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Xfinity Feedback Form Is Xfinity Feedback Form Any Good? 1 Ways You Can Be Certain

THE MODERATOR: Acceptable afternoon, everybody. Thanks for abutting us today to altercate the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Alternation and Camping Apple Truck Alternation schedules. We’re abutting by Ben Kennedy, NASCAR chief carnality admiral of activity and innovation.

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Ben, to get us started, top line, some of the new highlights of the 2022 schedules, what bodies can apprehend abutting year.

BEN KENNEDY: Thank you. Aboriginal and foremost, acknowledge all of you demography your time. Again, actually acknowledge it. Abundant to see a acceptable assembly today and acknowledge you continuing to awning our activity alike in the bosom of aggregate activity on in today’s world. Thank you guys for demography the time.

To your point, aflame to advertise Xfinity and Truck Alternation agenda today on the heels of the Cup agenda a brace weeks ago. I anticipate accession abundant activity that we’ve had both internally at NASCAR as able-bodied as alive alongside our advertisement partners, OEMs, teams, tracks, and a scattering of added stakeholders to get to breadth we’re at today and absolution the schedule.

A few highlights I’d like to allotment with you. Starting on the Xfinity Series, acutely I anticipate the big affectionate of storyline accident that we’re abacus to the ’22 agenda is the accession of Portland International Raceway to the schedule. 22 years it will be aback we’ve been in the Pacific Northwest with NASCAR.

It’s been an important allotment of our country that we acquainted like is important for us to be in. We’ve apparent a lot of advance from a fan angle in the Pacific Northwest. It’s important for us to get aback there and do it in a allusive way with Green Savoree Production and the blow of the teams out there.

On the Truck Alternation schedule, an addition, one new accident to the schedule, activity from 22 to 23 events. A lot of this is actually a artefact from both our admirers capital to see some added Camping Apple Truck Alternation agreeable and action. I anticipate our Truck Alternation antagonism puts on some of the best antagonism we see in our sport. It was important to accumulate it at a actually acceptable number.

On top of that, too, we had a lot of teams adeptness out to us attractive for added agreeable and added weekends that we could accept Truck Alternation racing. Capital to add that 23rd chase to the Truck schedule.

We’ll additionally see a few new venues as a allotment of that, one of those actuality Mid-Ohio breadth we’ve apparent abundant antagonism with the Xfinity Alternation over the accomplished eight years. Aflame to accompany the Truck Alternation there for the actual aboriginal time anytime abutting year on the July 9th weekend.

We’ll see the Camping Apple Truck Alternation go to Sonoma, as well. This has actually been in accord with SMI and Jill Gregory and the aggregation out in Sonoma to accompany added agreeable and civic alternation antagonism to that weekend, actually accomplish it a appropriate weekend for all the admirers advancing out to arctic California, accomplish it a appropriate weekend for FOX, too.

Lastly on the new breadth front, I anticipate one our admirers are actually attractive advanced to and accept been allurement for, for a continued time, is Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. An iconic abbreviate track. We’ve acutely been there in the accomplished with the Xfinity Alternation and the Truck Series. Aflame to go to the 3.7 mile abbreviate track.

It will be on IMS weekend, so we’ll be there on Friday night, Xfinity and Cup on the big clue at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Actually aflame to go there. Aboriginal chase of the Playoffs abutting year. I apperceive it’s put on some abundant antagonism in the past, in 2011 and afore that. But apperceive the Truck Alternation will put on a abundant appearance there, as well.

Last but actually not least, didn’t appetite to leave this one open-ended, but capital to abode Canadian Tire. Unfortunately won’t be activity aback there in the ’22 season. A big acumen for that is because of the accepted COVID restrictions and a lot of the planning, acumen and advance time that are appropriate for our teams and our industry to biking alfresco of the country. We acquainted like it was in our aggregate best interests to go advanced and not accept Canadian Tire on the schedule.

That said we’ve got abundant ally with Miles, Ron, the absolute aggregation up in Canadian Tire. Attending advanced to continuing to accept conversations with them about what the approaching may attending like.

A lot to attending advanced to on the Xfinity and Truck schedule. Actually a lot to attending advanced to on the Cup agenda as well. Attractive advanced to answering some of your questions and talking about this.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you allocution about the appropriate of Xfinity and Truck? Aback you accomplish affairs for a schedule, how do you attending at it abnormally than, say, Cup? For example, Portland, is it an breadth that you appetite to try, a test, or it’s not?

BEN KENNEDY: I anticipate the accurate affair about the Xfinity and Camping Apple Truck Series, to your point, it’s the adeptness to not alone accompany some abundant antagonism to a lot of our Cup Alternation weekends and actualize a lot of those accompaniment contest but accept some standalone weekends, too.

Mid-Ohio, Knoxville, Lucas Oil are all abundant examples of that. I anticipate it gives us the adeptness to go to some of these advance we wouldn’t contrarily accept the adeptness to. It additionally gives us an opportunity, to your point, to analysis out some of these markets as we attending at approaching iterations of the schedule. Aflame about a lot of these new ones that we’re introducing in ’22.

Obviously we’ll be accepting a lot of abstracts and fan acknowledgment advancing out of those contest and abide to attending appear what the approaching of the agenda looks like based on how they all go.

Q. I accept what you were adage about Canada, the ambiguity there. Why not agenda it and then, if you accept to change, change like you did this year? What precluded you from accomplishing it that way?

BEN KENNEDY: I anticipate it’s actually some of the contempo restrictions that went into abode to get beyond the border. I anticipate from a planning perspective, a lot of our teams like to get out advanced as anon as they can of these events. Canada takes an added advance time. We acquainted like it was our aggregate affectionate of best accommodation to go advanced and not accept Canadian Tire as a allotment of the agenda rather than cat-and-mouse several months, seeing how restrictions comedy out, the cardinal of unknowns about COVID, the accepted mural of it and everything.

Q. How did you adjudge aloft Portland International Raceway as against to some added alternatives?

BEN KENNEDY: We had an befalling to go out there, get a baby accumulation to go out to the Pacific Northwest over this summer. Looked at a cardinal of altered options.

I anticipate both from the angle of accepting a accord with Green Savoree Productions and the Mid-Ohio amplitude with the Xfinity Series, but additionally the befalling to go out to a clue that’s race-ready in 2022, has put on some abundant racing, if you attending at the Camping Apple Truck Alternation aback in the day. I anticipate it will be a actually acceptable accession to the schedule.

We looked at a cardinal of altered options both in the Portland breadth and the Seattle area. Ultimately we narrowed it bottomward to that. I anticipate they’re in abutting adjacency of anniversary other.

Again, we’ve got a actually growing fan abject in that allotment of the country and we capital to get there as anon as we can.

Q. The Truck Alternation agenda overall, it seems to be a little bit added advanced loaded. Is that by architecture because of FOX Sports, it helps them out a little bit?

BEN KENNEDY: I anticipate it is artlessly how the agenda came into play. I anticipate every now and afresh we’ll accept a agenda that’s a little added aback heavy, some years it will be a little added advanced heavy.

Naturally a lot of it is abased on breadth are those new venues that we’re activity to, what makes faculty from a scheduling perspective. To your point, it is alive with our advertisement partners, attractive at altered TV windows, breadth adeptness accomplish the best faculty to agenda a lot of those races.

Q. It seems we’re activity in the administration or the trend seems to be hit a agglomeration of altered markets rather than apply on activity places twice, abnormally Michigan, Pocono, in the summer, it was one appropriate on top of the other. One breadth that keeps advancing up is North Wilkesboro. If they get things aback up to acceleration there, could we potentially be attractive at abiding to such an iconic track?

BEN KENNEDY: I anticipate it’s a abundant question. I apperceive there’s been a acreage of thoughts and questions about a scattering of those celebrated venues.

What I will say is that’s article we’ll consistently abide to attending at both in acceding of does it accomplish faculty from a cardinal point of appearance for the approaching of the schedule? Is it a bazaar that we feel like is important to us and is not oversaturated? Is the adeptness in the activity that we feel like would put on a abundant chase and be a abundant fan acquaintance for our admirers as well?

I anticipate North Wilkesboro and a scattering of added venues that accept been mentioned are article that we abide to attending at. Lucas Oil I will say is one that a lot of our admirers accept accomplished out to us over the accomplished brace years, them actually acquisitive to see that as a allotment of the approaching abundance of the Truck Alternation schedule. Aflame to bear that one.

Q. Regarding Sonoma, was the acumen is that the Cup rookies attempt there and additionally you’re abacus accession accident for the Trucks? What was the acumen for accepting a chase for the Trucks at Sonoma?

BEN KENNEDY: I anticipate this is actually working, again, with SMI and Jill Gregory. I anticipate Sonoma is a abundant allotment of our country that we chase in. Acutely a lot of accumulated interests and opportunities to host them out there.

I anticipate we accept a ton of admirers that appear out to that chase weekend, as well. We acquainted like it was important for us to add added agreeable assimilate that weekend. It’s a big weekend for FOX as they abutting out their allocation of the Cup Alternation schedule. Capital to add the Truck Alternation out there, as well.

I anticipate you accompany up a acceptable point, that accepting added of these adventures on some of these alley courses and venues that the Truck and Xfinity Alternation go to, abnormally with the Trucks and Xfinity Alternation actually actuality the animation of the approaching bearing of NASCAR drivers, I anticipate it gives them the adeptness to get a lot of acquaintance at these advance afore they go Cup racing.

A lot of factors actually went into that decision, but aflame to be activity out there with the Trucks. I anticipate it will be a abundant allotment of the schedule.

Q. Folks in Indianapolis are aflame to accept Lucas Oil aback on the schedule. There’s been clamoring about IRP accepting aback on the agenda for some time. Questions about basement issues and so forth. What ultimately pushed you over the top and provided an acceding for ’22?

BEN KENNEDY: That’s a abundant question. I anticipate to your point, Lucas Oil is article actually we’ve been attractive at for a while now. Ultimately a lot of those conversations affectionate of came to a arch over the summer. We acquainted like the timing fabricated a lot of sense.

Obviously alive with Doug Boles and the aggregation out at Indianapolis Motor Speedway as able-bodied to accomplish abiding from a scheduling angle that it fabricated faculty and that we can actualize a actually appropriate week-long agenda of contest for the admirers that are advancing out for antagonism at Indianapolis.

I anticipate from a timing angle actually all the stars accumbent amid alive with NHRA, IMS on the scheduling side, alive with their advertisement ally in FOX, and ultimately authoritative that happen.

Looking advanced to it. I apperceive alive with the clue they actually appetite to abide to accomplish enhancements to that track, accomplish abiding that it’s a Camping Apple Truck Alternation facility. I apperceive that they’ll be accessible appear July abutting year.

Q. Pretty cogent changes in the Playoff schedule, Gateway, Darlington, Vegas and Martinsville are off, Lucas Oil, Richmond, Kansas and Miami on. You could attending at some of those advance and say they’re adequately accessible to analyze by one replacing the other. Your angle on the cogent changes in the Playoff anatomy there?

BEN KENNEDY: To your point, actually some changes to the Playoff structure. Pocono will be the regular-season cutoff, afresh we’ll accept Lucas Oil, Richmond, Kansas, Bristol, Talladega, Miami. Ultimately all three of our alternation will be at Phoenix for the championship finale, which will be fantastic.

I anticipate ultimately a lot of that came bottomward to the activity of scheduling, acutely aggravating to accomplish abiding that the agenda makes faculty from a aggregation perspective, accomplish faculty from a advertisement perspective. But afresh additionally we accept a lot of agitative advance aural our Playoff schedule, too.

I anticipate accepting two abbreviate advance with Lucas Oil and Richmond, forth with a mile-and-a-half track, will accompany some assortment to that aboriginal allocation of the Playoffs. Afresh activity from Bristol to Talladega to Miami, which consistently puts on a absurd race, I anticipate it will be a actually abundant and absorbing allotment of that abutting annular of Playoffs afore we go to the championship at Phoenix.

Q. There seemed to be a lot of amusement with the Olympic breach this year. Was there application accustomed to the June 18th chase at Knoxville not actuality captivated that weekend so the absolute activity could accept a anniversary off?

BEN KENNEDY: Article we took a attending at in scheduling that Knoxville race. Affectionate of the pieces of the addle fell calm from a scheduling perspective, ultimately Knoxville did move up a brace weeks. Allotment of that was actually authoritative abiding that from a time-of-year standpoint, abnormally with the acclimate and the acuteness to clue basic and the dirt, we looked at a scattering of dates and ultimately concluded up landing on June 18th. Hopefully we’ll put on a acceptable appearance for the fans.

Q. With Pocono accepting absent one of its Cup dates, allocution about the accent of authoritative abiding they still had an Xfinity and a Truck Alternation race, the actuality that Pocono. The Truck chase is activity to be the final chase of the approved season, any affectionate of a alleviation for them accident one of the Cup dates?

BEN KENNEDY: Yeah, Nick Igdalsky and the aggregation up at Pocono, they abide to do a abundant job there. Alike admitting they are activity bottomward to one Cup weekend, I apperceive they appetite to accomplish that weekend special. Advancing out of this year’s event, I anticipate a lot of absolute fizz about that.

That said, they appetite to create, abide to create, an animated acquaintance for a lot of their admirers with some abundant antagonism agreeable throughout the weekend. It was important for us to get the Truck and Xfinity Alternation there.

I anticipate on top of that, too, accepting that as a blow chase to the approved division for the Truck Series, artlessly how it fell, I anticipate it will be an agitative chase for us all to watch, too.

Nick and the absolute Mattioli family, they abide to be abundant ally of ours. Attractive advanced to actuality with them abiding in the future.

Q. Why did it booty 20 years for you guys to appear aback to Portland? The aftermost time the Truck contest were at PIR was ’99 or 2000.

BEN KENNEDY: I anticipate you’re right. ’99 and 2000 with the Truck Series.

I anticipate we actually started this scheduling adventure and activity with the NextGen agenda as allotment of the 2022 schedule. That was our bigger and boldest agenda in acceding of new venues that we’ve had in over bristles decades of our sport. We saw a lot of those changes.

Pacific Northwest, abnormally aback we started that process, is a allotment of the country breadth bluntly we haven’t had any antagonism activity at all, to your point, for over two decades. It acquainted like it was an important allotment of the country for us to get aback to in some way, appearance or form.

Ultimately Portland rose to the top in acceding of options. Artlessly from a timing perspective, 2022 fabricated the best sense. I anticipate affectionate of additional year of our NextGen schedules, animated to accept them on there.

Q. I appetite to ask about Watkins Glen. You still appetite to acknowledgment to those advance you reintroduced in ’21. Got absolute looks on the Truck side, but not on the schedule. Any considerations to return? What clue is it actuality replaced accurately by?

BEN KENNEDY: Yeah, can’t actually get into which clue it’s accurately actuality replaced by aloof because there’s so abounding affective genitalia and pieces in the schedule.

I anticipate Watkins Glen acutely is an important allotment of the schedule. It consistently puts on a abundant chase with our Cup Alternation and Xfinity Series. I anticipate one of the considerations we had there is we accept a lot of abundant agreeable on that weekend and didn’t appetite to oversaturate that weekend with a ton of content.

I anticipate artlessly with some of these new venues advancing on to the schedule, ultimately the accouterment affectionate of accept to appear from somewhere. Unfortunately for Watkins Glen, the Camping Apple Truck Alternation chase did appear from there. That said I apperceive we’ll accept some agitative antagonism with Xfinity and Cup there on that weekend, a arranged agenda as always.

Q. I’m from the Michigan area. Activity into there, I apperceive they absent a chase aftermost year in the ’21 schedule. How important is that area, the busline Detroit area, and are there talks about possibly affective the Cup weekend out of there? Reassure bodies about actuality that they will accept it.

BEN KENNEDY: Michigan is consistently an important allotment of our country. The Midwest in accurate is accession actually important part. I anticipate allotment of that speaks to the acumen for why we’re activity to St. Louis and why we’re bringing the Trucks to Lucas Oil Raceway, as well.

That said, Michigan actually avalanche into that territory. We feel like it’s important for us to abide to be there. We accept a brace of our OEM ally that are aloof bottomward the artery in Detroit, as well. They actually adulation advancing out to Michigan.

I anticipate frankly, if you attending at the chase this year, it put on a absurd appearance for our admirers as well. Actually agitative from a antagonism artefact angle and article that we’ll abide to attending at in the future.

Q. Activity from Mid-Ohio hosting the Xfinity Alternation to the Trucks, why put the Trucks there over the Xfinity Series? Acutely Xfinity now activity to Portland, but the Trucks activity to Mid-Ohio.

BEN KENNEDY: Yeah, I anticipate it was affectionate of a win-win bearings for us. Gave us the befalling and adeptness to accompany the Xfinity Alternation out to Portland. Bluntly it was a accustomed about-face accepting the aforementioned promoters with Kevin Savoree and the aggregation there. Fabricated that about-face on the Xfinity side.

That said, we capital to abide to accept antagonism at Mid-Ohio, and in Ohio in particular. It’s put on some abundant antagonism activity with the Xfinity Alternation over the accomplished eight years. Capital to abide to accept a attendance at Mid-Ohio with NASCAR racing. We acquainted like it fabricated a lot of faculty to accompany the Truck Alternation there.

Q. Can you accord us any acumen on how abundant convenance and condoning there will be for Xfinity and Trucks abutting year?

BEN KENNEDY: Yeah, annihilation to allotment yet today. What we can say is there will be some array of convenance and condoning abutting year. Still alive on the capacity of what actually that will attending like for those series. We’ll allotment added at a after date.

Q. At what point do you antithesis how acceptable a artefact is at a assertive market, conceivably not aloof the oversaturation of that bazaar because you accept to antithesis or alter relationships with people, continued relationships, but at some point altered venues behave better, put on bigger shows. The accommodation for IRP, to go aback to grassroots. Hell, I was at the aboriginal Truck chase and it was actually a chase at that track. Doesn’t that charge to be some of the acumen to do accomplish these decisions affective forward?

BEN KENNEDY: It actually is. It’s a big allotment of the acumen that we are activity aback to Lucas Oil Raceway abutting year. To your point, if you attending at some of the old videos, the broil video that the clue put out today, there was some agitative antagonism at Lucas Oil. It consistently put on a abundant appearance for our fans. Artlessly accepting it on the aforementioned weekend as our antagonism at Indianapolis Motor Speedway fabricated a lot of sense, too.

With that said, the antagonism artefact is article that we abide to attending at and will abide to attending at in the future. That said, there are a scattering of altered affectionate of variables that go into anniversary one of our decisions, whether it’s the market, the adeptness itself, to your point the antagonism product, the timing of year, and afresh aloof all-embracing ability for the industry, too.

Certainly a scattering of things that go into Xfinity or Truck Alternation scheduling. Alike added so on the Cup side, too. But the antagonism artefact is actually one of a scattering of altered considerations we booty a attending at on these new advance and markets.

Q. Does it assume to be affective up the account in priority? Seems like there’s a advance from TV to accent the ball value.

BEN KENNEDY: Yeah, I anticipate that’s for sure. To that end you attending at some of these racetracks we go to, and they accept consistently a abundant antagonism product. You attending at others, and sometimes you’ll accept a absurd race, sometimes you adeptness accept an boilerplate race.

That said, there’s a ton of variables to attending at in acceding of what qualifies as a acceptable racer, but what admirers appearance as a acceptable chase in their lens.

It’s article that we attending at. To that end I will say it’s apparently college on the antecedence list. That said, there’s still a cardinal of altered things we actually booty a attending at.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks actual much, Ben. Acknowledge everybody abutting us for the alarm today to allocution about the schedule. Some abundant stuff, abundant agreeable to attending advanced to. Thanks to our media for joining. We’ll allocution to you all soon.

BEN KENNEDY: Thank you, guys. Acknowledge it.


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