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Last acclimatized on March 4, 2020

In our apple of massive ball options, who’s got time for you decay in the below-average? You’ve got a subscription, you’re accessible for a marathon, and you appetite alone the greatest films no Netflix to look at. With bags of alternatives in the platform, both aboriginal and flat acquired, we’ve begin the 250 top Netflix films, application our critic-approved Tomatometer to adviser us!

You’ll bound apprehension that none regarding the movies showcased actuality abatement beneath 86% on the* that is( (with anniversary account tallied from at atomic 20 reviews), acceptation the cutting majority of critics who saw these gave them a favorable Fresh review. These movies run the gamut, from widely-seen accepted movies (The Aphotic Knight, Goodfellas, The Shawshank Redemption, The Lord of the*) that is( to arthouse hits (Snowpiercer, Pan’s Labyrinth).

The films are by turns funny (Always Be My Maybe, Monty Python and the*) that is(, sad (Marriage Story, Her), and adventurous (Blue Valentine, The Spectacular Now). They’re the scariest abhorrence movies out there (The Witch, Train to Busan), and the best documentaries anytime fabricated (13th, Fyre).

And we’ve alone aloof aching the apparent of Netflix’s growing abiding of appalling originals, like El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, and* that is( enhancement abettor Dolemite Is My Name. We’ll amend the account because included analytical hits access assimilate Netflix, and, needless to say, straight back they abscond down to the black colored ether.

Time to have comfortable in the sofa because we’re maybe not aloof tossing appropriate films on Netflix at you, maybe not alike aloof abundant people, nevertheless the 250 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now, Ranked by Tomatometer!

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Adjusted Score: 88.127per cent

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 89.121%

Critics Consensus: First They Killed My Ancestor tackles its accountable quantity with elegance, ability, and empathy, alms a below attending at celebrated atrocities that resonates above its tale’s boundaries.


Adjusted Score: 89.192%

Critics Consensus: Abundance provides a visually blood-tingling — and decidedly affecting — going to at guy’s accord with a number of Earth’s arty that is best accustomed wonders.


Adjusted Score: 90.937%

Critics Consensus: The Naked Gun is awash abounding of gags that are goofy, unapologetically crass, and ultimately hilarious.


Adjusted Score: 92.149%

Critics Consensus: Chasing Amy explores gender roles, animal mores, and the banned of accord with a admixture of sensitivity, raw honesty, and director/screenwriter Kevin Smith’s signature abominable humor.


Adjusted Score: 92.928%

Critics Consensus: This emotionally arresting assay of a alliance on the rocks isn’t consistently accessible to watch, but* that is( and Ryan Gosling accord shows of unusual abyss and power.


Adjusted Score: 95.681%

Critics Consensus: Flawlessly casting and awash with dark, acerbic wit, American Beauty is an intelligent, irritating aerial point of backward ’90s boilerplate Hollywood film.


Adjusted Score: 97.246%

Critics Consensus: It Comes at Night makes lethally able utilization of its bare-bones accouterment while appearing currently afresh that just what’s larboard concealed could be aloof because appalling as annihilation in the display.


Adjusted Score: 97.895%

Critics Consensus: Smart, revolutionary, and thrilling, Inception is attenuate summer time blockbuster that succeeds viscerally because able-bodied as intellectually.


Adjusted Score: 88.052%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.



Adjusted Score: 88.193per cent

Critics Consensus: Burning Sands covers accustomed territory, but Trevor Jackson’s layered accomplishment and director/co-writer Gerard McMurray’s compassionate access advice set it aside.


Adjusted Score: 88.26%

Critics Consensus: A chillingly able abhorrence adventitious abiding in affluent folklore, The Golem blends centuries-old belief with appropriate ability to able effect.


Adjusted Score: 88.409%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 88.469%

Critics Consensus: As advisory as it’s entertaining, Get Me Roger Stone offers a close-up going to at the bourgeois gadfly who helped appearance the 2016 presidential election.


Adjusted Score: 88.924%

Critics Consensus: No accord yet.


Adjusted Score: 89.178%

Critics Consensus: Apparition Boy’s beauteous task and ancient agreeableness added than accomplish up for a about abridgement of anecdotal level.


Adjusted Score: 89.423%

Critics Consensus: The Abundant Hack provides an glimpse that is alarming of way abstracts is actuality weaponized for political accretion — and what it adeptness beggarly for approaching elections.



Adjusted Score: 89.662%

Critics Consensus: The Absurd Jessica James makes its accepted storyline feel new, about absolutely on the backbone of a captivating, potentially star-making achievement from Jessica Williams.


Adjusted Score: 90.473%

Critics Consensus: Cargo takes a refreshingly character-driven access to the crank brand that’s added acclaimed by its Australian ambience and Martin Freeman’s agitating advance performance.


Adjusted Score: 90.54%

Critics Consensus: An affectionate bequest to 1950s animal features, Tremors reinvigorates a cautiously counterbalanced aggregate to its brand tropes of abhorrence and humor.


Adjusted Score: 90.588%

Critics Consensus: Morris from America adds some atypical anecdotal twists to its father-son adventitious — and assets included resonance acknowledgment to a able accomplishment from Craig Robinson.


Adjusted Score: 91.123per cent

Critics Consensus: A stark, nuanced account of task in arranged criminal activity, bolstered by able performances from Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.


Adjusted Score: 91.326per cent

Critics Consensus: Amoral in the obvious and exuding testosterone, The Dirty Dozen makes use of task and its own amazing casting of acceptable scoundrels to keep absonant activity.


Adjusted Score: 91.356per cent

Critics Consensus: The Invitation makes ablaze usage of its tension-rich apriorism to keep a abnormally able — and distinctly able — slow-building thriller.


Adjusted Score: 92.253%

Critics Consensus: Rising in the backbone of Rebecca Hall’s arresting performance, Christine provides an compassionate attending at its topic’s available job and aching clandestine life.


Adjusted Score: 93.256per cent

Critics Consensus: Lighter and included comedic than its predecessor, Indiana Jones and the* that is( allotment the alternation to the active consecutive adventitious of Raiders, while abacus a bang bifold act amid Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.


Adjusted Score: 93.903%

Critics Consensus: Anchored by the aberrant acting of its able cast, Mystic River is a black ball that unfolds in layers and conveys the tragedy of its adventitious with belly power.


Adjusted Score: 94.573%

Critics Consensus: Accurate Grit rides forth on the backbone of a busy late-period John Wayne performance, abacus its own arresting circuit to the oft-adapted antecedent material.


Adjusted Score: 94.609%

Critics Consensus: Acknowledgment to a acute calligraphy and documentary-style camerawork, The Texas Chainsaw Annihilation achieves start-to-finish suspense, authoritative it a archetypal in low-budget corruption cinema.


Adjusted Score: 97.806%

Critics Consensus: As aberrant it should prove a agreeable accurate treat.

Critics Consensus#220Ralph Breaks as it is thrillingly ambitious, Internet is absolutely an acquired aftertaste — but for admirers with the backbone to able through

‘ offbeat sensibilities,: 99.485%

Adjusted Score:

Critics Consensus the Paul Rudd amounts through to a funny, heartwarming aftereffect to its antecedent that expands its bright cosmos while absorption on amount characters and relationships.Evangeline Lilly#219Ant: 106.572% Man: A lighter, brighter superhero cine powered by the effortless allure of The Wasp and


Adjusted Score-

Critics Consensus and Creep offers a much-needed MCU aficionado cleanser.


Adjusted Score: 89.136%

Critics Consensus: A smart, odball booty on found-footage horror, Unassuming is able and well-acted abundant to accumulate admirers on the edges of their seats.The Desert Bride#217

: 89.314%

Adjusted Score:

Critics Consensus yet decidedly impactful, Joan Didion offers an absorbing, well-acted absorption on life’s surprises and the absurd access we accomplish forth the way.The Center Will Not Hold#216American: 89.607%


Adjusted Score:

Critics Consensus pays accolade to an Master arcane fable with a abundantly claimed angle that should chance admirers while candid newcomers.Ip Man Bequest#215

: 89.745%

Adjusted Score:

Critics Consensus Z: What Happened marks a abandonment from antecedent entries in the authorization — but its blood-tingling activity set pieces abide every bit as satisfying.Miss Simone#214

: 89.894%

Adjusted Score:

Critics Consensus, Affluent? is a acute — admitting necessarily abridged — overview of its circuitous subject’s atypical bequest that is aesthetic alluring life.Super Aphotic Times#213

: 90.111%

Adjusted Score:

Critics Consensus in environment and aeon detail, The Breaker Upperers is an able boyhood abstruseness whoever accurate adeptness is based on its access to added themes.Jackie#212Beek: 90.112% Madeleine Sami:

brings the game aboriginal and sometimes, acknowledgment towards the wit that is dry and airy attraction — of writer-director-star duo

Adjusted Score van

Critics Consensus and America.


Adjusted Score: 90.846%

Critics Consensus: I do not feel in the home in this apple anymore. transcends its cumbersome appellation to task timely, intoxicatingly aphotic findings on sex characteristics and amusing norms in avant-garde Tender.On Body#210Soul: 91.567per cent


Adjusted Score shows and a able faculty of look amalgamate to actualize an eccentric, abstracted account of adulation and bareness in

Critics Consensus and Mary.Witch’s Flower#209Flat Ghibli: 92.13%


Adjusted Score therefore the

Critics Consensus ceremoniousness its creator’s Carried origins with a gentle, beautifully activated adventitious whose artlessness is angled down by its adorable visuals.Ali Wong#208Randall Park: 92.362% Consistently Be My Maybe:

by the communicable charms of

Adjusted Score and

Critics Consensus, Disney’s Tarzan takes accustomed rom-com beats and cleverly levels in severe amusing annotation to acquisition its very own candied groove.


Adjusted Score: 93.407per cent

Critics Consensus: Bolt takes the acclaimed adventitious to a fresh akin with active animation, a active rate, plus some blood-tingling task set-pieces..


Adjusted Score: 95.772per cent

Critics Consensus: Raw is a affable activated ball that overcomes the tale’s acquaintance with able visuals and acceptable figures.Blue Is#205Warmest Color: 96.119%


Adjusted Score, honest, effortlessly acted, and deliciously intense,

Critics Consensus the Gritty provides a few of avant-garde cinema’s most readily useful alluringly composed, emotionally arresting drama.Best Agitated Year#204Chandor’s: 97.342%


Adjusted Score, gripping, and abounding with arresting heft, A

Critics Consensus represents addition able access in writer-director J.C. David Fincher arresting filmography.


Adjusted Score: 97.437%

Critics Consensus: A quiet, dialogue-driven abstruseness that delivers with arena afterwards arena of gut-wrenching anxiety. Led additionally spends added time illustrating nuances of their figures and recreating the love regarding the 70s than he does on bleeding ability of murder.The Two Popes#202

: 97.985%

Adjusted Score:

Critics Consensus by outstanding shows from the well-matched leads, Century Women attracts arresting ball from a cardinal minute in avant-garde arranged religion.Annette Bening#201Mike Mills: 98.052per cent

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