity ambrosial fluctuant for what should be an accessible to get into comedy.

It additionally doesn’t advice that I’m not abiding how abundant I’m declared to ache with our leads here. Teenagers actuality petty or anxious is annihilation new, but the abstraction of accepting “revenge” on a babe for the abomination of dating somebody who isn’t you, because you assertive yourself she MIGHT like you because she’s affectionate of affable appear you sometimes, is a chiefly advantaged take. And at credibility that seems to be what the appearance is saying, as Sueharu comes off acutely affecting and awkward aback he’s aggravating to concoct a plan to absolutely stick it to Kachi’s boyfriend. It’s additionally ambrosial bright Kuroha is egging him on for the adventitious to get abutting to him and accomplish abiding the show’s appellation comes true, but that additionally causes the botheration of our two adventurous leads being, at best, agilely bellicose in a brand that depends on at atomic some amore for the characters. That’s an awkward, ambiguous tightrope that added alternation acquire collapsed off of, and I don’t acquire a ton of aplomb that Osamake can accomplish it work.

The added botheration is the animation. The absolute designs are beautiful abundant – soft, round, and blithely black to be ambrosial to attending at – and the OP has some nice, if short, dancing segments. But the absolute appearance acting is uncharacteristically annealed for a Doga Kobo production, and it’s accumulated with some absolutely abstract direction. Sometimes it’s on point and masks any hasty movement with solid blocking and lighting, but added times there are awe-inspiring dutch angles with no achievable motivation, or adamantine cuts that don’t change area but aback acquire characters continuing in altered places for no credible reason. It’s an awkward, inconsistent assembly from a flat that usually knocks this affectionate of actual out of the park, which is ambrosial disappointing.

With all of that said, I’ll still apparently be afraid about for a brace added episodes, mostly because I’m jonesing for a romcom and there’s not a ton of selections this season. Nagatoro is on appropriately all-a-quiver arena for me as of adventure 1, and my added best is…Koikimo. So yeah, beggars can’t be choosers. But as-is I can’t absolutely accord Osamake a advocacy on its own merits

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