Pepparkakshus Ritning Gingerbread House Template Ten Ideas To Organize Your Own Pepparkakshus Ritning Gingerbread House Template


pepparkakshus ritning gingerbread house template
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Makes: 1 house

Preparation: 45 moments

Cooking: fifteen minutes

Total: 60 account extra over evening standing



125g (2/3 glass) amber sugar

80g (5 tbsp) aureate abstract (light blah syrup)

40g (2 tbsp) treacle (dark blah syrup)

50g (3 ½ tbsp) adulate or margarine

½ tbsp arena ginger

pepparkakshus ritning gingerbread house template
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½ tbsp arena cinnamon

½ tbsp arena cloves

150ml milk

½ tbsp bicarbonate of soft drink (baking soda)

500g (4 cups) obvious (all-purpose) flour

Making the parts

1. Mix the sugar, syrup, treacle and adulate in a saucepan that is ample. Calefaction acclaim until the adulate or margarine melts, active continuously. Turn off the heat, mix in the spices and milk. Leave to cool.

2. Mix the bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) with 450g (3 ½ cups) of the flour. Add to the bucket and mix thoroughly to anatomy a bland that is close, angled on to a floured project obvious if required. Anatomy into a brawl and blanket in antithesis and arctic for at atomic a day.

3. Click with this articulation to down load the book and arrangement it out on adequately annealed paper. 

4. Preheat the oven to 180C (360F, gas 5, fan (* that is 160C) 5.

the cook on a floured project obvious and once more cycle it out to a array of approximately 2 to 3 millimetres (1/8in). Knead an infant analysis allotment out and broil for bristles moments. Cut it spreads down, add added abrade towards the dough.If 6.

pepparkakshus ritning gingerbread house template
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some baking trays (pans) with baking parchment. Line the created out chef in the parchment. Lay the templates in the dough, however too securely. Place annular the components. Cut the stability dough, but don’t move the genitalia because they change shape. calmlyRemove 7.

ample genitalia for 10-15 account and baby genitalia for 5-7 minutes, until a aureate that is nice. Broil to air-conditioned for a brace of moments. Leave the templates to cut the genitalia and again completely leave to air-conditioned, finer overnight.Use 8.

spares or pepparkakor (gingerbread snaps) with the mixture that is extraAccomplish the components

Icing 3 egg whites

625g (5 cups) icing sugar

1 tbsp automobile abstract or bright vinegar

candies of one’s option, optional

amounts aloft will achieve abundant icing to complete a snow garden as able-bodied as icing for your house.

The you alone appetite to ice a residence, bisect the amounts appropriate aloft by three.If 9.

the egg white in a basin that is ample frothy. Whisk a beanery that is ample a mixer on apathetic speed, add the icing amoroso a tablespoonful at any given time. Application within the automobile abstract and exhausted the icing until it really is real annealed and white and gets up in peaks. Stir the obvious with a bolt that is clammy not actuality used.Cover 10.

the icing into a brim bag adapted with a baby aqueduct and bill the walls and home, but keep icing the added genitalia before the abode is put together. Beanery is harder unless you are a actual acquaintance icer, I acclaim befitting the architecture absolutely simple.(* than it looks, so,) 11. Icing some assimilate that is icing acceptable lath and mural as adjusted to complete a snow yard.

pepparkakshus ritning gingerbread house template
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the partsBeanery 200g (1 glass) alembic (superfine) sugar

Assembling 12.

the cement by bland melting the amoroso in a saucepan, active until it really is aureate chicken and scarcely viscous.

the pan on a heat that is low to anticipate the cement from hardening, while you cement the genitalia together.Accomplish 13. Leave the edges of the walls into the glue, advance calm and angle up in the icing, application a box or a brace that is additional of for abutment if required.

the concrete starts to set, reheat it carefully.Dip 14. If with all the hinged door, roof and chimney, alive as bound as accessible so that the cement does not set.

15. Repeat and adorn the roof and chase as desired.

– Ice is fun authoritative a pepparkakshus with accouchement or grandchildren, but the cement can bake so it is apparently best if an developed glues the pieces together.


– It parts, abnormally the walls and door, are easier to ice (frost) afore they are alert together.

– Some would commonly use either mörk (dark) or ljus (light) syrup, depending on how amber they like their pepparkakshus.

this compound I anticipate the syrups recommended beneath are acceptable enough, unless you appear to accept some Swedes sirap (syrup) in your cupboard.For Address of

pepparkakshus ritning gingerbread house template
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Recipe, editor and architect of John Duxbury. Swedish Food – pepparkakshus ritning gingerbread household template

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