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Cake Icing Design Ideas Things That Make You Love And Hate Cake Icing Design Ideas

Bottle gourds, or calabash, accept continued been taken as advantageous altar in China. With a baby aperture and a big stomach, they were acclimated as containers in times past. In age-old times, doctors would generally adhere a canteen alembic in advanced of their stall, which was originally acclimated to authority medicine. Gradually, canteen gourds acquired into a attribute that represented doctors of acceptable Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, the Chinese argot Xuanhu Jishi (hanging a calabash to advice people) came into being, praising the altruism of medical practitioners who save patients in times of pain.

cake icing design ideas Hübscher verzierter Kuchen der Blumenrebe - Rezeptideen

Hübscher verzierter Kuchen der Blumenrebe – Rezeptideen | cake icing design ideas

In folk culture, as the Chinese accentuation of “bottle gourd” is homophonic with “happy and rich,” it is accordingly admired by abounding people. In addition, as canteen alembic has abounding seeds, it came to betoken “thriving of baby and ample atom harvests” and represented the ambition of age-old bodies to accept abounding accouchement and abundant happiness.

There are abounding works of art accompanying to canteen gourds in Chinese people’s life, amid which canteen alembic pyrography achievement in Beijing is abnormally different and ingenious. It has been added to the account of abstract cultural ancestry in Dongcheng District of Beijing and so is now adequate by the government.

Calabash pyrography is an art of putting icing on the cake. In the calmly of accomplished craftsmen, accustomed canteen gourds can be angry into admirable collectable pieces of artwork, abacus absolute amusement to Chinese people’s cultural life.

Turning the Accustomed into Magic

Bottle alembic pyrography is the art of decorating a canteen alembic by afire a clear architecture assimilate the surface. The address accepted as pyrography can be traced aback added than 2,200 years to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), but it was not until the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) that the art was aboriginal activated to gourds.

According to legend, the art started accidentally aback a accumulation of artists were sending a accumulation of canteen gourds as accolade to the emperor. The gourds got aged on the way as it was during the backing season. Fearing that they would be punished, the artists came up with the abstraction of baking admirable patterns on the apparent of the gourds to burrow the aged areas. As expected, the aesthetic articles they fabricated captivated the emperor, and a new affectionate of art was born.

However, this ability did not accept abundant accessible absorption until avant-garde times. With the efforts of accomplished artists, the art has accomplished its heyday alone in contempo times. Canteen alembic pyrography handicrafts featuring actual figures, bogie tales, advantageous patterns, plants, animals, and insects, etc., are accepted artworks. Application an electric soldering adamant as pen and blaze as ink, adorable conscientious abstracts and animals arise on the apparent in an instant.

Bottle alembic pyrography is an art of putting icing on the cake. In the calmly of accomplished craftsmen, accustomed gourds can be angry into pieces of admirable collectable artwork, abacus absolute amusement to Chinese people’s cultural life.

Ji Shun is a Chinese artisan and almsman of the abstract cultural ancestry of calabash pyrography in Dongcheng District, Beijing.


To accomplish a nice alembic pyrography handicraft, three above accomplish charge to be completed: aces a acceptable canteen gourd, architecture a pattern, and draw on the gourd. These acutely accessible accomplish may booty canicule or alike months to finish!

Step one: baddest a ripe, aureate canteen gourd. There are assorted kinds of gourds and they consistently arise admirable with their accustomed affected shapes. Nowadays, with the advance in agronomics technology, you can abound gourds in any actualization you desire. This gives artists assorted options from which to choose.

Step two: architecture artistic patterns. To accomplish a acceptable allotment of artwork, adroitness is consistently crucial. There is a big aberration amid painting on gourds and painting on cardboard as the above has a arced surface, which would advance to the deforming of the pattern.

Skilled artists do not artlessly alteration a architecture from a allotment of cardboard assimilate a gourd. Instead, they booty advantage of the accustomed actualization and arrangement of the gourd, application a acrimonious apparatus or wire to bake or bake designs assimilate them. The aftereffect will be a three-dimensional painting that is abundant added animate than painting on paper. Sometimes, the alembic of a camp actualization ability accompany the best abrupt result!

Step three: acrylic the gourd. Aback painting gourds, by authoritative the acceleration and force of their “pen,” the electric iron, artists are able to accomplish attenuate gradations of blush on the alembic surface. The aftereffect will be a active allotment of artwork.

In the procedure, the additional footfall is the best important as canteen gourds are not adamantine to find, and acceptable architecture account calmly blooper away. Sometimes a alembic ability lie on the board for months afore the artisan comes up with the final abstract architecture drawing. As for baking the architecture assimilate the gourd, accomplished artisans ability alone charge several account to get it done.

Today, abounding craftsmen are affianced in canteen alembic pyrography art, but few can accomplish a accomplished allotment of artwork. To be a accomplished alembic pyrographer, a actuality needs to be: versatile, a capital painter, a accomplished adjudicator of canteen gourds, and a acceptable duke at application electric soldering irons. But for accustomed art lovers, Beijing’s Baigongfang Handicrafts Museum’s training classes will absolutely be able to accommodated their needs.

On May 7, 2020, a live-streaming aggregation helps an old farmer, Yin Chuanming, to advertise his calabash pyrography artworks at his home in Sishanzi Village of Linyi City in east China’s Shandong Province.

Life as a Alembic Pyrographer

In Beijing’s canteen alembic pyrography circle, Ji Shun is absolutely famous. Ji, now in his backward 60s, is a chief Chinese arts and crafts artisan and an almsman of the abstract cultural ancestry of canteen alembic pyrography in Dongcheng District.

Ji acclimated to assignment in his own flat at Baigongfang Handicrafts Museum, but this year he confused his flat aback to his home in Fengtai District due to renovations actuality fabricated at the museum. In a baby bedchamber of his apartment, his alembic works, calligraphy, and painting works are blind all over the wall, giving it the actualization of an art gallery.

Ji spent best of his activity accomplishing journalism. Again about the year 2000, the aggregation he was alive at went broke due to the banking crisis which was across-the-board through Asia aback then. As a result, Ji opened his own arcade in Beijing with the dream of actuality an artist. It was at this arcade that he accidentally came in acquaintance with the art of canteen alembic pyrography.

Ji is accomplished at acceptable Chinese astute painting and calligraphy. In his additional time, he additionally writes poems. These hobbies accept nourished his career from the actual alpha of actuality a apprentice alembic pyrography artist. The aboriginal canteen gourds he corrective were an burning success, giving him the adventitious to booty them to across exhibitions as a affiliate of the government art affiliation later.

When asked what the best affection of his alembic works is, Ji replies that he aloof follows the accustomed actualization of the canteen alembic to administer agrarian imagination. Besides, in agreement of motif, instead of alone application acceptable Chinese astute paintings, which best artisans do, he borrows elements from Western painting techniques to alter the appearance of his works.

In his aboriginal years, Ji admired to accomplish different works from canteen gourds that had aberrant shapes. But gradually, he accomplished that gourds with an accustomed actualization are the big claiming to assignment on. Sometimes, he aloof holds a new alembic and stares at it beneath the ablaze afore accomplishing annihilation with it. “While the alembic revolves in my hand, the changes in the actualization of its caliginosity consistently affect me,” Ji says.

“At first, my wife and I drew on canteen gourds alone for fun. She is a bigger painter of astute painting than I am. For a aeon of time, we both became absorbed with this art. Again artlessly I best it up as one of my careers,” Ji looked at his admired gourds and became absent in thought.

Ji’s wife, Xu Qing, abstruse from his father, Xu Yongkang, a adept of acceptable Chinese astute painting, how to acrylic flowers and birds, and was an almsman of hand-painted silks, addition abstract cultural ancestry of Beijing. In Ji’s eyes, his wife’s paintings are added accurate than his own. For years, the adapted brace accept formed calm and afflicted anniversary other.

“We discussed the crafts we did together. While that sometimes angry into a quarrel, best of the time we aggressive anniversary other,” He recalled.

Earlier this year, Ji’s wife anesthetized away, abrogation a abundant abstraction in his heart. But admitting his pain, he says he will backpack advanced their alternate art career. He has a ambition to adapt an exhibition one day to allotment with art lovers what he and his wife accept adherent their lives to.  

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