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As he has done aback entering the political arena in 2015, Donald Trump dominates our account of whoppers of the year.

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We articular a top 10 of falsehoods and absolute distortions from the president, alpha with several impeachment-related capacity — a cabal approach on the Democratic Civic Committee server, a artificial anecdotal on Joe Biden and a laundry account of claims about the bigmouth report.

Several added Trump deceptions — and falsehoods we articular from Democratic presidential candidates — activity a examination of issues that are acceptable to booty centermost date as the 2020 acclamation aeon heats up: immigration, gun control, trade, taxes, altitude change and accomplishment jobs.

Read on for descriptions of the affliction falsehoods of 2019, and for added information, see links to our abounding belief on the circuit at the end.

DNC Server Delusion. Refusing to accord up on the debunked cabal approach that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 elections and afraid the Democratic Civic Committee, Trump repeated the bottomless affirmation that Ukraine, or a “Ukrainian company,” has a DNC server.

“A lot of it had to do they say with Ukraine. …They accept the server, right? From the DNC, Democratic Civic Committee,” Trump said in a buzz account with the hosts of “Fox & Friends” in November. And he told Ukrainian Admiral Volodymyr Zelensky in a July 25 buzz call: “The server, they say Ukraine has it.” But there’s absolutely no affirmation of that.

Tom Bossert, a above citizenry aegis adviser for the administration, said he explained to the admiral that these theories had been “completely debunked.”

The DNC hired CrowdStrike, a U.S.-based cybersecurity firm, to investigate Russia’s hacking of its computer arrangement in 2016, and CrowdStrike said it has “never taken concrete control of any” of the 140 servers the DNC said had to be decommissioned during the process. The aggregation did its assay by authoritative an exact archetype of aggregate on the DNC’s adamantine drives through a activity alleged “imaging.” “The images, not the computer’s hardware, accommodate the evidence,” CrowdStrike has said.

A Artificial Biden-Ukraine Narrative. Trump’s allegation woes were triggered aback he asked Ukrainian Admiral Zelensky in the July 25 buzz alarm to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. But afore that, Trump said this in a Fox Account interview that aired on May 19: “[Joe] Biden, he calls them and says, ‘Don’t you cartel prosecute, if you don’t blaze this prosecutor’ — the prosecutor was afterwards his son. Again he said, ‘If you blaze the prosecutor, you’ll be OK. And if you don’t blaze the prosecutor, we’re not giving you $2 billion in accommodation guarantees,’ or whatever he was declared to give.”

That’s a gross baloney of the facts.

Biden, as carnality president, did tell Ukrainian leaders that the U.S. would abstain $1 billion in accommodation guarantees until Ukraine accursed its prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin. But Biden did not go rogue. As we wrote, Biden was accustomed out the Obama administration’s policy, which had the abutment of the international association and anti-corruption advocates in Ukraine who beheld Shokin as inept and approved his ouster. Also, there’s no affirmation that “the prosecutor was afterwards his son,” Hunter, who was a lath affiliate of a Ukraine gas aggregation aback his ancestor was carnality president.  

Wrong on the Whistleblower. Trump repeatedly made a string of false claims about the whistleblower report that accused him of “using the ability of his appointment to accost arrest from a adopted country in the 2020 U.S. election.”

He claimed the bigmouth address was “something absolutely adapted from what I said” on the July 25 buzz alarm with Zelensky. But a White House memo on that call, which Trump released, corroborates the whistleblower’s three basic credibility about the call. Acting Administrator of Civic Intelligence Joseph Maguire testified that the whistleblower’s complaint “is in alignment with” the White House memo.

Trump wrongly described that announcement as “transcribed word-for-word.” It accurately says it “is not a accurately transcript.”

The bigmouth didn’t “disappear” afterwards the absolution of the memo, as Trump claims. The bigmouth filed an bearding complaint, as accustomed beneath the law, and the whistleblower’s attorneys accept said their applicant wants to abide anonymous.

Trump also tweeted a artificial approach that the bigmouth rules were “changed” appropriate afore the complaint was submitted to acquiesce filings based alone on secondhand information. The absolute Appointment of the Inspector Accepted of the Intelligence Community said there had been no such change in law or policy.

Child Separation Spin. Trump falsely blamed his antecedent for ancestors separations at the bound that were acquired by the Trump administration. “President Obama afar the children. … I’m the one that chock-full it,” Trump told White House reporters in April. 

Trump absolutely “stopped” his own “zero-tolerance” clearing activity amidst an intense public backlash. 

Unlike the Obama administration, the Trump administering had appropriate the Department of Citizenry Aegis to accredit all adults bent illegally entering the U.S. for bent prosecution. As a result, thousands of children were afar from their parents, who entered the federal cloister arrangement and were placed in apprehension centers for adults only.

Two months afterwards the activity was announced in April 2018, Trump was pressured into signing an controlling order that directed the DHS secretary to accumulate such families in aegis calm during accustomed affairs for as connected as the law and affairs would allow.

Sharpiegate. The admiral fabricated the inaccurate affirmation in a Sept. 1 tweet that Alabama “will best acceptable be hit (much) harder than anticipated” by Hurricane Dorian — a account that was fact-checked in absolute time by the Civic Weather Service.

“Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be acquainted beyond Alabama,” the Birmingham appointment of the Civic Weather Service tweeted 20 account afterwards the president. That should accept been the end of it, but Trump banned to artlessly accept his aberration and alleged “Sharpiegate” abject on for several days.

As we wrote, Trump afresh dedicated his adulterated forecast. He alike displayed an adapted anticipation map in the Oval Appointment on Sept. 4 to afield accomplish it arise that Alabama was in the aisle of the storm aback he acquaint his inaccurate tweet. Two canicule later, NOAA — under pressure from the White House — admonished the Birmingham appointment for its tweet.

More than a ceremony afterwards Trump’s inaccurate forecast, Louis Uccellini, the administrator of the Civic Weather Service, defended the Birmingham office, adage it didn’t apperceive that the admiral was the antecedent of the “rumors” about Alabama. “[T]hey were actual in allegorical that the blackmail was actual low,” Uccellini said.

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False El Paso Bound Claim. The admiral bedeviled on a apocryphal talking point to bolster his case for architecture of added bound wall, claiming that El Paso, Texas, went from “one of the best alarming cities in the country to one of the safest cities in the country overnight” afterwards “a bank was put up” forth the Mexico border. That’s wrong.

El Paso has connected been a about safe city, and agitated abomination absolutely added a bit in the years afterwards a fence was erected. Despite fact-checkers and added media pointing out the error, Trump acclimated the canard in his State of the Union Address. Alike afterwards the Republican El Paso mayor publicly adapted the president, Trump afresh afresh the affirmation during a rally in El Paso, absolution abstracts that showed contrarily as “fake news.”

Doubly Amiss on ISIS. Trump can accurately say that the aftermost of the Islamic State-controlled acreage in Syria and Iraq was retaken by affiliation armament during his admiral (it happened in March). But instead, he repeatedly and falsely claimed that “virtually 100%” of the caliphate’s acreage was regained beneath him, or that aback he “took office, we had about nothing.” About bisected of the territory had been regained beneath his predecessor, Barack Obama — according to Trump’s own administration.

In a briefing on Dec. 21, 2017, Brett McGurk, then-special presidential agent for the all-around affiliation to adverse ISIS, said that about 98 percent of the caliphate acreage had been regained and “50 percent” of those losses for ISIS happened in 2017.

Trump also falsely said that captured Islamic Accompaniment fighters actuality captivated in Syria are “mostly from Europe,” a affirmation French Admiral Emmanuel Macron fact-checked in absolute time aback the two leaders appeared calm at the ceremony NATO acme in December. 

According to a report from U.S. inspectors general, “about 800” of about 10,000 ISIS fighters in apprehension centers beyond northeastern Syria were from Europe, while about 8,000 of them were nationals of Iraq and Syria.

No Affirmation for Kim Jong Un Claims. The White House has provided no affirmation for Trump’s claims that Obama had approved to alarm or accommodated with North Korean baton Kim Jong Un but was rebuffed.

Before his celebrated affair with Kim, Trump claimed the Obama administering was “begging for affairs constantly. And Chairman Kim would not accommodated with him.” Several Obama administering admiral and experts on U.S.-North Korean relations said that was false, application words such as “pure fantasy,” “no basis,” “a lie” and “horse-sh*t.”

A few months later, Trump put a new circuit on his claim, saying Obama approved to alarm Kim “11 times” but that “the man on the added ancillary … did not booty his call” due to a “lack of respect.” Obama’s civic aegis adviser and agent civic aegis adviser afresh alleged Trump’s affirmation false.

It’s account acquainted that aftermost year Trump made a actual adapted claim that “somebody” in the Obama administering told him “we haven’t anticipation about” affair with North Korea.

Smearing Ilhan Omar. Throughout the year, Trump stoked an advancing war of words with four accelerating Democrats, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar, controversially cogent them via Twitter to “go aback and advice fix the absolutely burst and abomination infested [countries] from which they came.” The admiral focused the aggregate of his animadversion on Omar, a Somali American who became one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress aftermost year.

Trump’s attacks generally went too far, such as aback he accused Omar of professing a “love” for al Qaeda and talking about “how great” and “how wonderful” al Qaeda is. There’s no evidence Omar has said any of those things.

During Trump’s connected criticism of Omar at a assemblage in North Carolina in July, admirers associates began chanting, “Send her back.” The abutting day, Trump claimed that he approved to annihilate the chants by “speaking actual quickly.” But the video shows he did not. In September, Trump retweeted a column that declared to appearance Omar “celebrating” on the ceremony of the 9/11 agitator attacks. But the video was actually from a Congressional Black Caucus accident on Sept. 13.

Trade War Falsehoods. Trump’s barter war with China resulted in abundant falsehoods, some of which were summed up in this one statement by the admiral on May 3: “We’re charging China tariffs. We’ve never taken in 10 cents from China, and now we’re demography in billions and billions of dollars.”

As we accept written, the tariffs are taxes paid by U.S. importers in the anatomy of community duties, and to some admeasurement by U.S. consumers in the anatomy of college prices. “The connected adherence of acceptation prices for appurtenances from China agency U.S. firms and consumers accept to pay the tariff,” a Federal Reserve Bank of New York study confirmed last month.  

Also, the U.S. has calm billions in community duties on Chinese imports for years, so Trump’s affirmation about “never taken in 10 cents” doesn’t add up.

Trump additionally has afresh taken acclaim for abbreviation barter deficits, alike admitting the adverse is true. He has claimed that barter deficits “went down,” anecdotic the U.S. barter antithesis as “changing rapidly” with Japan and “fairly rapidly” in the case of the European Union. The most contempo government figures show that the absolute U.S. barter arrears in appurtenances and casework during the best contempo 12 months on almanac (ending in October) was $635 billion — an access of $132 billion, or 26.2%, compared with 2016. That includes college barter deficits with Japan and the EU (see table 3).

Biden Rewrites History on Iraq War. During the second Democratic debate, above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden affianced in advocate history on one of the defining issues of his career. Biden claimed that despite voting to accredit aggressive force adjoin Iraq in 2002 — a vote he calls a aberration — he adjoin the Iraq War from “the moment” it began. That’s not accurate.

Biden consistently criticized the way the Bush administering handled the war, including its efforts at award adept solutions, enlisting allies and planning for about-face of Iraq. Some of his comments accepted prescient, including his warnings about the acceptable bulk and breadth of the war. But Biden never absolute adjoin aggressive activity in Iraq in the actual canicule afterwards the alpha of the invasion. For example, the day the war commenced, Biden told CNN: “There’s a lot of us who voted for giving the admiral the ascendancy to booty bottomward Saddam Hussein if he didn’t disarm. And there are those who believe, at the end of the day, alike admitting it wasn’t handled all that well, we still accept to booty him down.”

Biden this year acknowledged that he “misspoke” about “how bound I said I was anon adjoin the war.”

No “Middle-Class Tax Hike.” Sen. Kamala Harris, aback she was still a presidential candidate, cited basic IRS tax acquittance abstracts for 2018 to criticize the Republican tax law — a accepted ambition of Democrats — as “a common tax hike.” 

The California senator tweeted about the Republican tax law a day afterwards the Washington Post reported that the boilerplate tax acquittance analysis was bottomward $170, or 8%, this year compared with aftermost year, based on basic IRS data. “Let’s alarm the President’s tax cut what it is: a common tax backpack to band the pockets of already affluent corporations and the 1%,” she tweeted. 

But, as Howard Gleckman, a chief adolescent at the detached Tax Activity Center, told us: “Refunds are not the aforementioned as taxes that you owe. Refunds acquaint you annihilation about whether a person’s tax accountability has changed.” In fact, the all-inclusive majority of “middle-class” taxpayers were accepted to get a tax cut in 2018 beneath the new law, which took aftereffect aftermost year, he said.

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And Top 1% Pays College Tax Rate. Biden gave voters a apocryphal consequence about taxes in claiming, “We’re in a bearings area you accept the top 1%, in fact, authoritative — advantageous a lower tax bulk than you do, because it’s mostly basic gains. … [M]ore than a teacher, a firefighter, a cop.” But the top 1% of taxpayers, on average, pay a college able tax bulk than middle-income people.

According to an analysis by the Tax Activity Center, the top 1% — those authoritative over $783,300 — will pay an boilerplate federal tax bulk of about 30.2% in 2019, a college bulk than any added assets category. The boilerplate 20% of earners will pay an boilerplate 12.4% federal tax rate.

It’s authentic that the top claimed tax bulk on basic assets (up to 23.8%) is lower than the top tax bulk on accustomed assets (37%). “Do some individuals [at the top] pay less? Sure,” Gleckman, at the TPC, told us. “But in general, the federal tax arrangement is actual progressive. The added you make, the added you pay.”

Climate Change Confusion. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic presidential candidate, wrongly said that “we could lose bisected the world’s oxygen because of what’s activity on in the oceans.” About bisected of the world’s oxygen comes from the ocean, but that doesn’t beggarly bisected of the world’s oxygen is at risk.

Climate change is accepted to abate the bulk of oxygen the ocean produces by about 5% by 2100 — and it will not change oxygen levels in the air by any apparent degree. “Under no affairs will bisected the world’s breathable oxygen be gone by 2100 or alike by 21,000!” Scott Denning, an atmospheric scientist at Colorado Accompaniment University, told us.

Climate change does abate the bulk of attenuated oxygen in the water, which in some places could be cut in half by 2100. But globally, oceans are projected to lose alone 1%-7% of their oxygen.

Trump Did Ban Bang Stocks. Three months afterwards the Trump administration’s ban on bang stocks went into effect, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gave a boondocks hall audience the apocryphal consequence that he reneged on his affiance to ban the accessories that can accomplish semiautomatic rifles blaze added rapidly.

“Remember afterwards the cutting in Las Vegas, he [Trump] said, yeah, yeah we’re gonna ban the bang stocks,” Gillibrand, again a Democratic presidential candidate, said at a Fox Account event in June. “Did he ban the bang stocks? No, because the NRA came abolition bottomward and said, ‘Don’t you cartel do any restrictions on our accoutrements about this country.’”

The Civic Rifle Association’s opposition ultimately didn’t stop Trump. Afterwards the baleful accumulation cutting at an alfresco concert in Las Vegas in October 2017, and addition months afterwards at a Florida aerial academy in February 2018, Trump spoke consistently about banning bang stocks. And his administering went through the all-important authoritative activity in adjustment to affair a new federal regulation that did.

It took added than a year — allegedly best than Gillibrand capital — but the Trump administration’s bump stocks ban went into aftereffect in March.

Inflated Gun Ascendancy Stat. After a accumulation cutting at a Colorado academy in May, again Democratic presidential applicant Beto O’Rourke pushed a accepted Democratic position — accepted accomplishments checks for gun purchases — but afield claimed that accompaniment laws mandating accepted checks “have been apparent to abate gun abandon by 50%.” That angry out to be a wildly inflated estimate.

O’Rourke’s affected said the accomplishment came from Everytown for Gun Safety, but the gun-control accumulation told us it had adapted its website in ablaze of “rigorous” new analysis that has “improved our compassionate of this.” A study published in the Journal of Accepted Internal Medicine in March begin that accepted accomplishments checks are associated with about a 15 percent abridgement in firearm homicide. But the abstraction chock-full abbreviate of absolute that the abatement was caused by those laws.

Trump Foundation Settlement. Buttigieg falsely claimed that Trump had afresh accepted “in writing, in court, to illegally breach accommodating contributions that were declared to go to veterans.” Trump fabricated no such admission, and the money he helped accession went to veterans.

Instead, Trump acclimatized a lawsuit first filed in 2018 by New York’s advocate accepted alleging the now-defunct Trump Foundation abandoned accompaniment and federal laws, including by illegally analogous with Trump’s attack on a civic fundraiser for veterans in 2016.

The settlement noted that the “Iowa Fundraiser” for veterans aloft about $5.6 million, of which $2.823 actor was contributed to the Trump Foundation; the blow was anon donated to veterans groups. The adjustment acknowledged, though, that the attack — not the foundation — “planned, organized, and paid for the Iowa Fundraiser,” as able-bodied as “directed the timing, amounts and recipients of the Foundation’s grants to accommodating organizations acknowledging aggressive veterans.”

A accompaniment judge ordered Trump to pay $2 actor to several charities as damages. The adjudicator disqualified Trump “breached his fiduciary duty” to his foundation in adjustment to advice his campaign, but additionally accustomed that all the money donated to the Trump Foundation at the fundraiser did go to veterans charities.

Wrong on Accomplishment Jobs. A TV ad from Gillibrand’s campaign claimed, “Trump promised accomplishment jobs would break but they’re not.” Gillibrand told CNN about the aforementioned time that Trump promised to “bring aback accomplishment jobs, and failed.” But there had been a net increase of about 500,000 accomplishment jobs beneath Trump’s presidency.

Gillibrand’s ad referenced the closing of a GM bulb in Lordstown, Ohio. But the ad leaves the apocryphal consequence that accomplishment jobs all-embracing accept declined.

The Gillibrand attack acicular to the actuality that some areas in the Midwest had absent accomplishment jobs. But abstracts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that Rust Belt states, while experiencing slower job advance than the civic average, had apparent a net access in accomplishment jobs beneath Trump.

Please see our belief on these claims for added information:

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