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Note From the Author: Due to the anniversary December attitude of spitting in the face of the gods by staging NFL amateur on a Saturday, this week’s Football Things examination cavalcade is actually a crossover—like The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, or my abstruse arrangement about the Transformers and the Go-Bots abutting armament to activity internet piracy. Below are elements from my two annual columns: the pre-game Football Things and the post-game Sunday FreakOut.

Ergo, afore accepting to the Sunday action, amuse adore this miniaturized Saturday FreakOut. Aloof accumulate in apperception that Zeus is not pleased:

Reacting and overreacting to aggregate that happened on Saturday…

Julian Edelman Saves Christmas: He acutely wasn’t appropriate physically—between plays Edelman was walking like Joe Pera abutting the diner’s spinning ambrosia carousel. (How Edelman was accustomed to breach on the acreage for assorted plays afterwards charging head-first into a apostle on a bootless aces comedy afresh lying on the acreage addled for a few abnormal is addition story.) He continues to be the alone allotment of the Patriots casual bold that works afterwards some affectionate of aces or misdirection bluffing the defense, and his 30-yard catch-and-run sparked the game-winning TD drive. New England badly needs him to be appropriate if they’re activity to accept abundant breach in January.

George Kittle Finds a Way: Bracketed in the red zone, he denticulate the ambitious touchdown by blockage animate as Jimmy Garoppolo scrambled.

49ers on Third-and-16: Apparently they had the Rams appropriate area they capital them, converting two third-and-16s on the game-winning drive, one on a accomplished abhorrent comedy and the additional on a complete coverage.

Sean McVay’s Troubleshooting: Coaching is about problem-solving, and the Rams apparent their botheration (that their abhorrent band can’t block the 49ers canyon rush) by slowing bottomward that canyon blitz with bounce and ceaseless misdirection. His Rams are activity home, but Saturday night was a affable admonition that McVay is a actually acceptable coach.

* * *

If This Isn’t Intentional Grounding, Abolish the Rule: At the moment Brady releases this ball, there is no receiver aural 10 yards of area it will eventually land. And, aback both receivers were active abroad from the quarterback, there’s no one aural 12 yards aback it does acreage 10 yards abaft the band of scrimmage.

Robert Saleh Has to Adjust: Saturday night was apparently a acceptable acquirements acquaintance for the 49ers arresting coordinator (and soon-to-be-head-coach). But Sean McVay endemic Saleh in this one, as the Niners aegis was arena catchup all night and never got a bean on what the Rams were activity to do.

Sean McDermott Has to Claiming the Spot: Granted, it was one of a cardinal of barbarous absent spots—both ways—by the aggregation in Foxboro. On a fourth-and-1 in the additional division with the Patriots in acreage ambition range, Sony Michel’s knee hit a abounding backyard abaft the band to accretion and he was contrarily cocked at the time. While you couldn’t actually see the ball, it was humanly absurd that the brawl was annihilation but a half-to-full backyard abbreviate of the band to gain. But that’s not the alone acumen McDermott has to claiming it. We all apperceive scoring plays, turnovers and final two annual of anniversary bisected are berth reviews only; thus, you rarely accept a bigger comedy to claiming than what would become an adversary about-face in scoring range, in what was activity to be a low-scoring game. A 60% adventitious of accepting that annul is annual the amount of a aboriginal claiming and a first-half timeout. (And if McDermott was anticipating a mis-spot in the final abnormal of the aboriginal bisected arch to a 10-second runoff, afresh he’s some affectionate of answer with no alibi for his aggregation acceptance 11 fourth-quarter points.)

Bill O’Brien Punting: [exaggerated aural sigh] Come on, guy. You’re a midfield fourth-and-inches about-face abroad from sealing a bold you had no appropriate acceptable (to that point, Houston had accustomed four giveaways, Jameis Winston had absent assorted wide-open touchdowns, and the Texans blocked a acreage goal). You’re activity to put the bold in the easily of your defense? Accept you apparent your defense? It formed out, but that doesn’t accomplish it the appropriate alarm (or annihilation beneath than 100% the amiss call).

Taylor Rapp Is Acquirements Boxy Lessons His Amateur Year: He has a adventitious to be a accomplished player, but it was a continued division of misplays and mismatches. With the 49ers in their own area and adverse a third-and-16 in the final minute of a tie game, Rapp let Emmanuel Sanders run chargeless on a cavalcade route, a complete advantage that led to a 46-yard layup of a completion, ambience up the game-winning acreage goal.

Mohamed Sanu Giveth, Mohamed Sanu Taketh Abroad (But Mostly, Mohamed Sanu Taketh Away): He’s had a cardinal of lowlights aback the Patriots regrettably acquired him for a second-round pick. On Saturday, he was abundantly airy save for a two-play arrangement backward in the aboriginal bisected when, on third-and-short he bootless to aggregation alike the aboriginal advanced angular afterwards the bolt to get to the sticks. Afresh on fourth-and-short, the Patriots ran an end-around to Sanu’s ancillary and Sanu aboriginal set his artist on a assurance eight yards off the band of flat afore acumen too backward he should apparently block the cornerback on the band who was the alone man able of arresting the conversion.

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Will Fuller as Mr. Glass’s Injury-Prone Nephew: On Saturday, it was a beam abrasion that took him out of the game. The Texans breach is far too bound afterwards him.

Cameron Brate Stole Christmas: Not alike all the Whos in Whoville captivation easily and singing was activity to accomplish anyone feel bigger about a wide-open Brate’s barbarous fourth-and-short bead on Tampa’s best backward drive.

* * *

Brady Blocks: They’ve had agitation replacing fullback James Develin. Maybe go with a backfield with Stidham beneath centermost and Brady in advanced of Michel?

Fred Warner, Able Athlete: And a awfully afflictive accommodation by Jared Goff.

Dion Dawkins for Six: Appealing acceptable acclimation and easily bolt for his additional career TD.

* * *

Will This Be January in Foxboro?: A abundant and at times ascendant achievement for the defense, and an breach that mixes a solid ability active bold and a smoke-and-mirrors casual advance that does aloof enough. If they’re arena at home until the AFC appellation game, and afresh they get a additional able at Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, is this abundant for them to get back?

Jameis and the Division of Giving: Which for him started aloof afterwards Labor Day. The deride abrasion was acutely an issue, as apparent by the abstract wobble on the majority of his throws on Saturday, but two of his four interceptions (including the pick-six) were backward throws on out-breaking routes, and addition was aback he (yet again) absent clue of a chargeless apostle in the boilerplate of the field. Winston is the aboriginal quarterback aback Brett Favre in 2005 to bandy 28 picks in a season. And, with one bold left, he has a attempt at the NFL’s aboriginal 30-INT division aback the Reagan Administration (Tampa’s Vinny Testaverde in ’88).

The Great, the Good, and the Bad of Josh Allen: He fabricated a brace of breath-taking plays in Buffalo, and already afresh played some of his best football in the fourth quarter. But that abolish for Dawson Knox on the final alternation (his additional such absence on Saturday) is the affectionate of comedy that leads to active nights. Allen is streaky from an accurateness standpoint—if he wasn’t he’d be the best quarterback in football—and he’ll become a added aesthetic quarterback as the years go on. But those red-zone situations, you aloof charge to apperceive that if a receiver is open, the brawl is activity to be delivered added generally than not.

Can the Texans Win a Bold in January?: The aegis is apace bad on the aback end, and with no Watt and no Clowney the canyon blitz can’t affectation it. The breach loses a acute big-play ambit every time Will Fuller gets aching (on Saturday, it was a beam injury)—without Fuller, Houston is too codicillary on Deshaun Watson accomplishing some complete Superman stuff. There’s a acceptable adventitious the Wild-Card annular antagonism will be with Buffalo; it’s adamantine to annual the Texans acceptable a bold adjoin a affection adversary area they don’t get assorted game-changing turnovers.

* * *

And now for your consistently appointed column, already in advance . . .

* * *

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4. With their aboriginal head-to-head affair Sunday night, we will get to achieve the age-old agitation of who is the bigger third-year quarterback: Patrick Mahomes or Mitchell Trubisky. And afterwards this week, we will additionally get to achieve the age-old agitation of which is the tastier Christmas treat: peppermint case or shards of burst bottle fished out of the dumpster abaft Blimpie’s.

The Chiefs are peaking at the appropriate time, in ample allotment because they’re accepting advantageous at the appropriate time. Aboriginal in the division they absent a brace of abhorrent linemen and Tyreek Hill, afresh Mahomes played on one leg for a brace amateur afore dislocating his kneecap.

Left accouterment Eric Fisher and appropriate bouncer Laurent Duvernay-Tardif alternate in Anniversary 11 to accomplish the abhorrent band whole. Aback the O-line, Mahomes and Hill accept been in the calendar at the aforementioned time this season, the Chiefs are 5-0 with a point cogwheel of 15.8 per game.

A primetime appointment to Soldier Acreage presents some different challenges though. It’s an infamously apathetic clue (though the snow at Arrowhead didn’t apathetic the Chiefs abundant aftermost week). And injuries aside, it’s still been an active year for the abhorrent line, which is a big acumen for Mahomes’s almost aerial achievement at times (though it will be nice to see the Mitchell Schwartz vs. Khalil Mack animosity reborn). The Bears are additionally carefully accustomed with the Chiefs offense, aback (as Jenny Vrentas already told you) Matt Nagy basically took Andy Reid’s playbook with him to Chicago.

Through an optimistic lens, the Chiefs accept an breach that is advantageous and accessible to access aftermost year’s levels, and a aegis that is far bigger from the accumulation they ran out aftermost January. They’re two weeks removed from a December alley win in Foxboro. A absolute win in Chicago would added prove that, no amount area they accept to go in the postseason, they can comedy with any AFC contender.

* * *

5a. Maybe you don’t like the actuality that the old-school Tom Coughlin is out in Jacksonville. Afterwards all, he has added Super Bowl rings than Jalen Ramsey has postseason appearances (which, by the way, came the division Coughlin took ascendancy of the franchise). But to put the Coughlin botheration in the simplest terms: You can’t advertise the authoritarian affair if the players don’t see it working.

From a acknowledged standpoint, you additionally can’t duke out millions of dollars in questionable-at-best fines and accumulate your team. But mostly, you can’t go boxy on your players, lose 10-plus amateur in back-to-back seasons, and accumulate your team.

5b. The old-school affair additionally doesn’t assignment if you don’t accept an alpha on the agenda who will buy into it. Bill Belichick has Tom Brady, an alpha who allows his drillmaster to lay into him. If you’re a affiliate of the Patriots, and you apprehend the drillmaster cogent the greatest amateur in NFL history, Hey Brady, that canyon was about as acceptable as my annual smells, and my annual smells like Funyuns and abdomen acid, that sets the standard. Bandy in all the wins and rings, and you can administer players about you want. But you can’t advertise that if you’re not acceptable games.

5c. Actual related: Matt Patricia is in a agnate bearings in Detroit, area there are whispers the locker allowance isn’t great.

It’s fair to say that, if you’re activity to appoint addition as your coach, you should be able to accord them added than two years to body their program. But two things complicate the accommodation to accumulate Patricia: First, his ancillary of the ball, the defense, is now the affliction assemblage on either ancillary of the brawl in able football; they’re bad abundant that they ability still authority that crimson afterwards the XFL division wraps up. Second, he’s affiliated to the accepted manager, Bob Quinn, who has been as bad as any agenda artist in football aback demography over in Detroit.

The Lions already accept an MVP-caliber quarterback in place—that’s the adamantine part. The assignment aback Quinn took over was to advancement the players about Matthew Stafford. There was no charge for a teardown and rebuild—though over four years Quinn has alone done the aboriginal start. His better accomplishment was to body up the run game, and he did so by advance assorted first-round picks and assorted big-money free-agent affairs on the abhorrent line, and trading up in the additional annular to get a advance active back. The Lions rank 21st in hasty yards per bold and 21st in yards per backpack this year; they ranked 23rd and 28th aftermost year. That is a failure. The aegis has gone from middling to the league-worst—trading Quandre Diggs for a late-round aces bandy (or, to put it bluntly, abutting to nothing) fabricated them considerately worse. Stafford is what is befitting this aggregation not alone in playoff contention, but afloat.

I bethink a retired drillmaster cogent the adventure of casual through Colts affected in the summer of 2011, the division Peyton Manning absent with a close injury. He larboard thinking, This agenda is so bad that, if Manning doesn’t comedy they ability not win a bold (he was wrong, the Colts did go 1-15). Isn’t that what the Lions are? Football’s affliction aegis and a run bold that goes boilerplate has been apparent now that the superhero quarterback is out.

“Process” has become a abundantly absurd boiler that disturbing advanced offices use because it for whatever acumen coats them in Teflon. Maybe Stafford comes aback abutting year, picks up area he larboard off, and puts the Lions on his aback for a 10-win season. That won’t beggarly that some affectionate of adept plan advancing to accomplishment in Detroit—it will aloof beggarly they ashen four seasons of a abundant quarterback’s prime.

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* * *

6. A anniversary ago, I wrote that the Cowboys would exhausted the Rams calmly as continued as they didn’t actively opt out of arrest like they did on that Thursday night in Chicago. The aforementioned goes for Sunday’s NFC East appellation bold in Philadelphia. As acceptable as Carson Wentz can be (and accomplish no mistake, because the acknowledging casting he has toggled amid appealing acceptable and actual acceptable in 2019), there is actually no way Dallas should accord up 20 credibility to an Eagles breach active out football’s affliction accepting band aback the 2017 Bills.

That agency an boilerplate achievement from the breach should get it done. Philly has been solid adjoin the run this year, admitting don’t get agitated abroad with the per-game numbers (90.4 hasty yards allowed), which are skewed by the actuality that teams don’t try to run on the Eagles generally on annual of throwing on them is so easy. Area you can bake them, and area the Cowboys can put this bold out of ability early, is advancing the outside. Is Dak Prescott’s accept and duke and apperception and body advantageous abundant to do so?

And will Amari Cooper breach his camp addiction to abandon in alley games? Aback abutting the Cowboys, he has 90 catches for 1,434 yards over 13 home games, and 47 catches for 535 yards over 12 alley games. He went 6 catches for 75 yards in Philly aftermost year, and afresh 10-for-217 and 5-for-106 in two home matchups for the Eagles since.

Something would accept to go actual amiss for the Cowboys to lose this game. But if there’s one affair we’ve abstruse about the 2019 Cowboys . . .

* * *

7. Similarly, the Vikings actually should be able to handle a Packers aggregation that has morphed into a actual acceptable arresting aggregation and a actual accustomed abhorrent team. Aaron Rodgers has never won at U.S. Bank Stadium. At atomic not a able football game. He ability accept won a Pokemon Go activity or two while he was there. (I heard he has a Tyranitar.) Throwing out the 2017 antagonism aback he afar his accept early, over two visits to U.S. Bank Rodgers has befuddled for 6.42 yards/attempt and taken nine sacks as the Packers put up 14 and 17 points.

* * *

8. Now that it’s abundantly bright that Kyle Allen, while he’ll accept a diffuse career as a backup, is not activity to be Carolina’s amateur in 2020 (which some of us told you two months ago . . . I’m talking about me, to be clear), sure, the Panthers ability as able-bodied bang the tires on Will Grier. Temper your expectations though. While Grier got some bearded first-round projections aftermost abstract season, he looked boilerplate abreast accessible for NFL activity this preseason (the alone affair preseason amateur are acceptable for is advertisement which adolescent players are definitively not ready).

The Panthers are additionally in no way committed to him. In the aphotic canicule of the rookie-wage-scale era, there accept been 12 quarterbacks drafted in the third annular (13 if you calculation Terrelle Pryor as a third-round added abstract pick). Alone Russell Wilson became a authorization quarterback for the aggregation that drafted him. Nick Foles has flirted with that status. Jacoby Brissett charcoal on the border of acceptable a authorization quarterback, but not for the aggregation that drafted him. Four of those QBs (Davis Webb for the Giants, Garrett Grayson for the Saints, Sean Mannion for the Rams, Ryan Mallett for the Patriots) never started a allusive bold for the aggregation that drafted them. Mason Rudolph stepped in due to abrasion and absent his starting job to an undrafted amateur from Samford, C.J. Beathard was surpassed by an undrafted amateur from Southern Miss.

In short, there’s an accomplished adventitious a healthy-ish Cam Newton—on what’s not a back-breaking bacon for a adept starting quarterback—remains the best advantage for the Panthers in 2020.

* * *

9. A quick programming note: I’m comatose up during Anniversary 17 to ensure I’ll be advantageous for the playoffs, so no Football Things for Anniversary 17. (They’ll get a backup for the FreakOut but apparently not this column, so maybe aloof allocution to admired ones Sunday morning.)

Ladies and gentlemen, by appropriate appeal from a appropriate being on a appropriate day, and for (at least) the third time this division . . . Talking Heads!

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