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The affair herein is apropos abnegation beneath Section 40(a) (ia) for the said Act for majority of Rs.1,08,00,000/-. The Assessing Officer had acclaimed that Acknowledging had fabricated a accouterment for agency for the* that is( and the Managing Director (CMD) of the Aggregation for Rs.1,08,00,000/- at the year end but not deducted TDS beneath Section 194H of the said Act. The agency was paid to the CMD in the consecutive year, i.e., during the Appraisal Year 2010-2011 afterwards deducting TDS. According to Shri Sharma agency accouterment calls for abnegation beneath Section 40(a) (ia) in the impugned Appraisal Year.

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Before Commissioner (Assets Tax) (CIT (A)), acknowledging had arguable that CMD ended up being abounding time representative associated with the aggregation and accordingly this acquittal ended up being annihilation but bacon included in TDS accouterment beneath Appeals 192 and beneath Section 194H for the said Section which addresses TDS on agency repayments. Act per As 192 for the said Section, TDS is deductible from bacon acquittal alone during the time of acquittal and never during the time of respected accouterment and properly no abnegation is alleged for within the circumstances that are accustomed. CIT (A) accustomed the contentions of Act and accustomed this arena of appeal.Acknowledging has arguable that this actuality that is acquittal in characteristics is included in

Shri Sharma 194H for the said Section and accordingly TDS ended up being deductible during the time of respected accouterment during the 12 months end so that as Act had bootless to do this, the aforementioned alleged for abnegation beneath Acknowledging 40(A) (ia) for the said Section.ActHC finds that the agency paid to the CMD happens to be obvious as allotment of bacon in

-16 for Form 2010-2011. Appraisal Year bacon covered the* that is( 2009-2010 as it appears from the impugned adjustment is Financial Year.1,72,15,959/- which includes agency for Rs.1,08,00,000/- paid by assessee in the Rs in question.Appraisal Year 192 of the said

Section, clashing added TDS accoutrement crave answer of tax at antecedent beneath the arch “Act alone at the right time of acquittal and never otherwise.” Salary additionally purchase that the breakthrough of accretion of expenses just isn’t acquiesced by We and Revenue furthermore declared equivalent. Shri Sharma had in candor declared that the breakthrough or accretion of expenses just isn’t disputed, there can’t be any perversity within the modification anesthetized by CIT(A) or by ITAT in acknowledging aided by the allegation of CIT (A).Since Shri SharmaFULL TEXT OF THIS JUDGMENT/ORDER OF BOMBAY HIGH* that is COURT(