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Mask Template A1 All You Need To Know About Mask Template A1

IP addresses in your aggregation association abide of three elements: the association handle, the host abode and the subnet masks. The association abode identifies your ample community, and host addresses analyze alone workstations on the community. The subnet affectation relates these two addresses software bitwise operations. System directors at your aggregation can use Microsoft Excels Visual Basic editor to account subnetworks, breeding host addresses by accumulation association addresses and subnet masks.

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Open Excel and blazon your host abode into beef A1 by means of A4, accounting anniversary byte right into a abstracted cell. For instance, to account the association abode again a subnet abode of masks a number abode of, blazon “192” into corpuscle A1, “168” into A2, “1” into A3 and “161” into A4.

Type your subnet affectation into beef B1 by means of B4, connected anniversary byte right into a abstracted cell. Continuing the instance, blazon “255” into corpuscle B1, “255” into B2, “255” into B3 and “224” into B4.

Click “Insert” within the ribbon’s developer tab and bang the determine for a button. Bang and annoyance over your worksheet so as to add a button and accessible the Assign Macro chat field.

Click “Tools” and “Macros” to accessible the Create New Macro chat field. Blazon “mcrSubweb” into the Macro Name argument field and once more bang “Create.”

Type “mcrSubweb” into the Macro Name argument acreage and once more bang “New” to barrage Excel’s Visual Basic editor.

Type the afterward afterwards “Sub mcrSubweb()” to again the ethics in beef A1 and B1:

host1 = Range(“A1”).Value subnet1 = Range(“A2”).Value

Type the afterward to perform an AND motion on the 2 values:

network1 = host1 And subnet1

Type the afterward to confess the aftereffect into the sheet:

Range(“A3”).Value = network1

Type the afterward to echo this operation with the addresses’ added bytes:

host2 = Range(“B1”).Value subnet2 = Range(“B2”).Value network2 = host2 And subnet2 Range(“B3”).Value = network2 host3 = Range(“C1”).Value subnet3 = Range(“C2”).Value network3 = host3 And subnet3 Range(“C3”).Value = network3 host4 = Range(“D1”).Value subnet4 = Range(“D2”).Value network4 = host4 And subnet4 Range(“D3”).Value = network4

Return to the capital Excel window and bang the button that you just added to confess the association abode into beef C1 by means of C4. With this instance, Excel inserts “191” into A3, “168” into B3, “1” into C3 and “160” into D3. This corresponds with a association abode of “”




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Mask Template A1 All You Need To Know About Mask Template A1 – masks template a4
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