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Sony’s PS5 reveal accident is accident now, with PS5 advance arrangement artist Mark Cerny accouterment us with a abysmal dive into the PS5’s arrangement architecture.

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And the acceptable account is you can chase forth alive appropriate here, with our PS5 acknowledge alive blog, area we’re accouterment able assay and assessment on aggregate that’s announced.

We’re assured to apprentice added about the PS5 specs – in acknowledgment to Microsoft afresh advertisement a bulk of advice about the Xbox Alternation X – although there’s beneath of a adventitious the architectonics of the animate will be revealed. Plus, those acquisitive for an advertisement of PS5 games that will be accessible at barrage will acceptable be disappointed.

Looking aback at antecedent PlayStation announcements, Sony tends to authority the architectonics of its abutting bearing animate until afterwards in the year – which agency we may able-bodied be a few months off absolutely seeing the PS5 itself.

The PS5 advertisement starts at 12pm EST (9am PST, 4pm GMT).

All times in EST (US Eastern Standard Time)

12:51 – So what about audio devices? Rolling abutment for this 3D audio out to absolute audio accouterments is activity to be rough, but headphones are accessible for it now. TV basic beleaguer complete is actuality formed on appropriate now, but allegedly isn’t ready. 

12:49 – Remember this was due to be a developer animate during GDC, that’s why its absolutely spec-intensive. 

12:47 – Tempest 3D AudioTech has been congenital by Sony and will ability the PS5’s 3D audio. It runs on the 3D Tempest engine, is congenital on AMD technology and boasts SPU-like architecture. No Dolby Atmos.

12:45 – Mark Cerny is talking about ears…

12:44 – This abundant audio will be congenital into the animate and won’t be a peripheral. 

12:43 – Goals for PS5 audio were: abundant audio for all, abutment hundreds of avant-garde complete sources, and demography on the claiming of attendance and locality. Sony is absolutely blame immersive audio.

12:41 – Time to allocution 3D audio.

12:40 – “We apprehend the gpu to absorb best of its time at or abreast max accession of 2.23GHz,” says Cerny.

12:39 – Appealing much, the PS5 should accord off beneath calefaction and be quieter. Acceptable news.

12:37 – PS5 will accept capricious frequency, agnate to how PC works. The alarm acceleration will depend on appeal and temperature. This is a chancy move, abnormally as animate ages and temperatures generally get college due to factors like dust. 

12:36 – Onto ability consumption, Sony has ahead said the PS5 would be its best eco-friendly console.

12:35 – This is actual blueprint heavy, but don’t worry, we’ll accept a blueprint assay anon afterwards the alive beck ends.

12:33 – PS4 amateur will be accurate natively on GPU silicon. The GPU seems to be battling the PS4/ PS4 Pro cartoon chip.

12:31 – “Almost all of the Top 100 PS4 amateur will be playable at launch,” Cerny says. We affectionate of new that anyhow but it’s acceptable to get acceptance from Sony.

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12:30 – RDNA 2 GPU, but we already knew that.

12:29 –  “If you see a agnate detached gpu accessible as a PC calendar at almost the aforementioned time as we absolution our console, that agency our accord with AMD succeeded in bearing technology advantageous in both worlds,” Cerny says.

12:27 – Backwards affinity will be accurate through GPu architectonics somehow, but we’re acquisitive to apprehend added on that.

12:22 – The PS5 SSD alcove 5.5GB/S – that is fast. It’s additionally abundant via an HHD (external adamantine drive). Alone assertive M.2. SSDs can be acclimated and they charge to be as fast as the PS5’s centralized SSD. So alone PCIe 4.0 SSDs – which are big-ticket appropriate now. 

12:20 – The PS5 will use Kraken decompression which will acquiesce for 10% bigger compression than what’s begin on PS4.

12:16 – Bold streaming, and loading will be 100x faster. This could beggarly beneath arrangement pop-in in accessible apple games, for example. In huge accessible apple games, it could annihilate or massively abate amount times aback fast traveling, for instance. This is one able machine, on par with a gaming PC – as we expected.

12: 15 – On PS5 the SSD is added like RAM. “Most of RAM is alive on the game’s behalf,” says Cerny. In added words, SSDs will acquiesce arrangement anamnesis to be acclimated added effectively. SSDs accept added bandwidth, so that abstracts can be loaded from the SSD aback it’s needed, rather than a agglomeration of potentially causeless abstracts actuality loaded into RAM. 

12:14 – SSD’s don’t aloof amount faster, they acquiesce for bigger worlds theoretically. Developers don’t charge to accomplish amateur with abate worlds due to the limitations of automated adamantine drives.

12:11 – An ultra-fast SSD “gives the bold artist freedom”, according to Cerny. That’s the primary acumen for including it in the PS5.

12:10- How continued does it booty to amount 1GB of data? Able-bodied on PS4 it took about 20 seconds, but (thanks to the SSD) the PS5 will booty a division of a additional to amount 2GB. Mark Cerny has alleged it “blindingly fast”. If that’s accurate again it’s a game-changer (literally).

12:08 – The aftermost affair on today’s calendar is that adorned new 3D audio.

12:07 – “We charge to adjudicator for anniversary affection what amount it has” – Mark Cerny

12:05 – The PS5 is congenital with developers in mind. What they capital most? An SSD. Cerny will be deep-diving into that soon.

12:03 – Mark Cerny has defined that this allocution will be about PS5 accouterments – not games.

12:00 – The PS5 acknowledge accident is alive now (well, affectionate of, a admission is adage two minutes). We’re accouterment able assay and assessment on aggregate that’s appear appropriate here. So break tuned. 

11:45 – Alone 15 account to go. Are you accessible for some PS5 goodness?

11:35 – Here’s a quick admonition of what PS5 amateur accept already been accepted for the PS5.

In agreement of third-party titles, we’ve had acceptance that Gearbox’s new IP Godfall is advancing alone to PS5, as is a appellation from Bluepoint Studios that’s accounted to be a Demon’s Souls remake. We will additionally see a accommodate of THQ Nordic’s band archetypal Gothic, Gollum and Outriders acreage on PS5. 

In addition, Ubisoft has accepted that Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters are all advancing to Xbox Alternation X and PlayStation 5 – with a new Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry additionally accounted to be advancing to the platforms. We additionally apperceive Rainbow Six Siege will be accessible on PS5 and Xbox Alternation X from launch.

Meanwhile, EA has accepted we’ll be seeing Battlefield 6 on Sony’s next-gen console.  

When it comes to first-party games, Sony has remained appealing tight-lipped. At this point, any first-party PS4 bold in the activity – from Ghost of Tsushima to The Aftermost of Us 2, would be prime candidates for PS5 cross-gen upgrades. We’ve additionally heard abundant babble about a Horizon Zero Dawn aftereffect and new God of War bold to accept we’ll be seeing both acreage on the PS5 console. 

And while we don’t apperceive abundant about PS5 exclusives or barrage titles, we do apperceive Sony will abide to focus on “strong narrative-driven, single-player games” with the PS5. 

11:25 – While you’re cat-and-mouse for the beck to start, why not analysis out our PS5 assembly video area we accomplish some predictions on what we’re assured to see from Sony’s next-gen console:

11:10 – Not continued to go now. Here’s how to watch the PS5 acknowledge alive beck if you appetite to watch the activity as it happens.

11:00 – ONE HOUR TO GO! Who’s excited? Here’s a little article to absolutely get you in the mood. 

10:30 – As we beat bottomward to the alpha of the alive stream, which is aloof 90 account away, let’s booty a moment to accessory aback at the PlayStation series.

10:00 – There accept been rumors that the PS5’s backward 2020 absolution date would be delayed – with some alike apperception that the animate wouldn’t barrage this year. But the PS5 hasn’t been delayed by coronavirus, according to a Sony PR. Happy days!

09:45 – What we are absolutely acquisitive to apprehend about today is what cutting-edge appearance the PS5 will offer. It’s adamantine to adumbrate what absolutely Sony has up its sleeve but we’re assured to apprehend added about backwards compatibility.

There accept been rumors the PS5 will be backwards accordant with every PlayStation bearing – and we’re acquisitive that’s the case. It would beggarly you could comedy aboriginal PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and PS4 amateur on your PS5. 

We already apperceive the next-gen animate will be backwards accordant with PS4, with Ubisoft acknowledging the PS5 can comedy “almost all” PS4 games, but to add these added ancestors into the mix would be absurd news. 

The PS4 was alone anytime fabricated accordant with baddest PS2 amateur – no PS3 amateur at all. And with the Xbox Alternation X alms not alone backwards affinity with all Xbox ancestors but Smart Delivery too, we would adulation to see Sony footfall up its game. 

09:35 – So, what do we apperceive so far about the PS5’s specs? Well, abominably not that much. But that should change afterwards today. 

What we do apperceive is that the PS5 will avowal a bespoke 8-core AMD chipset (based on third-generation Ryzen architectonics and with Navi GPU). That AMD one-two bite of CPU and GPU unlocks the admiral of ray tracing, an avant-garde lighting address that can accompany next-level captivation to gaming visuals. In added words, we’re assured PS5 amateur to accessory incredible.

Sony has additionally accepted that the PS5 will abutment 8K gaming, and we anticipate AMD SmartShift could be the abstruse booze that makes this possible.

With 8K TV support comes far added abundant textures, and abundant larger-scale ones at that. The PS5 will additionally accept an SSD drive accumulator arrangement which is estimated to be 19 times faster than acceptable SSD accumulator methods (but accustomed the acceleration aberration amid the SSD and the optical drive, accession of amateur will be mandatory).

Not alone that, but by harnessing the ability of the SSD, developers could potentially abate the install sizes of amateur because, as Cerny told Wired, “there is no charge to alike abstracts to atone for apathetic seek times that optical drives and HDDs have”. 

This SSD will additionally abridge abstracts management, giving you added ascendancy over how you install or abolish amateur from the PS5. For archetype by acceptance players to install (or remove) alone assertive genitalia of a game

Not alone will they accessory incredible, but they’ll complete amazing too. Audio will ability a new “gold standard” on PS5 acknowledgment to a new 3D audio dent that will bear immersive complete – decidedly if you’re application headphones.

We additionally apperceive that concrete amateur for the PS5 will use 100GB optical disks, amid into an optical drive that doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player, and the next-generation accouterments will avowal a absolutely revamped UI.

While we’re still in the aphotic about the PS5’s abounding specs, we’re assured to apperceive added by the end of today.

09:15 – Sony has ahead said that it is almost afterward the aforementioned acknowledge alley map as antecedent consoles. So, if we accessory at the PS4 reveal, we may accept a bigger abstraction of what to apprehend from today.

In February 2013, Sony appear PlayStation Meeting 2013, an accident which would awning “future of PlayStation”.  The aggregation clearly appear the PlayStation 4 at the accident and appear capacity on the console’s specs and new features. We additionally got a accessory at some of the amateur in development..

However, it wasn’t until E3 2013 that we got a accessory at the PS4’s architectonics and an official price.

If we booty the PS4’s acknowledge as a arrangement again today’s accident will acceptable see Sony absorption on hardware, specs and features- we may alike get a accessory at some in development amateur if we’re lucky. Horizon Zero Dawn 2, anyone?

With E3 2020 cancelled, and Sony not intending on accessory anyway, we’re not absolutely abiding aback we will get added capacity on the PS5. We don’t anticipate aggregate will be agitated today, but Sony may authority addition accident in a few months which will ample in any gaps that remain.

08:55 – We appetite to apperceive what you anticipate is best important aback it comes to the PS5 – accept your say in our Twitter poll below:

08:45 – Unfortunately, we’re not assured Sony to acknowledge the PS5’s amount during today’s livestream. During a annual antithesis alarm aftermost month, Sony’s arch banking administrator Hiroki Totoki appear the aggregation still hasn’t nailed bottomward the PS5 price. 

It’s accessible that Sony is cat-and-mouse to see what Microsoft prices the Xbox Alternation X at but, either way, we anticipate it may be a few months yet until we get an official PS5 price. 

“What is not actual bright or arresting is because we are aggressive in the space, so it’s actual difficult to altercate annihilation about the amount at this point of time, and depending aloft the amount level, we may accept to actuate the advance that we are activity to arrange and how abundant costs we are able to pay,” Totoki explained.

However, we do apperceive that Sony is aiming for “the best antithesis so that we will be assisting in the life, during the activity of this product.”

While Sony may not accept a amount nailed down, there accept been rumors about how abundant the PS5 could cost. One such rumor has appropriate that the animate will amount $499 in North America aback it launches. 

Naturally this should be advised with skepticism, but it would be acceptable account if the console did launch at this price, as it’s alone $100 added than the barrage amount of the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

08:25 – So what are we assured in agreement of games? Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate Sony will accomplish any bold announcements during the reveal. However, to appearance off the hardware, we’re acceptable to see at atomic one bold active on the PS5. 

Previously the aggregation showed off the PS5’s quick loading times application Marvel’s Spider-Man, so we may see a best audience of this. While it’s not a new game, it suggests that Spider-Man will be a cross-gen title, playable on PS4 and PS5. Could added PS4 exclusives chase suit? We’re acquisitive so. 

08:00 – Kotaku’s account editor, Jason Schreier, tweeted bygone that he’s heard the PlayStation 5 boasts “the best agitative accouterments in 20 years”. Schreier is a appealing reliable antecedent aback it comes to industry whisperings so we’re best aflame than ever.

07:36 – We’re pumped and accessible to see what Sony’s Mark Cerny has to appearance us today.  Based on PlayStation’s tweet, it seems like this acknowledge accident will mainly focus on the PS5’s specs, but we’re acquisitive we ability get a bastard blink of the new animate too. 

Microsoft appear the Xbox Alternation X’s abounding specs alone a few canicule ago, so for Sony to acknowledge the PS5’s secs so anon afterwards suggests the aggregation is appealing assured with what its got to offer.

06:00 – We alone abstruse of Sony’s PS5 advertisement yesterday, aback the close acquaint a cheep absolute the capacity of the alive beck event.

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