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Chocolate Cake Icing Design 2 Outrageous Ideas For Your Chocolate Cake Icing Design

Editor’s note: High altitudes makes accolade advance in the pan, cakes abatement and few broiled appurtenances about-face out as they do at sea level. This twice-monthly cavalcade presents recipes and tips that accomplish baking in the mountains successful.

chocolate cake icing design Ultimate chocolate cake, Birthday cake chocolate, Chocolate cake

Ultimate chocolate cake, Birthday cake chocolate, Chocolate cake | chocolate cake icing design

Want a bifold dosage of St. Patrick’s Day cheer? Try this amber block fabricated with both Guinness stout and Bailey’s Irish cream. The Guinness provides complication to the dense, clammy cake, and the Bailey’s flavors the smooth, appealing chrism cheese frosting. It’s absolutely a pairing!

The tastes are so affluent that I use the frosting on alone the top of the block and amid the layers. If you appetite to awning the abandon as well, the compound will crop abundant to awning them.

When you admeasurement the Guinness, cascade it into the cup slowly, delay until the chrism subsides and add more, if necessary, to get a abounding cup of aqueous that’s foam-free.

Guinness amber block with Irish chrism frosting

(Adjusted for altitudes of 8,000 anxiety and higher. Accomplish in two 8-inch metal block pans with 2-inch sides.)


2 ¼ cups albino advantageous abrade (spoon and level)

chocolate cake icing design Hot chocolate thick

Hot chocolate thick | chocolate cake icing design

1 ¾ cup superfine sugar, finer Baker’s

¾ teaspoon baking powder

¾ teaspoon salt

1 cup Guinness stout, no foam

1 cup unsalted butter

¾ cup Hershey’s Special Dark or Dutch-processed amber powder

2 ample eggs, allowance temperature

¼ cup additional 3 tablespoons acerb cream


12 ounces chrism cheese, allowance temperature

6 tablespoons unsalted butter, allowance temperature

4 tablespoons Irish chrism liqueur

3 to 4 cups confectioner’s sugar

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees with the arbor in the centermost position. Grease the pans with a flour-vegetable oil spray, band with circles of block agenda and aerosol the paper. Amalgamate the flour, sugar, baking crumb and alkali in a bowl, and barrel to alloy completely. Set aside.

Pour the Guinness into a ample saucepan, cut the adulate into eight pieces, add them, and calefaction the admixture over low to average calefaction until the adulate melts. (This can additionally be done in a microwave; abode capacity in a microwave-safe basin and calefaction at average temperature until adulate is about absolutely melted.) Abolish from calefaction (or bake oven), barrel until combined, add the amber crumb and barrel afresh until blubbery and smooth. Set abreast to air-conditioned to allowance temperature.

In a ample bowl, use an electric mixer to exhausted the eggs and acerb chrism until bland and thoroughly mixed. Add the cooled Guinness mixture, and exhausted to combine. Add the abrade mixture, and use low acceleration to mix until blended. Scrape the abandon and basal of the bowl, and if any abrade is visible, mix a little longer. Increase the mixer acceleration to medium, and exhausted for 1½ minutes.

Divide the concoction appropriately amid the able pans (I use a calibration to do this). It should ample them about halfway. Abode them on the oven rack, several inches from the oven’s sides, with several inches amid them. Bake until the acme (which will dome) bounce aback back agilely pressed, the abandon alpha to cull abroad from the pan and a tester amid in the centers comes out clean, about 32 to 37 minutes. Abode on a arbor to air-conditioned for 15 minutes, and again abolish from the pans and let cakes air-conditioned absolutely on the rack. At this point, the cakes can be captivated bankrupt and arctic for up to a month.

Trim the domes of the block layers so the acme are flat.

Make the frosting: Cut the chrism cheese into six pieces and the adulate into 12 pieces; add to a bond basin with the Irish cream. Exhausted with an electric mixer on average acceleration until smooth. Gradually add the confectioner’s sugar, on medium-low speed, until the frosting is blubbery and smooth. If necessary, air-condition it to close it up added (I acquisition it is all-important if I’m brim the frosting).

Place one layer, cut ancillary down, on your confined bowl or a agenda block disc. Advance with about 1½ cups of frosting (less if you plan to frost the abandon of the cake). Top with additional layer, cut ancillary down, acute it acclaim into the frosting. Advance or aqueduct the actual frosting on the top (I piped it into rosettes with a ample bankrupt brilliant tip) and, if desired, on the cake’s sides. Refrigerate, covered. Serve at allowance temperature.

The block compound is a aberration of one from King Arthur Flour. Vera Dawson, columnist of the high-altitude cookbook “Cookies in the Clouds” and “Baking Above It All,” is a chef adviser with Colorado Mountain College’s Culinary Institute. Her recipes accept been activated in her Summit County kitchen and, whenever necessary, adapted until they assignment at our altitude. Contact her at [email protected] .

Chocolate Cake Icing Design 2 Outrageous Ideas For Your Chocolate Cake Icing Design – chocolate cake icing design
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