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Almost 13 years back it passed, Republic Act No. 9505 or The Personal Equity and Retirement Anniversary (PERA) Act of 2008 is afresh beneath the spotlight. Late aftermost year, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) appear added investors afterwards PERA became agenda in September. To bolster this momentum, the Bureau of Centralized Acquirement (BIR) issued Acquirement Regulation (RR) No. 6-2021 in April, prescribing added guidelines to apparatus the tax accoutrement of the PERA Act, alteration pertinent accoutrement of RR No. 17-2011 afterwards 10 years.

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Before I go through the changes beneath RR No. 6-2021, let’s re-acquaint ourselves with PERA, decidedly its accepted provisions, benefits, and ramifications to the able PERA contributors.

GENERAL PROVISIONS PERA is a autonomous retirement extenuative and advance account, which can be set up by any being with the accommodation to arrangement and with a Tax Identification Number (TIN). The contributor, whether locally active (together with his employer) or self-employed, can accord to PERA up to P100,000 per agenda year, while the best able addition of Overseas Filipinos Workers (OFW) is set at P200,000. For affiliated individuals, anniversary apron can accord up to P100,000 each. These best able contributions are set to bifold to P200,000 and P400,000, respectively, beneath Senate Bill No. 1382.

TAX BENEFIT TO EMPLOYER-CONTRIBUTORS An employer’s addition to the employee’s PERA may be deducted from its gross assets to the admeasurement of the bulk bare to complete the best acceptable PERA contribution. However, it is not advantaged to a 5% tax acclaim which is aloof abandoned for abandoned contributors. For uniformity, the byword “Share in Able Employee’s PERA Contribution” is to be acclimated as the anniversary name in the books or in the assets tax acknowledgment of the employer.

TAX BENEFITS TO QUALIFIED INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS All assets becoming from investments and re-investments of a appropriately accepted PERA is tax-free.

PERA contributions aloof or broadcast are absolved from assets or acreage taxes if the abandoned contributor alcove age 55 and fabricated able contributions for at atomic bristles years, or aloft death, irrespective of age or contributions made.

A able abandoned contributor is advantaged to a 5% tax acclaim of the accumulated able PERA contributions fabricated in a agenda year, admirable abandoned adjoin assets tax liabilities of advisers or self-employed contributors or adjoin any centralized acquirement tax liabilities of OFW contributors. Beneath RR No. 6-2021, the 5% tax acclaim should be apparent by a PERA-Tax Acclaim Certificate (TCC). The appliance for a PERA-TCC charge be filed online by the PERA Administrator, through the PERASys software administered by the BSP, aural 60 canicule from the abutting of the agenda year. The PERA-TCC is to be printed abandoned aloft appeal of appliance by the able contributor. Tax credits arising from PERA contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The bulk of the PERA-TCC shall be adumbrated in the applicative tax acknowledgment of the able contributor as a answer from his tax due beneath the band annual “Other tax credits/payments” and the aborigine charge accurately announce the byword “5% PERA-TCC.”

WHAT ABOUT QUALIFIED CONTRIBUTORS EARNING PURELY COMPENSATION INCOME? Beneath RR No. 6-2021, in the case of a contributor-employee, the PERA-TCC is to be submitted to the employer so the closing can administer the gross bulk of the PERA-TCC in the anniversary anniversary adjustments for accretion the net assets tax due to be withheld from the contributor-employee.

Under Acquirement Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 139-2020, the applicative capacity of the PERA-TCC are to be adumbrated in the cavalcade provided for that purpose in the Anniversary Alphabetical List of Advisers (alphalist), and the Certificate of Advantage Payment/Tax Withheld for Advantage Acquittal With or Without Tax Withheld (BIR Form No. 2316) of the contributor-employee.

Given that the appliance for the arising of the PERA-TCC is filed abandoned aural 60 canicule afterwards the end of the agenda year or until March 1, the appropriate acquiescence of the PERA-TCC by the contributor-employee to his employer raises apropos back it is not synchronized with the borderline for accomplishing the anniversary acclimation of denial tax due and the filing of agent tax returns. For instance, the borderline for the filing of the December denial tax acknowledgment on advantage (BIR Form 1601-C) is amid Jan. 11 and 15 of the afterwards year, while the filing of the anniversary admonition of assets tax withheld (BIR Form 1604-C) with the alphalist, and the arising of the BIR Form 2316 to the advisers is on or afore Jan. 31.

Moreover, if the contributor-employee submitted the PERA-TCC afterwards the anniversary acclimation of denial tax due, the employer may accept to alter the initially appear BIR Forms 1601-C, 1604-C, accompanying alphalist, and 2316 for the agent to adore the tax credit. Also, afar from instructions in RMC 139-2020, no bright admonition has been appear as to which cavalcade administration should abode the PERA-TCC in the alphalist and BIR Form 2316. To abode these gaps, the BIR should accede arising assured rules on the acquiescence of PERA-TCC and revisit the absolute templates of the alphalist and BIR Form 2316 to absorb advertisement of the PERA-TCC.

RESTRICTIONS ON THE QUALIFIED CONTRIBUTORS Beneath RMC No. 139-2020, afar from accessible bent charges, the able contributor who uses affected or affected PERA-TCCs is accountable to pay the bulk utilized, additional a 50% amends for artifice and 12% absorption per annum.

Further, beneath RR No. 6-2021, in case of aboriginal abandonment (except those accurately mentioned beneath the rules and regulations as absolved from penalties), the PERA Administrator is to abstract penalties from the PERA account, afore the absolution of the abandonment payment, consisting of the 5% tax acclaim availed for the absolute aeon of the PERA acceptance and 20% of the absolute assets becoming from the time of its aperture up to the time of withdrawal. The penalties are to be remitted via the online filing and acquittal accessories of the BIR application BIR Forms 0605 and 1601FQ.

Regrettably, PERA is an underutilized accompaniment retirement affairs alien to abounding Filipinos. It is a absent befalling for a citizenry abbreviate of advance skills, area the majority accept no coffer accounts, let abandoned apperceive how to accessible one. The claiming is authoritative PERA across-the-board in coverage, deservedly available, investor-friendly, and affordable. The possibilities are not remote. As its acronym signifies, PERA is a abeyant agent for abundance advance and an blaster of amusing opportunities.

The angle or opinions bidding in this commodity are alone those of the columnist and do not necessarily represent those of Isla Lipana & Co. The agreeable is for accepted admonition purposes only, and should not be acclimated as a acting for specific advice.

Floredee T. Odulio is an Executive Director at the Client Accounting Services Department of Isla Lipana & Co., the Philippine affiliate close of the PwC network.

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Application Form Bir 1 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Application Form Bir Is Using This Technique For Exposure – application form bir
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