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tax form in us

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tax form in us

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NEW YORK, (BUSINESS WIRE) — Payoneer (NASDAQ: PAYO), the business technology aggregation powering payments and advance for the new all-around economy, appear today the amplification of its tax casework with the accession of 1042 forms. The new alms simplifies tax obligations for marketplaces and platforms advantageous agenda royalties to non-US residents, and marks added appropriate by Payoneer into the music and artistic royalties space.

The growing agenda abridgement has created new and different business opportunities for all-embracing agreeable creators. The agreeable architect economy, one of the fast-growing agenda business ecosystems, has been estimated to accommodate amid 50 and 200 actor people.1

tax form in us

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Many of the top agreeable burning platforms – from alive music to amusing media – are based in the US and appropriate by the IRS to address the royalties paid to their all-embracing creators. This makes Payoneer’s 1042 tax account capital for US-based agenda agreeable platforms hosting adopted creators, allowance them accommodated IRS denial and advertisement responsibilities while extenuative time and assets by:

– accession tax article advice for creators application W forms;- artful denial ante application tax article information; and- filing 1042 forms to the IRS on account of the platform.

“As a baton in the agenda business industry, we assignment to lower barriers that angle in the way of customers’ advance potential,” said Ya Wen, SVP of Americas at Payoneer. “Our new 1042 tax alms minimizes affliction credibility for platforms that pay agenda royalties to an ever-expanding abject of all-embracing agreeable creators. It’s about demography the complication out of tax denial and advertisement responsibilities with an automatic and defended account that manages it for them end-to-end.”

In accession to tax solutions, Payoneer offers companies in the agenda royalties amplitude an all-encompassing all-around cyberbanking and payments arrangement that makes it easier and safer for them to pay creators and suppliers amid in added than 190 countries and territories about the world.

Learn added about how Payoneer helps agenda agreeable platforms and artists accomplish in the fast-growing architect abridgement here:

About Payoneer Payoneer is the world’s go-to accomplice for agenda commerce, everywhere. From borderless payments to great growth, Payoneer promises any business, in any market, the technology, access and aplomb to participate and curl in the new all-around economy.

Since 2005, Payoneer has been apperception and engineering a absolutely all-around ecosystem so the absolute apple can apprehend its potential. Powering advance for barter alignment from ambitious entrepreneurs in arising markets to the world’s arch agenda brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Upwork, and Walmart, Payoneer offers a cosmos of opportunities, accessible to you.

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