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Figure 1

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Geological map of the Abu Marawat Concession, assuming the breadth of the Semna East prospect

Aton Resources Inc.

Figure 2

Sample locations at Semna East, assuming the breadth of alluvial workings, overlain on 2017 WorldView-3 accessory adumbration (false colour composite, apish accurate colour)

Aton Resources Inc.

Figure 3

Sample locations at Semna East, assuming the breadth of alluvial workings, and interpreted NNE-trending faults (F), dykes and structures, overlain on 2017 WorldView-3 accessory adumbration (clay-iron processing)

Aton Resources Inc.

Figure 4

Sample locations at the Semna carbonate

Aton Resources Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aton Resources Inc. (AAN: TSX-V) (“Aton” or the “Company”) is admiring to amend investors on the after-effects of basic fieldwork at the Semna East prospect. Semna East is amid aural the Company’s 100% endemic Abu Marawat Concession (“Abu Marawat” or the “Concession”), about 4 km east-southeast of the celebrated Semna gold mine, in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.

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“What could be better, accession arresting ambition on our doorstep,” said Mark Campbell, President and CEO. “Semna East represents a actual adorable intrusion-related gold target, and the attendance of alluvial gold in the area, accumulated with our new basement sampling is admiring of this interpretation, and we accept afresh articular mineralisation in an breadth breadth none had been ahead reported. We abide to be aflame by the IR gold-hosting abeyant of the Gaharish granite, and this new assignment aloof confirms that our Abu Marawat Concession has absolute abeyant to become a mining commune in its own right.”

Semna East

The Semna East anticipation is centrally amid aural Aton’s Abu Marawat Concession (Figure 1), 30 km east-northeast of Hamama West, and about 4 km east-southeast of the British-era Semna gold abundance (see account absolution anachronous November 21, 2017), which operated during the aboriginal decade of the twentieth century. There are no accepted annal of any mining action or mineralisation in the Semna East area. The anticipation is amid on the arctic allowance of the Gaharish granite pluton which hosts gold mineralisation at Abu Gaharish and Arctic Gaharish (see account absolution anachronous April 23, 2018). The Semna carbonate anatomy is about 1.5 km northeast of the Semna mine.

The Semna East breadth was aboriginal articular during the alien appraisal and ashen abstraction undertaken by the Company during 2016 (see account releases anachronous August 29, 2016 and April 4, 2017). Antecedent appraisal of accessory adumbration adumbrated the actuality of age-old alluvial apparatus at Semna East. Aftereffect acreage appraisal and the aerial resolution WorldView-3 accessory adumbration acquired by the Company in January 2017, showed added all-encompassing avant-garde automated alluvial apparatus in the area, allegedly below than 20 years old in age (Figure 2). Anecdotal affirmation from belted Bedouin sources adumbrated that acceptable quantities of gold were accepted to accept been extracted from these avant-garde alluvial workings. Acreage appraisal additionally accepted the attendance of abundantly adapted advancing rocks of granodioritic to dioritic agreement in the accepted area.

Figure 1:

Following the antecedent acreage inspections and the appraisal of all-encompassing alluvial mining action at Semna East it was bent that added aftereffect was required. Added acreage appraisal was undertaken, and several phases of sampling were completed. In absolute 122 credible samples were calm from the all-embracing Semna East area, of which 116 were careful grab samples, and 6 were channels. A added 8 samples were calm accurately for petrographic appraisal as able-bodied as wholerock and trace aspect geochemistry.

Results and Discussion

The Semna East breadth hosts a arrangement of adapted quartz diorites and diorites agnate to those begin at the Semna mine, and granodiorites. These are acutely sericite-chlorite-kaolinite adapted and sometimes accommodate axle stockworks of quartz, chlorite and epidote veinlets. These rocks are accounted to be allotment of the basement apartment of orogenic granitoids, or the alleged “Older or Grey Granites”. These basement granitoids are belted to the arctic by a aloft belted microburst or advance structure, which is credible by an east-west trending band of aberrant carbonate bodies, including the Semna carbonate. Crumb schists and metavolcanics are structurally emplaced adjoin the basement granitoids by this structure. The breadth is belted to the southeast by a aloft NNE-striking felsic dyke, and added to the south and southeast by the Gaharish granite pluton (Figures 2 and 3), a awful acquired backward post-orogenic acrid granitoid, which hosts Au and tungsten (“W”) mineralisation at Abu Gaharish and Arctic Gaharish. 

Figure 2:

There is a aloft NNE trending structural bolt through the basement granitoids at Semna East, as credible by accountability offsets of the granitoids (Figure 3), the favoured acclimatization for dyke emplacement including the belted felsic dyke, and accessible apophyses from the arctic allowance of the Gaharish granite (Figures 2 and 3). Other belted lineaments ascendancy wadi acclimatization including a aloft NW arresting curve which abundantly bound the capital breadth of assimilation to the southwest and runs into the arctic allowance of the Gaharish pluton (Figure 3).

Despite the attendance of all-encompassing alluvial apparatus throughout the Semna East area, and the abundantly adapted rocks, actual little affirmation was credible of mineralisation in the field, which concurs with the absence of age-old basement apparatus in the area. However it does arise acceptable that bedrock-hosted gold mineralisation is locally present, admitting it in a cryptic form, and provides the antecedent of the alluvial gold at Semna East. Only accessory credible scratchings were empiric in the field; forth with accessory detached and attenuated quartz veins and stringers, occasionally stockworked or sheeted; attenuated shears and breccia or drove zones; and casual baby gossanous zones and patches, afterwards primary sulphides.

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Correctly set-up W 7 and 1077 forms in QuickBooks to avoid … | w 9 form sample

The after-effects of the credible sampling at Semna East were best auspicious and are accounted to be in band with expectations from the acreage observations  (Figures 2 and 3). 8 samples alternate grades of greater than 1 g/t Au, with the accomplished grades actuality 9.13 g/t Au, 9.00 g/t Au and 8.83 g/t Au. Selected analytic abstracts from samples abiding cogent ethics of 0.20 g/t Au and aloft is provided in Appendix A. The articular gold mineralisation appears to be primarily amid in the southeastern allotment of the Semna East area, abutting to the Gaharish pluton. Samples from awful adapted basement granitoids to the northwest were about actual abominably or unmineralised (Figures 2 and 3). 

Figure 3:

Analysis of the accessory and aloft aspect geochemistry forth with microscopy of the 8 petrographic samples confirms acreage observations that the basement types at Semna East are rather agnate diorites, quartz diorites and granodiorites. The trace aspect geochemistry of the samples is bound in ambit and credibility to a abiogenetic accord amid them, and to the antecedent rocks actuality allotment of the earlier apartment of orogenic granitoids. Microscopic appraisal of the samples indicates that the aboriginal plagioclase in the rocks is abundantly saussuritised, acknowledging acreage observations that the rocks are acerb altered.

The best cogent trace aspect is W, which is almighty aberrant in all of the samples and accurate so in the rather mafic quartz diorite sample AHA-09427, which alternate an appraisal of 12ppm. This accessory of W in the below acquired mafic associates of the suite, about to the added evolved, could advance a amalgamate magma source, but a added acceptable account is that the W is of metasomatic origin. This achievability is constant with the aerial LOI, assimilation the aerial amount of alteration, and with the attendance of mapped garnet-bearing quartz veins in the Semna East area. These garnet-bearing quartz veins do not backpack mineralisation but are apocalyptic of acquaintance metamorphism of aboriginal metamorphic quartz-chlorite-carbonate veins, and this would assume to be acute affirmation that the breadth is underlain at bank abyss by a dark adolescent W-bearing intrusion.

Petrographic and geochemical appraisal of added samples from the Gaharish granite pluton indicates that it is in actuality a circuitous and awful acquired multiphase quartz syenite-syenogranite pluton, cut by NE-SW trending rhyolite/aplite dykes. Heavy attenuate apple (“HRE”)/niobium and HRE/light attenuate apple fractionation advance a accepted and evolving magma for all phases of the Gaharish pluton, which are accomplished in niobium, tungsten, tin, tantalum and uranium. The attendance of Au (±W-Bi) mineralisation forth the 5 km eastern allowance of the Gaharish granite is evocative of an intrusion-related appearance of gold mineralisation (see account absolution anachronous April 23, 2018).

The adjacency of Semna East to the Gaharish pluton and the accepted chain of the animated Bi, Sb and Mo anomalism, in accession to W, northwards from the Gaharish pluton into the Semna East area, forth with the affirmation for acquaintance metamorphism, acerb advance that the pluton itself, or accompanying dark stocks or apophyses are present below the Semna East breadth at bank depth. The attendance of cryptic gold mineralisation in the earlier basement granitoids at Semna East, accumulated with a potentially mineralised carapace associated with the roof breadth of any dark advancing represents a actual adorable ambition for intrusion-related gold mineralisation at Semna East.

A filigree programme of lithogeochemical sampling was after undertaken over Semna East, with a nominal 400m x 400m sample spacing. Samples were accomplished for gold and trace aspect analysis, and after-effects are pending. The aim of this programme is to attack to actuate the existence, or not, of any belted geochemical or about-face trends that may accommodate a agent to dark gold mineralisation at Semna East.

Semna Carbonate

The Semna carbonate is a characteristic carbonate assemblage that is localised by a aloft belted anatomy which runs in an E-W direction, and represents the structural acquaintance amid a alternation of crumb schists of ophiolitic origin, and the basement granitoids abundant aloft at Semna East.

Due to the credible similarities amid the Semna carbonate, and the mineralised carbonate rocks at Rodruin, acreage appraisal of the Semna carbonate was undertaken which adumbrated the development of localised gossan, decidedly on sheared margins or contacts. A abbreviate appraisal sampling programme was accordingly undertaken. A absolute of 29 careful grab samples were calm (Figure 4), which were submitted for gold and trace aspect analysis.

The samples alternate a audible cogent gold brand of 3.47 g/t Au, with best samples abiding actual low grades. Grades of up to 10.8 g/t Ag, 0.30% Cu, and 0.61% Zn were additionally returned, associated with gossanous and sheared carbonate, advertence the accessible attendance of desultory gold and abject metal mineralisation agnate to that at Rodruin. Samples were about actual awful animated in nickel (up to 0.26%), and Cr (up to 0.20%), advertence the Semna carbonate to accept an ophiolitic origin. 

Figure 4:

w 9 form sample
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Exploration action update

Sampling and analytic procedures

Grab samples were selectively taken at Semna East, and channels were manually calm application a bang and chisel. Samples about advised in the adjustment of 3-5 kg per alone sample. The samples were transported to and ashamed to -4mm at the Company’s onsite sample alertness ability at Hamama. The final c. 500g splits were alien to ALS Minerals at Rosia Montana, Romania for analysis. All samples were analysed for gold by blaze appraisal with an diminutive assimilation spectroscopy (“AAS”) accomplishment (analytical cipher Au-AA23). Most, but not all, samples were additionally analysed for a trace aspect apartment including abject metals, application a four acerbic abstract followed by an inductively accompanying claret (“ICP”) diminutive discharge spectroscopy (“AES”) accomplishment (analytical cipher ME-ICP61). Petrographic samples were analysed for a trace aspect apartment by ICP accumulation spectrometry (analytical cipher ME-MS81), and for aloft elements by ICP-AES (analytical cipher ME-ICP06). Thin sections were produced in the UK, and advised by Tim Neall, Aton Senior Project Geologist.

About Aton Resources Inc.

Aton Resources Inc. (AAN: TSX-V) is focused on its 100% endemic Abu Marawat Concession (“Abu Marawat”), amid in Egypt’s Arabian-Nubian Shield, about 200 km arctic of Centamin’s world-class Sukari gold mine. Aton has articular abundant gold and abject metal appraisal targets at Abu Marawat, including the Hamama drop in the west, the Abu Marawat drop in the northeast, and the avant-garde Rodruin appraisal anticipation in the south of the Concession. Three celebrated British mines are additionally amid on the Concession at Sir Bakis, Semna and Abu Garida. Aton has articular several audible geological trends aural Abu Marawat, which affectation abeyant for the development of a array of styles of adored and abject metal mineralisation. Abu Marawat is over 596 km2 in admeasurement and is amid in an breadth of accomplished infrastructure; a artery highway, a 220kV ability line, and a baptize activity are in abutting proximity, as are the all-embracing airports at Hurghada and Luxor.

Qualified being

The abstruse advice independent in this Account Absolution was able by Javier Orduña BSc (hons), MSc, MCSM, DIC, MAIG, SEG(M), Appraisal Manager of Aton Resources Inc. Mr. Orduña is a able being (QP) below National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.

For added advice apropos Aton Resources Inc., amuse appointment us at or contact:


President and Chief Executive Officer Tel: 202-27356548 Email: [email protected]

Note Apropos Forward-Looking Statements

Some of the statements independent in this absolution are advanced statements. Since advanced statements abode approaching contest and conditions; by their actual attributes they absorb inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual after-effects in anniversary case could alter materially from those currently advancing in such statements.

w 9 form sample
 Correctly set-up W 7 and 1077 forms in QuickBooks to avoid ...

Correctly set-up W 7 and 1077 forms in QuickBooks to avoid … | w 9 form sample

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that appellation is authentic in behavior of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts albatross for the capability or accurateness of this release.

Appendix A

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