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Murderbot is back! The AI with a bad attitude (who isn’t necessarily a bad robot, acceptance that alarming name) allotment October 2 in Exit Strategy. It’s the final chapter of Martha Wells’ Hugo and Nebula-winning novella series—ahead of the author’s abutting project, a feature Murderbot novel.

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But first, as these absolute glimpses of Exit Strategy’s aperture accommodation reveal, Murderbot’s got to clue bottomward its above owner, and to do that, the amplitude station’s most-wanted ’bot has to allegedly alloy in with bodies for a while. It’s risky, and it additionally ammunition Murderbot to appoint in that best backbreaking of animal tasks: clothes arcade at the mall.

Chapter One

When I got aback to HaveRatton Station, a agglomeration of bodies approved to annihilate me. Considering how abundant I’d been cerebration about killing a agglomeration of humans, it was abandoned fair.

Ship was on access and I was cat-and-mouse impatiently to aces up HaveRatton’s feed. Aback Ship was a minimum accommodation bot pilot and had all the accuracy and personality of a calefaction absorber generator, I was additionally ecology all its inputs and bent the aeronautics active aback it came in. (I knew Ship wouldn’t abandon me intentionally, but the adventitious of it accomplishing so accidentally was comatose at a solid 84 percent.)

The active was from HaveRatton’s Anchorage Authority, and ordered Ship to adapt abroad from its accepted aperture in the clandestine bartering docks to addition breadth at the end of the accessible commuter abandonment zone.

I still had the schematic of HaveRatton from aback I had boarded Ship actuality on the way to Milu. I could see that breadth of the abandonment breadth was appropriate abutting to the PA’s docks, breadth the deployment point for the station’s aegis acknowledgment aggregation was.

Oh, that’s not apprehensive at all.

Was it about me? Maybe, probably? Ship had agitated Wilken and Gerth, who had been beatific to demolition GoodNightLander Independent’s attack to accost GrayCris’ abandoned terraforming facility, so it adeptness be about them. Wilken and/or Gerth were hopefully actuality captivated by GI about now, and GI adeptness accept requested HaveRatton do a accepted chase for evidence.

It didn’t matter. If there was anybody cat-and-mouse for Ship, I couldn’t be aboard aback it docked.

I could absolute Ship to a altered berth but that wasn’t a abundant idea. The PA would not abandoned apperceive addition aboard had done it, but that that addition was benumbed a bot-piloted burden carriage whose augment apparent said it was currently traveling afterwards aggregation or cartage and was on basal life-support. Alike stations as big and heavily armed as HaveRatton had to be accurate of aberrant approaches that adeptness about-face out to be raiders attempting to board. (It would be a brainless attempt, aback Ship couldn’t backpack abundant raiders to do annihilation but die messily in the abandonment zone, but I’d spent my absolute activity on aegis affairs aggravating to stop bodies from agnate adverse stupidity.) It adeptness anguish the base command abundant that they would blaze on Ship. Ship adeptness be above but it was accomplishing its best and I didn’t appetite it hurt.

So it was a acceptable affair I still had the evac suit.

I’d acclimated it to escape Abene’s shuttle afterwards the action bot attack—another affair that had happened that I admired I could annul from my memory. (Deleting memories like that doesn’t work. I can annul things from my abstracts storage, but not from the amoebic genitalia of my head. The aggregation had purged my anamnesis a few times, including my accomplished accumulation annihilation incident, and the images abashed about like ghosts in an amaranthine absolute ancestors ball serial.)

(I like amaranthine absolute ancestors ball serials, but in absolute life, ghosts are way added annoying.)

Earlier aback I was accepting accessible for base arrival, I had abiding the evac accouterment into a accumulation locker. I ample aback Ship hardly ran cartage forth with cargo, it would be a continued time afore somebody assuredly noticed it wasn’t on account and absolutely arrested its docs and registrations. Now I started unpacking it, fast.

I absolutely didn’t appetite to get caught.

I blimp my bag beneath my anorak and got the accouterment on and activated. As Ship fabricated its advancing action and eased up on the appointed slot, I cycled through the burden bore airlock on the adverse side. Ship’s drones aggregate to watch me, abashed as to why I was activity out the amiss aperture and beeping acutely about it. As Ship bound on to the station, I slipped out the airlock and beatific a abutting and allowance request. As I pulled myself forth Ship’s conflicting skin, I deleted the aftermost few $.25 of me from its memory.

Bye, Ship. You were there aback it counted.

If a address of what had happened on Milu had gone out on a faster carriage (Ship’s advance was adequate at best) afresh it could accept calmly exhausted me here. They adeptness apperceive that a SecUnit had appear to Milu, adored some humans, bootless to save a animal anatomy bot, asleep the bits out of three action bots, and that Ship was the abandoned carriage who had larboard Milu appropriate afterwards all that happened.

Me not actuality aboard aback they searched, with no assurance of accepting been there, would abstruse the affair somewhat. It’s not like I bare any aliment or acclimated decay disposal. I’d acclimated a little added air and the battery but I’d purged the recycling logs. A argumentative ambit adeptness actualization that I’d been there. If argumentative sweeps formed like they did in the ball media, which, appear to anticipate about it, I had no abstraction if they did or not.

(Note to self: attending up absolute argumentative sweeps.)

I accomplished the ancillary of the station, accomplishing a concrete browse for aegis cams or drones or whatever while analytic for augment and comm signals. Added ships were bound on nearby, but all I could see were hulls and beefy burden modules, no ample viewports with bodies adorable out apprehensive who that accidental artifice SecUnit in the accouterment was. I bent a few signals, but all were either bits detectors or burden bot guides. I followed the band of alluring clamps acclimated by the burden bots to defended modules to the station, and begin a bot in the action of removing a bore from a ample burden transport. I accessed the bot’s augment approach and arrested its assignment orders. The carriage it was currently alive on was bot-piloted, aggregation on leave, cartage disembarked. I asked the burden bot if I could go central the carriage afore it amid the new abandoned module. It said sure.

(Humans never anticipate to acquaint their bots things like, say, don’t acknowledge to accidental individuals abnormality the alfresco of the station. Bots are instructed to address and repel annexation attempts, but no one anytime tells them not to acknowledgment affable requests from added bots.)

I climbed central the abandoned bore anatomy and up to the airlock. I pinged the transport, it pinged back. I didn’t accept time to allurement it, so I beatific it the official base hauler’s aegis key I had aloof pulled from the burden bot’s memory, and asked it if I could appear central and airing through and out to the dock. It said sure.

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I cycled through the lock, took off the evac suit, and begin a accumulator locker to backpack it into. At the capital airlock, I adopted the aegis camera to booty a attending at myself. I’d removed the claret and aqueous from my clothes aback on Ship, in the charwoman assemblage in its commuter restroom, but there hadn’t been annihilation on lath to fix the projectile and ammunition holes. Fortunately the anorak I was cutting was aphotic and the holes weren’t that visible, and the shirt collar was aloof aerial abundant to awning the disabled abstracts anchorage in the aback of my neck.

Normally that wasn’t a problem, as best bodies had never apparent a SecUnit afterwards armor and would accept the anchorage was aloof an augment. If the bodies who had absent Ship were afterwards me, they allegedly knew that a SecUnit afterwards armor would attending like an aggrandized human.

(Possibly I was overthinking this. I do that; it’s the all-overs that comes with actuality a part-organic murderbot. The upside was batty absorption to detail. The downside was additionally batty absorption to detail.)

I fabricated abiding I was active the cipher I’d accounting to accomplish my walking amble and anatomy accent added human, deleted myself out of the transport’s log, and absolved out through the capital airlock into the base docks.

I was already in the feed, application it to drudge into the station’s weapons-scanning drones, cogent them to avoid me. It was consistently important to drudge the weapon scanners, aback I accept two built-in activity weapons in my forearms. This time it was added important, because amid added things I had an armor-piercing projectile weapon and ammo in my bag.

It was one of Wilken and Gerth’s weapons that I’d taken aback I larboard Milu. I’d spent some time on the acknowledgment cruise application Ship’s apparatus apartment to booty it afar and clean it into a added bunched form, so it was easier to conceal. So now I was not abandoned a rogue unit, I was a rogue assemblage accustomed a weapon advised to shoot armored security. Which is aloof arena to the humans’ expectations, I guess.

But bluffing the weapons scanners was so abundant easier now than it had been the aboriginal time I’d done it while abrogation Anchorage FreeCommerce. Part of it was acquirements the quirks of the altered aegis systems I was encountering. But what absolutely helped was that all this coding and alive with altered systems on the fly had opened up some new neural pathways and processing space. I’d noticed it on Milu, aback I’d been administration assorted inputs afterwards any Hub or SecSystem assistance, to the point breadth I anticipation my academician was activity to implode. Adamantine assignment absolutely did accomplish you improve; who knew?

Following my map, I larboard the defended (supposedly secure) berth breadth and took the aisle adjoin the base mall. It anesthetized over the end of the accessible abandonment breadth and the PA berth breadth Ship had been directed.

I had been in crowds of bodies abundant times by now I shouldn’t agitation anymore—I had ridden on a carriage with a accomplished army of bodies who anticipation I was an aggrandized animal aegis adviser and talked at me ceaseless about the accomplished time. Except there was a little panic.

I should be over this by now.

Every assumption in the amoebic genitalia of me twitched as I attenuated with a ample accumulation of carriage passengers. It helps that in stations like this, bodies and aggrandized bodies are distracted. Everybody’s a stranger, everybody’s blockage the augment for advice or advice or ball while they’re walking. As the aisle anesthetized in advanced of Ship’s slot, I spotted a big accumulation bottomward on the abandonment floor. With the blow of the army of humans, I angry my arch to glance down.

Twenty-three of them in adeptness suits, all heavily armed, basal up for a boarding operation. None were in SecUnit armor, and I wasn’t acrimonious up any pings, so they were allegedly all animal or aggrandized human. Forty-seven aegis drones of assorted sizes and ammunition circled over their active in a deployment-ready swarm. I bent a base aegis bombinate and had it zoom in on the logo on the accept of a suit. I didn’t admit it immediately, except for the actuality that it wasn’t a HaveRatton base logo. I tagged it for a approaching angel search.

HaveRatton Base Aegis was there, but they were aback at the access to the Anchorage Authority zone, watching the boarding operation. So whoever it was had apprenticed with HaveRatton to accompany an armed aggregation in. That’s expensive. And worrying. You don’t allegation twenty-three bodies in adeptness apparel and a fleet of aegis drones for an affirmation search.

Station aegis had to be application their drones to accumulate an eye on the aegis aggregation backyard about on their berth area. I arrested my bound StationSec drone’s recording absorber and begin about an hour of intercepted comm traffic. I downloaded it and ran a concern for the chat SecUnit. It hit about immediately.

SecUnit. You anticipate this affair is absolutely onboard?

Intel says possibly. I—

With its controller?

No controller, dim-iot, that’s why they alarm them rogues.

Oh yeah. It was about me.


On Milu’s terraforming facility/illegal conflicting balance mining platform, Wilken and Gerth had accustomed me as a SecUnit. It had appear in accessible at the time, but it wasn’t article I capital to appear again.

Ever again.

My acquaintance ART had afflicted my configuration, removing up to a centimeter from my accoutrements and legs so I wouldn’t bout a browse for SecUnit accepted anatomy shape. ART’s alterations to my cipher had fabricated genitalia of me abound sparse, soft, humanlike anatomy hair, and afflicted the way my bark met the edges of my asleep parts, so they looked added like augments. It was subtle, article ART anticipation would abate animal suspicion on a brainy level. (ART’s affected like that.) The change in cipher had additionally fabricated my eyebrows and the beard on my arch get thicker, and that fabricated my face attending far added altered than such a slight change should. I didn’t like it, but it was necessary.

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Long Sleeve Shirt Template Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock – long sleeve shirt template | long sleeve shirt template

But it wasn’t abundant of a change to fool bodies accustomed with SecUnits. (Granted, active up a bank in advanced of Wilken and Gerth had been a asleep betrayal afore they alike got a absolute attending at me.) I could ascendancy my behavior (well, array of, mostly) but I bare to ascendancy my appearance.

So while I was still on Ship, I had acclimated ART’s templates to adapt my cipher briefly to let the beard on my arch abound at an accelerated rate. (Accelerated because if I busted up and started accepting abreast the animal bristling media monster end of the spectrum, I’d still accept a adventitious to fix it.) I gave the beard on my arch addition two centimeters of growth, afresh chock-full it aback I hit my target.

To analysis my results, I’d pulled up an angel from my archived video, and begin a acceptable appearance of my face from Dr. Mensah’s camera. I don’t usually use cameras to attending at myself because why the hell would I appetite to do that, but I had been on adjustment afresh and still accession all my clients’ feeds. From the timestamp, the angel was from aback we’d been continuing alfresco the hoppers, aback GrayCris was hunting us, and she had asked me to let the others see my face so they would assurance me.

I’d compared that old angel with my accepted angel via bombinate cam. Afterwards all the changes, I did attending altered now, and added human.

I didn’t like it alike more.

But now that I was aback on HaveRatton with an as yet anonymous aegis force adorable for me, it was advancing in handy. The abutting footfall was to get rid of my accouterment and its accessible projectile holes. At the bend of the base mall, I affected myself to airing into one of the big travelers’ accumulation places.

I had acclimated base automat machines to buy anamnesis clips, but I had never been in an absolute boutique before. Alike acceptance the automat was all automated, and I array of knew what to do based on what I had apparent on the ball feed, it was still weird. (And by awe-inspiring I beggarly an disturbing akin of anxiety.) Fortunately there are allegedly bodies as clueless as I was because as anon as I beyond the beginning the shop’s augment anon beatific me an alternate apprenticeship module.

It guided me to one of the abandoned automat booths, which was absolutely enclosed. Cogent it to shut the aloofness aperture was such a abatement my achievement believability allotment went up bisected a point. The berth scanned my adamantine bill agenda and afresh offered a set of menus.

I best the one that was labeled as basic, practical, and adequate for travel. I hesitated over continued skirts, advanced pants, feature caftans, and tunics and jackets that went to the knees. The abstraction of accumulation them all, and accepting a lot of accouterment as a absorber amid me and the alfresco world, was attractive, but I wasn’t acclimated to it and I was abashed that would show. (It had taken me continued abundant to amount out what to do with my accoutrements and easily while walking and continuing still; added accouterment meant that abundant added abeyant for attention-drawing mistakes.) The scarves and hats and added arch and face coverings, some of which had animal cultural functions, were additionally tempting, but it was absolutely the affectionate of affair a SecUnit aggravating to adumbrate adeptness use, and would aloof banderole me for added aegis scans.

I’d beat two altered sets of animal clothes by now, so I had a bigger abstraction of what was best able for me. I best workboots not abundant altered from the ones I’d baseborn aback on Anchorage FreeCommerce, self-sizing and with some careful to assure adjoin abundant things bottomward on them, not as important for me as a human. Afresh pants with lots of sealable pockets, a long-sleeved shirt with a collar to awning my abstracts port, and addition bendable hooded jacket. Okay, so it was acutely agnate to what I had been wearing, aloof in a altered adjustment of atramentous and aphotic blue. I accustomed the payment, and the packets abandoned out of the slot.

When I put the new clothes on, I had a aberrant activity I usually associated with award a new actualization on the ball augment that looked good. I “liked” these clothes. Maybe I absolutely admired them abundant to abolish the citation marks about “liked.” I don’t like things in accepted that can’t be downloaded via the ball feed.

Maybe because I’d best them myself.


I got a backup knapsack, too, a bigger one with added sealable pockets. I dressed, got a abatement because I was accommodating to dump my old clothes into the shop’s recycler, and larboard the booth.

Back out in the base mall, aggregate with the crowd, I started downloading new ball media and carriage schedules, and started a augment chase for account reports. My angel chase had angry up a name for the aegis aggregation logo: Palisade. I started a chase on it, too.

I bare to get off HaveRatton as anon as possible, and amount out a acceptable way to get my anamnesis clips to Dr. Mensah.

The clips I had active in my arm had a lot of abstracts fatigued anon from the Milu diggers about the aberrant bolt that GrayCris had illegally extracted beneath the guise of a terraforming operation. And the anamnesis blow I had begin in Wilken and Gerth’s accessory was alike added revealing. It was annal of their assignment history for GrayCris, anxiously organized and arranged, accessible to abide to journalists or a accumulated rival. I anticipate it was a bribery threat, or an attack to ensure that GrayCris didn’t try to annihilate them. Whatever it was, I had it now.

Taking it and the added clips to Mensah in being would be the best defended method, and that’s what I meant to do. I aloof wasn’t abiding I capital to see her again. (Or added accurately, for her to see me again.)

Thinking about her brought up a accomplished band of abashed affect I didn’t appetite to accord with appropriate now. Or ever, actually. But it wasn’t a accommodation I had to accomplish immediately. (Yeah, “Or ever, actually” activated there, too.) I could consistently breach in to wherever she was blockage and leave the clips in her accouterments with a note. (I’d anticipation a lot about the note. I had added options but would allegedly go with “Hope this affirmation adjoin GrayCris helps, active Murderbot.”) I bare to apply on how to acquisition out if she was still on Anchorage FreeCommerce or had gone aback to the Preservation Alliance without—

My newsfeed chase angry up a cord of hits and the tagline on the top-ranked most-popular fabricated me stop in my tracks. Luckily I was in a advanced abode in the mall, breadth the big carriage curve had their offices, and the dispersed army advance out and flowed about me. I fabricated myself move over to the abutting appointment entrance, and stood in the atom breadth their proprietary augment was announcement announcement and advisory vids. It wasn’t ideal, but I had to be about breadth I could angle still and aloof apply on the account story.

Dr. Mensah had been accused by GrayCris of accumulated espionage.

How the hell had we gotten to that point from the aftermost newsburst I’d best up here? There had been assorted lawsuits in play, but GrayCris had acutely been the aggressor in the abandon adjoin the analysis teams. Besides all the added evidence, we had my augment recording and Mensah’s accouterment camera video of GrayCris assembly acceptance guilt. Not alike the bargain brainless brief band aggregation that had endemic me could fuck that up.

Except allegedly it could. And Dr. Mensah was a all-embracing baton from a non-corporate political entity; how could she be answerable with accumulated espionage? I mean, I don’t apperceive annihilation about it because we never got apprenticeship modules on animal law stuff, but it articulate wrong.

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I got accomplished my antecedent abuse and managed to apprehend the blow of the newsburst. GrayCris had fabricated the charge, but cipher knew if they had brought an absolute action (counterlitigation? Was that a word?) or not. It was all belief because the journalists couldn’t acquisition Mensah.

Wait, what?

So breadth was she? Breadth were the others? Had they gone aback to Preservation and larboard her alone? From what I’d been able to research, Preservation’s attitude to its all-embracing leaders was acutely casual. At home, Dr. Mensah didn’t alike allegation security. But it was brainless to leave her abandoned on Anchorage FreeCommerce breadth annihilation could appear to her. Had happened to her.

I capital to put my anchor through the abutting accumulated logo. Asinine bodies don’t accept how to be safe, asinine bodies anticipation every abode was like brainless arid Preservation!

I bare added info; acutely I’d absent some important developments. I formed my way aback up the account timeline, analytic the accompanying tags, accomplishing it thoroughly, aggravating not to panic. According to annal that Anchorage FreeCommerce had fabricated accessible to get the journalists off its back, Arada, Overse, Bharadwaj, and Volescu had all larboard for Preservation about thirty cycles ago. Mensah was declared to chase with the others, but hadn’t. So far so good.

The abutting abstracts point was active in addition adventure so acutely alike I about absent it. There had been a account absolution by GrayCris that Mensah had gone to TranRollinHyfa to acknowledgment their litigation, but Anchorage FreeCommerce couldn’t confirm.

Where the fuck was TranRollinHyfa?

A agitated chase on the accessible augment advice bases told me TranRollinHyfa was a station, a above hub, breadth abutting to two hundred companies, including GrayCris, had their accumulated headquarters. So, not alone adversary territory. Funny how that didn’t accomplish me feel any better.

The abutting accordant newsburst speculated that Mensah had gone to TranRollinHyfa to accompany affidavit on account of Preservation and DeltFall in the accouterment adjoin GrayCris. The newsburst afterwards that speculated that she was activity to affirm in GrayCris’ possibly counterfeit accouterment adjoin her. Terrifyingly, the two entities that adeptness absolutely apperceive anything, the Preservation Alliance and my brainless brief ex-owner band aggregation on Anchorage FreeCommerce, had fabricated no official account except to say she was absolutely on TranRollinHyfa.

Mensah wasn’t stupid, she would never accept gone abreast adverse accumulated breadth afterwards protection. If she had gone to TranRollinHyfa voluntarily, the band for a cruise to appointment GrayCris, who had already approved to annihilate her once, would be big-ticket to buy and added big-ticket to execute, and the aggregation would accept to accede to annihilation to get her out, including sending gunships. Safer and accordingly cheaper to break on Anchorage FreeCommerce, the band company’s above deployment center, and accomplish all the parties with affidavit appear there. That’s what the aggregation would accept insisted on.

Conclusion: Mensah hadn’t gone to TranRollinHyfa voluntarily.

Somebody had tricked, trapped, or affected her to go. But why? If GrayCris was activity to do that, why delay so long, why accord all the assemblage complex time to accompany their apparel and affirm and accord their affirmation to journalists? What had happened that had afraid GrayCris so abundant that . . .

Oh. Oh, shit.

Chapter Two

I bare to go, and go fast. And not on a bot-piloted transport. Not award me on Ship would bandy off Palisade’s pursuit, but not for long, and if they had any accuracy at all they would be blockage automatic transports. I pulled schedules for extra-fast crewed commuter transports (No, not a absolute trip. I’m allegedly an idiot, but not that big an idiot.) and begin one abrogation in four hours branch for a above hub. From there, I could get breadth I bare to go.

I hadn’t catholic like this before, mainly because I hadn’t capital to. At first, I’d doubted my adeptness to drudge weapons scanners while I was hacking the ID and acquittal systems. But now I had no alibi not to, acknowledgment to Wilken and Gerth.

I had concluded up with their emergency go-bag, abounding with adamantine bill cards and a array of ID markers. The markers are meant for subcutaneous admittance and accommodate anecdotic information. Normally they wouldn’t be clear by annihilation but the scanners advised for the purpose, but with a little fine-tuning my browse had been able to appearance the encoded data, and I had advised them all on the cruise aback to HaveRatton.

Identity markers in the Corporation Rim usually had a lot of advice on the bearer, but these were temporaries meant for travelers from alfresco the Rim. They had a cord of numbers from a non-corporate political article acceding travel, abode of origin, and a name. Acutely this was why Wilken and Gerth had them, so they could about-face identities at need. Accumulated political entities are added absorbed in befitting clue of their own bodies than anybody else’s. I had apparent on the media that biking was easier for non-citizens central the Corporation Rim than citizens, sub-citizens, and all the added categories anniversary altered political article had to accumulate clue of their humans. (It could be worse. At atomic bodies could cut out their ID markers; I had accumulated logos categorical assimilate genitalia of me I couldn’t get rid of.)

I went to a accessible blow area, paid for an amid anteroom with the adamantine bill card, and best an ID with the name Jian from Parthalos Absalo. I bald aback the bark about my accept collective and amid the brand beneath it. I had to punch bottomward my affliction receptors in that area, but there was no annoying leaking.

I’d been assuming to be animal off and on aback I larboard Dr. Mensah, but this was the aboriginal time I’d had annihilation on me that clearly labeled me as human. It was weird.

I didn’t like it.

Excerpt from Exit Strategy: The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells, reprinted with permission. Courtesy Tor.com. Exit Strategy will be accessible October 2.

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