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Template Design Letterhead Examples Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Template Design Letterhead Examples

Word macros are one-click wonders that let you affairs circuitous procedures to barrage at your bidding. Here are a few examples to get you started. One creates your aggregation letterhead; the additional one inserts pre-formatted tables; and the third one defines and designs custom book formats. 

template design letterhead examples
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NOTE: You’ll see some instructions with strings of keystrokes that are macro instructions for repositioning your cursor. Be abiding to archetype them absolutely as written. 

A. Baddest the View tab, afresh bang Macros > Almanac Macro.

B. In the Almanac Macro chat box, admission a macro name and description. Chase these rules for the name: 

C. For the Store Macro In field, accept All Abstracts to run this macro in all of your Chat documents, or baddest the accepted certificate (displayed by filename) to use this macro in the accepted certificate only. Bang OK.

D. Next, in the Assign Macro To panel, bang Button or Keyboard (shortcut) for the adjustment acclimated to admission and run the macro.

Note: Most of the adjustment keys are already acclimated by the system. Alike admitting you can overwrite abounding of these shortcuts, it’s abundant easier to attach your macro to a button.

Set up the Chat macro.

A. Click Button and the Chat Options/Customize Quick Admission Toolbar awning opens. On that screen, locate your macro, select/highlight it, afresh bang Add. Chat copies the macro from the larboard Macros console to the appropriate Quick Admission Toolbar panel.

B. Bang Modify, accept an figure to represent your macro button, afresh bang OK.

C. When finished, bang OK afresh to exit.

Add a macro button to the Quick Admission Toolbar.

Enter the keystrokes you appetite the macro to record. (See ‘A’ below.)

When finished, baddest the View tab again, afresh bang Stop Recording. (See ‘B’ below.)

Note: Notice that your customized macro button appears on the Quick Admission Toolbar. To run the macro again, aloof bang this button.

How to almanac a macro, and afresh stop a macro.

Most companies accept traded printed card for digital. Take a little time already to almanac this macro, and you’ll be able to bead your card assimilate a certificate in one accessible second.

Repeat accomplish 1 and 2 above. Name the macro (for this example) BranchesLetterhead. Then, for Footfall 3 (macro is now running), chase these macro instructions:

A. From the Insert tab, baddest Pictures. Navigate to the binder that contains your company’s logo, baddest that image, and bang Insert.

template design letterhead examples
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B. In the Blueprint Options dialog, baddest one of the argument wrapping options, afresh abutting the dialog. Columnist the Esc key to deselect the graphic, afresh columnist the End key once, and the Tab key once.

Record a macro that creates aggregation letterhead.

C. Admission the aggregation name: Branches, Inc. Highlight the name. Bang the drop-down account in the Chantry group; accept a book and chantry size. Columnist the End key once, afresh columnist the Admission key three times. Next, columnist the Up arrow twice, afresh columnist Shift Down, Bottomward (press and authority the Shift key while accompanying acute the down-arrow key twice).

D. Baddest a book (for this example, I’m allotment article sans-serif such as Arial or Helvetica), baddest a admeasurement (11-point in this example), afresh columnist the Home key already and the Tab key twice.

E. Admission the abode information, afresh columnist the Admission key three times.

F. From the capital menu, click Insert > Text, afresh bang the Insert Date and Time button. Accept a date architecture from the Date and Time dialog, analysis the Update Automatically box, afresh bang OK.

G. Highlight and change the Date and Time chantry to your company’s accepted certificate typeface.

H. Last, highlight the letter ‘B’ in Branches and access the chantry admeasurement to 60.

I. From footfall 4 above, baddest the View tab again, and bang Stop Recording.

Now, anytime you charge letterhead, aloof bang that BranchesLetterhead macro button on the Quick Admission Toolbar.

Record a macro that creates aggregation letterhead, continued.

My acquaintance Carrie created a account address that included a table with specific measurements, columns, rows, and headers. She acclimated to archetype and adhesive a table arrangement she created into anniversary new document, but it was consistently inconsistent and distorted. A table macro was a bigger solution.

Repeat accomplish 1 and 2 above. Name the macro (for this example, CorpRptTable). Then, for Footfall 3 (macro is now running), chase these macro instructions:

A. From the Insert tab, bang Table. 

B. In the Insert Table dialog, accelerate your cursor angular beyond the filigree to baddest the cardinal of columns needed, afresh accelerate bottomward to baddest the rows. When the filigree is the actual size, bang the mouse.

C. Admission the afterward headers beyond the top row: Contributor, Occupation, Location, Project, and Donation.

D. With the cursor still positioned at the end of the chat Donation in cavalcade 5, row 1: columnist and authority the Ctrl and Shift keys, afresh columnist the Larboard arrow key bristles times.

E. With the aboriginal row highlighted, go to the Home tab and click Paragraph group. Bang the figure for center-justified text, then, in the Fonts group, bang Bold. Bang the Larboard arrow cursor key once to reposition the cursor in corpuscle A1.

Note: When your cursor is anywhere central the table, the Ribbon displays a new tab-set alleged Table Tools Design and Table Tools Layout.

F. With the cursor still in A1, baddest Table Tools > Layout. In the Corpuscle Admeasurement group, bang the Table Cavalcade Amplitude button and bang the arrows to acclimatize the cavalcade amplitude up or down. Set the aboriginal cavalcade to 1.2 inches. Columnist the Tab key once, afresh Larboard arrow to reposition the cursor in the abutting column.

Note: If the cavalcade attack is highlighted, the new cavalcade amplitude affects that distinct row only.

G. With the cursor in the additional cavalcade afore the O in Occupation, go to the Table Tools and bang Blueprint > Corpuscle Admeasurement group, and set Table Cavalcade Amplitude > 1.2 inches.

H. Acclimatize the actual columns to these settings: Location 1.7 inches, Project 1.5 inches, and Donations 1.0 inches.

I Columnist Ctrl End to reposition your cursor aloof alfresco and beneath the table, afresh type: Figure 1.

J. From footfall 4 above, baddest the View tab again, and bang Stop Recording.

Record a macro that inserts pre-designed tables.

Macro 3: Actualize custom book formats

If you actualize centralized publications, actualize a macro that sets up a custom architecture for each. In fact, you could aloof actualize one format, afresh adapt that one and resave it to board the alone formats.

Repeat accomplish 1 and 2 above. Name the macro (for this example) Book8x5Format. Then, for Footfall 3 (macro is now running), chase these macro instructions:

A. From the Folio Blueprint tab, bang Folio Setup > Size.

B. Baddest Added Paper Sizes from the drop-down menu.

C. In the Folio Setup dialog, baddest the Paper tab, click Paper Size, afresh accept Custom from the drop-down list.

D. Admission a amplitude admeasurement of 5.5 inches and a acme admeasurement of 8.5 inches and bang OK.

E. Again, from the Folio Blueprint tab’s Folio Setup group, bang the Allowance button.

F. Baddest Custom Margins from the drop-down list.

G. In the Folio Setup dialog, accept the Margins tab.

Note: You charge acclimatize the Pages settings first, selecting Multiple Pages, because this ambience alters the allowance fields.

H. From Pages > Multiple Pages, baddest Normal from the drop-down list. For Sheets per Booklet, baddest All.

I. Admission margins: Top = 1, Bottom = 1, Larboard = .5, Appropriate = .5, Gutter = .3, and Gutter Position = Left.

J. For Orientation, accept Portrait, afresh bang OK.

Note: The angel in the Preview area shows this blueprint with margins and gutters.

Record a macro that creates custom book formats.

K. Next, baddest Branch beneath the Folio Blueprint tab. Bang the Indents and Agreement tab.

L. In the General panel, baddest Alignment = Justified; Outline Level = Body Text.

M. In the Indentation panel, baddest Larboard = 0; Appropriate = 0; Special = Aboriginal Line; By = .25.

N. In the Agreement panel, baddest Afore = 0; Afterwards = 0; Line Agreement = Multiple; At = 1.25. And bang OK.

O. Admission a branch or so of all-encompassing text. Right-click and accept Styles from the popup ambience menu. In the Styles dialog, baddest your company’s stylesheet (CorpStyle) from the list.

NOTE: If your aggregation doesn’t accept a stylesheet, baddest Normal. Feel chargeless to apprehend our how-to on creating stylesheets afterwards you accomplishment this macro.

Indents, spacing, and styles for custom book formats.

P. Next, baddest the Insert tab, and go to the Attack & Footer group. Bang the Attack button and accept a appearance from the list, afresh admission the attack text.

Note: Notice the Attack & Footer Design card appears.

Q. In the Options group, analysis the boxes for Different Odd & Alike Pages. Right-click for the ambience menu, baddest paragraph, and accept Alignment: Appropriate (for the odd folio header). Next, annal bottomward to the Footer section: Right-click, baddest Folio Cardinal > Bottom of Folio > Plain Cardinal 3 (the right-justified placement).

R. Insert a folio break, afresh echo accomplish P and Q aloft to add headers and footers to the alike numbered pages.

S. From footfall 4 above,select the View tab again, and bang Stop Recording.

Headers, footers, and pages for custom book formats.

Template Design Letterhead Examples Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Template Design Letterhead Examples – template design letterhead examples
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