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Recognize this black-bladed lightsaber? Darth Maul will action Ahsoka Tano in division 7.

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The orange carbon trooper helmets apparent on the brain-teaser affiche for the new episodes of The Carbon Wars are inversions of Ahsoka Tano’s markings.

Continue, the Carbon Wars will — the admired Star Wars CGI activated alternation is abiding with 12 new episodes on the Disney Plus alive service. The new season’s absolution date got narrowed bottomward to February 2020 at Disney’s biannual D23 convention in August, and we got the atomic aftertaste of beginning footage in a New Year’s Day preview for the Disney Plus 2020 lineup. It’s alone two shots, but any and all Star Wars footage is acceptable in the deathwatch of The Rise of Skywalker.

Previous seasons of the actualization are available on the service, so you’ll accept affluence of time to bolt up afore the new episodes begin. Live-action alternation The Mandalorian, which aloof captivated up its aboriginal season, is set decades afterwards The Carbon Wars and ties into the contest of the show.

Let’s booty a attending at what we apperceive about the awakening so far.

This series set amid the contest of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, absolute the intergalactic action Obi-Wan Kenobi aboriginal mentioned in 1977’s A New Hope.

The show’s called afterwards the carbon troopers, which were created from the DNA of compensation hunter Jango Fett and serve the Galactic Republic in its action adjoin the Separatists.

The Carbon Wars started off with theatrically appear movie of the aforementioned name on Aug. 15 in 2008, again bristles seasons of 108 episodes that aired until 2013. The alternation was cancelled that year, in the deathwatch of Disney’s accretion of Lucasfilm, but a sixth season, accepted as The Lost Missions, gave us an added 13 episodes in 2014.

The show’s best accepted for introducing Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, who “represented equality,” according to her articulation extra Ashley Eckstein, and became one of the franchise’s best admired characters admitting never physically actualization in a live-action movie.

Ahsoka will acknowledgment in the new season.

comic strip template 12 panels
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Clone Wars has accumulated legions of loyal admirers — as apparent by its arranged assemblage panels and the success of the #BringBackCloneWars movement — and offered a aperture into a galaxy far, far abroad for a new bearing watching on Cartoon Network. 

If you charge added persuading as to why this engaging, aggressive alternation is capital viewing, analysis out our adulation letter to some of its greatest elements and moments.

While biographer Brent Friedman said in 2014 the aggregation had The Carbon Wars planned out through the end of division 8, the abandoning resulted in several characters’ fates actuality larboard unresolved. 

Some of these belief accept aback been acclimatized into fun novels like Dark Disciple, accomplished banana book alternation such as Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir and amateurish adventure reels that are accessible online, but others accept not. 

The best important actualization arcs are those of Ahsoka and Darth Maul. The above larboard the Jedi Order to become a chargeless abettor afterwards actuality affected and was about bedevilled to afterlife at the end of division 5, while Maul was captured by his above master, Darth Sidious, and able in the Son of Dathomir comics.

The 10th ceremony console at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 afraid admirers with a bivouac and affiche for the new season.

The attendance of the Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze (seen as a hologram with Ahsoka) suggests this barter will advance into the Siege of Mandalore, one of the final battles of the Carbon Wars, which biographer Matt Michnovetz said was advised to be the acme of the eighth and final season.

In April 2019, the Star Wars Celebration Chicago console appear that Ahsoka, Anakin, Maul and the Bad Batch will be the focus of the accessible Disney Plus division and gave us a beginning trailer.

A few months later, Filoni teased us with a cheep adulatory the one-year ceremony of the advertisement that the actualization will return.

comic strip template 12 panels
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“One year ago we appear the acknowledgment of #TheCloneWars. I can’t delay for you all to see what I see,” he wrote, with a attempt of Maul’s eyes.

We apperceive from the bivouac some actors will return, but an official account has yet to be announced.

Filoni appear a abundant accord about this arc during the Ahsoka’s Untold Tales console at the 2016 Star Wars fan assemblage Celebration Europe — alike authoritative advertence to the carbon trooper helmets with orange markings, as apparent in the poster. We abstruse some added capacity about it in E.K. Johnston’s 2016 Ahsoka novel.

Essentially, it’s a assiduity of the Mandalore storyline that played out amid seasons 2 and 5 of the show. Its appulse is additionally apparent in aftereffect alternation Rebels and the division 1 afterpiece of The Mandalorian.

We don’t apperceive how continued the Siege of Mandalore will last, but it’s absurd it will be 12 episodes.

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It’d be actual accessible for Lucasfilm to ample out the blow of the division by giving us accomplished versions of two unaired four-episode arcs, Crystal Crisis on Utapau and The Bad Batch, which are both accessible online as abridged adventure reels.

That’d be analytic (especially aback The Bad Batch introduces Hunter), but not actual exciting. The attempt of Anakin, Rex and Hunter walking out of the aerodrome is about identical to one from A Distant Echo, the additional adventure from the Bad Batch arc.

comic strip template 12 panels
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There are several added four-episode arcs we’re acquainted of, including one focused on Ahsoka’s activity afterwards she larboard the Jedi Order. She gets bent up in the galaxy’s ailing underworld, but charge be accurate about application her Jedi abilities lest she accomplish herself a target.

Another Ahsoka arc would’ve brought her aback in acquaintance with the Jedi as they try to accomplishment Yoda from a Sith altar that lies far below the Jedi Temple — and brought her alarmingly abutting to an appointment with Darth Sidious.

Given Ahsoka’s popularity, it’s awful acceptable these will be acclimated to accomplish up the butt of the accessible season.

Cad Bane, a compensation hunter who consistently battled the Jedi in The Carbon Wars, was activity to aggregation up with Boba Fett in one of the bare arcs.

Beyond these Ahsoka arcs, addition focused on compensation hunters Boba Fett and Cad Bane. Cad knew Boba’s backward father, Jango (the arrangement for the carbon army). This storyline would’ve taken them to Tatooine for the accomplishment of a adolescent kidnapped by Tusken Raiders, and animatics were apparent at Celebration Anaheim in 2015.

At the 2016 panel, Dave Filoni and the Lucasfilm Adventure Group’s Pablo Hidalgo talked about an arc that would’ve taken Yoda and the Bad Batch to the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk. Matt Michnovetz acclaimed that Chewbacca, who appeared in division 3, would’ve played a huge role in these episodes.

Filoni referred to an arc that was basically “Top Gun with clones,” in which Rex and R2-D2 got abandoned calm afterwards the carbon arena armament argued with the pilots.

The Yuuzhan Vong — an extragalactic chase of invaders from the non-canon New Jedi Order atypical alternation — would’ve fabricated a abrupt actualization in an arc in which a advance address activated the Republic’s defenses (hinting at affairs for an invasion). Hidalgo said this was “almost like an X-Files episode.”

The final unaired arc we’ve heard about saw Sen. Padmé Amidala and Anakin abiding to the baptize apple of Mon Calamari as Padmé works to end Chancellor Palpatine’s continued appellation of office.

comic strip template 12 panels
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First appear Aug. 10, 2018, and adapted as we apprentice more.

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