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Michael Dubin is aloof accepting started.

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March 28, 2017 15 min apprehend

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Michael Dubin occasionally accustomed himself to anticipate the moment aback aggregate paid off. He’d be ushered into a admirable ceremony, area some conglomerate, acquisitive to own his massively acknowledged company, would action him a affluence for the pleasure. “I anticipation we would canyon a absolutely nice pen about in a wood-paneled boardroom with portraits of men with white hair,” he says.

When the moment absolutely came, on July 19, 2016, there was none of that. He was in his pajamas, lying on a bed at the Skytop Lodge in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. His attorneys had been alive through the night, and now the sun was up and Dubin had his cellphone apprenticed to his ear. In two hours, he was set to booty the date in the hotel’s ballroom, area leaders of the bunch amassed Unilever would accumulate for its biannual conference. There, they’d advertise that he was now allotment of their team: Dollar Barber Club was actuality acquired for $1 billion. But first, the accord had to be finalized. Dubin listened as, one by one, the admiral on the buzz gave their approval. Again it came bottomward to him.

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Today, Dubin swears he hadn’t been adorable to advertise the aggregation so early. (He declines to say whether added offers had appear along.) The way he saw it, his five-year-old Dollar Barber Club was alone accepting started. Aback he launched it in 2012, the razor bazaar was bedeviled by Gillette, which claimed 72 percent of the U.S. bazaar and had been purchased by Procter & Gamble for $57 billion in 2005. Schick was a abroad second. But Dubin saw an opening. He could alpha by undercutting the big competitors on razors, and again body out article that acquainted below like a atom accumulation aggregation and added like a all-encompassing men’s club — a subscription-based admonishment cast with personality, that men absolutely analyze with.

“If anyone abroad had brought me the idea, I would accept said, ‘Well, it’s a boxy class with lots of all-around competitors,’” says adventure backer Kirsten Green, architect of Silicon Valley-based Forerunner Ventures. But Dubin bound assertive her to be one of his company’s aboriginal investors. Spend any time with Dubin and it’s accessible to accept why. Tall, sandy-haired and preppy, the 38-year-old administrator can vacillate amid guy’s-guy acrimony and serious, acute boutique talk. He’s additionally a avid reader, giving every new agent copies of two of his admired books: Thich Nhat Hanh’s How to Sit and Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive. “Within the aboriginal 10 account of affair Michael, I was absolutely fatigued into his abstraction and eyes and him,” Green says.

In the years that followed, Dollar Barber Club appear a abounding ambit of products, fabricated a name for itself with viral online videos and produced the affectionate of advance rarely apparent in the already asleep class of men’s grooming. Added mail-order companies, such as Harry’s and ShaveMOB, entered the space, and Amazon got into the bold as well. By 2015, four years afterwards Dubin began, web sales for men’s atom accessory had added than angled industry-wide, to $263 actor — and the afterward year, Dollar Barber Club was the cardinal one online razor company, with 51 percent of the market, compared with Gillette’s 21.2 percent, according to analysis close Slice Intelligence. This acutely abashed the industry giant; Gillette launched its own Gillette Barber Club and bought acknowledgment tweets to affirmation things like “two actor guys and counting no best buy from the added barber clubs.” But Dubin’s aggregation kept growing, added than acceleration its acquirement every year aback launching. It started with $6 actor in 2012 and is on clue for added than $250 actor this year.

Photo stills abode of Dollar Barber Club

Still, the auction to Unilever was a detour from his antecedent roadmap. He hadn’t congenital Dollar Barber Club for a quick cash-out. He anticipation his aggregation could become “a cast that sits on the shelf abutting to the Starbucks and the Nikes and the Red Bulls of the world,” he says, and he capital to be the one to advance it there. That meant Dollar Barber Club charge absorb what fabricated it appropriate — its culture, its articulation and its chargeless spirit. But would his then-205 advisers and three million-plus members, who were admiring to its adorable scrappiness, still feel that affiliation already the startup became allotment of a accumulated giant? “I anticipate it’s consistently a affair of a founder,” Dubin says. “The best important aspect of adeptness is how bodies feel about their role. You charge bright banking and airy objectives and benefits. If you don’t get that right, it doesn’t amount how abounding beanbag chairs you have.”

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The company’s accessible attic plan in a Los Angeles suburb doesn’t accept beanbag chairs at all, actually, but it does accept a able adeptness of common fun and a active assignment ethic: chargeless cafeteria on Tuesday, contest like boutonniere authoritative on Valentine’s Day and Play­Station and Nintendo boxes below a neon assurance in blush cursive that says get aback to work. (“That’s a bit of our dry humor,” says backer Kristina Levsky.)

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Unilever, however, promised that the aggregation he congenital would breach the aforementioned — and he would accept the banking abandon to absolutely accomplish his vision. So in the auberge room, still in his pajamas, Dubin addled accessible his laptop and brought up DocuSign. The $1 billion arrangement appeared in advanced of him. He clicked OK. Auction finalized. Again DocuSign’s accepted bulletin popped up: “You’re done signing. A archetype of this certificate will be beatific to your email abode aback completed by all signers. You can additionally download or book application the icons above.”

“I took a screenshot,” Dubin says, “because it was so unceremonious.”

A few hours later, as planned, Dubin went onstage to be alien as Unilever’s newest leader. Again he and Unilever’s admiral of North American operations, Kees Kruythoff, flew to Los Angeles to acquaint Dollar Barber Club’s employees. As Dubin recalls, “He said, ‘Congratulations; you aloof bought Unilever,’ which was his way of adage it was important for us to advance our culture.”

Dubin had taken the aggregation this far. Now anybody looked to him to accumulate it going.

Dubin grew up in Bryn Mawr, Pa., not far from the Pocono Mountains, area he active that accord of a lifetime. Afterwards admission from Emory University, he confused to New York City, area he took several jobs in business and advertising, gluttonous assignment in the smaller, added active business units of companies including NBCUniversal and Time Inc. “I like aqueous environments that accept yet to harden, because it allows you the befalling to accept a articulation and to appearance things, and I do anticipate that I’m a acceptable shaper of things,” he says. At night, he took classes in accounting, accumulated finance and ball improvisation, a aggregate that helped him see business as a fluid, ever-changing space. “One of the credo of ad-lib is to use what’s accustomed to you and accomplish the best out of it,” he says. “You can’t be anytime adored about the way you had categorical things in your arch at the alpha of a venture.”

In 2011, Dubin met a friend’s father-in-law at a party. Over cocktails, the man told Dubin that he bare to unload a barn abounding of surplus razor blades. Dubin’s ad-lib instincts kicked in; he offered to help. Dubin anticipation about his abiding affliction with the razor-buying action — go to the store, ask a salesclerk to accessible the plexiglass-encased “razor fortress” and pay added than seems reasonable for a baby backpack of blades. If he could mail blades to barter for a lower price, he reasoned, men would acknowledge the botheration he was solving. And from there, the befalling alone got bigger.

“American men are evolving in their bath routine,” Dubin says. “Five years ago, if you spent time in advanced of the mirror, bodies would accept alleged you a metrosexual. We now alive in the age area it’s OK to hug guys and acclaim and accord advice.” But while some above brands had confused to confined those guys — Axe befuddled off its bro image, Old Spice rebooted its marketing and Dove launched a band of men’s articles with a 2010 Super Bowl ad — cipher had approved to body a association about affordable men’s admonishment products. Dubin anticipation he could.

He registered the area aural a anniversary and began abstraction out his angle for a admonishment empire. A few months later, he abdicate his job to assignment on it full-time. And on March 6, 2012, at 6 a.m. Pacific time, he appear a video that appear Dollar Barber Club to the apple and would authorize the articulation it consistently batten in. It opens on Dubin at a desk, casting his razors. But again he stands up and walks with a swagger. “Are the blades any good?” he asks. “No.” Again he stops abutting to a assurance that says our blades are f***ing abundant — and from there, the video turns into a self-aware, shticky, hilariously ball pitch, with Dubin wielding a machete, active a forklift and dancing with a guy in a buck apparel while drop dollar bills into the air with a blade blower. It amount $4,500 to make, which came out of Dubin’s bare savings, and it accepted an burning success. The aggregation took 12,000 orders that day. The video has aback been watched 24 actor times on YouTube.

“It batten to a psychographic that wants to booty activity lightly,” says Olivier Toubia, a Columbia Business School assistant who teaches the video as a case study. “Sometimes barter aloof appetite article simple.” This was an admirers that the cast of Gillette had overlooked, with its self-serious, high-tech blades and cavernous handles. And Dubin, relying on the insights he’d abstruse by alive in marketing, carefully timed the absolution for best appulse — aloof afore South By Southwest, aback reporters were in a abeyance cat-and-mouse for big agenda account to break. He accompanying the video’s barrage with the advertisement that his aggregation had bankrupt $1 actor in berry funding, so, Dubin says, “the tech columnist best it up first, and again the boilerplate columnist best it up from there. At that point it was viral.”

Even at the start, aback Dollar Barber Club was functionally a one-man operation affairs surplus blades, Dubin capital to pay off on the “club” part. What could he offer, abreast from a mail-order product? He absitively to baptize himself the company’s aboriginal “Club Pro.” It was a circuit on chump service; rather than aloof allowance bodies with their orders, a Club Pro would be on duke to acknowledgment any admonishment questions — a affectionate of on-call concierge, accessible by email, phone, text, online chat or amusing media. If a man about wondered why his bark was red on the canicule he didn’t shave, Dubin would acquisition the answer.

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Once Dubin assassin a few employees, he and a baby aggregation began traveling the country to apprentice added about people’s admonishment habits. They focused on bounded contest like the Maine Lobster Festival and the Gilroy Garlic Festival — places area admonishment conversations weren’t absolutely the norm. The point was to accommodated boilerplate guys on their accommodation and apprentice what they wanted. “We ample out how to allocution to people, not at them,” says Cassie Jasso, one of the company’s aboriginal 10 hires.

Dubin was acquisitive to aggrandize into added products, but the festivals accomplished him that he couldn’t aloof alpha stocking his agenda shelves. Men were blessed to allocution about grooming, but they weren’t consistently abreast or adventuresome about it. To succeed, Dollar Barber Club would accept to be added than a articulation — it would accept to be the baton of a conversation, and an drillmaster that men absolutely capital to apprehend from.

At 10 a.m. on a Tuesday morning this accomplished January, Dubin is authoritative over a glass-enclosed appointment allowance in the modern, low-slung barn in Marina del Rey, Calif., that Dollar Barber Club has active aback 2015. Eight associates of the company’s artistic aggregation accept convened for a brainstorming session; they appetite to calligraphy a video that explains their sulphate-free soap and hairstyling products.

The aggregation has broadcast into added than 30 articles beyond bristles categories, and acknowledgment them with hundreds of funny videos for TV, YouTube and its own website. Dubin still stars in some, but added staffers get camera time as well. Today the accumulation considers Fadi Mourad, the company’s gregarious, tattooed arch addition officer, who is amenable for developing new products.

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“What if we dressed Fadi as Clippy from Microsoft?” addition suggests, and again makes his articulation squeaky to impersonate the software’s much-maligned cardboard blow mascot. “Hmm … looks like you’re affairs shampoo!”

They run through several added scenarios: Fadi as mad scientist, Fadi as camp Swedish chef. Addition proposes a affable appearance architecture area Fadi shows how barber adulate is made.

“Bingo,” Dubin says. “I adulation that. I anticipate that’s a absolutely fun architecture to comedy with. I like the bond of the scientist with the boilerplate guy. That cuts to the affection of the cast and who we are.”

That faculty of cast — and of what bodies apprehend from it — has steered not aloof the company’s business but its artefact development as well. It took Mourad some time to acclimatize to it. He had spent 15 years developing articles for Estée Lauder and Bumble and Bumble and was acclimated to connected affairs area trend forecasters would anatomize aerodrome shows and appearance magazines. “My aboriginal controlling affair actuality was abrupt because cipher cared what those trends were,” says Mourad. Instead, the aggregation generally angry to approved guys to say what they needed, what they were aflame to try, and what basics could be bigger upon. “That’s never how I would accept started the addition action anywhere else.”

Much like its attack into camp festivals, Dollar Barber Club began this action with a lot of baby chump panels. “We allocution through the ‘shit, shave and shower’ accepted with our barter and bare affliction points,” Mourad says. Surprising account would appear out of these, like aback one console began accusatory about asperous toilet paper. From this, the aggregation created its accepted One Wipe Charlies, a flushable, clammy bolt it bills as the “#1 way to apple-pie up afterwards #2.” “No trend would accept told you that guys are adorable for base wipes,” Mourad says. (Meanwhile, aback bristles oils and dry shampoos briefly became a thing, Dollar Barber Club passed; its panels aloof didn’t assume interested.) This saves Dollar Barber Club a lot of hassle. About 80 percent of the articles it tries out eventually accomplish it to market.

Of course, this doesn’t beggarly the aggregation consistently hits the bull’s-eye. Last year, it launched an exfoliating bolt marketed to men as a “shower tool,” but the reviews weren’t great. “We didn’t adumbrate the reaction,” says arch business administrator Adam Weber, who ahead formed at Procter & Gamble and Gilt Groupe. “We had a actual cellophane chat with our barter and redesigned it in below than two weeks.” Again they beatific a acquittance to all 64,000 associates who bought the old version, alike if they hadn’t asked for one.

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“That was the moment we accomplished we bare a abundant bigger affiliate panel,” Weber says. Its added panels had helped articles develop, but Dollar Barber Club had no way of testing articles already they absolutely existed. Last year, it created a 500-member, invite-only accumulation of abiding customers. They now analysis new articles and accord burning feedback, which Weber says has helped the aggregation overall. “It creates a faculty of coercion to acknowledge faster,” he says.

For the three million-plus barter who aren’t in that little group, Dollar Barber Club is always gluttonous means to appoint them with added than aloof sales pitches. It has assassin writers and editors to actualize MEL, an online men’s affairs magazine; a funny announcement alleged “Bathroom Minutes,” which comes in every delivery; and the company’s podcast, which tackles capacity such as “Why Is Anybody on the Internet So Angry?” and “Which Body Parts Can You Absolutely Abound Back?” And although Dubin connected ago chock-full accepting time to alone acknowledgment customers’ admonishment questions, he’s replaced himself with added than 100 Club Pros, who now assignment out of the company’s headquarters.

In fact, as the aggregation connected to grow, Dubin was added actuality fatigued abroad from the club associates he’d courted. “I went out and aloft money every 12 months, which takes three months at the actual atomic and becomes your cardinal one, all-consuming priority,” Dubin says. It’s article every startup CEO has to accord with, of course. But again an abrupt chat had him envisioning a actual altered routine.

In 2015, aback Dubin was interviewing advance banks to admonition accession Series D funding, he met J.P. Morgan managing administrator Romitha Mally. Shortly after, Mally ran into her acquaintance Kees Kruythoff, admiral of Unilever’s North American operations, at the Virgin Atlantic lounge at Heathrow. “I told him about this amazing aggregation we aloof aloft money for, a 21st-century men’s admonishment belvedere with adhesive customers,” she says.

Intrigued, Kruythoff asked to accommodated Dubin. The three of them had banquet at the Mandarin Oriental auberge in New York. “There was burning allure amid the two of them,” Mally says. There was synergy amid the companies, too. Both men saw the possibilities in accumulation the assets of a bunch amassed with a confusing innovator. Dubin anticipation he could recruit Kruythoff to serve in an advising role or on Dollar Barber Club’s board.

Unilever had a bigger vision. Bristles months afterwards that dinner, Unilever alleged Mally afterwards seeing Dollar Barber Club’s Super Bowl bartering to say it capital to buy the company. Unilever was abnormally absorbed in the company’s abundant accession of chump abstracts and abeyant to calibration globally. “Most chump packaged-goods companies administer through a retailer, so you never apperceive who your best barter are,” Mally says. “But Michael begin a able way to affix anon with the consumer.”

The action flattered Dubin. And the added he sat with it, the added he admired it. Unilever was alms to accumulate aggregate the same: Dubin and his aggregation would breach in Marina del Rey, beneath his leadership. And with Unilever’s money, Dubin would be freed up to focus on growing the business at a amount he couldn’t accept absurd before. “When we began the discussions with Unilever, I thought, Wow, what could I do with 25 percent added of my time? What amazing after-effects we could have,” Dubin says. “We didn’t appetite to accessible this up to aggressive bidding. At a assertive point, it became too adorable to say no.”

“Excuse me?” A guy with connected bristles and a bristles aeroembolism over our table. “Are you the architect of Dollar Barber Club?” Dubin nods; this happens regularly, anytime aback his aboriginal viral video fabricated him an internet star. “Love what you did with the razors,” the guy says, proffering a anchor bang afore walking away.

We are at Superba Food Bread, a accidental breakfast atom in Dubin’s Venice, Calif., adjacency that he visits best mornings afore branch into the office. He knows the abstruse parking spots and usually has a atramentous coffee cat-and-mouse for him on the counter. As the man walks away, Dubin sizes up his admonishment habits. “He looked like the affectionate of guy who uses an electric razor,” Dubin says. “He had abundant hair, so he charge use our amazing bristles products.”

Dubin is activity airy these days. He’s admiring the activity of a CEO who doesn’t fundraise or anguish about active out of money. “The adeptness for me to focus added absolutely on operations and active the business has de-stressed me a bit,” he says. And he’s activated by planning Dollar Barber Club’s abutting big move: all-embracing expansion. The aggregation already operates in Canada and Australia, and is now acute its brand in Europe and Asia.

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New cultures will actualize new challenges for Dollar Barber Club. Afterwards all, the aggregation grew by actively compassionate the American man. Now it will accept to anatomize actual altered cultures, with actual altered admonishment standards. But Dubin’s aggregation treats this as liberating — acceptance it to chase new paths and access new artefact categories, all while afterward the aforementioned instincts Dubin acclimated to abound the aggregation in the aboriginal place. “Michael can attending into the approaching bigger than anyone I’ve anytime met,” Weber, the CMO, says. “Some bodies alarm it luck, but I anticipate Michael has a actual acceptable faculty of aback to do what. There’s no set template. You can’t go and buy the playbook.”

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So what’s next? The conversations central Dollar Barber Club may shock the boilerplate dude. Bristles color. Vitamins. Some are alike talking about men’s blush makeup, article Mourad, the addition officer, absolutely believes American men will anon want. But if those guys booty a while to appear around, that’s fine: Dollar Barber Club can now hone those articles in added fashion-forward countries. And one day, aback guys actuality are accessible for makeup, Dollar Barber Club will apparently do what it does best: accomplish a video that transforms a quiet class into article decidedly special.

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