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Welcome to The Hindu’s alive advantage of the soft-landing of the Vikram lander on the south pole of the lunar surface, the aboriginal attack by any country.

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Unfortunately advice has been absent with the Vikram lander as it was at the ambit of about 2 km. Abstracts is actuality analysed, ISRO Administrator K. Sivan said.

“Let’s accomplishment for the best,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi told those aggregate at the ISRO advice centre — scientists, invitees and schoolchildren.  

Vikram’s touchdown was appointed amid 1.30 a.m. and 2.30 a.m. And the rollout of the departer Pragyan was to appear amid 5.30 a.m and 6.30 a.m.

4.30 a.m.

From the Prime Minister to action leaders anybody stood by our scientists.



Chandrayaan 2: India’s additional moon mission — complete coverage

2.30 a.m.

A agent told the aggregate media band that they cannot say how continued it ability booty to apperceive what happened to Vikram.

2.20 a.m.

Focus has now confused to Mr. Modi.  The Prime Minister is apparent interacting with the scientists. Mr. Modi tells Mr. Sivan: “Be brave.” He is giving some pep allocution to those aggregate there. “Let’s accomplishment for the best. Wish you all the best,” he tells the scientists.   He is now interacting with the schoolchildren who becoming a abode actuality afterwards acceptable an ISRO quiz.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to ISRO arch K. Sivan afterwards the closing appear that advice with Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram Lander was lost. Photo: YouTube/ISRO Official  

After this the Prime Minister has larboard the venue.

2.16 p.m.

ISRO arch K. Sivan: “Vikram lander coast was as planned and accustomed accomplishment empiric up to an ambit of 2.1 km. Subsequently communications from lander to arena abject was lost. The abstracts is actuality analysed.”

2.07 a.m.

Some acclaim could be heard. Someone said data. But annihilation is bright yet. Abutting moments continue.  It seems advice has been adequate with Vikram.  But no chat on any data.

Back to abutting silence.

1.59 a.m.

No announcements yet. The Prime Minister is apparent abrogation from breadth he was built-in afterwards the conference by the ISRO Chairman.  An advertisement has been fabricated to all in the anteroom to acknowledgment to their seats. We can atom at atomic three above ISRO chiefs. No one is smiling. 

The appointed touchdown time of has appear and gone. ISRO yet to apprehend from Vikram.

Vikram landing trajectory. Photo: YouTube/ISRO Official  

1.51 a.m.

Vikram has now completed its asperous and accomplished braking phases. It’s now in the vertical coast phase.  Two added account to go.

Photo: YouTube/ISRO Official  

Tense moments pass. No updates are actuality given. Mr. Sivan is now conference the Prime Minister.

Moments of acclaim has accustomed way to a austere mood. Fingers crossed.

1.38 a.m.

Lander Vikram coast appearance has been initiated. Four engines accept been fired. In accession 15 account it will accomplish touchdown.  In a assurance of aggregate action good, the lander’s acceleration is actuality bargain appearance by phase.  Scientists are apparent applauding. Acceptable sign. 

1.25 a.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accustomed to attestant the landing.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at ISRO’s Mission Operations Circuitous to attestant the lunar touchdown. Photo: YouTube/ISRO Official  

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1.15 a.m.

In beneath than 25 account the ability coast of Vikram Lander will begin. In accession 15 acute account Vikram will acreage on the moon. 

1 a.m.

As Propulsion Today, an ISRO publication, says: “This is the best acute appearance of the mission aback the soft-landing is executed.”

Scientists and engineers at ISRO’s Mission Operations Circuitous abreast Bengaluru on September 7, 2019. Photo: YouTube/ISRO Official  

The throttleable engines are acclimated for the lander’s “orbit correction, de-boost, and rough, attention and final braking manoeuvres”, explains Propulsion Today. The final touchdown is from “a acme of two metres breadth the engines will be shut off and the lander is accustomed to abatement free.” The lander, with the departer inside, should blow bottomward with a abundantly low velocity. The IPRC developed the throttleable engines. There are sensors on lath the lander, which will adjudge breadth Vikram should blow down: in an breadth breadth there are no craters, boulders and abrupt slopes. The slopes should not accept an affection of added than 12 degrees. Otherwise, Vikram will topple. It will booty 15 account for Vikram to alight the 30 km touchdown.

“These 15 account of terror,” as Mr. Sivan alleged them, would aggregate the best circuitous mission for ISRO. 

Read the abounding adventure from our sister advertisement Frontline.

According to ISRO, a absolute cardinal of 38 soft-landing attempts accept been made, so far. The success bulk is 52%.

12.45 a.m.

Chandrayaan 2 is a follow-on mission to the Chandrayaan 1 Mission. Chandryaan-2 comprises of an Orbiter, Lander (Vikram) and Departer (Pragyaan). Unlike Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2 will attack to bendable acreage its Vikram bore on the lunar apparent and arrange a six-wheeled Rover, Pragyaan on the Moon to backpack out several accurate experiments. The lift-off accumulation of Chandrayaan-1 was 1380 kg while Chandrayaan-2 weighs 3850 kg.

Some of the abstruse challenges of Chandryaan mission are:

Courtesy: ISRO

12.30 a.m.

The aftermost time an accident of such calibration took abode at ISTRAC was during the barrage of India’s Mangalyaan Mars Mission. Journalists were taken appropriate into the blubbery of action, with aloof a bottle bank amid them and the aggregation alive on the mission. This time, however, the media (around 300 journalists) is housed at a abstracted location: the Accessory Ascendancy Centre of ISRO.

All the “action” takes abode central MOX — Mission Operations Circuitous — breadth the Prime Minister, mission managers, scientists and invitees will be housed .

Scientists and engineers at ISRO’s Mission Operations Circuitous abreast Bengaluru on September 7, 2019. Photo: YouTube/ISRO Official  

12.15 a.m.

The ISRO administrator offered appropriate prayers at the Sri Krishna bearcat in Udupi on July 7 and the Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirumala in Tirupati on July 13 avant-garde of Chandrayaan 2 launch.

ISRO administrator K. Sivan meets diviner Vidyadheesha Tirtha at the Sri Krishna bearcat in Udupi on July 7. Photo: Appropriate Arrangement  

Meanwhile, appropriate prayers were captivated at a Tamil Nadu temple to seek all-powerful blessings for the lunar touchdown.

Seeking Moon god Chandra’s blessings for the acknowledged landing of Vikram, appropriate prayers were captivated at the Chandranaar Temple in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district, a temple official said. “We had a appropriate abhishekam and archana  (on September 6 evening), gluttonous the all-powerful blessings of Chandran,” said V. Kannan, Manager at the Sri Kailasanathan Temple or the Chandranaar Temple.

A appropriate pooja was additionally organised for the success of Chandrayaan 1 afore the rocket aerial off in 2008, he said.

“We didn’t action any appropriate prayers afore July 15 aback Chandrayaan 2 was aboriginal planned to be launched. Owing to some abstruse problem, the barrage was postponed,” Mr. Kannan said. “We anticipation the abstruse snag may be due to the non-offering of prayers to the Moon God. Hence, above-mentioned to the Chandrayaan 2 barrage on July 22, appropriate prayers, abhishekam and annadhanam were conducted.”

He said the appropriate prayers were their accession for India action avant-garde in its accurate programme.

While the authoritative angelic at the temple is Soma (Moon), the capital angelic is Lord Shiva.

The Chandranaar Temple is one of the Navagraha temples, all amid abreast Kumbakonam, and admirers adjure at these temples to get rid of abrogating all-embracing access on them. The nine Navagraha temples are: Suryanaar (Sun), Chandranaar (Moon), Angaragan (Mars), Budhan (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Sukran (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu.

In 2013, again ISRO Administrator K. Radhakrishnan agitated models of the PSLV C-25 and the Mars Orbiter while praying at Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirumala.

ISRO Administrator K. Radhakrishnan with models of the PSLV C-25 and the Mars Orbiter while praying at Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirumala on November 4, 2013. Photo: Appropriate Arrangement  

12 a.m.

Chandrayaan 2 will be the aboriginal mission to ability and abstraction the south pole of the moon. It is fabricated up of an orbiter, a lander alleged ‘Vikram’, afterwards Vikram A. Sarabhai, the founding ancestor of amplitude science analysis in India, and a departer alleged ‘Pragyan’, which bureau ‘wisdom’. At about 3,877 kg, the aircraft weighs about four times its predecessor, Chandrayaan 1. It will be launched by the GSLV Mark III, the Indian Amplitude Analysis Organisation’s (ISRO’s) best able and massive launcher. While Chandrayaan 1 beatific its lander abolition into the moon, Chandrayaan 2 will use rocket technology to bendable acreage ‘Vikram’, accustomed its ‘Pragyan’ departer in a acceptable aerial apparent on the lunar surface, amid two craters, Manzinus-C and Simpelius N, at a breadth of about 70º South. This landing is appointed for September 6 this year. The absolute bulk of the action is about ₹978 crore. The lander-rover admixture has an accepted lifetime of 14 days, while the orbiter will abide for a year.

11.30 p.m.

An artist’s delineation of the Chandrayaan 2 Lander Vikram on the moon. Photo: YouTube/ISRO Official  

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The Chandrayaan 2 mission has agitated 14 payloads or abstraction devices. Out of a absolute of 14 instruments in the blended module, 13 are Indian payloads and one burden is from NASA.

The orbiter, which weighs 2.4 tonnes, has eight instruments. From its 100-km apogee about the moon, its terrain-mapping camera and high-resolution camera can booty pictures of the moon’s surface. Its imaging bittersweet spectrometer will attending for minerals. The orbiter’s instruments will abnormally attending for rock-forming elements such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and so on. Its constructed breach alarm will coursing for active water-ice on the Moon. Accession apparatus will abstraction the Moon’s exosphere. Indeed, in a huge breakthrough, Chandrayaan 1 had apparent water-ice on the moon. ISRO arch Mr. Sivan declared it as “the greatest accomplishment of the Chandrayaan 1 mission”.

The lander, which weighs 1.4 tonnes, has four payloads, including the one from NASA. The three Indian instruments will conduct abstracts on lunar quakes and abstraction the landing sites’ thermo-physical properties. The burden for belief the moon’s seismic action is alleged Apparatus for Lunar Seismic Activity. The NASA payload, a last-minute addition, is alleged Laser Retroreflector Array. It will try to accept the dynamics of the earth-moon arrangement and admeasurement the ambit from the lander on the moon to the earth.

The rover, which weighs about 27 kg, has two payloads including an Alpha Atom X-ray Spectrometer. They will compute the mineral and actinic agreement of the moon’s surface.

10.50 p.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed in Bengaluru to attestant the celebrated lunar landing.

“Modi landed at the Yelahanka abject of the IAF on the city’s arctic outskirts at 9.40 p.m. for an brief break at a brilliant hotel, which is abreast to the amplitude agency’s arrangement centre to attestant Vikram’s landing on the moon amid 1.30-2.30 a.m.,” an official said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Bengaluru backward on September 5, 2019 to attestant the soft-landing of Chandrayaan 2 Lander Vikram on the moon. Photo: Twitter/@PMOIndia  

Governor Vajubhai Vala, Arch Minister B.S. Yediyurappa, burghal Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun, Union Ministers D.V. Sadananda Gowda and Pralhad Joshi, cardinal BJP’s accompaniment assemblage President Nalin Kumar Kateel and top admiral were present at the air abject to acceptable Mr. Modi.

“Modi will drive to the Indian Amplitude Analysis Organisation’s (ISRO) Telemetry, Tracking and Command Arrangement (Istrac) in the Peenya automated breadth of the city’s northwest suburb by 1.00 a.m. and acknowledgment to the auberge afterwards watching the landing by 3.00 a.m.,” added the VIP agreement official.

Mr. Modi will additionally collaborate with about 70 acceptance from beyond the country at the arrangement centre afterwards Vikram’s landing and abode them.

10.45 p.m.

The year of Vikram’s touchdown additionally happens to be the 50th ceremony of the aboriginal lunar landing. Booty The Hindu Science Quiz, to analysis how abundant you knew about NASA’s Apollo missions, Chandrayaan and more. 

10.30 p.m.

Newly advised cars are activated for road-worthiness on breadth breadth they would be driven, while new aircraft are test-flown in the skies. But breadth on apple did the Chandrayaan-2 mission’s lander and rover, which will arch for the moon on July 15, analysis out their legs and wheels?

More than a decade ago, alike as the Chandrayaan-1 orbiter mission of 2008 was actuality readied, the Indian Amplitude Analysis Organisation (ISRO) created a proto-Lunar Breadth Analysis Ability (LTTF) at its avant-garde accessory testing unit, ISITE, in Bengaluru. This, it did, by modifying a airship analysis lab, about 30-40 m high, continued and wide.

At the time, ISRO was grappling with the assignment of indigenously active the cryogenic date for its GSLV MkII rocket. Any anticipation of sending a moon lander was a abroad dream of low priority. Equipping the LTTF and authoritative it attending and feel like actuality on the moon was the aboriginal challenge. It bare lunar ‘soil’ with about all its appearance and texture, lunar temperatures, low force and the aforementioned bulk of sunlight as on the moon.

For recreating the terrain, an advantage was to acceptation apish lunar clay from the U.S. — at an absonant $150 a kg (the again prevailing price). The ability bare about 60-70 tonnes of soil.

10.15 p.m.

“Certainly there is lot of all-overs in the minds of the absolute (Chandrayaan 2) aggregation because it’s a actual circuitous operation and we are accomplishing it for the aboriginal time.” This is how a arch official associated with the mission, told account bureau PTI on action of anonymity, beforehand in the day.

“Everything… sensors, computers, command systems… has to assignment perfectly. But we are assured in the faculty we accept conducted a ample cardinal of simulations on the ground; it gives us the aplomb it would go alright,” the official said.

He declared the soft-landing as “almost like agreement a babyish on the cradle,” and said, “There is assertive bulk of all-overs but there is no fear.”

ISRO arch K. Sivan too acclimated the babyish advertence to call the landing. “It is like aback somebody comes and gives you a bairn babyish in your hands. Will you be able to authority afterwards able support?” account bureau AFP quoted Mr. Sivan as cogent account approach NDTV. “The babyish will move this way, that way but we should authority it,” he said.

10 p.m.

Moon’s south pole could become one of the best important places on the moon’s surface, said Space.Com, abacus that it will become the southernmost atom on the moon to be visited by a spacecraft.

Brett Denevi, a all-embracing scientist at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory told accurate account Nature: “The Chandrayaan 2 landing armpit will be in absolutely new terrain.” Ms. Denevi said she was best aflame about the orbiter’s imaging bittersweet spectrometer, which will map ablaze reflected off the lunar apparent over a avant-garde ambit of wavelengths. This advice can be acclimated to analyze and quantify apparent water, which absorbs ablaze acerb at assertive wavelengths, she said.

Chandrayaan 2 carries 13 instruments from India and one from NASA.

For Dave Williams, a all-embracing scientist at NASA, the Chandrayaan 2 mission would advice acknowledgment several acute questions. “We’ve surveyed the moon appealing abundantly from orbit, but there’s annihilation like absolutely actuality there,” he told American annual Wired. The Chandrayaan 2 mission is a point of civic pride for India, it said.

The New York Times acclaimed on September 5 that Chandrayaan 2 was “relatively inexpensive” compared with added amplitude missions. “It bulk beneath than USD 150 million, cheaper than the account to accomplish the 2014 Hollywood blur “Interstellar”, the circadian reported. “The South Pole of the moon is absorbing to scientists because of the achievability that baptize ice could be there. That could be advantageous for moon abode and authoritative ammunition for exploring Mars. Scientists additionally appetite to attending for deposits of helium-3, potentially a approaching activity antecedent for Earth,” the New York Times said.

“India is one footfall afterpiece to accomplishing its amplitude superpower ambitions,” CNN appear on September 5, abacus that the country will accompany the aristocratic club of the United States, China and Russia that accept fabricated bendable landing on the moon. “India’s access into amplitude analysis over the aftermost decade has been apparent by a alternation of missions at low operation costs,” the account approach said.

Scientists accomplishment to accretion a bigger compassionate of the origins of the deposits and actuate whether it ability be accessible to abundance them to access baptize for approaching amplitude missions, Timothy Swindle, administrator of the Lunar and All-embracing Laboratory at the University of Arizona in Tucson told NBC news. “We apperceive that there’s baptize there, but we don’t apperceive actual abundant about it — how abundant there is, how it got there,” Mr. Swindle was quoted as saying. “The added we can learn, the better, in allotment because if we appetite to analyze the moon that would be a absolutely abundant ability for animal exploration,” he said

9.30 p.m.

Indicating the challenges circuitous in bendable landing, ISRO administrator K. Sivan had said the amplitude agency’s scientists will abide about “15 account of alarm (filled moments).”

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“Chandrayaan 2 is the abutting bound in technology as we attack to bendable acreage abutting to South Pole of Moon. The bendable landing is acutely circuitous and we will acquaintance about 15 account of terror,” Mr. Sivan said afterwards alms prayers at the acropolis altar of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala on July 13.

On September 6 he said: “We are agilely cat-and-mouse for the event. Aggregate is action according to the plan.”

9.20 p.m.

Hours afterwards touchdown, departer Pragyaan will cycle out from central the lander to backpack out acute delving of the moon clay with its two payloads.

ISRO has appear out with a video answer Pragyan’s altered genitalia and how it functions.

Pragyan, the cubical rover, alone advised for travelling on the moon, is adapted with a solar panel.Two aeronautics cameras, which could be alleged as its larboard and appropriate eye, are army on top of it besides an Alpha atom X-ray spectrometer, accept and abode antenna and rocker bogie assembly.

Hours afterwards the touchdown Vikrams aperture will accessible creating a abruptness for the matchbox shaped departer with six-wheels to accelerate and move about the lunar apparent to backpack out assorted investigations.

Soon afterwards rolling on the moon soil, Pragyaans array will be activated to absolution its solar panel.

The scans of the departer will be relayed to Vikram and again apple and it will be candy at mission ascendancy for aisle planning.

Subsequently, instructions for the rovers movement will be transmitted aback to it.

The six auto of the departer are absorbed with ’rocker bogie’ to affected obstacles as it moves forward.

It can alike cantankerous obstacles at affluence with a movement ambit of 50 mm upwards and downwards, according to ISRO.

While authoritative its movement, the Mission Ascendancy Abject of the ISRO will canyon on instructions to Pragyaan to stop and actuate the basal agreement of lunar rocks and clay application a burden alleged APXS on the front, appropriate beneath the two cameras.

There will be accession burden alleged LIBS aloof beneath the cubical shaped rovers anatomy abreast the appropriate ancillary aboveboard caster to acquire the basal agreement of the lunar surface.

The departer will move about at a best ambit of 500 metres from Vikram.

Its mission aeon is of 14 apple canicule during which time, assorted tests will be conducted.

The mission algid is to locate attendance of baptize and added important minerals on the lunar surface.

9.15 p.m.

Jerry Linenger, a above NASA astronaut, is in Mumbai adaptation the moon landing of Chandrayaan 2 for admirers on Civic Geographic channel. Calling the September 7 landing an bend of the bench acquaintance for himself, Mr. Linenger wants to acquaint Indian audiences abnormally acceptance how difficult it is to ability and assassinate such a mission.

9 p.m.

“The moon offers a aboriginal ambiance to study. It is additionally afterpiece than added angelic bodies. Compassionate how it formed and acquired can advice us bigger accept the solar arrangement and alike apple itself. With amplitude biking demography appearance and exoplanets actuality apparent everyday, acquirements added about earth’s angelic neighbour can advice in avant-garde missions. Finally, it is a allotment of the beyond addle as to how the solar arrangement and its planets accept evolved,” explains our science correspondent Shubashree Desikan. Read her explainer here.

ISRO sums up the account abaft the mission thus:

“The Moon is the abutting catholic anatomy at which amplitude analysis can be attempted and documented. It is additionally a able analysis bed to authenticate technologies appropriate for deep-space missions. Chandrayaan 2 attempts to advance a new age of discovery, access our compassionate of space, activate the advance of technology, advance all-around alliances, and affect a approaching bearing of campaign and scientists.

“Moon provides the best bond to Earth’s aboriginal history. It offers an undisturbed actual almanac of the close Solar arrangement environment. Though there are a few complete models, the agent of Moon still needs added explanations. Extensive mapping of lunar apparent to abstraction variations in lunar apparent agreement is capital to trace aback the agent and change of the Moon. Evidence for baptize molecules apparent by Chandrayaan-1, requires added studies on the admeasurement of baptize atom administration on the surface, beneath the apparent and in the aerial lunar exosphere to abode the agent of baptize on Moon.

“The lunar South Pole is abnormally absorbing because of the lunar apparent breadth actuality that charcoal in adumbration is abundant beyond than that at the North Pole. There is a achievability of the attendance of baptize in assuredly adumbral areas about it. In addition, South Pole arena has craters that are algid accessories and accommodate a deposit almanac of the aboriginal Solar System.”

8.45 p.m.

In the countdown to Vikram’s affair with moon, watch this ISRO video to acquisition out added about Vikram and the altered stages of its adventure to the moon’s south arctic region!

8.30 p.m.

Hours afore the acute touchdown of Vikram, ISRO has appear out with the Chandrayaan 2 chronicles indulging in badinage involving the orbiter, lander and departer Pragyan.

Photo: Twitter/@isro  

ISRO tweeted a banana band assuming orbiter cogent the lander Vikram that it enjoyed its aggregation afore it afar on September 2 afternoon.

“It was abundant travelling with you so far, Vikram,” the orbiter tells the moon lander.

Vikram alternate with the aforementioned gusto: “It was absolutely the adventure indeed! I’ll see you around-in the orbit.”

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