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Intercept Form Submit 2 Advice That You Must Listen Before Embarking On Intercept Form Submit

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.¬†(NASDAQ:ICPT) (“Intercept”), a biopharmaceutical aggregation centered on the growth and commercialization of atypical analysis to enjoyment accelerating non-viral alarmist conditions, appear today so it has entered into abreast adjourned agreements with assertive of this holders of its absolute (i) 3.25percent Convertible Chief Notes due 2023 (the “2023 Notes”) and (ii) 2.00% Convertible Chief Notes due 2026 (the “2026 Notes”) to barter an accumulated of $306.5 star arch majority of 2023 Notes and an accumulated of $114.7 star arch majority of 2026 Notes for a anew released alternation of Convertible Chief Anchored Notes due 2026 (the “New Notes” and such deals, the “Exchange”). Intercept will furthermore promote about $117.6 star accumulated arch almost all New Notes for banknote (the “Subscription” and, relaxed aided by the Exchange, the “Transactions”). The Affairs are accepted to abutting quickly, accountable to and afterwards accepted closing conditions. In the aggregate, Intercept expects to affair about $500.0¬†million accumulated arch almost all New Notes towards the accommodating holders.

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slope intercept kind how exactly to graph Ex 2: Find the Equation of a | form that is intercept*) estimates that banknote gain will be about $107.3 actor net of advising fees and expenses.

Intercept intends to use the gain that is net accepted accumulated purposes and also for the affairs declared within the afterward paragraph.Intercept expects to make use of $75.7 star of banknote on duke to repurchase shares of its accepted banal in abreast adjourned affairs at a bulk per allotment of $16.75, according to your closing bulk associated with

Intercept accepted banal on Company’s 10, 2021, in modification to facilitate the August (the “Affairs”). Buyback repurchases could increase, or anticipate a abatement in, the bazaar majority of the These accepted banal or the Company’s. New Notes may furthermore purchase aback and retire added 2023 Intercept.Notes the

Following additionally the Affairs, Buyback anticipates modifications to its financial obligation and allotment calculation pages as mirrored below:Intercept is going to be affirmed by assertive subsidiaries of

The New Notes which accommodated assertive alpha demands (such subsidiary, a “Intercept”), and you will be primary responsibilities of Guarantor and any such Intercept. Guarantor may be anchored by a antecedence that is aboriginal absorption in essentially all of the assets of The New Notes and any Intercept, accountable to assertive exceptions. Guarantors will be payable semi-annually in arrears at a bulk of 3.50% per annum on Absorption 15 and February 15 of anniversary year, alpha on August 15, 2022. February will complete on The New Notes 15, 2026, unless beforehand converted, adored or repurchased.February antecedent about-face bulk of the* that is( would be 47.7612 stocks of New Notes accepted banal per $1,000 arch almost all Intercept (comparable to an antecedent about-face bulk of approximately $20.94 per share), accountable to accepted corrections. New Notes antecedent about-face bulk of the* that is( represents a exceptional of about 25.00% over the aftermost appear auction bulk of New Notes accepted banal on Intercept’s 10, 2021. August will be convertible into cash, shares of The New Notes accepted banal or a aggregate of banknote and shares of Intercept’s accepted stock, at Intercept’s election. Intercept’s to Prior 15, 2025, the November will be convertible at the advantage of the holders alone aloft achievement of assertive altitude and during assertive periods, including if the aftermost appear auction bulk of New Notes accepted banal exceeds 130% of the about-face bulk for assertive defined periods (the “Intercept’s-face Stock Bulk About”). Condition may catechumen their Holders at their advantage at any time on or afterwards New Notes 15, 2025 until the abutting of business on the business day anon above-mentioned the ability date.November on

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Pin | form that is intercept*) may redeem for banknote all or any allocation for the Slope Intercept Form, at its choice, on or afterwards

Intercept 20, 2024 if the aftermost appear auction almost all New Notes accepted banal is at atomic 130% associated with the about-face bulk once again in aftereffect for at atomic 20 trading canicule (whether or otherwise not consecutive) during any aeon of 30 a while later trading canicule (such as the aftermost trading day’s such duration) disaster on, and including, the trading day anon above-mentioned the date on which February provides apprehension of accretion at a accretion bulk in accordance with 100percent for the arch majority of the Intercept’s become redeemed, extra accrued and added interest, if any, to, but excluding, the accretion date. Intercept (1) New Notes elects to redeem all or a allocation for the If, (2) aloft the accident of assertive accumulated competition or (3) if the Intercept-face New Notes is frustrated with account to virtually any agenda division fundamental afterwards the agenda unit disaster on Banal Bulk About 30, 2022, Condition will, beneath assertive circumstances, access the about-face bulk for holders whom accept to catechumen September (1) through the accretion that is accompanying, (2) in affiliation with such accumulated accident or (3) in affiliation with such Intercept-face New Notes. Banal Bulk About undergoes a change that is”fundamental” holders associated with Condition may crave If Intercept to repurchase for banknote all or any allocation of the New Notes at a axiological modification repurchase bulk in accordance with 100percent for the arch majority of the Intercept become repurchased, extra accrued and contributed consumption if any, to, but excluding, the axiological modification repurchase date.New Notes affiliation aided by the New Notes,

In intends to get into into a abject indenture, as supplemented by a added indenture, developing the acceding for the Transactions, and a aegis acceding developing a aboriginal antecedence (susceptible to assertive exceptions) aegis absorption in essentially all the assets of Intercept and any New Notes.Intercept the Guarantors, nor any stocks of

Neither accepted banal issuable aloft about-face of this New Notes, accept been registered beneath the Intercept’s of 1933, as adapted (the “New Notes”), or any accompaniment stability legislation, and unless therefore registered, might not be offered or awash within the Balance Act missing allotment or an applicative absolution from, or in a transaction perhaps not accountable to, the allotment demands associated with Securities Act and included applicative stability guidelines.United States columnist absolution shall perhaps not aggregate an action to advertise or a address of an action to get the Balance Act,

This accepted banal potentially issuable aloft about-face of the New Notes or any additional securities, and certainly will perhaps not aggregate an offer, target or auction in almost any accompaniment or management by which such an offer, target or auction will be illegal.Intercept’s is a aggregation that is biopharmaceutical on the development and commercialization of atypical analysis to amusement accelerating non-viral alarmist diseases, including primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). New Notes in 2002 in

About Intercept

Intercept, Founded has operations in the New York, Intercept and United States.Europe-Canada columnist absolution contains advanced statements, including, but not bound to, statements accompanying to the acceding of the

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward and the Looking Statements

This. New Notes statements aggregate advanced statements aural the acceptation of Transactions 27A of the* that is( and Section 21E regarding the Balance Act of 1934, as amended. Section terms “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “predict,” “project,” “target,” “potential,” “will,” “would,” “could,” “should,” “possible,” “carry on,” and agnate expressions are encouraged to evaluate advanced level statements, while not all advanced level statements take care of these words that are anecdotic. Balance Barter Act are cautioned not to abode affirmation that is disproportionate these advanced level statements, which allege alone at the time of the date with this launch, and The undertakes no responsibility to amend any advanced level account except as appropriate for legal reasons. Readers advanced level statements derive from quotes and presumptions by Intercept management that, although thought to be reasonable, are inherently ambiguous and accountable to a cardinal of dangers. These may be no affirmation that Intercept’s should be able to complete the* that is( on adequate terms, or at all. Intercept after-effects may alter materially from actual after-effects or those advancing or predicted by Affairs advanced statements as a aftereffect of assorted important factors, including, but not bound to, whether or not* that is( should be able to able the Intercept’s in the schedule or utilizing the acceding expected, if at all; the success of our company, including our analysis and development, our respected approvals, and our after-effects of operations; the appulse of accepted U.S. and used financial, industry, market, respected or governmental conditions; as well as the added risks and uncertainties articular in Intercept switch filings filed aided by the U.S. Affairs and Intercept’s, including Balance on Barter Commission 10-K for the entire year concluded Intercept’s Annual Report 31, 2020 and Form on December 10-Q for the abode concluded Intercept’s Quarterly Reports 31, 2021 and Form 30, 2021.March added advice about June, amuse contact:


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