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Justin Fuller didn’t appetite to beddy-bye with Christina Lopez aback she showed up in his corpuscle in Saguaro Correctional Center on the night of June 8.  But the corrections administrator swore she’d accomplish his action a active hell if he didn’t, according to Fuller, so he yielded.

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Fuller was, and still is, an inmate at the clandestine prison, which is run by the aggregation CoreCivic in Eloy, Arizona.

Lopez has aback been fired. In August, she pleaded accusable to one allegation of actionable animal conduct in a correctional adeptness — a Class 6 felony — and in October was bedevilled to two years’ probation, cloister annal show. By law, she was not appropriate to annals as a sex offender.

Fuller maintains that he was raped.

“She affected herself on top of me,” he told Phoenix New Times by phone. “I accustomed to acquaint her no, abounding times.”

Fuller additionally alleges CoreCivic attempted to stop him from administration his adaptation of contest and from filing a accusation by retaliating adjoin him in bastille — throwing him into aloof confinement, and blocking him from calling attorneys and a sexual-assault advertisement hotline.

Fuller and his lawyer, Tucson-based Stacy Scheff, are bent to accomplish his annual public. He didn’t accord to sex, and he’s actuality punished for aggravating to booty acknowledged action, they said.

Fuller accustomed for added than two months to adeptness Scheff and for a ages to get through to the hotline, annal show. He was additionally sentenced to 250 canicule in aloof bonds for violations that lacked evidence (the book was afterwards bargain by 40 days). At one point, according to Fuller, the bastille administrator told him he had listened to Fuller’s acknowledged calls. In August, his bastille bank account was inexplicably frozen; money his mother accustomed to accelerate bounced back.

Fuller’s complaint, which alleges violations of his First, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights for atrocious and abnormal corruption and for attached his admission to courts and to a animal advance hotline, was filed in U.S. District Cloister in Arizona on December 13. It requests, chiefly, that Fuller be transferred to a altered prison, “in adjustment to stop the retaliation,” as able-bodied as a acknowledgment that Lopez, CoreCivic, and its advisers alleged as defendants in the clothing abandoned his built-in rights.

This commodity is based on that complaint; accounting statements from Fuller and bastille abstracts including bedfellow requests and antidotal annal accretion hundreds of pages that Scheff aggregate with New Times; cloister annal from Lopez’s bent case; and badge reports. New Times interviewed Fuller by phone, through Scheff. 

For those accustomed with CoreCivic, Fuller’s adventure adeptness be unsurprising.

CoreCivic acclimated to be accepted as Corrections Association of America, or CCA, until it rebranded in 2016. It is the better clandestine corrections association in the United States. It operates immigrant apprehension centers, clandestine prisons, and center houses.

For years, those accessories accept appear beneath analysis from California to Arizona to Oklahoma to New Jersey for bedfellow deaths and allegations including corruption and violence, adulteration of reports, and about afflicted conditions.

In Arizona, CoreCivic operates seven facilities, including three clandestine prisons. Saguaro Correctional Center, in Eloy, houses about 1,500 inmates from several added states, primarily Hawaii. The bastille originally was built to authority prisoners from that accompaniment because it’s far cheaper to bastille bodies in prisons on the acreage than in Hawaii.

Fuller is in his final year of a 10-year book for robbery at Saguaro. He is appointed to be appear in September 2020, said Toni Schwartz, a agent for the Hawaii Department of Attainable Safety.

Since June, two changeable CoreCivic employees, including Lopez, have been arrested for accepting sex with inmates. Beneath Arizona law, sex with an confined actuality is actionable animal misconduct.

The institution’s history of violence, sexual assault, and delinquency by correctional admiral who accept little, if any, punishment, dates aback abundant further than this summer.

A few years ago, a Saguaro bedfellow sued CoreCivic, alleging that a advisor affected him to accomplish articulate sex in summer 2016, during counseling sessions. The advisor maintained it was consensual; he afterwards pleaded accusable to actionable animal conduct and was bedevilled to one year in bastille with probation. (A civilian clothing by the inmate was absolved beforehand this year.)

In 2011, a Hawaii bedfellow said an administrator active by CCA sexually assaulted him in his corpuscle in 2009. The officer, Richard Ketland, was bedevilled to acquittal afterwards actuality answerable with actionable animal contact, a felony.

Around the aforementioned time, the governor of Hawaii brought hundreds of inmates aback from CCA-operated prisons in Arizona afterwards 18 Hawaiians confined at Saguaro alleged that guards exhausted and threatened to annihilate them and that the aggregation additionally “deliberately destroyed and bootless to bottle affirmation of their wrongdoing, including videotapes” and “deliberately biased reports.”

In bounce 2019, Christina Lopez and Justin Fuller developed a affable relationship, according to Fuller’s complaint. She began to tell him added and added about her claimed action and her marriage.

According to Lopez’s presentencing report, she claimed that she and Fuller were in a accord “and talked circadian about claimed matters.”

Around 3 p.m. on June 8, Lopez came into the common breadth at K Unit, B Pod, the aforementioned breadth area Fuller’s corpuscle was located. She told Fuller she capital to accept sex that day, according to Fuller’s complaint. He told her no, because he didn’t appetite either of them to get into trouble, which would acceptable aftereffect in aloof bonds for him.

Lopez told him that surveillance cameras were down. Fuller didn’t accept her. If the cameras were off, the bastille would be on lockdown, he said, according to the complaint. He afresh refused, and eventually, he absolved away.

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Later that night, amid 7 and 8 p.m., Lopez entered Fuller’s cell, evidently for a bolus call. His acquaintance was abroad application the phone, as he about did about that time, according to the complaint.

There, Lopez accepted to accept sex with Fuller, alike as he pleaded with her to leave, according to the complaint. Eventually, Lopez assaulted him.

She affective his penis over his sweatpants and began kissing him on the neck, alike as he accustomed to advance her away, cogent her she was “tripping!”

“That’s aback she backed abroad unbuckling her belt and pants and told me that if I didn’t accept sex with her she would accomplish my action hell, but if I did afresh she would amusement me like a king,” he wrote in a statement.

Fuller acquainted “instantly mentally challenged, confused, paranoid,” he wrote in a statement. He surrendered to Lopez, action “coerced above his adeptness to resist,” according to the complaint. It was the aboriginal and alone time they had sex, both of their accounts said.

Every day for the abutting few weeks, she threatened him, according to Fuller.  If he told on her, she said, she would say that Fuller had raped her, Fuller said. But she additionally brought him sandwiches and accolade from Subway, which Fuller interpreted as bribery for his silence, the complaint declared — “her way of alleviative him ‘like a king.'” 

The annual in Lopez’s presentencing report is absolute altered from Fuller’s narrative.

It declared that Fuller asked Lopez to accompany drugs into the prison, which she beneath to do. Then, Fuller asked her to appear to his corpuscle on the night of June 8 to accept sex, and that he asked Fuller’s acquaintance to leave the corpuscle for a bit because his “girl” was advancing by.

Lopez, who had been a corrections administrator with CoreCivic for a year and had additionally spent 12 years as a apprehension administrator with the Gila County Sheriff’s Office, described the adventure as “a blooper in judgment,” the presentence abode stated. She denied to badge that she had acclimated her ability as a correctional administrator to force Fuller to accept sex with her.

On June 24, Fuller was alleged to the appointment to allege with two CoreCivic investigators.

What’s this all about?” Fuller recalled allurement them.

You acquaint me,” he said the board replied, afore adage that they had apparent Lopez admission his corpuscle on June 8 and capital to apperceive what happened.

Later, admiral would abode in a antidotal abode that Fuller would acquaint them he was sleeping that evening, but Fuller said that board were lying about that, and that Fuller absolutely said he capital acknowledged counsel.

They threatened him with aloof confinement, saying, “It’s gonna be adamantine to allege aback there,” he recalled to New Times, afresh abandoned him and took him to a suicide cell. An hour later, they brought him aback out, this time to allege with an Eloy badge administrator that CoreCivic had alleged afterwards acquirements about attainable bent activity.

This time, Fuller batten more, although he maintained that he capital acknowledged counsel. The administrator said that Lopez said that Fuller had asked her to accompany adulterous drugs — “tobacco, weed, spice, and meth,” transported central her, an Eloy badge administrator wrote — into the prison. Had Fuller fabricated such a request? the administrator capital to know.

Fuller denied it. “Absolutely not,” he recalled cogent the officer.

According to the badge abode from that night, Fuller denied anytime accepting animal acquaintance with Lopez, but Fuller told New Times that he said article else.

He said he told badge he capital acknowledged admonition and that he did not apperceive annihilation about Lopez’s claims that they’d had consensual sex. According to Fuller, aback he asked badge if he would be charged, badge said no, because Fuller was a victim.

Afterward, Fuller was taken aback to the arctic infirmary, and put in a suicide corpuscle with boxers and a T-shirt and no shoes. He’s been in some anatomy of aloof bonds anytime since.

“At that point, I knew it was on,” he said. “Before I leave this place, I’m gonna accomplish abiding I betrayal this place.”

A adolescent bedfellow lent Fuller a archetype of Prisoners’ Self-Help Action Manual, which he apprehend three times. He began aggravating to acquaintance attorneys and alarm a arcane bastille animal advance hotline run by the Southern Arizona Center Adjoin Animal Abuse, or SACASA, but he kept hitting abstruse authoritative hurdles.

On July 5, he put in his aboriginal abode to alarm the hotline, a cardinal that he’d pulled “off the one of abounding posters blind up on pod walls,” he wrote in the request. Per bastille policy, inmates can alarm alone preapproved numbers.

No one responded to that request. At the basal of the form, where agents associates leave responses, addition jotted, “No acknowledgment came back? Alone a denied buzz alarm request?”

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On July 8, about 12:30 p.m., Fuller accustomed to alarm the hotline directly, but the cardinal did not affix to anything. He accustomed for 10 minutes.

Officials afresh told him to punch *777 and leave a message. Fuller had his misgivings, alive what dialing *777 meant, but he additionally knew that he had to bankrupt all his remedies aural the bastille afore he could book a lawsuit, so he obeyed.

For inmates at Saguaro, *777 is an centralized advertisement cardinal that inmates accept the advantage of calling anonymously to abode problems. It leads to the warden, two abettor wardens, three chiefs, and the arrangement monitor. An investigator additionally gets an email alert, according to a aglow 2017 analysis of Saguaro’s acquiescence with the 2003 Bastille Rape Elimination Act, or PREA.

Through an acceding with SACASA, it added, Saguaro “provides inmates … with a 24-hour animal advance crisis hotline.” It noted, “The phones in all apartment units are activated account to ensure that these advertisement curve are attainable to inmates.”

Not for Fuller. He had to be accepted permission to alarm a SACASA apostle — and alike afterwards he accustomed approval, in September the cardinal would briefly and inexplicably abandon from his account of accustomed buzz numbers.

In acknowledgment to questions about bedfellow admission to the hotline, CoreCivic agent Amanda Gilchrist referred New Times to the company’s bedfellow handbook.

Those instructions are ambagious — cogent the bedfellow to punch the centralized cardinal *777, but additionally including three abstracted numbers and a PIN for anonymity to alarm the SACASA hotline. It leaves cryptic whether inmates can alarm the hotline directly, or whether those buzz numbers accept to be preapproved — as Fuller experienced.

It wasn’t until August 7, a ages afterwards Fuller aboriginal accustomed to alarm the SACASA hotline, that he was able to get through. He batten with his SACASA apostle weekly, until September 10, aback his alarm was mysteriously denied. Two CoreCivic advisers told Fuller that they didn’t accept why his admission had been denied.

The admission to Saguaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona.

Google Maps

On July 8, three hours afterwards aboriginal aggravating to alarm the hotline, Fuller was pulled from his corpuscle and taken to the appointment with the aforementioned admiral who initially questioned him, forth with Abettor Administrator Benjamin Griego and others, he anecdotal in his complaint. They capital him to assurance a allotment of cardboard that they said would be acclimated to arraign Lopez, the complaint said.

Fuller refused, adage he’d assurance annihilation afterwards acknowledged advice.

The wardens and others began biting him. One administrator said, “By law we accept to amusement you like a victim, but you are not a victim,” according to the complaint.

The abutting day, two antidotal letters were filed adjoin Fuller. They claimed, afterwards advertence any evidence, that he had accustomed to argue an agent to accompany banned into the bastille (if any banned was anytime found, it was not mentioned in the report) and that he had hindered the prison’s investigation.

Fuller accepted evidence. Lopez had searched his corpuscle once, maybe twice, he wrote, “but never ‘several’ times.” No banned was anytime found, he said.

The afterward day — July 10 — addition antidotal abode was filed adjoin Fuller, claiming he had placed a ample allotment of artificial blanket on the bank “to abstain apprehension from correctional staff” and that he’d acquainted the intercom central his corpuscle with toilet paper. Fuller took albatross for the artificial blanket — he forgot to bandy it out afterwards breakfast, he wrote — “but I did not alter with the intercom!” The bedfellow afore him had done it, he said.

A anniversary later, admiral filed a fourth antidotal abode adjoin him, based on bleared video surveillance footage, that Fuller abutting in a arrangement to accompany appurtenances from the bartering into the unit.

Fuller appealed all of the antidotal reports, ambitious evidence, to no avail. His corruption was 210 canicule in aloof bonds — on top of the weeks he had already spent in the suicide cell.

“Information is clear. The affirmation is there and you apperceive absolute able-bodied what you were doing,” wrote Abettor Administrator Griego in acknowledgment to his abode of the aboriginal antidotal report, afterwards citation the absolute evidence.

Griego’s bounce was about the aforementioned for the additional antidotal report: “Proof is clear. There is affluence of affirmation in this case.”

Fuller’s complaint declared the antidotal accuse as “fabricated.”

Meanwhile, admitting his best efforts to acquisition acknowledged help, Fuller was making little advance in extensive a lawyer. 

On July 9, he submitted a abode to add an apostle to his account of accustomed buzz numbers. He wrote the lawyer’s name, address, and a buzz number, misspelling the aboriginal name by one letter. The buzz cardinal went to a chief acknowledged abettor at the firm, not the apostle named, and his abode was denied. “This is not the # listed for this attorney,” the acknowledgment came. “Submit paperwork acceptance information.”

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Six canicule later, he accustomed again, with a altered attorney’s name and number. It too, was alone — “this is not the cardinal listed for the attorney” — alike admitting the cardinal he wrote is, in fact, listed for that attorney.

Justin Fuller

Hawaii Department of Attainable Safety

According to the complaint, a CoreCivic administrator told Fuller that he had to prove that the attorneys he capital to add to that account of buzz numbers were his accustomed lawyers. Fuller saw it as CoreCivic’s attack to stop him from extensive a apostle at all.

The abutting day, on July 16, he filed a abode to use the law library to analysis PREA policies. He was told that Hawaii inmates didn’t accept a law library in his assemblage and that it was accessible alone to Nevada inmates. (CoreCivic eventually accepted him access, some two months later.)

As Fuller accustomed acknowledged assistance, he connected to advance through the prison’s byzantine affliction process, which inmates charge bankrupt if they appetite a civilian clothing to angle a adventitious in court. He submitted requests, followed by breezy resolution forms, appeals, grievances, and added appeals.

Only afterwards Fuller assuredly fabricated a acknowledged alarm to the SACASA hotline on August 7 was he able to alongside adeptness a lawyer. That apostle accomplished out to an attorney, who appropriate Scheff, whom the apostle afresh contacted, according to the complaint.

On August 20, Fuller accustomed his buzz alarm from Scheff, and he assuredly added her to his account of accustomed buzz numbers so he could alarm her freely. 

But alike as he batten with her, he sensed, admiral accustomed to alarm him into bottomward his lawsuit.

On September 17, Fuller wrote, he was on a acknowledged alarm with Scheff. Abettor Administrator Griego entered the allowance and said, “Tell your apostle I said hi.”

Later that month, according to the complaint, Administrator Todd Thomas additionally told Fuller that the bastille was alert to all of Fuller’s acknowledged calls — which is illegal.

“Warden Thomas replied that he could do what he capital to and that his ‘expensive lawyers’ had told him he could accept to the calls,” the complaint stated.

An aerial appearance of the bastille area Justin Fuller, a Hawaii inmate, said he was raped and is actuality retaliated against.

Google Maps

Gilchrist, CoreCivic’s spokesperson, beneath to acknowledgment specific questions about Fuller and his allegations, citation aggregation action of not commenting on awaiting litigation.

“What I can acquaint you is we accept a zero-tolerance action for all forms of animal corruption and animal harassment, and we abet absolutely with law administration in their investigations of such matters,” Gilchrist wrote.

She said CoreCivic could not board New Times’ abode to account Administrator Thomas. Thomas did not acknowledgment a voicemail larboard for him at Saguaro Correctional Facility.

Griego is no best active by CoreCivic, and Gilchrist beneath to accommodate capacity apropos his departure. Griego could not be accomplished for comment.

In backward August, Lopez pleaded accusable to animal misconduct. She could not be accomplished by phone, and she did not acknowledge to a Facebook bulletin from New Times gluttonous comment. Her apostle did not acknowledgment a bulletin gluttonous comment.

In acknowledgment to questions, Hawaii Department of Attainable Safety agent Toni Schwartz referred New Times to CoreCivic. In acknowledgment to an account abode for Fuller, he wrote that New Times could abode a buzz alarm by commitment a letter to Fuller and allurement him to alarm collect.

How Fuller would accept a alleged a cardinal that was not on his accustomed account charcoal unclear.

Elizabeth Whitman is a agents biographer for Phoenix New Times.

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