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Florence Nightingale Lantern Template 7 Common Myths About Florence Nightingale Lantern Template


florence nightingale lantern template
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The 1960s actualization for high-rise apartment meant that millions of accouchement were actuality beggared of pet ownership. Blue Peter’s dog would be a dog for everyone. On 17 December 1962, a nameless mongrel puppy fabricated its aboriginal and alone appearance. Anon afterwards transmission, it died. Rather than agitated viewers, editor Biddy Baxter and ambassador Edward Barnes activate a attending akin replacement. Although for a time the composition administration added a characteristic white actualization so that the acting akin the adverse original.

On 7 January 1963, the puppy was alleged Petra. A mongrel with a able Alsatian bandage and assuredly pricked aerial was loved, every aspect of her training was covered on the shows and this became the adjustment for all the Blue Peter dogs. Peter Purves took albatross for Petra: ‘It was anticipation that if she lived with me, maybe she’d like the flat more. And to a ample admeasurement it worked. You had to accumulate her beneath control. She had an advancing bandage and was neurotic, but she was abominably popular, a famous, acclaimed dog. Once, I absent her in the Lake District for about four hours. It was frightening. I was absolutely sweating, “I’ve absent the nation’s favourite pet.”

A tortoise alleged Fred accustomed on 21 October 1963, and Jason, a seal-point Siamese cat, was alien on 1 June 1964. Biddy knew they were on to a winner: ‘Children are so acclimated to actuality told what to do. Accepting a allotment in demography affliction of article alike added defenceless than them was empowering.’ Jason angry out to be the complete television cat, sitting so still that some admirers wondered if he was stuffed. Directors could anxiously plan shots with him as beginning interest.

There were two highlights in the tortoise’s anniversary calendar: activity in and out of hibernation, and allotment of this activity was the accurate affecting up of its name corrective on the shell. Thanks to an advertent viewer, it eventually transpired that ‘he’ was absolutely ‘she’, and so on 12 June 1967, an ‘a’ was added to Fred.She survived until 1979.

Although a few of the dogs lived with the presenters, the others, added different bodies and tortoises, had to be looked afterwards by able beastly handlers. They tended to be ladies of a assertive age who would escort their celebrity accuse to claimed appearances at fêtes, shows and children’s wards. For abounding years, until her afterlife in 1994, the doyenne of these ladies was Edith Menezes who apprehend a acutely amaranthine accumulation of Mills and Boon romances in amid apace recapturing any beastly who dared to accomplish a birr for it in the studio.

One of the advantages of accepting pets was that they enabled the programme to awning the facts of activity and death. The dogs and bodies were activate mates and had litters. Aback they died, it was an befalling to analyze bereavement. For Peter Purves, ‘…one of the hardest things I anytime had to do on the programme was to advertise Petra’s death’ in 1977.

On 16 September 1971 Shep arrived: ‘All I had to do was say, “Sheep!” and he’d be up like a shot. He was super, but actual abundant a one-man dog. He wouldn’t go to anyone else’, explained John Noakes. ‘You could allocution to him and acquaint him all your problems. Dogs don’t go off and bastard and acquaint them to somebody else!’ Shep showed his adherence whenever he was co-opted into addition presenter’s link.

Lesley Judd remembers: ‘They’d consistently say, “Get an beastly in with her, it’s a arid attack afterwards an animal.” Abundant for one’s ego! About it would be Shep. All the time, you could feel Shep’s high lip abashed and apprehend a actual low growling. He never bit, but it was best unnerving!’ Shep retired to alive with Edith Menezes, and aback he died in January 1987, Noakes gave the account on a children’s programme alleged Fax!, breaking bottomward in tears as he did so.

Willow, who accustomed in September 1986, was a admirable Burmese kitten. She holds the acumen of actuality the alone pet sacked by the programme. She was angrily noisy, and could additionally be vicious. This was difficult for the presenters, who about concluded up aching and bleeding. It was absurd as far as accouchement were concerned. Affair the pets was consistently a highlight of a flat appointment and it wasn’t satisfactory accepting a potentially aboriginal ‘off limits’ cat.

Edith Menezes would asphyxiate Willow’s paws with copious quantities of chrism cheese so that, on awning at least, the cat looked as if it was acquiescently abrasion its paws. Afterwards bristles seasons of acquisitive for improvement, Willow was ‘retired’ in 1991, and remained Blue Peter’s responsibility, but complete into a agreeable animal that lived to an acutely big-ticket old age. She assuredly asleep in 2005.


Makes didn’t absolutely accomplish their characteristic Blue Peter amore until a Portsmouth-based housewife alleged Margaret Parnell wrote to Valerie Singleton in 1963: ‘I had this abstraction for dolls’ hats, fabricated out of crêpe paper. And abundant to my surprise, she wrote back, said they admired them and were activity to use them, and had I got any added ideas?’

One was how to about-face your teddy into a guardsman, and on 10 August 1963, aloof afore demonstrating this, Val wrote again: ‘We all feel you’ve contributed so alluringly to the programme. Acquire you anytime accomplished artwork? The acknowledgment was no. Margaret had no academic training, ‘but during the war, aback you couldn’t buy them, I acclimated to accomplish toys for my little sister. That started it off really.’

There were over 700 Margaret Parnell makes. Margaret was a genius, alive abroad in the afford at the basal of her garden, transforming domiciliary clutter and old packaging into allowance settings for dolls and activity figures, toys, jewellery, presents and games.

The acclaimed Advent Acme was Margaret’s estimation of a bewitched Christmas attitude remembered by Edward Barnes’ wife, Dorothy, from her canicule in Vienna afterwards the Added Apple War. It was Margaret who anticipation of application wire covering hangers as the base for what became one of Blue Peter’s best constant makes. Margaret was additionally the accuracy abaft the best acknowledged accomplish of all, Thunderbirds ‘Tracy Island.

To abstain banned bartering references, all barter names on the packaging acclimated had to be anxiously concealed. The programme developed its own agreement of advertence for the materials. Smarties were ‘chocolate button sweets’, Sellotape was ‘sticky tape’, Biros were ‘ballpoint pens’, Plasticine was ‘modelling clay’ and of advance Fablon was, best abundantly of all, ‘sticky-backed plastic’.


One of Biddy’s bravest account was aback Sylvia Scott, who looked afterwards Jason the cat, apparent she was assured her eighth child. The advance and development of babyish Daniel Scott became a approved amore from 30 September 1968. It appealed to Biddy because, ‘It had never, anytime been done before. My cerebration was that alike if you’re three, you can be above to a baby. But I anticipation it would be an complete switch-off for an eight-year-old boy if they saw Valerie Singleton captivation a baby, so the abstraction was that John and Peter would attending afterwards Daniel.’

This fabricated abundant television, with John, in particular, application every befalling to abstract best ball from his new role. Peter Purves, on the added hand, was beneath happy: ‘My amore sank. I didn’t like accomplishing it and it didn’t absorption me.’ The programme ‘retired’ Daniel afterwards his added altogether in the summer of 1970, so that he could abound up artless by his adolescent television stardom. He fabricated one brusque acknowledgment to the apple of Blue Peter in 1993 during the 35th-anniversary documentary, in which he talked about his afflicted adolescence afterward his parents’ divorce, and accepted to dabbling with drugs and crime.


florence nightingale lantern template
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JOINED: 3 September 1962

LEFT: 3 July 1972 (last approved appearance)

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Demography a bobcat for a walk; bathrobe up to adapt the lives of acclaimed bodies such as Mary, Queen of Scots; Royal Safari to Kenya; Blue Peter Appropriate Assignments (including affair the Pope); trips to Norway, Jamaica, Ceylon.

It was about said that if a bomb alone on the Blue Peter studio, Valerie Singleton would artlessly acquire stepped out of the $.25 and agitated on presenting. If Noakes was the quintessential macho presenter, Val was afterwards agnosticism his changeable analogue and the complete adverse to his anarchy.

Val had accomplished at RADA and had originally advised to absorb her career acting. Then, in February 1962, during a bang of the actors’ abutment Equity, she abutting the BBC as an announcer. Afterwards assignment one day, she bumped into Blue Peter presenter Christopher Trace: ‘He said, “We’re adorable for a new presenter.” I auditioned and got a actual nice letter adage they anticipation I was marvellous “…but you already acquire this job and we feel we’d like to accord Anita a chance.”

But aback Anita West larboard afterwards alone four months, Val was offered the job. For the abutting two years, she accumulated it with her chain work, admitting aback the twice-weekly agenda began, she had to choose: ‘My parents were actual afraid – “You’re giving up this acclaimed job for a programme which cipher has anytime heard of.”‘

Blue Peter fabricated Val a domiciliary name. For her, one of the greatest satisfactions of the job was its befalling to ‘access all areas’: ‘I could sit at the Empress Elizabeth’s board in Vienna, I could handle the box that Florence Nightingale acclimated at Scutari. One of my greatest memories was this blimp horse alleged Ronald, which had led the Charge of the Light Brigade. I was acclamation his adenoids in the flat and it was like addition your duke out above history.’

Val didn’t aloof sit in the flat cogent stories. She bathed chimpanzees, flew a plane, excelled at water-skiing, fell off horses and a biscuit and was about asleep in a powerboat blow on the Thames: ‘They did ask me to angle beggared to the top of a biplane, but I said no to that.’

It is a accolade to the colossal amore in which she was captivated that Val never absolutely larboard Blue Peter, and she connected to be arrive back. In 1994, she was aback to appearance the OBE she had aloof been awarded.The programme akin it with its own accomplished honour, a gold Blue Peter brand – she was the aboriginal presenter to acquire one.


JOINED: 30 December 1965

LEFT: 26 June 1978

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Setting a almanac for the accomplished noncombatant free-fall parachute jump; demography allotment in the St Moritz Run (bobsleigh) and the Cresta Run (toboggan); advertisement from an erupting Mount Etna; aggressive up Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square; adorable afterwards the dogs Patch and Shep; trips to Jamaica, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil.

In 2005 a banquet was captivated with Edward Barnes and all bristles Blue Peter Editors. During the evening, allocution angry accordingly to presenters accomplished and present. The accepted activity was that the greatest and best acknowledged presenter of all time was John Noakes. His bravery, his destructive faculty of humour and his acclaimed accord with Patch (son of Petra) and Shep, accepted an alluring combination.

It all started in 1965 with the chase for a presenter to accompany Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton. Biddy Baxter, Leicester-born, about alternate home at weekends, breadth she frequently activate items for Blue Peter in the pages of the Leicester Mercury. She spotted a photograph of a adolescent Noakes, actualization locally in the comedy Hobson’s Choice. On 9 December 1965, Doreen Stephens, Arch of Ancestors Programmes, asked BBC1 to accredit an access of £50 per appearance to armamentarium the third presenter. She explained that the programme had activate ‘…a actual able man, John Noakes.He is young, adorable and unaffected, and a complete adverse to Christopher Trace.’

Noakes’s addition was advisedly low key. Biddy had warned her boss: ‘The addition of an added personality will acquire to be done boring and with amazing subtlety if he is not to be resented as an intruder. I feel it would be alarming to accompany him in afore Christmas, as it is a psychologically bad time to access the ancestors circle, but I appetite to alpha binding the new face in anon afterwards.’

It was aloof as well. Noakes had a audibly bouldered start: ‘This bottle eye, the camera, bare me naked. I absolutely befuddled with fear, the articulation tremoring as I said the words. The aboriginal few months were absolutely terrifying. I went through murder. I alike went to a astrologer and a acceptance healer to try to get me out of it.’

Noakes was about dropped, but in the event, although he was larboard out of the 1966 summer expedition, he was accustomed addition chance. Now he ‘…started to advance this idiot, who is not absolutely the absolute John Noakes. I’d got rid of my Yorkshire emphasis at ball school. I brought it aback and acclimated it as allotment of a character. iI I was in a antagonism car, I was the antagonism driver. If I was jumping out of an aeroplane, I was one of the Red Devils.’ He played his mistakes for laughs, but as able-bodied as acting the clown, he authentic the role of the activity presenter. He seemed absolutely assured and was alone anytime afraid alert – already on a timberline swing, the added up a bazaar amplitude pole.

There were no assurance ropes for his acclaimed ascendance of Nelson’s Column: ‘I could’ve murdered the abettor cameraman. He was new and abounding of enthusiasm. We started accepting lightning and the steeplejack said, “If we get anymore, I anticipate we should go down. In the meantime, this abettor cameraman was saying, “If you could get over that ledge aloof one added time.” I thought, “If I get abutting abundant to him, I’ll advance him off!”‘

Another attenuated escape was the time Noakes came hurtling off a bobsleigh in St Moritz. His behind and legs were covered in bruises. Biddy, with her aptitude for what would address to children, asked Noakes to bead his trousers and appearance the damage: ‘I’d alone got aback the day afore and said to the wife, “Have you got some apple-pie knickers?” It was aboriginal morning and I put them on in the dark. Aback I abashed my trousers alive on air, I thought, “I’ve got my wife’s atramentous applique knickers on!”‘

Noakes larboard Blue Peter in June 1978: ‘Towards the end I was exhausted. The burden was terrible. I’d done all these things and I don’t anticipate any of them absolutely accomplished how difficult it was. It was a Peter Pan existence, a bit like an awkward schoolboy’s job.’


JOINED: November 16, 1967.

LEFT: March 23, 1978.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Active a car through the ancillary of a appliance van; abutting the White Helmets motorcycle affectation team; adorable afterwards Petra; trips alignment from Thailand to Turkey.

Peter Purves had already had one besom with acclaim as the accompaniment Steven in Dr Who. This role assort him and afterwards he spent 18 months out of work. By the time he was alleged for account by Blue Peter, he had alike been alone by his agent. In his admirers he had to cope with a moped that wouldn’t assignment and afresh ‘…went to see them again. As I was about to get the lift, Biddy and Rosemary Gill [Baxter’s deputy] came afterwards me and said, “We’d like to action you the job.”‘

Biddy capital Peter to acquire the role of ‘the heavy’ – a beeline man to John Noakes; addition who could be relied on to bear the goods. Like best beeline men, actuality alone did sometimes put Peter’s adenoids out of joint. He was aching aback programmes such as Junior Points of View beatific him up, assuming him as a agenda cut-out.

In June 1970 a eyewitness wrote in, allurement why Peter never did annihilation brave. It was addition adventitious to appearance the blur in which Peter abutting the ‘destruction squad’, active a car at acceleration through the ancillary of a appliance van: ‘These guys were lunatics. I was appreciative that I didn’t craven out of it, but it was absolute applesauce not to. That was a actual alarming moment.’

But Peter sometimes acquainted blurred by the assembly team: ‘I acquire got a faculty of humour. I would accomplish gags on the set that were asleep real. Article would be demography a connected time to set up and I’d say, “Oh, for goodness’ sake, appear on!” It was meant to be laughed at. But in the arcade they’d be saying, “Oh, God, he’s off again!”‘

On one breach his dry faculty of humour backfired: ‘The Apple Cup had gone missing and was activate by this dog alleged Pickles. Pickles was a hero. Some time afterwards we had to advertise that Pickles had been killed. He’d been block a cat, his advance bent on a aboideau and it bankrupt his neck. Accepting said it was actual sad, I came out with article like, “Mind you, it serves him appropriate for block cats.” Biddy was furious. It was a terrible, unforgivable comment.’

During the 1972 summer expedition, Peter suffered a austere blow while authoritative a blur about laying railway advance in a Fijian amoroso plantation: ‘I alone a metal sleeper on my ankle. My bottom was cloudburst claret and it was aloof the best acute pain. I was rushed off to acquire stitches.’ A altercation followed aback the assembly aggregation banned to acquiesce him to abide filming: ‘The chance as told was that I had to blow up while John and Lesley [Judd, a co-presenter] went on to Tonga to accomplish a blur about rugby. I absolutely went with them, but I had to accumulate out of attack on crutches. It was dishonest, but you’re accomplishing films about holidays; you don’t appetite to agitated people.’

By the summer of 1977, Peter had been at Blue Peter for about a decade: ‘I went in to see Edward Barnes, the arch of children’s programmes. I said, “I’ve been cerebration it’s time I had a change.” And he said, “Well, it’s funny you should say that, we had been cerebration it’s about time we should acquire a change.” So that was a nice consensus. It was a actual accordant departure.’

Abounding years later, Peter alternate to Blue Peter to accomplish bedfellow appearances in the mini chance consecutive The Quest. He looks aback with pride: ‘I’m actual blessed to be associated with one of television’s abundant programmes. The job was aloof too acceptable not to enjoy. If you rocked the boat, you were acid off your adenoids to animosity your face. It would be amiss to say we were the abutting of friends, because we didn’t socialise much. But we got on abundant and we accepted anniversary other. We alone in on a approved base to the actual best $.25 of added people’s lives. It’s the best fun you can have. That’s why I backward with it for so long.’


JOINED: 15 May 1972

LEFT: 12 April 1979

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: actuality hoisted up and bottomward Bishop Rock Lighthouse; abutting Pan’s People; interviewing Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father; advertisement alive from the USA afterwards aerial there on Concorde; trips to San Francisco, Fiji, Tonga, and Brazil

Lesley Judd was aloof six years old aback she was beatific to boarding school, breadth she accomplished in ballet. On television, she played Clara in the BBC consecutive Heidi. Her career took off aback she abutting the hip television ball accumulation The Adolescent Generation, afresh a basic allotment of Saturday-night TV entertainment. It was a adherent who appropriate she try for Blue Peter.

Lesley had never apparent the programme, but larboard her capacity in a ample envelope on Biddy Baxter’s desk. This was aloof the affectionate of airs that appealed to Biddy. Lesley auditioned and got the job. She admitted: ‘Fortunately, I didn’t apperceive what I was in for, contrarily I don’t anticipate I’d acquire done it.’

When Biddy instructed the Artist Contracts Administration to affair a year-long engagement, she was abashed to apprentice that Lesley was affected in a altercation over her brusque abandonment from The Adolescent Generation. Light Ball was bent to apprehend that she was now actuality offered addition job at the BBC.

florence nightingale lantern template
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Perhaps surprisingly, her aboriginal Blue Peter blur centred on her affiliation with The Adolescent Generation. Lesley accomplished Valerie Singleton, John Noakes and Peter Purves a acquainted accepted to ‘River Deep, Mountain High’.

For Lesley, the antecedent hurdle was accepting the admirers to acquire her, and to activate with, wherever Lesley went filming, aghast accouchement would accost her with a choir of ‘Where’s Val?’ She anon won them over with her aggregate of enthusiasm, audacity and beauty. She was agape benumbed aback she was befuddled from a delinquent racehorse. She couldn’t swim, which meant that aback her bulk sank on a boscage adaptation exercise in Brunei, she actual about drowned.

Her best acclaimed dice with afterlife came on a cruise to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse, aback she about fell into the sea while dangling from a braiding harness. Her atrocious cries of ‘Grab me! Grab me!’ were abundant apish by brutal accouchement above the land, but, all the same, they admired her for her bravery.

In the summer of 1974, an off-camera ordeal, about brought her Blue Peter career to a abortive end. Lesley had affiliated the amateur Derek Fowlds (a domiciliary name as Mr Derek in The Basil Besom Show), but it went abominably and afterwards a few weeks she larboard him. Fowlds phoned Biddy, aggressive to go to the newspapers with his ancillary of the story. Biddy did her best to actuate him that this would be in nobody’s interests. In the 1970s, annulment still agitated a able stigma and she was actively acquainted that if a presenter was complex in a blowzy annulment it could be awful damaging.

On 6 September 1974, there was an affecting affair amid Biddy and Lesley, the aftereffect of which was that Lesley resigned. Over the abutting week, a accommodation was assuredly accomplished and she was offered a new three ages addendum to her contract. For some time, Lesley’s adjustment connected to be continued in dribs and drabs. Afterwards Lesley commented: ‘It was a actual bad time for me. I knew I was activity to acquire to action for my job because of the way the Beeb beheld the annulment of a children’s presenter. There was no one abroad complex in my marriage. It aloof didn’t work. Rightly or wrongly, it was a stain on your character.’

Lesley backward with Blue Peter for about seven years until Easter 1979, accepting remarried, this time to one of the programme’s blur editors, Terry Gabell. She now lives in France and rarely talks about her time on the programme, but in 1997, on an copy of Channel 4’s Light Lunch, she was reunited with Val and John. Asked if it agitated them that they were still associated with Blue Peter, Lesley replied: ‘No. We should be so lucky, frankly. Aloof anticipate of some of the things you could be associated with!’


The programme consistently started with a appropriate adjustment of ‘Good King Wencelas’ by the Chalk Farm Bandage of the Salvation Army. The admirable afterpiece was aback the bandage led a advance of carol singers into the studio, abounding of them accustomed lanterns, to sing either ‘O Appear All Ye Faithful’ or ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’. ‘I can apprehend them advancing up the acropolis and into the flat now…’ was the accustomed introduction. As John Noakes put it: ‘The calligraphy was accounting one Christmas and every year afterwards that the producers brought out the aforementioned one, which meant we didn’t acquire to apprentice the words again!’

For abounding years, there was the ritual of presents beneath the tree, both for pets and presenters. ‘That was difficult’, according to Peter Purves, ‘because we didn’t apperceive who the presents were from. How do you say acknowledge you? Who do you say it to?’

Organizing the Christmas appearance was a behemothic undertaking. Every distinct affiliate of the assembly aggregation was involved, allowance to adorn the flat and align the children, abounding of whom would get over-excited and over-tired. A added flat was appointed to access them amid rehearsals. Squabbles would accordingly breach out over who got to backpack lanterns. Members of agents and chief administration would attack to actuate the attic administrator to accord their accouchement a favourable position in the final line-up, so that they could be apparent by their ancestors at home.


As a child, Biddy had been an agog fan of Enid Blyton’s annual Sunny Stories. One day, she wrote to her charlatan and was captivated to acquire a reply. She wrote afresh and accustomed the aforementioned reply. She never forgot the absinthian disappointment: ‘You can’t animate accouchement to accelerate letters, afresh bandy them in the bin. It’s a con trick. So we had to acquire a aggregation to apprehend the mall, a Correspondence Unit. All the brand winners were entered into a agenda basis systems so that if they wrote again, as accouchement consistently do, they didn’t get the identical letter.’

Badges are never aloof accustomed away, they are awarded, usually for letters, ideas, balladry and pictures – all acceptable programme material. Because they had to be won, badges bound acquired currency. On one occasion, alike the Chairman of the BBC’s Board of Governors was durably banned a brand for his grandson. ‘Tell him to address a letter’, was Biddy’s suggestion.

Presenters abrasion their badges at all times. Lesley Judd alleged chastening ‘the mortgage’, while John Leslie accepted befitting some accessible in his cuff alcove as a allurement for cartage wardens. In the 1960s, Christopher Trace’s son, Jonathan, acclimated to advertise Blue Peter badges in the amphitheater for bisected a crown.


The acclaimed ‘totaliser’, the adjustment acclimated to blueprint an appeal’s progress, was Rosemary Gill’s [Biddy Baxter’s deputy] idea, aggressive by her adolescence anamnesis of the Added Apple War Spitfire Fund, through which communities contributed to the amount of architecture fighter planes. In 1965, the ambit of the address broadcast above Britain. This accustomed an important principle.

During the aboriginal few months of the dearth in Ethiopia in 1984, Blue Peter was on the arena carrying aid via its alms partner, Oxfam, afore Bandage Aid had fabricated any appulse there. According to Paul Sherlock, the chief altruistic adumbrative from Oxfam, ‘In the aboriginal six to 12 months of the crisis, it was Blue Peter money, and others that came in, not the Bandage Aid money that adored people.’

After Blue Peter organized the aboriginal big aluminium-can accumulating and the aboriginal junk-mail collection, both became commonly recycled. It is the aforementioned with abounding added commodities. This is abundant for the environment, but it does absolute the programme’s choices. All recycling projects accomplish lower acquirement and booty best to process. But the admirers absolutely ethics them, so that’s why they acquire endured.

One of the hallmarks of the appeals is that they are abiding propositions. Blue Peter has consistently alternate to and revisited the stories, sometimes abounding years later. This is different in television, breadth the burden is about to accommodate a quick feel-good fix.

Over the years, there has been some adamantine hitting material, and an able barometer was about the acknowledgment of the presenters: Peter Purves is still apparitional by the tragedy of a assemblage of oxen bought by Blue Peter for the bodies of Ethiopia: ‘We were activity to cattle-drive this admirable assemblage to this atrocious breadth and accord them to the bodies there. And we couldn’t go abreast them because the absolute assemblage had got foot-and-mouth. You say, “Is there a God?” It bankrupt my heart.’

florence nightingale lantern template
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