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After a few monthlong hiatus, the Killeen Burghal Board is ready to activate enviornment catch-up Tuesday with a diffuse 25-item agenda.

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Starting with a residents abode from James Everard to change Killeen burghal authorization 16-107, an authorization pertaining to “obstruction of justice” in acknowledgment to an advancing altercation apropos the arrest of YouTube “auditor” No Question Abaudit.

The aboriginal account of burghal enterprise shall be a altercation of architectural and armpit structure requirements. These requirements had been aftermost mentioned in November, and settle for been alternate to the Burghal Board with feedback and revisions from the Planning and Zoning Commission. The accompaniment of Killeen’s architectural and armpit structure requirements are allotment of an accomplishment to make sure that approaching condominium is added lovable and various.

Additionally, the Burghal Board will set a date for the Comprehensive Plan’s “Strategic Planning Session” and altercate citizen’s petitions.

Personnel and equipment

The burghal board has submitted a advocacy that Burghal Administrator Kent Cagle settle for a 3.5% bulk of lively acclimation (COLA) enhance, and supplied him with an all-embracing appraisal of “above common.”

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Cagle was murderer at a bacon of $210,000 yearly in 2019, in keeping with Herald archives. His predecessor, Ron Olson, was paid $225,000 yearly afore his abandonment that aforementioned 12 months. With the COLA enhance, Cagle will now accomplish $217,350 yearly.

Also on the calendar is a decision acknowledging the association of Edwin Revel because the controlling administrator of Development Services.

According to his resume, Revel is an alum of the University of Alabama at Bermingham, a 20-year adept within the fields of growth providers, enterprise growth, and cardinal planning, and a licensed floodplain supervisor.

Appointments will moreover be mentioned for the Committee on Crime Solutions.


The Burghal Board is accepted to abode a number of election-related resolutions, together with an authorization calling a May 7 accepted acclamation to simply accept a brand new ambassador and three councilmembers-at-large. Additionally, the Burghal Board will authority a accessible audition and altercate proposed burghal allotment amendments.

This would be the aftermost befalling to altercate the proposed adjustments about afore the May 7 election, until addition audition is held.

Acquirement Authorizations

The Burghal Board will accede a number of acquirement authorizations from the 2022 Fiscal Year Budget. Requests embrace:

A constitution acceding for seven mowers with Deere Credit within the bulk of $376,513.60

$500,000 for “road structure supplies”

$300,000 in pavement look casework from Green Dream International

$80,300 for admission and departure doorways for the Killeen Civic and Conference Center

$90,765 for the backup of bleachers on the Killeen antagonism enviornment

$155,467.77 in upgrades for elevators at Burghal Hall and the borough addendum with