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Things accept absolutely been attractive austere for the music industry in abounding areas, and what absolutely is bare to about-face things about has a been a accountable of affiliated agitation amid those in the business. This commodity examines several altered account for how to save the industry, and why they may or (more likely) may not work.

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Guest Post by Dave Brooks on Amplify

Remember aback the music industry acclimated to assignment by anthology and bout cycles? These days, we assume to work in cycles of crisis, attractive longingly for a savior to arise in and admonish us how to get affluent again. The problems advanced for recorded music are abounding — abridgement of money in streaming, dematerialization concrete anthology sales and shrinking dollars for aggregate from touring revenues to accompany deals.

We can all accede the music industry is in agitation — what we can’t accede on is who can fix it. This week, the job has been accustomed to Adele — the British singer’s anthology “25” will bead abutting ages and Fortune annual is accessible to acknowledge it both a smashing success and a alarm of hope.

Does the music industry charge saving, or is the media latching on to the latest music business meme? Below we attending at nine other moments this year aback the media has flirted with a new messiah for to disclose anthology revenues.

In March, a console at the South by Southwest appointment in Austin explained, absolutely bluntly, that “Curation Will Save the Music Industry,” about positing that association still needs “human beat advice in times of algorithms and automatic recommendations.” Panelists like Tim Stickelbrucks from St. Elmo’s Entertainment, Raveonettes and Dum Dum Girls administrator Scott Cohen and Rdio’s SVP of Product Chris Becherer came calm to acquaint that there are two abounding choices for consumers and not abundant music analysis pathways to connect new artists with fans. The solution? Added tastemakers to advice music lovers attack through the content.

Why this makes sense: There’s no agnosticism we’re inundated with new music, and music listenership is added awash than ever. As the alive apple assuredly begins to consolidate, it makes faculty that a new bearing of tastemakers, blogger, and internet personalities could help fans ascertain ahead alien talent.

Why it won’t work: While architecture audiences for an act is a abundant abiding strategy, the music industry is set up to capitalize on hit songs and albums, which curation doesn’t address. And sure, while there are affluence of bodies attractive for the hot new band, there’s a abundant beyond annex of admirers that don’t affliction about new music and aloof appetite to apprehend their admired songs over and over.

Earlier this ages the All-embracing Business Times asked “Can Television Save The Music Industry?” What they capital to apperceive was, “Will admirers accept to added music on TV?” The accessible acknowledgment is “probably not,” but that didn’t stop the cardboard from confined up a 1,000-word affection on the Electric Jukebox, a constituent accessory that’s allotment Google Chromecast and allotment Spotify.

As the commodity explains, the $229 accessory includes “a 12-month cable to Electric Jukebox’s exceptional alive service, which includes ‘millions of songs’ as able-bodied as curated playlists that will be ad-free. The interface is actual stripped-down and accessible to navigate, and with its references to mixtapes and icons that attending like CDs, it is clear this product’s target bazaar is absolutely average America.”

Why this makes sense: According to the company’s own research, the majority of bodies accept to music at home. About bisected (52%) await mostly on earthbound radio (Editor’s note: WTF?!?), while 42% still await on CDs and concrete units (who are these people??). Company CEO Rob Lewis believes Electric Jukebox has a huge befalling to catechumen millions of bodies to streaming.

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Why it won’t work: It’s not carriageable and has no adaptable app, and because it needs to be configured to a home WiFi network, it can’t be calmly confused about from abode to abode (or TV to TV). Appetite to accept to you admired new Taylor Swift song in the car? That’s a botheration — admitting its ample catalog, Electric Jukebox won’t accept admission to some of the big hit song makers of the year, including Swift. And alike if it did, it can’t bung into your car stereo.

So the Guardian in the UK absitively to accord Swedish Spotify architect Daniel Ek his own belvedere to explain how he’s aggravating to advice (as adjoin to aggravating to destroy) the business with a June 6 allotment alleged  “Spotify and chargeless music will save the industry, not annihilate it.” In a attenuate interview, Ek said he will advice music industry revenues abound tenfold and acclaimed that his aggregation has already paid out $3 billion in ability payments to artists.

“The old-world paradigms we acclimated to accept are no best true. Aback I anticipate about music in the future, I don’t accomplish a acumen amid what’s radio, what acclimated to be the music library, and so on,” Ek said. “It’s abandoned activity to be alert – and, as that goes forward, this old angle of these altered industries or altered competitors will collapse and absorb together.”

Why this makes sense: Total music industry sales accepted hover about $14 billion to $15 billion annually, while the radio industry in the US abandoned is about $16 billion in acquirement and $80 billion worldwide. “That’s four times the admeasurement of the music industry,” said Ek. “If we’re able to alteration the acceptable radio behavior online, you’re attractive at a music industry that’s abundant beyond than it’s anytime been. If you do that, and additionally add cable to the mix, abnormally at Spotify’s about-face rate, you’d be attractive at a music industry that would be $100 billion to $160 billion in size. That’s the key altercation that I anticipate gets absent here.”

Why it won’t work: Taylor Swift, Apple’s $200 billion and a abridgement of a backbone and cardinal eyes from above players like Universal. If Ek’s adept plan to abound revenues is added radio-style advertising, afresh big labels won’t buy in.

You’ve got to duke it to Apple for extenuative recorded music while also destroying the almanac store’s retail network. But alike Apple’s iTunes belvedere seems anachronous in this age of streaming, and on June 9, the Washington Post announced, “In agitation again, music industry already added looks to Apple to save it.” Apple’s new Beats Music account aims to about-face the trend of ad-supported music by acute all users to pay $10 a ages and not alms a “freemium” advantage adjourned by commercials.

“We are at an important articulation point of the change of music,” according to Larry Miller, a assistant of music business at New York University’s Steinhardt School. “After added than 15 years in agenda music alteration . . . abandoned Apple has the abeyant to advance alive — paid alive — into boilerplate adoption.”

Why this makes sense: Streaming cable casework pay seven to one compared with ad-supported systems, and many of the world’s bigger superstar artists are all-embracing the Apple platform.

Why it won’t work: Apple Music sucks. It’s clunky, it’s difficult to personalize and configure and now no one wants to use it.

Before Taylor Swift can admonish us how to save ourselves, she needs to admonish us how to adulation … ourselves. In an op-ed in the Wall Artery blue-blooded “For Taylor Swift, the Approaching of Music Is a Adulation Story,” the accompanist writes, “In my opinion, the bulk of an anthology is, and will abide to be, based on the bulk of affection and anatomy an artisan has bled into a anatomy of work, and the banking bulk that artists (and their labels) abode on their music aback it goes out into the marketplace.

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“The way I see it, admirers appearance music the way they appearance their relationships. Some music is aloof for fun, a casual cast (the ones they ball to at clubs and parties for a ages while the song is a huge radio hit, that they will anon balloon they anytime danced to). Some songs and albums represent seasons of our lives, like relationships that we authority baby in our memories but had their time and abode in the past. However, some artists will be like award ‘the one.’”

Why this makes sense: Taylor’s “1989” anthology has awash 5 actor times, and she’s fabricated untold millions on a massive apple bout that included a five-night run at Staples Center, area she holds the best almanac with 16 sellout concerts.

Why it won’t work: There’s abandoned one Taylor Swift. And we charge about 50 to get ourselves out of this mess.

Dublin artisan Daniel Anderson spent all his money bearing his anthology “Patterns.” Without a characterization or administration deal, he absitively to go aperture to aperture about Ireland and try to advertise his new anthology to his neighbors (followed by a camera crew).

Why this makes sense: While Anderson faced affluence of rejection, he additionally affiliated with association who seemed absorbed by their adventitious affair with a agreeable artist. Although they knew around annihilation about Anderson, they were accommodating to accord the adolescent man a adventitious because of the claimed acquaintance he made.

Why it won’t work: Try activity aperture to aperture in LA … you’d get chased out of my adjacency in about bristles seconds. But one-on-one artery sales still arise every day —  visit Hollywood and Vine, or Times Square, or Haight and Ashbury. Every day there are association on the bend aggravating to advertise mixtapes and CDs, abnormally in the hip-hop community. Is it a aisle to riches? No. But it absolutely is an honest hustle and a acceptable way for artists to get out and allocution to bodies (and hit on girls).

It’s a little hasty Kim Dotcom was alike able to get a affair with the association at Universal Music in 2012. Dotcom was the architect of Megaupload, one of the world’s bigger book administration sites and a accepted ambition of record industry admiral who accused the armpit of making millions of songs accessible for actionable download.

But in 2012, Dotcom had a attenuate buzz affair with Universal’s above all-around agenda business admiral Rob Wells to discuss Megabox, his acknowledgment to the woes of crumbling balance in the music industry. According to a Sept. 7 commodity blue-blooded “This Was Kim Dotcom’s Crazy Plan to Save the Music Business,” the German-Finnish administrator capital to crave Megabox users to advance a affairs called “Megakey” that would accept prompted users to install a baby affairs on their computers. The software would afresh adviser the computer’s absolute arrangement traffic, ambush announcement from third-party websites and bandy out 10 percent of all ads for announcement from Dotcom’s own ad network. ‘We are basically application the assumption of an ad blocker, but instead of authoritative it blank, we alter the ads,’ Dotcom said during the call.”

Why this makes sense: Even admitting Megaupload was reviled by the music industry, Dotcom knew he could avert the industry’s pettiness onto an alike bigger mark: Google. Above characterization admiral accept continued decried the chase agent for bond to pirated material, and Dotcom’s plan was to ambition Google for ad blocking. “If we were to do a amalgamation with UMG, we would admonish to only, for example, in the alpha alter ads that are actuality served by Google,” he can be heard saying, arguing that Google had been a big almsman of piracy. “Replacing ads from Google would be a fair thing,” Dotcom said in the meeting. “You are basically charging a little tax for all the allowances that they accept with your content.”

According to Variety: “That band of anticipation allegedly went over able-bodied with the bodies on the added end of the call. ‘I absolutely agree,’ Universal’s above all-around agenda business admiral Rob Wells can be heard saying. After in the conversation, Universal’s admiral brood that it would be acceptable to accept a ‘white list’ of sites that aren’t targeted for ad replacement. ‘But Google will not be on that list,’ Wells can be heard saying, followed by laughter.”

Why it won’t work: A few canicule afterwards the call, Megaupload was raided, and Dotcom was arrested by New Zealand authorities. He is currently angry displacement aback to the United States to face accuse of racketeering, absorb infringement, and money laundering. Megaupload was shut bottomward and the company’s music account was eventually renamed Baboom. It has accustomed up on its ad bang affairs and concluded its amalgamation with Dotcom.

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The botheration with almanac food is that they advertise mostly advertise records. Bodies don’t appetite to buy concrete music anymore. But you apperceive what they do appetite to buy? Weed.

Yes, pot — and what bigger abode to advertise edger than at a almanac store? According to the East Bay Express commodity “Can Acknowledged Edger Save the Music Industry?” Amoeba Annal is one of bristles applicants for a admittance from Berkeley to accessible a medical marijuana berth in the East Bay city. If the acclaimed almanac abundance brand with shops in San Francisco and LA wins the permit, it will accessible a berth central its Telegraph Avenue flagship store. Amoeba rents out amplitude to a berth in its Haight Artery abundance in San Francisco, but accepting its own berth central the Bay Area abundance would enable Amoeba to advertise marijuana, aliment and all sorts of in-demand pot products.

Why this makes sense: Selling edger at a almanac abundance seems appealing answerable to me. Californians are acceptable to vote on recreational amends in 2016 and abounding pot entrepreneurs are jockeying to accomplish millions if the action passes. Bring them in for the weed, get them cool stoned, and afresh advertise them all kinds of stuff. Not aloof records, but sneakers and headphones and bound edition bobbleheads from the third division of Big Bang Theory.

Why it won’t work: Slippery slope, bro. The applesauce area is actuality confused to accomplish way for the dispensary. What’s next, Americana? Why the hell would you advertise annal aback you could be affective mass quantities of the sticky-icky? First it’s jazz, afresh classical music, afresh doo-wop and blues will all eventually be replaced with edger accolade and assortment vaporizers. Eventually the abandoned albums you will be able to buy will be Snoop Lion’s LP and the box set with Widespread Panic.

French is the all-embracing accent of diplomacy, so it’s abandoned adapted that France’s Minister of Culture and Communication Fleur Pellerin would acquaint an official Cipher of Conduct for the music industry.

Signed by above and absolute French labels, publishers, streaming services, and artist managers and agents, the cipher calls for “the conception of greater transparency” and “fair administration of bulk created by agreeable recordings.”

In his article “7 Ways To Fix A Broken Music Business – By The French Government,” Music Business Accepted biographer Tim Ingham analyzed the seven key objectives of the code, like supporting the “development of acknowledged music offerings” and announcement best practices for affairs and acquittal advances.

On Objective 5’s ambition to “ensure fair accomplishment for artists,” Ingham writes “one big development is that labels arise to accept agreed to accord artists a minimum acquirement agreement ‘in application for the agenda acceptance of their recordings.’” He after adds, “And there’s additionally big account aback it comes to ability statements. Labels accept agreed to address royalties to artists in a anatomy that is ‘transparent, barefaced and can calmly be acclimated by artists and their managers.’”

Why this makes sense: The alliance encourages all stakeholders to stop angry anniversary added and assignment calm to abound the pie. By signing cellophane deals with artists and good-faith agreements to coact and share, the music industry can conductor in a new era of cooperation that will acquiesce it to affiliate adjoin its accepted adversaries.

Why it won’t work: Who are we aggravating to kid here? This isn’t a summer camp, this is the music business!

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Dave Brooks has over 15 years acquaintance as a writer, including eight years as the Managing Editor of Venues Today. He started Amplify in 2014 to accord the industry its own articulation and about-face up the aggregate on alive entertainment.

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