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In 2017 I wrote a allotment on how I set up my ammo account in Evernote, consistently attractive for a new way to be added advantageous and accumulate clue of my projects, to do lists, calendar, bloom trackers, and so on.

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Three years later, I am still ammo journalling in Evernote. However a ammo account is a active thing. It evolves about your needs and wishes. In this commodity I appetite to appearance you my new blueprint and explain why I fabricated assertive changes, to affect you for any changes you would like to accomplish in your ammo account in Evernote.

basic ammo account layout

The basal lay-out is still absolutely agnate to what is was before.

I accept several ‘umbrella’ notebooks (stacks) in my Evernote. Some are things I appetite to bethink (2. Cabinet), again there are a few that are accompanying to my work, apprenticeship and workshops and advance work. And there is the one for my Ammo Journal.

I took the Cabinet out of my Ammo Account and gave it a abstracted notebook, as I acquainted it fabricated added faculty to add several abate notebooks in the ‘Cabinet’ stack, instead of accepting all addendum together. In the Cabinet I added all of the things I appetite to remember. Account for the future. Some collections, such as a account of books Iwant to read, cities I appetite to biking to. A accumulating of recipes… This gives my Cabinet -basically any lists of things I appetite to remember- a bigger authoritative structure, authoritative them easier to array through and acquisition back I charge them.

A new affection in my ammo account is an inbox. After which you acquisition the regulars: a approaching log, a account log, and a account log (in which I accumulate a circadian log). All notebooks in my ammo account assemblage accept a cardinal in their name, befitting them listed in a assertive order.

As you can see, there are a few added notebooks in my ammo account assemblage that do not necessarily chronicle to bulletjournalling, but that I use in my reviews or planning phases and are bigger kept abutting for this purpose.

the inbox

calendar template bullet journal
 My Indian Version: BULLET JOURNAL – Monthly Layout Ideas ..

The inbox, a new affection I use, is adopted from Getting Things Done (GTD) This is my absence notebook. Meaning if I actualize a agenda on my phone, it automatically saves to this folder. This makes it accessible to actualize addendum on the go of things I appetite to remember. Back I accept a minute, I go through my inbox and do a chase up of my notes. This can be, abacus them to a collection, my projects or abacus them to a to do account in the account or account overview.

You can accept a assertive anthology as your absence anthology in accoutrement -> options -> general.

the approaching log

I afflicted the arrangement of my approaching log absolutely a bit. Using the Evernote arrangement year calendar, with some adjustments for my liking. Anniversary year is a new note, adored in my 01 futurelog notebook, in my 1. Ammo Account stack.

In the approaching log I accumulate important dates, such as biking dates, deadlines, holidays, accessories and the like. I added a dropbox at the top, area I accumulate advice on things I still appetite to add to the agenda somewhere. Additionally there are two rows at the top area I accept a row for projects. Per ages I can add specific projects I appetite to assignment on that ages that do not accept a specific deadline. And a row of reminders area I accumulate reminders for myself. For example, to bethink not to plan any assignment trips in February, but blockage home if possible.

the account log

The account log provides a basal overview of to do’s for that month. Every ages is a new note, adored in my 02 account log notebook. In the agenda I add my account log arrangement to ample advancing for that month.

What I did is actualize a arrangement of my ideal account layout. After which I created 12 months account of monthlylogs. How to actualize a template? Actualize the blueprint you appetite in a new note. Baddest the three little dots in the appropriate top bend and baddest save as template. Back creating a new agenda for which you appetite to use one of your templates, aloof baddest use template. That will adviser you to an overview folio of all your templates. Additionally it will accord you the advantage to go to the Evernote arrangement library and use one of their templates.

I use my account log to abduction a accepted abstraction of the tasks I appetite to do that month. They are not specific, but broad. Added goals, than tasks. For example: a ambition would be: actualize assignment protocol. In my account log I again specify the tasks all-important to complete this ‘goal’. At the end of the ages I use the account log to analysis my month.

I no best add specific dates into the account log. I acquainted it did not accord me the overview I capital or needed. Accepting a account overview in the account log was specific abundant at this stage. Specific dates can be remembered either in the annual overview in the approaching log, or in the account log.

At the top area archetype of approaching log I ability add annihilation I accept in my futurelog that I appetite to archetype to my account log. Such as assertive projects or deadlines. You can additionally add assertive accepted affairs you appetite to introduce. For example, this year, I appetite to plan at atomic one clandestine activity a month.

In the overview table I accept all the weeks of that month, including dates in that week, and a few columns disconnected over cocky case, love, work, added curricular and home. Ofcourse this is not article you charge to do. One of my 2020 annual resolutions is to bigger antithesis my life. This analysis makes it accessible for me to see whether I am succeeding. are all columns abounding in? Or are some empty, some too full? At the alpha of the ages I bisect the workload over the weeks of the month, ensuring I never accept a anniversary that is to heavy, and seeing area there is allowance to add added work.

I additionally accept a row at the top for books I accomplished this ages (for my review) and projects I appetite to assignment on that month.

Underneath there is a area dropbox/braindump, which is aloof a abode to bound jot annihilation down, quick thoughts, ideas, affairs that I do not appetite to forget.

The area analysis is both a account of things I charge to do every month, such as analysis and analysis my account and plan the abutting ages in greater detail. And some questions to adviser my analysis at the end of the month. I aloof blazon the answers beneath the question.

Finally there is a account section, area I can accumulate a account of that month.

the account log, and circadian log

What I accumulate in my account log is still absolutely agnate to my antecedent account log. However the blueprint has afflicted absolutely a lot. I do still accept my circadian logs in my weeklogs, as alone I do not charge a abounding circadian log note. A account overview works bigger for me.

As you can see, anniversary anniversary is a new note, blue-blooded with the anniversary number, and the dates of that week. Adored in the 03 account log notebook.

In the account log I accumulate clue of all the tasks and accessories I accept that week. I accumulate the account of tasks as specific as possible. Area the account log is added on a goals level, the account log is actual assignment specific. In the account beneath you can see the tasks that are all affiliated to the ambition actualize assignment protocol.

The account log starts with a area area I archetype the goals and accessories from my account log for that week. I again bisect that over the canicule in the table beneath ammo journal.

At the top there is a area books, these are the books I am currently reading. Beneath there is a cavalcade for the day, the time which is broadly disconnected into morning, afternoon and evening. There is the journal, which is the area with all the tasks and appointments. Plus a cavalcade for ambition setting, a acknowledgment account area I try to add three things to be beholden for every day, and a analysis or journalling area area I can jot bottomward what I anticipation of the day.

Underneath anniversary day, there is an overview of my circadian habits, things I appetite to do every day, or every week. If I completed the addiction that day, I analysis the box. Some habits I appetite to do every day, some every workday, and some 3 times a week. How generally I appetite to do it that anniversary is in brackets abaft the habit.

I put in tasks with a checkbox. Accessories are put in with the time of the appointment. If I complete a task, or do article that was not originally on my list, I add it as well, abacus it to the circadian overview starting with a punctuation.

Similar to my account log, I analysis my account log at the basal of the week. Here I accumulate a account of things I appetite to do every week, and I accumulate a account of questions to advice me adviser my account review.

After a anniversary has passed, or a ages has passed, I move the agenda (log) of that anniversary or ages to the completed ammo account notebook. This keeps the notebooks I assignment in on a circadian base clean.

Calendar Template Bullet Journal Do You Know How Many People Show Up At Calendar Template Bullet Journal – calendar template bullet journal
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