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Looking for the best Cyberpunk 2077 PC settings for your rig? Whether you’re ambidextrous with an crumbling setup, or you bought a PC accurately for this game, our adviser will breach bottomward actually which settings will be the best ambitious on your system.

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If you’re the closing and you purchased a cast new RTX-equipped computer for this game, it’s assuredly time to get the best out of your GPU in Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red has formed with Nvidia to accompany two of the better RTX appearance to the bold – ray archetype and DLSS. The aggregate of these able appearance is the PC gaming agnate of accepting your cake, bistro it too, and again burglary somebody else’s block and bistro that for a laugh.

The arrangement requirements ambit from accouterments fabricated aback in 2013 like the GTX 780 and i5 3750k, all the way to the latest and greatest from AMD and Nvidia. If you’ve endemic a able gaming PC over the accomplished bristles years, you should be able to comedy Cyberpunk 2077. While there isn’t a congenital benchmarking tool, we’ve begin tweaking our settings while affective about in a active breadth to be a solid indicator of performance. We’ll additionally allotment some tips on ambience you can change in an accomplishment to hit that basic 60fps mark so abounding of us authority dear.

Here is the body for the PC we’re testing on:

If you own an Nvidia GPU, be abiding to amend to the latest drivers (version 460.79) which will be accessible to download advanced of Cyberpunk 2077’s launch. While you can run the bold afterwards application these drivers, you may acquaintance worse achievement and graphical glitches. These bold accessible drivers will ensure you’re accepting the best achievement from your cartoon card.

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There are over 20 altered cartoon options to abuse in Cyberpunk 2077, banishment you to comedy about with a admixture of settings in adjustment to get the best performance. We acclaim aggravating out the presets (low, medium, high, and ultra) aboriginal to acquisition a solid abject fps, again adjusting anniversary alone ambience to your preference. Here are some of the settings we begin fabricated the better aberration in agreement of achievement and beheld quality.

This ambience determines the affection of reflections in the game. Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City is abounding with neon signs and cogitating surfaces, so it’s barefaced why this ambience would accept such a ample appulse on your performance. You accept the best of bristles altered affection options including the attenuate and dubiously blue-blooded ‘Psycho’ setting, admitting we’d acclaim opting for Low. Our anatomy amount jumped 11% from Ultra to Low, and while there are a few beheld differences, it’s not account the hit to your achievement unless you can actually allow it.

The ambient occlusion ambience affects caliginosity in areas area admission ablaze is blocked by the environment. Bumping up this ambience to Boilerplate will accomplish the apple feel added animate by abacus added ablaze sources and shadows, but your anatomy amount will ache as a result. Axis off Ambient Occlusion saw our anatomy amount access from 76 (on High) to 80. We’d acclaim ambience this to Low at the bald minimum – while it costs a few frames, the added caliginosity accomplish the bold attending abundant nicer.

This ambience affects how realistically the clouds in the sky are rendered, however, there isn’t abundant of a aberration amid boilerplate and ultra. We’d acclaim afraid with boilerplate for this ambience as it additional our anatomy amount by 8% during the day on boilerplate – an absorbing access for about no apparent beheld difference.

As with all games, ray archetype comes at a huge achievement cost, about the beheld allotment are incomparable by any cartoon ambience in the game. If you own an RTX card, we’d awful acclaim axis on DLSS as this affection can access your anatomy amount dramatically. There are bristles DLSS presets (auto, quality, balanced, performance, and ultra performance), anniversary advised to accommodate the best acquaintance depending on what you’re after.

Using the Affection DLSS ambience with Ray Tracing: ultra cartoon preset, our boilerplate anatomy amount jumped from 40 to 62, an access of 55%. The ability of DLSS cannot be overstated, and alike if you aren’t application any ray archetype features, it’s account enabling this ambience absolutely for the chargeless anatomy amount boost.

Unless you’re attempting to comedy the bold at 4K or alike 8K, we’d acclaim council bright of the ultra achievement setting. While this advantage technically works on lower resolutions like 1080p and 1440p, you won’t see a absolute account until you ability 4K. You can use the accustomed achievement ambience on lower resolutions to accretion a college anatomy rate, but you may atom odd beheld artifacts every so often.

Though the latest AMD cartoon cards do abutment ray tracing, Cyberpunk 2077’s ray archetype appearance will be absolute to Nvidia at launch. CD Projekt say they’re alive with AMD to “introduce this affection as anon as we can”, but it may not access until 2021.

Since Cyberpunk 2077 launched, we’ve apparent a cardinal of achievement fixes from the community. From REDengine 4 not utilising the ability of AMD Ryzen CPUs, to ambience up config book fixes in adjustment to handle the game’s anamnesis catch pool, these fixes accept had desperate after-effects for a lot of players.

In our acquaintance application Yamashi’s Cyber Engine Tweaks mod which brings calm several achievement fixes, the AMD SMT application in accurate absolutely helps to advance performance. That actuality said, we haven’t noticed any achievement increases in active areas of Night City. The achievement assets from this mod bigger our anatomy amount in areas area it was already absolutely stable, activity from 65 to 80fps while in combat.

Be abiding to chase Yamashi’s GitHub folio as CD Projekt RED has declared PC patches are on the way. On the off adventitious the developers don’t apparatus these association fixes in approaching updates, you should still be able to use the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod. Cyberpunk 2077 is a ambitious bold for the best accouterments out there, but you may acquisition that this mod has a bigger appulse on earlier systems.

Now that your bold is up and active smoothly, absolutely analysis out our Cyberpunk 2077 activity paths adviser afore branch into Night City.

Can you run it? Analysis your bureaucracy adjoin the Cyberpunk 2077 arrangement requirements.

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