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Last month, I was discussing my agenda for this Fall’s check-ups with my oncologist. During our conversation, she asked me if I had a account of all the accessories and todos that I had adored for the abutting weeks because she couldn’t acquisition the department’s agenda and she doesn’t save patients’ advice in her claimed one.

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I apperceive that my doctor has an iPhone, and I apperceive that she uses Apple’s Agenda and Reminders apps to administer her own schedule, so I showed her the beta of Fantastical 2 that I had on my iPhone. “You can chase for contest and reminders that bout a keyword or breadth and get a distinct account assuming all results”. She was intrigued. “For my accessories here, I save them with the hospital’s name, so I can aloof attending for that if I appetite to see them all at once”. At that point, I’m appealing abiding she was awash on the app. “But you can’t buy it yet”, I added with a attenuate smirk.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone, appear today on the App Store and on auction at $2.99 for a bound time, is one of the best iOS 7 apps I’ve approved so far and the best agenda and admonition applicant for iPhone, period. It improves aloft several aspects of the aboriginal app and it introduces able new actualization while antic a complete redesign that makes the app feel at home on iOS 7 afterwards compromising its identity.

Fantastical 2 is, for my workflow, bigger than Apple’s congenital apps, and it builds aloft the solid foundation of the aboriginal Fantastical to activity new functionalities and added flexibility.

Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland, the duo abaft Flexibits, weren’t planning on absolution Fantastical 2 for iPhone this year. But again WWDC happened. “After we saw iOS 7 in June, we were aggressive by it”, Simmons told me aftermost week. “iOS 7 is added than aloof a new look”, Simmons added, acquainted that, afterwards the aboriginal beta of iOS 7 was appear in June, they switched apparatus and started alive on a cast new adjustment for the iPhone.

In my analysis of Fantastical aftermost year, I alleged the app “skeuomorphic, but not arrogantly so”. Fantastical 1.0 fabricated use of a arrangement for the appellation bar and acclimated a loupe allegory for its DayTicker interface, but contrarily backward abroad from the heavy-handed accuracy of apps like Acquisition My Friends and Agenda for iPad to activity a automated acquaintance that primarily consisted of a atramentous account for your contest with date separators.

Fantastical 2 has been redesigned but not revolutionized: the textures are gone and the DayTicker’s loupe aftereffect is added nuanced, but aggregate is (mostly) still in its place. Contest are apparent in a atramentous account and they are color-coded to bout the agenda they accord to, and, in this version, reminders can be displayed as able-bodied afterward the aforementioned idea. There is a new Light theme, but I adopt to accumulate Fantastical set to atramentous because I like the adverse that it creates amid the accomplishments and an item’s argument and color.

I’ve been application Fantastical for two years on the Mac and over a year on iOS. I’ve gotten acclimated to the app’s architecture and blush scheme, and, actuality an app that I barrage several times anniversary day, I was abashed that a new architecture would crave a lot of time to acclimatize to it. Fantastical 2 isn’t a affecting redesign like Tweetbot 3, but its actualization has afflicted in every breadth of the app, and yet I instantly knew how to use it. Because of the brighter red and atramentous colors that Flexibits used, the app’s blueprint is easier to glance at and contest angle out more. I am a fan of iOS 7’s Dynamic Blazon as it makes argument admeasurement constant beyond the apps I use, and Fantastical 2 respects that ambience to accommodate the argument admeasurement I like.

As with every added iOS 7 app relaunch, afterwards weeks of application Fantastical 2 I went aback to Fantastical 1 on my iPhone. The app acquainted down-covered and beneath ample – but primarily old, both in attention to architecture and affection set.

It’s funny because aftermost year I anticipation of a way to affectation my OmniFocus todos in the calendar, and this year, aloof afterwards switching to Reminders, Fantastical 2 comes out with absolute Reminders integration.

This is the big accession of Fantastical 2, and I couldn’t be happier with how it works. Afterwards acceding the app admission to your Reminders, you’ll be able see your reminders and contest in a distinct account sorted by archival adjustment beneath the DayTicker. This account has, like Fantastical 1, separators for canicule and it highlights the accepted day (used to be a white highlight; now it’s blue). Reminders are apparent with black checkboxes, which you can tap to mark a admonition as complete and accompany it aback to iCloud; if you tap a reminder, you’re taken to the Edit screen, which shows event-like options for title, list, URL, notes, and admonition settings.

Fantastical 2 can set time and location-based reminders afterwards accepting to use Apple’s Reminders app. There are no artifacts with lists and filters and aggregate is a 1:1 representation of your Reminders lists and alerts, alone done aural Fantastical and while demography advantage of the app’s aloft actualization for admonition conception and management.

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You can actualize reminders in Fantastical application accustomed accent from the app’s New Accident screen, which has been adapted for the new iOS 7 architecture but that still works like aftermost year’s app. Application a accustomed set of commands like “todo Buy pasta” or “Remind me to Listen to The Alert at 7 AM tomorrow”, you can acquaint Fantastical to actualize a new admonition that will be added to your absence Reminders list. If you don’t appetite to use the new adapted syntax to acquaint Fantastical that you’re creating a admonition instead of an event, you can cast a about-face and manually move from accident to admonition creation. Aback the app recognizes that you’re abacus a reminder, the appellation bar changes from “New Event” to “New Reminder” and the account examination in the average of the awning reflects the change by assuming the adapted account blush and a checkbox.

Alert times accustomed to reminders accurately actuate iCloud’s “Remind me on a day” ambience that is aggregate beyond devices. There absolutely isn’t abundant to explain because Flexibits’ accomplishing works aloof like iCloud and there isn’t annihilation new to apprentice aback it comes to alerts and due dates. Added absorbing to me is abutment for geofences in Fantastical: if you accept the “Remind me at a location” option, you’ll be able to admission a new Breadth awning that shows shortcuts for your accepted location, Home address, and contempo locations, additional a chase bar.

Once you’ve begin a breadth or abode that matches your needs, you can baddest it and acquaint Fantastical to admonish you aback entering or abrogation that location, aloof like Apple’s Reminders app. This is the aboriginal admonition applicant for iPhone that I’ve apparent with a congenital backup for Apple’s “remind me at” setting, which, in the past, consistently affected me to use Apple’s Reminders app if I capital to try it.

Fantastical’s booty on geofences is nice: in the Edit screen, you can get a nice anchored map appearance that shows adapted icons for “entering” and “leaving” modes, as able-bodied as the breadth ambit that will actuate the reminder’s active aback abutting the geofence. The ambit itself can be set in Fantastical afterwards accepting to accessible the Reminders app. Like Apple’s app, I couldn’t actualize a ambit ample abundant to admonish me to alarm my mom aback I’ll leave the continent.

My botheration with geofences – and this is absolutely different to Fantastical – is that they await on Apple’s abode database, which rarely works for me. Searching for POIs in Fantastical allotment the aforementioned set of after-effects of Apple’s Maps app, which agency it’s basically non-existent for my area. Sure, I can add specific addresses, but alike in that case geofences generally abort to blaze off: in my tests (run with both Fantastical and Reminders) geofences that were declared to accord me alerts aback abrogation my abode didn’t work. Again, the botheration is not in Flexibits’ app but in Apple’s backend, which I apperceive has acquired problems to added people. Conceivably a band-aid would be for Flexibits to accommodate with added POI providers (such as Google or Foursquare), but alike that wouldn’t fix Apple’s geofence technology. Therefore, if you’re activity to use geofences in Fantastical, accumulate in apperception that they may or may not assignment for you based on the success that you’ve had with this affection in added Apple apps in the past.

Fantastical’s abutment for reminders doesn’t stop at attractive and creating them. In the Settings, you can configure the app to adumbrate completed reminders (thank you, Flexibits), adumbrate lists, set a absence list, and adapt items by list.

With reminders enabled, a Reminders button sits on top of alone items and beneath the dejected “Today” area header; tap it, and you’ll be taken to a committed Reminders appearance that shows all your reminders from all your lists. However, if you activated the aftermost ambience I mentioned above, you’ll end up with a abundant bigger appearance that groups reminders by account and lets you cross into alone lists.

A nice detail is that, in this view, you can blazon in the “New Reminder” acreage at the top to bound actualize a admonition afterwards the absolute accustomed accent screen. Aback you tap that acreage in the all lists/reminders view, it gets accent with the blush of your absence list; tap it while central a list, and it gets accent with the blush of that specific list.

Fantastical’s accomplishing of reminders is simple and unsurprising – and that’s absolutely the point. I like Apple’s Reminders, but the third-party apps that accept approved to “enhance” them with filters and custom due date settings accept failed. Instead, Fantastical 2 follows Apple’s way of allotment active times and geofences, assiduity Reminders with accustomed accent support, a abundant bigger UI and presentation of lists, and a conception workflow that is able and affable to use. In my opinion, not alone can Fantastical 2 be acclimated as a full-featured another to Reminders on the iPhone – it additionally is a bigger app because of the added actualization it has. Notably, it can let you tap on URLs, which is article that you can’t do in Apple’s app.

I’ve alleged Fantastical’s DayTicker one of the best pieces of custom iPhone UI anytime made, and I still anticipate that’s true. Here’s how I declared it aftermost year:

The DayTicker is anon affiliated to a accepted decision of contest presented beneath it: as you scroll, contest (grouped by day and black according to your calendar’s settings) will move up or down; similarly, if you accept to annal the account itself, the DayTicker will automatically “snap” to the day you’re viewing.

It was a ability move: don’t appearance all canicule at once, but focus on aloof bristles canicule and amalgamate a nice-looking architecture with a air-conditioned alteration and accomplish the vertical account of contest annal appropriately to the ticker’s position. I admired it.

The DayTicker has been afflicted in Fantastical 2, and, afterwards a aeon of adaptation, I anticipate it’s been adapted for the better. Essentially, the DayTicker now shows the accepted day additional the abutting four canicule instead of the accomplished two days, accepted day, and abutting two days. The accepted day now sits at the leftmost ancillary of the DayTicker and it’s accent in blue, with four approaching canicule accessible on the right. Canicule still appearance a mini-preview of your agenda with black confined and now they get checkboxes for accessible reminders, too.

The abstraction in Fantastical 2 is that you appetite to use the app for your accepted and approaching schedule, not being that’s already in the past. And, afterwards accepting acclimated it for a while, I accept to say it feels asinine to attending aback at the old DayTicker – why did those accomplished two canicule charge to be there? Isn’t Fantastical meant to be an abettor that tells you what’s next? It was ashen space, apparent and simple, and the DayTicker of Fantastical 2 is the “oh” moment of the app aback you see it.

With the new layout, you see added of your approaching agenda and beneath of the things you don’t charge to booty affliction of anymore. Because behind reminders are automatically avant-garde to the accepted day, you won’t absence them in the capital account beneath the ticker, and with two added canicule in the approaching you can bound tap on the appropriate to move the DayTicker avant-garde in time and see what’s advancing up.

Gestures are unchanged: you can still annal the DayTicker in any direction; tap & authority a day to bound actualize an accident or admonition in it; tap the appellation bar to breeze aback to Today (with a beautiful activity on the accepted day); or, you can tap & authority the appellation bar to accessible the “Go to…” day switcher.

Fantastical’s accustomed accent parser was already aloft to the one apparent in added agenda apps, and it gets alike bigger in Fantastical 2. Aside from admonition conception support, Flexibits has added the parser to accomplish it smarter with echo settings: you can now abode article like “Team affair at 9 AM on the additional Tuesday of every month”, and Fantastical will aces up your book accurately and anatomize it to set an avant-garde echo pattern.

Alongside the beheld cue (which is one of the best genitalia of the aboriginal app), you can analysis if Fantastical parsed your ascribe accurately by borer Appearance Detail > Echo > Custom. I don’t use echo settings abundant these days, but it’s consistently acceptable to see them alive aback you charge them.

For accessories with a 4-inch affectation (iPhone 5 and later), Flexibits has added an added keyboard row that contains numbers and date/time separators for your locale. This is a able use of accessible amplitude as it removes the charge to tap the “123” button on the iOS keyboard to admission numbers and added characters acclimated for dates and times. My beef anamnesis still makes me tap the “123” button, but I’ve been accepting acclimated to the new keyboard row and I anticipate it’s one of those accessory additions that will accomplish you save abnormal every day.

Fantastical 2 supports TextExpander snippets on iOS 7 – both approved and backup snippets. The URL arrangement has been kept the same, alone the app now uses fantastical2:// instead of fantastical://. The accession of TextExpander abutment is actual acceptable and, accumulated with the absolute URL schemes and x-callback-url automation, it can acquiesce you to set up accessible acceptable shortcuts and workflows.

For instance, I apperceive that Maps is blotchy with POI and breadth names in Italy, so I accept to blazon out an abode aloof like Apple brand it every time I’m abacus a breadth if I appetite Fantastical to aces it up and acquiesce me to set up geofences properly. These addresses are usually continued and boring, and I don’t appetite to blazon them every time. I could set up abstracted snippets for anniversary one of them, right? I could. But why actualize six snippets for my best acclimated locations aback I can actualize a single, backup one?

In TextExpander, I set up a fill-in, popup atom that has options for the abounding addresses of the locations area I about go to. These are the addresses that Maps uses and I affected them from Apple’s Maps app to abstain any array of formatting or spelling affair (Maps is actual captious with this stuff). In TextExpander, I created an advantage for anniversary address, and prefixed them with “at” so that Fantastical would adapt them as breadth fields.

In Fantastical, I don’t accept to blazon addresses anymore. Afterwards I’ve added the name of an accident or reminder, I can blazon “lll”, which will actuate my backup atom and barrage TextExpander. In the app, I’m presented with a popup that contains my addresses; I can annal the list, and tap Done aback I’ve called one. Then, I’m taken aback to Fantastical, which shows adapted argument with the abode I’ve best – and I didn’t accept to blazon any of that. Now, brainstorm ambience snippets for circuitous echo settings or added continued accustomed accent queries, and you get the abstraction of how you can acceleration up Fantastical with, effectively, templates in TextExpander.

If you don’t use TextExpander, you can additionally drudge your way about templates application Barrage Center Pro. Contrast’s app doesn’t appear with beheld options for assorted choices like TextExpander, but you can set up assorted accomplishments central a accumulation and accord anniversary activity an abode that you don’t appetite to blazon manually. Then, application conceivably a [prompt], you can amalgamate argument you’ve typed in Barrage Center Pro and an abode hard-coded into a URL arrangement to barrage Fantastical and accept all the fields automatically abounding and parsed for you.

I use Barrage Center Pro shortcuts to chase for contest that accept been assigned a specific breadth – such as the hospital – so I can use the URL arrangement and set its ambit to the breadth constant to get a account of contest and todos that bout my query. Overall, Fantastical 2 comes with the aforementioned URL scheme-related actualization of adjustment 1.0, which is acceptable account for bodies who accept their own workflows as those will crave basal tweaking to assignment with the new app.

Would it absolutely be a analysis afterwards a account of the accessory actualization and capacity that afflicted me while application the app? I don’t anticipate so. At least, I wouldn’t be satisfied. So actuality it is.

Fantastical is the best affair that’s anytime happened to my iPhone’s calendar.

When on my iPhone, I like to see a distinct account of all accessible contest and todos, aggregate calm by date and time and displayed with able blush advice for context. Fantastical 2 provides aloof that. Acknowledgment to accustomed accent input, I can grab my iPhone and jot bottomward or behest a book and accept Fantastical anatomize it for me so I don’t accept to tap options or annal airheaded to set dates and alerts. I accept begin myself application Fantastical aback I’m not at home to analysis on the things I accept to do and get an overview of my schedule, but additionally while I’m at my board because the app is such a amusement to use.

Since I confused from OmniFocus to Reminders beforehand this year, I’ve been attractive for an app that could alluringly accumulation contest and reminders, cogent me what I accept to do while acceptance me to tap URLs for webpages I charge for assignment or admonition for Google Maps. For those times aback I charge added avant-garde actualization such as URL scheme-powered chase or x-callback-url, Fantastical 2 is accessible to be chained to added apps – befitting this functionality hidden from appearance but still accessible to the ability user. These actualization aren’t aloof “cool” because they’re geeky: they advice me added calmly get to a breadth or see all approaching hospital-related contest acknowledgment to templates I’ve created in Barrage Center Pro. I’m businesslike aback it comes to my schedule, and Fantastical works for me.

I don’t like Apple’s Agenda app and I was affected to use the congenital Reminders app because there was no full-featured alternative. Fantastical 2 is bigger than both apps for bodies who adopt a vertical decision of contest and reminders over accident blocks, ages views, or “cards”. While not for me, the anniversary appearance is additionally able-bodied done and accurately chip with the blow of the app.

I don’t accept abounding wishes for Fantastical 2 appropriate now. I would like to see an advantage to adumbrate accomplished after-effects from chase and accomplishments updates could be improved, but I apperceive that there isn’t abundant Flexibits can do about the latter. I accept no abstraction aback Flexibits will absolution an iPad adjustment of Fantastical, and I don’t apperceive how the DayTicker could calibration to the beyond screen.

Fantastical won’t change lives. But if an app can abolish annoyance from managing your accustomed agenda and absolutely accomplish it alike a bit of fun, what’s not to adulation about it?

For me, Fantastical 2 is an accomplished aftereffect to a abundant app that I’ve been application every day for the accomplished year. The new adjustment packs an absorbing affection set for all kinds of iOS users and a apple-pie new architecture that prioritizes advice body and blush over accidental pixels or effects. Fantastical 2 is advantageous and dependable, automatic and powerful.

As for my doctor? I’m emailing her a articulation to the app appropriate now.

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