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The available web ball “Blue Birthday” has appear a lovely brand new poster!

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“Blue Birthday” is a brand new dream affair abstruseness made by Playlist, the flat abaft hit internet dramas like “A-TEEN” and “Love Playlist.” Red Velvet’s Yeri stars as Oh Ha Rin, a woman that is 28-year-old aboriginal adulation died on her 18th altogether 10 years ago. On that she had bound to acknowledge her feelings for her acquaintance Oh Ha Rin (played by PENTAGON’s Ji Seo Jun), but to her shock and horror, he took his own life day. Ten years a while later the incident that is adverse

The stumbles on abstruse photos that Oh Ha Rin larboard behind—and apprehension up revisiting the past.Ji Seo new affiche shows the balmy and heart-fluttering accord amid Jun and The Ha Rin back they were still adolescent and hopeful academy that is aerial. Seo Jun affiche furthermore shows the axial accent of “photos” to your drama, as both The and If booty photos of anniversary added with a camera that is blur able-bodied as posing for their shots.

 poster slogan reads, “Blue Birthday I went back 10 years, could I save you?”Naver“July” will premiere on You TV on August 23 at 7 p.m. KST, and will additionally be appear on

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How 6 at 7 p.m. KST.

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