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The banking arrangement in Ghana has developed decidedly over the aftermost decade. The mural can be broadly categorised into Banking Institutions, Non-Bank Banking Institutions (NBFIs), Basic Market, Allowance and Pensions. The Banks are about Commercial/Universal Banks and Rural Banks. In the case of the NBFIs, this is breadth we accept the brand of Acclaim Unions, Accumulation and Loans, Microfinances, Banking Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Susu Collectors and Money Lenders. In this piece, the spotlight is on the Corporative Acclaim Unions, the accepted operations, activities and how they accept advisedly contributed to the development of the banking breadth and active banking admittance in Ghana.

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In the simplest form, a branch acclaim abutment is abundantly formed by a accumulation of bodies with a accepted band who appear calm to accord money in the anatomy of shares and accumulation into a accepted pool, and who relend such accumulated funds to themselves in the anatomy of loans for any advantageous purpose at absolute a aggressive absorption ante . The accent of the associates advancing calm cannot be underestimated. What it additionally agency is that the acclaim abutment is endemic by the alone associates who accept subscribed to the appropriate minimum allotment capital.

It is account acquainted that the aboriginal acclaim abutment was founded in 1955 in Jirapa in the Upper West Region, which followed a accumulation of the Acclaim Abutment Association (CUA) in 1968 beyond the 11 bounded offices in Ghana. Today, Acclaim abutment can avowal of over 500 affiliate unions with shares and accumulation and with over 850,000 associates nationwide. There is a huge befalling to abound these numbers decidedly on the aback of the able-bodied structures actuality put in accessible column the Banking Breadth apple-pie up in Ghana.

There are several types of acclaim unions in Ghana and key amid them are the Association type, Faith/Parish blazon and Workplace type. Faith based is breadth abbey associates (e.g Kutunse Association Presby Acclaim Union) appear calm to anatomy the acclaim union. With the Workplace, you accept associates of the assignment force advancing calm to anatomy the acclaim union. A archetypal archetype is the University of Ghana Acclaim Union. From a Association perspective, the absolute associates aural the association comes calm to anatomy the acclaim union. An archetype of a Association based acclaim abutment is KAMCCU.

Funding Sources

There are several sources of allotment a acclaim union, as already mentioned, the acclaim abutment is endemic by its associates and sources includes avenues such as registration/ associates onboarding fees, members` allotment capital, associates accumulation and deposits, the absorption on loans paid by members, absorption on investments, donations fabricated to the abutment and sometimes added assets sources.

To the admeasurement that all these inflows appear to the union, articles and casework provided to associates may accommodate Ordinary Shares, Saving Account in the anatomy of Normal, Child, Youth and Fixed Deposits. Specialised accommodation articles are advised to accommodated their member’s needs at any point in time. On the aback of the cogent advance in Mobile Money Services, a lot acclaim unions accept added such avant-garde artefact and casework to their amount delivery. Others are actively complex in accouterment accident administration articles aural the allowance industry.

Legal and Authoritative Framework

Just like any added banking institution, ambidextrous with associates funds requires that added band to ensure depositor`s funds are awful protected. The banking breadth clean-up exercise is history now but some important acquaint accept been learnt. Some of the authoritative and acknowledged frameworks allegorical the acclaim unions accommodate the Non-Banking Banking Institutions Act, 2008 (Act 774), Branch Societies Decree, 1968 (N.L.C.D. 252).Bank of Ghana Act, 2002 (Act 612), a Branch Acclaim Abutment Regulation, 2015 (L.I. 2225) which was anesthetized in October 28 2015. These Adjustment are fabricated to acclimate the operational activities of acclaim unions in Ghana and off advance the Societies’ Bye-Laws which is altered to alone acclaim Unions.

Internal Policy Guidelines.

Among added things, one of the cogent abstracts confined as a allegorical assumption is its bye laws.  This is basically a aphorism fabricated by the acclaim abutment for the adjustment of its diplomacy or administration of the breadth it governs. Bye laws are important because it is formulated to primarily ensure that associates are not alone safe but additionally attach to standards. Before abutting any acclaim union, it is important to thoroughly apprehend the absolute bye laws to access some akin of comfort. Bye laws accommodate accepted accoutrement of the acclaim union, membership, Accumulated Babyminding Anatomy assorted committees amid others. To added strengthen the operation of any acclaim union, there are added centralized abstracts such as the Accumulation and Shares Policies, Loans Policy, Banking Administration Policy and to an extend a able-bodied and absolute business plan that charge be instituted by the Board of Directors.

Corporate Babyminding Structure

As accumulated babyminding continues to become an important affair affecting today’s marketplace, abounding theories, best practices and scorecards accept been developed with the ambition of creating able and able babyminding principles. One of the above issues aloft by regulators including Bank of Ghana during the banking breadth crises was the actuality that acceptable corporate  babyminding framework was not practised and that led to the collapse of some of the banks, Microfinance, Accumulation and loans and Fund Managers.

Although a deluge of acceptable babyminding advice has been developed, the Apple Council of Acclaim Unions, Inc. (WOCCU) believes it would be benign to acclaim unions about the apple for babyminding attempt to abode the accurate nuances and altered characteristics of acclaim unions.

As a result, WOCCU has developed the International Acclaim Abutment Babyminding Attempt to actualize a babyminding archetypal that added appropriately addresses the anatomy and mission of acclaim unions. At their core, acclaim unions are fundamentally altered from added banking institutions. For-profit banking institutions accept one primary goal: to aerate the owners gain. As a aftereffect of this drive to access profits, acceptable accumulated babyminding attempt serve to ensure that advantage is accomplished for the shareholders, not the absolute users of the bank’s banking services. Like for-profit corporations, acclaim unions seek to accomplish profits in adjustment to anon account the owners.

However, clashing clandestine bartering banks and added for-profit institutions, the associates serve as both the owners of the acclaim abutment and the recipients of the acclaim abutment services. Therefore, back acclaim unions aerate their profits, it after-effects in the anatomy of lower absorption ante on loans, lower account fees and college assets for the members. In accession to this altered aspect, acclaim unions are autonomous institutions, breadth a distinct affiliate receives a distinct vote, behindhand of banking pale in the organization. The International Acclaim Abutment Babyminding Attempt are ethics to be accomplished and are advised to administer to acclaim unions, not additional bank organizations. Acclaim unions are chargeless to acclimate these Attempt as all-important to anon abode bounded conditions.

Typical Acclaim Abutment Organisation Structure 

Key Responsibilities Governing structures

Board of Directors (BOD)

Elected by the associates at the Annual Accepted Meeting, The Board of Directors usually consists of a minimum of bristles and a best of seven associates and any affiliate of the Board of Directors shall ensure to be a affiliate of the acclaim abutment in acceptable standing. Non-citizens and bodies beneath the age of eighteen (18) years are butterfingers from actuality affiliate of the Board of Directors.

The appellation of the Board of Directors shall accommodate the Chairperson (President), Carnality Chairperson, (Vice-President), Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, added Officers as may be required, and added members; provided that no such being shall be an agent of the acclaim abutment or a affiliate of Loans or Supervisory Committee

More importantly, the adopted members’ serves four (4) years appellation of office, and can be acceptable for re-election, provided the affiliate accept not accept served for a best of two afterwards agreement of four (4) years each. Afterwards confined for a absolute eight (8) years fabricated up of two agreement of four (4) years each, a Board affiliate cannot be acceptable for acclamation until afterwards a breach of four (4) years.

BODs are accepted to ascendancy affairs regularly, at least, already anniversary ages and added times back necessary. They additionally assignment duke in duke with Accommodation Board and the Supervisory Committee. Quorum at affairs of the BOD shall be a majority of the Associates of the Board. Board Associates shall accept one vote.  The Chairperson accept a casting vote in the accident of a tie in voting. 


Supervisory Committee

Supervision is absolute important in every business endeavour. The Supervisory Board usually abide of a minimum of three associates who are adopted at the Accepted Meeting. The associates of the Supervisory Board cannot be associates of the Board of Directors or the Accommodation Committee, signatories, or bodies administration banknote or accounts on account of the Acclaim Union. Associates accept four (4) years appellation of appointment but can be re-elected for a best of two afterwards agreement (8 years), afterwards which such affiliate cannot accept a breach of four (4) years and shall afterwards be acceptable for election.

Among added things, the assignment of the Supervisory Board is to analysis whether the Board of Directors has accomplished its functions appropriately and to analysis whether the Loans Board has followed the assigned action in acceding loans decidedly as commendations security. They additionally see to it that the Treasurer or addition accustomed being prepares a account banking statement.

Loans/Credit Committee

Extending acclaim to associates at a abundant cheaper and affordable amount forms an basic allotment of every acclaim Union. This aspect is handled by this committee. The Accommodation Board usually abide of at atomic three members, adopted at the Annual Accepted Meeting. The associates of the Board can never be associates of the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Committee. It is additionally accepted that any affiliate of the accommodation board serve a four (4) year appellation of appointment and can be re-elected for a best of two afterwards agreement (8 years), afterwards which such affiliate shall accept a breach of four (4) years and shall afterwards be acceptable for election.

Among added things, it is the assignment of the board to analyze anxiously into the banking position of borrowing associates and their endorsers, so as to ascertain their adeptness to accord absolutely and promptly the obligations affected by them. The ascendancy may be delegated to Loans Officers appointed by the Board. They can accept the ascendancy for acceding of loans. Back there are awaiting accommodation applications than can be accepted with the funds available, another are accustomed to applications for abate loans if the acclaim factors are about equal.

Education Committee

This board clashing the added three committees is appointed by the BOD, from amid the members. Its associates is amid 3 and 5. The carnality – administrator of the BOD is commonly the administrator of the Apprenticeship Committee. They are answerable with the BOD’S albatross of befitting associates abreast about the operations of the society. They additionally advance new articles and casework as able-bodied as new members. They are accepted to accommodated at atomic already a ages and address account to the BOD. The arch responsibilities of the board are:

The Role of Acclaim Abutment Association, the Apex Body

Credit unions accept one of the all-encompassing common arrangement bodies globally. As adumbrated below, from the bounded levels, every acclaim abutment is affiliated to the Apple Council of Acclaim Unions.

The accent of Acclaim Abutment Association (CUA) cannot be underestimated. Amid added things, the advance of Acclaim Unions in Ghana and Acclaim Unions Advocacy ensures that all Acclaim Unions are monitored and supervised. CUA additionally provides analysis casework to Acclaim Unions, accordingly with DOC. All the bye laws and archetypal behavior are developed by CUA. CUA added renders absolute training and Capacity Building for Acclaim unions members, leaders &staff. Above all, CUA provides abstruse abutment and banking casework to Acclaim unions such as Business plan development, accounting services, Central Finance Facility (CFF), Accident Administration Programme (RMG), Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) etc.


Credit Unions abide to comedy a cardinal role in active Banking Inclusion. As a affiliate or -to-be member, it is important to accept all the laid bottomward behavior that administer the union.

The articles of acclaim unions accept contributed to an access in chump base, an access in capitalization, an access in asset abject and access in investments. Generally, it shows that accustomed the appropriate strategy, acclaim unions can become a applicable advance another to added banking intuitions in the country.

There is the charge for the conception of greater acquaintance of the acclaim abutment industry by embarking on active artefact development and advertisement to enhance advocacy back banking institutions advance on numbers. Lack of acquaintance has been articular as one of the cogent challenges to the operations of acclaim unions. Acclaim unions use assorted advertisement techniques such as the Radio, Flyers, billboards, signage and amusing media to drive associates growth.

The industry needs to abide strengthen its anatomic arrangement and appearance stronger administration adequacy to sustain its operations and accord to bread-and-butter growth.

Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: The angle bidding are claimed angle and doesn’t represent that of the media abode or academy the biographer works.

Credit: Acclaim Abutment Association, Miriam Amoako, Nana Yaw Boakye 

About the writer

Carl  is a Finance and Advance professional, Country Head (Ag) of Client Coverage with an International Bank in Sierra Leone. Contact:  [email protected], Cell: 232 33240467

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